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jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:09
Jack The Ripper

So who was it then?

They were supposed to be releasing some documents today, that named the chief suspect but I didn't manage to catch it on the news.

Was it the Prince of Wales after all?

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 14/7 0:10
re: Jack The Ripper

I've never liked Charlie the miserable get......... was it him?

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:12
re: Jack The Ripper

LOL yeah, coulda been Got them with the pointy bit of his ears.

Natarli1 Posted on 14/7 0:13
re: Jack The Ripper

Aaron something from Poland. All that has happened though is that a police chief at the time thought it was him and wrote his name on a few documents that have been released today. Don't think that it has definitely been proved it was him though.

Stepper_T Posted on 14/7 0:15
re: Jack The Ripper

A new witness has come forward.

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:17
re: Jack The Ripper

Hiya Nat how are you today?

Yes there was mention of a Polish guy previously, trouble with that was though, the ripper was supposed to have been very skilled surgically but there was no connection with that to the Polish guy. If I remember correctly.

Table_Football Posted on 14/7 0:17
re: Jack The Ripper

Aaron Kosminski.

Apparently he was a suspect at the time too.

Stepper_T Posted on 14/7 0:18
re: Jack The Ripper

Here is some info

Link: jack

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:19
re: Jack The Ripper

Something I vaguley remember reading too, was that there were markings in Hebrew I think it was, on a door and that was what linked him?

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 14/7 0:20
re: Jack The Ripper

Do we know for sure he came forward?

I mean, if you were stood behind him he would have been going away, not coming forward.

He may have even gone sideways.

It's the same only different.

Natarli1 Posted on 14/7 0:20
re: Jack The Ripper

That's the name I was looking for T_F. But just because his name was on a police chief's piece of paper doesn't mean to say it was definitely him, unless I'm missing something.

I'm very well thanks mam, and yourself? Actually I'm all the better for watching Bad Girls the new series!!

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:23
re: Jack The Ripper

Thanks for that Steppy How was the holiday? Did you get chatted up by any waiters?

LOL Nat I haven't watched that for a couple of series now, it seemed to be getting a bit silly I thought.

LOL @ you Otters

Table_Football Posted on 14/7 0:23
re: Jack The Ripper

Apparently he was picked out of an ID parade by an alleged witness to one of the murders.

But said witness was Jewish, he wouldn't testify against Kosminski, as he was Jewish too.

Stepper_T Posted on 14/7 0:25
re: Jack The Ripper

Holiday was superb, Jax. Was wary of Turkey but it is a lovley place- beer 80p a pint and lovely meals for about 4 pounds People are so freindly also. And yes, his name was Mehmet

Natarli1 Posted on 14/7 0:26
re: Jack The Ripper

I'm addicted to Badgirls!

Stepper_T Posted on 14/7 0:27
re: Jack The Ripper

It is all very interesting and still intriguing due to it being unsolved, but will we ever be any closer to the truth after all these years?

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 14/7 0:28
re: Jack The Ripper

I like bad girls too Nat, very bad girls.

Natarli1 Posted on 14/7 0:28
re: Jack The Ripper

I do too but don't tell anyone.

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:28
re: Jack The Ripper

Yes so it says T.F.

I'd still like to know though what ruled the Prince out?

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Table_Football Posted on 14/7 0:30
re: Jack The Ripper

(in response to stepper_t)

Probably not. Hardly any forensic evidence will have survived, and obviously none of the witnesses are still alive.

I read somewhere that it's the one of the only murder cases where the list of suspects has increased (instead of decreasing) year on year.

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jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:34
re: Jack The Ripper

Glad to hear it Steppy and when will you be introducing Mehmet to the board?

Did you get a good tan while you were there and have you taken loads of pics to put up on photo bucket?

Very intriguing case, I've read all sorts about it and seen documentaries and stuff but there has been so much stuff that at times it's difficult to distinguish between the facts and fiction.
I can remember something about notes being sent to the coppers and the word 'jollies' being used to describe the disembowelling, which a Polish jew wouldn't necessarily use in his everyday language. That could have been one of the fictional things though.

Otters, you are just a naughty boy and you will be forced to do pennance if you don't mend you ways

Stepper_T Posted on 14/7 0:37
re: Jack The Ripper

Mehmet will be introduced in due course, jax. I didnt take a digital camera, but used my dad's he and my mam are staying there til September, but he may be home for a couple of days next week and i will upload some photos if you would like yo see them, jax.

Didnt i read that a leading police officer of the time was a suspect?

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 0:52
re: Jack The Ripper

Oh goodo, I'm looking forward to meeting him Steppy.

Yes would love to see the pics when you get some. It sort of makes up for me not being able to go away when you guys post your pics

Yes, you are right there was an officer that was a suspect, he was booted off the case if I remember correctly, though as I said, it's difficult to seperate the fact from the fiction with this one.
even after all these years, it's still very intriguing, isn't it?

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 14/7 7:22
re: Jack The Ripper

"The Juwes are the men that will be blamed for nothing" reportedly appeared in chalk graffiti on a wall in the Whitechapel district of London following the killing and mutilation of Catherine Eddowes on September 30, 1888 as part of the Jack the Ripper series of murders.

Various police at the time could not agree on whether the word in question was spelled Juwes, Juews or Jewes, or perhaps some other variant. There is no evidence that any of them believed it was anything other than a misspelled reference to Jews from a semi-literate writer. The newspapers had widely reported that the police were at the time looking for a Jewish suspect nicknamed "Leather Apron" and most suspected this message was a reference to that. Some people do not believe the killer had anything to do with the graffiti in question and point out that the building upon which it was found was the residence of several members of that faith and could have merely been anti-Semitic scrawlings unrelated to the case.

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Alastasia Posted on 14/7 8:59
re: Jack The Ripper

"Jack the Ripper" was not his real name.

His real name was Rick the Japper. Nobody spotted this at the time and so he was never caught.

jax_1 Posted on 14/7 17:07
re: Jack The Ripper

Thanks for that I.A.O. I think it would be accepted these days, that anyone could've written that. All very strange though. How are you today?

LOL Alas and how's you?