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jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:10
Khan Wins Again!

Another easy victory.

I notice that this fight was yet again only scheduled for 6 rounds, when is he likely to fight over 12. Not that he has even needed the 6 rounds to win.

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 8/7 23:14
re: Khan Wins Again!

Is he still on the go ?

Thought he'd given up a long time ago

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Link: The wrath of Khan

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:17
re: Khan Wins Again!

LOL well he doesn't have much in the way of opposition, does he?

Link: Short on reach

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 8/7 23:20
re: Khan Wins Again!

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:24
re: Khan Wins Again!


btw, so much for our much hoped for season of H.H. of H. I checked next weeks listings and nothing They must have just pulled those two films out of the vcault, though I notice that Harvey is on tomorrow afternoon

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 8/7 23:26
re: Khan Wins Again!

what weight is he?

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:27
re: Khan Wins Again!

I haven't a scooby Raz to be honest. I did wonder though if his weight was relative to the number of rounds he was allowed to fight over?

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 8/7 23:30
re: Khan Wins Again!

he cant be heavy or middle.

I wonder if he is even feather.

I'm sure my dog could 'ave him.

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 8/7 23:35
re: Khan Wins Again!

Nice one, what channel ? If I'm up in time I'll watch it. Love that film. James Stuart at his best.

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:37
re: Khan Wins Again!

No I'd guess feather weight Raz but I really don't know. He isn't very meaty though is he.

ITV 1 at about 2ish I think I.A.O. Yes one of my faves too They don't make em like that any more sadly

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 8/7 23:38
re: Khan Wins Again!

2ish nice one Breakfast Tv for me.

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:39
re: Khan Wins Again!

lol yes a bit early for you, you'll have to set your alarm just in case.

jax_1 Posted on 8/7 23:39
re: Khan Wins Again!

Oooops double trouble

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