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jax_1 Posted on 9/7 16:02
Is Nashman

Adam in disguise

Same sort of mentality by the looks of it.

Boro85 Posted on 9/7 16:02
re: Is Nashman

He's a 16yr old geordie. Does that explain it?

The_Nashman Posted on 9/7 16:03
re: Is Nashman

Lol nope. I'm just an implanted guy from TOTT. When that gets sorted out, I'll be out of your hair.

jax_1 Posted on 9/7 16:04
re: Is Nashman

Right Mr 85

Thought he said he was from Yeovil yesterday but that's just as bad, it seems

jax_1 Posted on 9/7 16:05
re: Is Nashman

When TOTT gets sorted out. That'll be the day!!!

We're not going to have to put up with him for the next ten years at least are we?

The_Nashman Posted on 9/7 16:06
re: Is Nashman


I was born in North Shields, moved to Yeovil when I was 7 so I have the accent in places!

jax_1 Posted on 9/7 16:07
re: Is Nashman

The_Nashman Posted on 9/7 16:30
re: Is Nashman

whats that for?

thornabyred Posted on 9/7 16:46
re: Is Nashman

why aye man pass me sum sydur.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 9/7 16:57
re: Is Nashman

I asked this question earlier. Ill get a link.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 9/7 16:58
re: Is Nashman


Link: same question, post 4

A_New_Era Posted on 9/7 17:00
re: Is Nashman

no way is it adam, this person speaks propa english and doesnt go when someones just made a comment about how stupid he is

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 9/7 17:00
re: Is Nashman

Aye, your right, Adam is too thick to know as much as this lad.