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jax_1 Posted on 8/7 0:25
Dolphin Study

Study: Dolphins Not So Intelligent On Land

GAINESVILLE, FL—Although dolphins have long been celebrated for their high intelligence and for appearing to have a complex language, a team of researchers at the University of Florida reported Monday that these traits are markedly less evident on dry land.

According to study researchers, a group of 25 bottlenose dolphins removed from their holding tanks failed 11 exercises designed to test their basic cognitive abilities and reasoning skills.

"The dolphins were incapable of recognizing and repeating simple gestures," said study co-author Dr. Scott Lindell. "Their non-verbal communications were limited to a rapid constriction and expansion of the blowhole, various incomprehensible fin motions, and heavy tremors while they lay prone on the lab table."

After capturing the dolphins from the ocean, Lindell and his colleagues tagged them and placed them under the intense, high-wattage lights of a moisture-proof lab. The researchers then administered an extensive battery of tests designed to measure everything from the dolphins' self-awareness to their aptitude for writing and reading comprehension.

"Dolphins have a popular reputation for being excellent communicators," Lindell said. "But our study group offered only three types of response to every question we posed: a nonsensical, labored wheezing, an earsplitting barrage of unintelligible high-pitched shrieks, and in extreme cases, a shrill, distressed scream."

Even the dolphins' proven ability to navigate through a form of sonar called echolocation was ineffective on land.

"The military has claimed great success in training these mammals, utilizing their echolocation skills to detect mines that have been placed underwater," said Lindell, who conducted a similar experiment in a concrete parking lot. "We were unable to replicate this finding ourselves."

Lindell added: "In most cases, the dolphins succeeded in finding land mines only when we placed them directly on top of the mines."

A dolphin performs poorly in a University of Florida land-based locomotion test.
In another test, several pounds of mackerel were placed on the ground, separated from the test dolphins by only 20 feet of concrete. The dolphins were unable to reach the food and feed themselves.

Despite their failures in the initial series of tests, the animals were given further opportunities to demonstrate their intelligence on land. The dolphins were unable to display novel behaviors, use a map to pinpoint their location on campus (spatial reasoning), or complete a simple obstacle course and wall climb.

"Their learning curve was actually negative," Lindell said. "The more time we gave them to complete basic land-based tests, the more pitiful their efforts became, with many of them opting to bask in the sun rather than perform a simple task."

"In some cases," Lindell added, "the dolphins appeared to be looking directly into our eyes, as if pleading with us to help them perform better in these tests."

Many scientists believe these findings may help to explain why dolphins, for all their vaunted intelligence, have never developed technology or agriculture, or harnessed the power of fire—skills still exclusively in the domain of Homo sapiens.

Said Lindell: "Their failure is a great disappointment to all of us who once felt an intelligence-based kinship with these majestic animals."

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re: Dolphin Study


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re: Dolphin Study

will you stop posting thing that take longer than 10 seconds to read

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re: Dolphin Study

Bloody hell jax
I'm still reading the 1st one
Been in the Master Cooper tonight and the beer there makes your reading abilities a bit less than normal

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Sorry Co, just looking for the odd funny or two.

What's your problem Smifter?

I haven't been in the Cooper for a while T.C. Did Bob put the tellies back in yet?
Is that one of your normal haunts when you come over here?

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Not in there that often but maybe once a quarter
No Tv's in there tonight - don't know when they took them out

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That is was another boring thread, no one else was saying anything, I dont think they dare upset queen bee, im just amazed you actually acknowledged me

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Well by all means brighten up the board with something you have found yourself Smifter.

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No I'll leave that to you sweetness

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Well then you can hardly whinge about the quality of anyone elses threads if you can't be bothered to start any.

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I just dont find the need to search boring stuff on the net and post them up, cos if people wanted to see it surely they would search for it themselves, just an observation. I feel like ive hit a nerve

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re: Dolphin Study

Funny I was just thinking the same about you.

Perhaps, there are still some peeps around that haven't heard of that site, where the dolphin thing came from.

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re: Dolphin Study

leave the queen bee alone!

If you don't want to read it then just click back. I hardly think 2 seconds is going to be detrumental to your life.

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Oi Esk, I think I have a bite over here...

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i dont care, your woeful at this, she hasnt bitten at all shes bloody hammering you, at least she couldnt think of anything good to say to me so she called me little boy

Bloody amateurs

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Precisely Co, wrong time of the month maybe huh?

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Im just pleased the queen bee is acknowledging me, even if it is hammering me

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Im off to bed, night queen bee

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re: Dolphin Study

Righty ho Jax - this is my spin on this finding.

If we had to do tests on the ocean floor then I doubt that I could punch myself.
So Dolphins are actually quite bright.

Please bear in mind that I am full of Tetleys and my energy has been spent fighting off and simultaneously encouraging floozies. yup.

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re: Dolphin Study

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Mappy you are incorrigible Did you have a good time and did you get picked on for having a man bag? Though the size of you, I doubt whether anyone would dare say a word.

Anyway, i need to know what punishment I am in for, for disliking that book. I read the intro and not impressed so far, so I need to know whether I shall suffer very badly if it gets winged before the end of the first chapter?

plymuff_diver Posted on 8/7 1:15
re: Dolphin Study

f.a.o Jax..

Are you surpsised at the dolphins reaction under laboratory conditions? I didn't think, through their social interactions, that their intelligence was in question. Perhaps, along with chimpanzees, their murderous side might be a question for debate..

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 1:17
re: Dolphin Study

Plymuff, it's only a spoof study. I'd be horrified if I thought that they were really doing that to poor dolphins. Annoys me enough that we lose enough in tuna nets as well those damned yanks training them to drop depth charges, without them doing tests of that nature as well.

I certainly wouldn't have posted it with a smile if it had been true.

onthemap Posted on 8/7 1:23
re: Dolphin Study

Jax - all you need to know is that my manbag is intact.
I only eat dolphin on a Friday, and I think you are deliberately slating Birdsong to be punished like last time.