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jax_1 Posted on 12/7 0:09
F.A.O. Otters

Otters my dear, after having my nose pushed out by those horrible guys, I am now considering standing for the mayoral post myself.
I will however, require a Mayor and was wondering if you'd give it a go.

You'd get to wear chains

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Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 12/7 0:12
re: F.A.O. Otters

If it involves me, you, and chains .... how could I refuse?

borobadge Posted on 12/7 0:14
re: F.A.O. Otters

at a push and on special occassions you may even get to Wear the chains!....

jax_1 Posted on 12/7 0:15
re: F.A.O. Otters

Goodo Otters. Knew I could rely on you!

LOL Badgy