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ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:06

Why - when u look at Ex's do you think...

'Why the hell!!!'

I must have liked them once - but how has my opinion changed so much.

I just find it wierd!

Im_Not_A_RARA Posted on 11/7 11:07
re: Ex's

Good call.

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:09
re: Ex's

I saw my ex the other day and I was left thinking the same thing. My friends expected me to be upset, and kept saying to me, Oh it must of felt weird ec, and I was like, the lad looks like a pig, WTF!

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 11/7 11:12
re: Ex's

You must have liked pork at one time smifter. My ex is ok.

grantus Posted on 11/7 11:13
re: Ex's

All my ex's are nice.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:13
re: Ex's

Smifter - what u look for in a lad then?

If not pork!

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:13
re: Ex's

I must have

captain5 Posted on 11/7 11:13
re: Ex's

I can honestly say I've not thought that about anyone I've seen for a period of time.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 11:14
re: Ex's

Smifter, he must be an ugly qunt if you fancy Esky.

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:14
re: Ex's

I look for someone who doesnt; cheat, lie, have bellend friends, (AND has to like football-this one didnt)

janplanner Posted on 11/7 11:14
re: Ex's

i have.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 11/7 11:14
re: Ex's

Whats an ex?

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:15
re: Ex's

I dont fancy esky, esky would like me to fancy him- there IS a difference!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:15
re: Ex's

must just be me then!

captain5 Posted on 11/7 11:15
re: Ex's

If only I didn't know Esky, I'd be in with a chance.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:16
re: Ex's

Smifter - good call - my ex hated footy - so was never gunna work!

Dont like liers - dispise them - and shallow girls

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:17
re: Ex's

Parmoman it was strange him not liking football to me, and his family all used to find it highly amusing that I did- it annoyed me slightly lets say!

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:18
re: Ex's

Oh God Captain, I sometimes dread to think what hes said!

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 11:19
re: Ex's

I'd rattle all of my ex's.

captain5 Posted on 11/7 11:20
re: Ex's

Very little actually. Hadn't even realised that you were in The Empire a few Saturdays ago until the weekend, when Boz mentioned it.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:20
re: Ex's

My future g/f's are all going to be Boro fans - as want to spend match day with her - along with my or her friends - that make sense?

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 11:21
re: Ex's

Parmoman no.
You don't take your bird to the football. She wouldn't invite you along to an Ann Summers party, would she?

captain5 Posted on 11/7 11:22
re: Ex's

Someone's got to model the mask..............

grantus Posted on 11/7 11:22
re: Ex's

I get along with all my ex's. I dont see the need to fall out with people that I fell for.

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 11:23
re: Ex's

Splitty's should go to the match together and have a segregated area so they can talk about curtains/lipstick without disturbing the blokes.

parmos_r_us Posted on 11/7 11:23
re: Ex's


Football is used to get away from the Mrs for a few hours. You don't wanna be in each others pockets.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:23
re: Ex's

BB75 - thats different

I wouldnt invite her to the strip clubs when i go with the lads - footy is different!

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 11:23
re: Ex's

All my ex's live in Texas

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:24
re: Ex's

Ooo Im the opposite to that I fall our with all my exes, Im very immature when it comes to all of that, I can't be bothered with small talk and politeness. Captain I dont know who boz is! Is he off here?

yeah_man Posted on 11/7 11:24
re: Ex's

Boroboy - Have you had a bad experience whilst taking a girlfriend to a football match?

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boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 11:28
re: Ex's

It's something that you just don't do.
Some things should be kept seperate. Blokes who let their missus tag along to football matches probably aren't even allowed to have a dump in peace.

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 11:28
re: Ex's

Yeah he did, caught his girlfriend having a sly fag in the toilets whilst a steward was nailing her from behind.

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:29
re: Ex's


boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 11:32
re: Ex's

Marlon, the worst thing was, the steward was that little fat blonde thing with the orange face wearing a strap-on.

boredreceptionist Posted on 11/7 11:33
re: Ex's

I think once you split up with someone you should cut them out of your life. That's how I operate.

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 11:33
re: Ex's

OMG you mean Esky's "older" woman !!

Smifter Posted on 11/7 11:35
re: Ex's

boredreceptionist same as me! Whats the point in not? the thing I have found that if we break up and still see each other, we kinda dont just stay friends, and its like we havent broken up! Cut em out your life I say!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 11:36
re: Ex's

agree with B_R

there is one ex i see all the time - and will never get over her due to this.

for the record - this is one ex i would to get back with.

MsCurly Posted on 11/7 11:41
re: Ex's

There's usually a very good reason as to why an ex is an ex.

Treat them like water under the bridge and move on, if you can take the nice memories with you and not the bad ones life will be so much better.

shook Posted on 11/7 11:42
re: Ex's

i like ex's i have always said sex with an ex is the best sex!

wheelz Posted on 11/7 11:50
re: Ex's

Hiya, Curls!

Nice to see the voice of reason on this thread! My sentiments exactly -- you must've enjoyed their company once

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MsCurly Posted on 11/7 11:52
re: Ex's

Morning wheelz.

wheelz Posted on 11/7 11:58
re: Ex's

My ex is/was the mother of my first born; I'll be eternally grateful for that.........

......even if she (ie daughter) is the only thing worth remembering her (ie: ex) for now!!

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 12:18
re: Ex's

Exes are all fine and dandy - especially if they are for the most part concentrated in the north and you're in the's the jaunt home at Christmas and bumping into them Christmas eve annually that's the pig.....

Exes in the South are more difficult to shake....I think there's something about a northern lass that sends them loopy - even if you look like Pat Butcher for crying out loud

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 12:22
re: Ex's

You have lots of offers then Smogette?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 12:25
re: Ex's

Oh yeah Parmoman - you can imagine it.....

Pat Butcher transends the north/south divide - I mean everyone loves a fry up egh? I'm the queen - I've worked in the cafe, ran a bandb - what more can a man ask for? Huh?

Most men just want me for me pinny though

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 12:29
re: Ex's

I'd want you for your earings like - there awesome

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 12:36
re: Ex's

Yeah....I've met your type before - the next thing I know they're adorning a whopping great tree stolen from Stewarts Park and doubling up as a Christmas Tree in some yolks house in Grove Hill......

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 12:42
re: Ex's


U got me sussed!!

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 12:47
re: Ex's

You parmo loving northern men are all the same.......

janplanner Posted on 11/7 12:56
re: Ex's

tell me about southern men, smogette. how are they different?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 13:02
re: Ex's

Southern men
1) They adore northern lassies - Christ knows's fairly hilarious. As I say - I look like Pat but me smoggie accent sees me right

2) They're more deceitful - this probably links directly to point 1.....damn

3) They have less common sense - I know right now this seems like an impossibility knowing what we know about Boro men, but trust me it's true!

yeah_man Posted on 11/7 13:03
re: Ex's

They talk funny aswell.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:20
re: Ex's

I must say tho - it works in reverse!

I work near London a lot - and could pull all time i am down there!

they love the Northern lad's!! it's great!!

Smifter Posted on 11/7 13:22
re: Ex's

I think I need to move down south

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 11/7 13:23
re: Ex's

that's spot on parmo, it's dead easy down south, even for old blokes like myself!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:28
re: Ex's

C_T_C - it's good!!

Went to Spurs v Boro season before last - then back to Hertford - cos i was sat there in my Boro shirt i was gettin all kinds of attention - they couldbt believe i was a genuine northern Boro fan!!

was ace!!

Just a shame I wasnt at my usual hotel that night - one of them would have got lucky!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:28
re: Ex's


If i tried to talk in a cockney accent - would that work with ya??

Smifter Posted on 11/7 13:29
re: Ex's

No not at all, I dont like cockney blokes, I just like to pull, its been a while

janplanner Posted on 11/7 13:30
re: Ex's

good gracious! less common sense!?! well there's a thing.

captain5 Posted on 11/7 13:30
re: Ex's

Timed in hours rather than days, no doubt.

Smifter Posted on 11/7 13:31
re: Ex's

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:31
re: Ex's

Ok - will my normal smoggy tone do then??

rebecca_2k Posted on 11/7 13:32
re: Ex's

Just finished with my first Cockney Boyfriend, definitely sticking with my northern men from now on!

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 13:35
re: Ex's

Parmo, if they really were like flies around a piece of shitt, you should've invited one of them into the car-park, and larruped them there.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:36
re: Ex's

are they really that bad??

The girls where i go down south are so materialistic like - not good at all

That Bianca Gazza on Love island used to work where i drink

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:46
re: Ex's

BB75 - i have more class than doing it in a car park mate!

MsCurly Posted on 11/7 13:47
re: Ex's

*crosses parmoman off her dogging invitation list*

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:49
re: Ex's

Curls - Only the first time!! he he

U going on Thurs - as i know ur from Darlo - wondered if u wanted to share transport?

MsCurly Posted on 11/7 13:51
re: Ex's

I'm not from Darlo though, I just work there occassionally.

And I know why you want to share my car, you randy young scamp.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 13:54
re: Ex's

MsC, be warned, he's sniffing round you now, because jax doesn't want to know.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 13:55
re: Ex's

Yeah Yeah BB75

If only you knew the truth!!

(not sniffing at all - just being friendly)

MsCurly Posted on 11/7 13:58
re: Ex's

Come on ParmoDude......tell us the truth then, spill the beans young man.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 14:00
re: Ex's

I know the truth, don't I parmoman.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 14:01
re: Ex's

nowt to tell really

i've never met Jax.

she just seems really nice on here - so would like to meet her

Same could be said about Smifter too - and others

So nothing bad in it at all

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 14:01
re: Ex's

He's already squirted his beans.

MsCurly Posted on 11/7 14:02
re: Ex's

Pah! No scandal or gossip to be had here.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 14:02
re: Ex's

That's not what you told me parmoman, what was that about Jax putting you on a dog leash and taking you round her bedroom?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 14:03
re: Ex's

Such a lovely phrase BB75

But not true!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 14:04
re: Ex's

LL - that was your fantasy - not mine!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 14:04
re: Ex's

And you told me aboutthe floppy dogs cock.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 14:05
re: Ex's

Lisbon pays women to do that to him.
Unbeknownst to his imaginary girlfriend.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 14:22
re: Ex's

LL - gettin concerned with ur obession with dogs like!!!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 14:42
re: Ex's

Boroboy75 is a male spinster. The reason he never takes his missus to the games is cos he's never had one.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 14:48
re: Ex's

LL - maybe they just dont like his 'old style' attitude to dating.

'Footy is a mans sport - no women allowed'

think thats a pile of smelly poo myself like!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 14:59
re: Ex's

BB75 sees himself as the board hardman parmo. He looks to come across like the ma in control who slaps his invisible bird around and tells her to stay at home and mind the kids cos he's off to footy. Really he's a pussycat who takes his inadequacies out on the rest of the board to make himself feel good.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 15:01
re: Ex's

Lisbon, drop the psycho-analysis and carry on being the tedious fuckwit that everyone knows you as.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 15:07
re: Ex's

Calm down Peeps - dont get all argumentative!

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 15:09
re: Ex's

Parmo, he ain't happy because he's been exposed as FMTTM's very own Billy Liar.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 15:10
re: Ex's

I dont think the board are judging anyone really

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 15:26
re: Ex's

Boroboy, you're like the boards very own Chubby Brown, only he has more luck with the women.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 15:43
re: Ex's

Stick to talking about shitt,lad, because you are full of it.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 15:48
re: Ex's

Touched a nerve has it Chubby.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 15:50
re: Ex's

The fact that you are a lying qunt has not touched a nerve of mine.

jax_1 Posted on 11/7 15:51
re: Ex's

I wish you lot would leave me out of it!

I usually don't bother with ex's, it doesn't do!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 15:52
re: Ex's

I didnt bring u in Jax


Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 15:56
re: Ex's

Stop upsetting me will you. Were you the school bully?

jax_1 Posted on 11/7 15:59
re: Ex's

Parmo, I know it wasn't you.

* Glares at the back of the class*

Hiya btw

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 16:04
re: Ex's

Why don't you all come over to mine....Kevin and the kids are out - I'll make you all a fry up...egh?

Come on.....

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 16:04
re: Ex's

Miss, Lisbon is eating a sausage roll again !!!

Parmo well done on the ton.

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ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:08
re: Ex's

Is this a 100+ now??

I'm good Jax - you??

Just everytime i post on here - your names crops up - I dont instagate it!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 16:12
re: Ex's

Hiya Jax, Parmo told me you were in love with him and then tried to deny it in front of everyone.

Only had one sausage roll today Marlon.

Will there be pastry in this fry up Smogette?

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 16:17
re: Ex's

Lisbon, keep it up son and the ounces will be dropping off in no time.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/7 16:17
re: Ex's

It's Pat to you young man.....and seems as though you asked so nicely and it transpires your lardy a r s e d life depends on the stuff - yeah....ok then

jax_1 Posted on 11/7 16:18
re: Ex's

L.L. You'll be off to the inclusion unit in a minute if you don't behave.

Marlon, sit down facing the wall and stop that sniggering. Any more from you and I'll lock you in the stock cupboard with BB75

I'm fine ta parmo

Off out again now though. Hope you have a good afternoon tho.

--- Post edited by jax_1 on 11/7 16:20 ---

captain5 Posted on 11/7 16:20
re: Ex's

She doesn't hang around does she??

Less and less time between the main board and flyers at Gala these days.

wheelz Posted on 11/7 16:21
re: Ex's

the woman's out more than the Gas..........!!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:22
re: Ex's

Can we stop these 'Jax loves Parmo' 'Parmo loves Jax' type jokes now

it's not fair on her..

So - draw the line here!!


jax_1 Posted on 11/7 16:23
re: Ex's

Ah, so you saved some of your quota for me today Cap'n. Prompt me when I'm sposed to feel honoured

jax_1 Posted on 11/7 16:24
re: Ex's

Parmo, I rather think that was like waving a red rag at a bull. Nice try though

See ya later..


Yes I do know bulls are colour blind

Marlon_D Posted on 11/7 16:27
re: Ex's

*scrapes hoof and looks at red rag*

Parmoman don't get too heavy too early. Make the 1st objective kopping a feel of her funbags.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 16:29
re: Ex's

Parmoman, you bring it on yourself, with your one-handed typing whenveer her name is mentioned.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 16:31
re: Ex's

I don't know what you're talking about Jax, I always tell the truth, ask borboy.

Get the rolls on the barbie then Pat, I'm on me way round.

Captain - Parmoman keeps scaring her off with his careless advances.

Cheers Marlon, I read about the diet in Phil 'the power' Taylors autobiography.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:31
re: Ex's

Not comment on her

Weather is nice today!

captain5 Posted on 11/7 16:32
re: Ex's

Yep, you might even see a full moon later if she's in the mood

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:34
re: Ex's

Captain - Parmoman keeps scaring her off with his careless advances.

Thanks LL

thats it - no more comments

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 16:41
re: Ex's

No worries parmoman. She's gone so you can put your chopper away as she won't be needing a croggy.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:51
re: Ex's

Nah - i'm not happy with ya LL

not at all

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 16:53
re: Ex's

Why, what have I done?

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 16:54
re: Ex's

Parmoman, see?

He is a vvanker.

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 16:54
re: Ex's

Parmoman, see?

He is a vvanker.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:55
re: Ex's

Slaggin off my advances!

not happy with you!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 16:58
re: Ex's

You still upset with me cos you can't get a woman boroboy?

I thought your advances were funny to be fair, it was Jax that didn't appreciate them.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 16:59
re: Ex's

what advances tho - i aint really made any

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 16:59
re: Ex's

Keep your hands where we can see them parmoman.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 11/7 17:01
re: Ex's

Whatever LL!!!

my god - you cant something nice about someone without people pullin it to pieces.

I give up

boroboy75 Posted on 11/7 17:02
re: Ex's

Parmoman, don't pull it so hard then.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/7 17:02
re: Ex's

Chill out parmoman, at least you didn't confuse her for a member of the opposite sex.

--- Post edited by Lisbonlegend on 11/7 17:03 ---

Marlon_D Posted on 12/7 7:38
re: Ex's

Parmoman - repetitive strain injury of the wrist this morning ?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 12/7 9:41
re: Ex's

I wish Marlon!!

boroboy75 Posted on 12/7 9:55
re: Ex's

Just friction burns, and a blistered palm?

Marlon_D Posted on 12/7 10:00
re: Ex's

Parmoman - You're mam wants to know why you used a full roll of toilet paper last night ?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 12/7 10:01
re: Ex's

I dont need to do that Marlon mate!

not that desperate thanks

Marlon_D Posted on 12/7 10:03
re: Ex's

Sorry mate I would of classed it as desperate if you'd tried to hit on a middle aged woman on an internet messageboard.......

Oopps you did !!

jax_1 Posted on 12/7 10:05
re: Ex's

Marlon I am not a middle aged woman, tyvm!

Now go play down your end, cheeky devil, go on!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 12/7 10:05
re: Ex's

oh well - guess i am then

Marlon_D Posted on 12/7 10:10
re: Ex's

Because of you jax, Parmoman has been playing with his end all night.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 12/7 10:15
re: Ex's

Thats a shame....

Quite like Middle aged women!!


Marlon - how old are you?? as I did these jokes when I was in school....

When your a little older you soon realise that there are two types of people in this world......

People who Master Bates and people who lie.

Will I get sacked for hitting someone?? dont care who - just anyone?

Marlon_D Posted on 12/7 10:18
re: Ex's

I'm 14 years old and I have been groomed on here by various users.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 12/7 10:54
re: Ex's

Yeah - makes sense now Marlon!