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jax_1 Posted on 11/7 21:02
Bad Lads Army

Should be good.

Have enjoyed the other series

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 11/7 21:03
re: Bad Lads Army

or scripted?

jax_1 Posted on 11/7 21:04
re: Bad Lads Army

It's never seemed so to me XXL, I hope that's not the case anyway

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 11/7 21:18
re: Bad Lads Army

they cant do this sort of stuff in the real army anymore, why would "volunteers" do it?
that fat lad may have a heart attack if its real stuff

jax_1 Posted on 11/7 21:21
re: Bad Lads Army

LOL yeah, he's gonna have some bother

Just as well he wasn't told to get in the closet

LOL he looks like Benny the ball

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foggonsfplandiet Posted on 11/7 22:14
re: Bad Lads Army

Always interesting. Maybe that's what we need - a return of national service. Comments?

Tell_Tale_Tallulah Posted on 11/7 22:16
re: Bad Lads Army

Definitely. Would have taught the little b*****ds that burgled my house some bleedin respect.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 11/7 22:16
re: Bad Lads Army

Yeah but on the bins or something, the forces wouldnt have the scrotes thats kicking about these days, its a long time since we needed cannonfodder

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 11/7 22:17
re: Bad Lads Army

might not be a bad idea at the moment what with the army being over streched!
only danger is putting crims in to the hot spots we are operating in now. the things the yanks are getting up to now would seem tame, we need profesional soldiers in these areas.
i think boot camps would be a good way to try help reduce over crowding in prisons, and thise succesful have a chance to join up.
use it as an offer to reduce their sentence too

mozza_1 Posted on 11/7 23:41
re: Bad Lads Army

i wouldnt like to meet that provo sergent though!!