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jax_1 Posted on 15/7 21:42
Top Gear

Oh yes guys, it's back tomorrow!
Should be good.

" Sunday nights haven't been the same since the footie started, but now all the blood, sweat, diving and headbutts are finished Top Gear is back to entertain you.

This week Jeremy tests some hot boring saloons, the Stig drives an F1 car (indoors), Hollywood actor Brian Cox is let loose in the Lacetti and the boys go, er, on a caravanning holiday to Dorset. Here's some more info:

In the news...
Jeremy and Richard spend a long time arguing about American muscle cars - no prizes for guessing which corner Clarkson's in...

The lads also discuss the recent influx of folding metal drop-tops and how Volvo managed to get an endorsement from Jesus (well, kind of - the pope has just bought himself an XC90).

And finally, a new survey has revealed that people who have speed indicators in their cars receive less penalty points - couldn't have predicted that one, could you?

Rep Race...
Jeremy starts the show this week with three family saloons - but don't switch off, they've got over 700bhp between them. His mission is to find out which beefed-up boring saloon is best - Mondeo ST200, Mazda6 MPS or Vectra VXR.

We're all going on a miserable holiday...
Three men in boat may work but three in a caravan doesn't. TG is not famed for its love of caravans, but the boys decided if you can't beat them, join them - at least for a weekend.

Dorset was their destination, but with Captain Slow at the wheel things go from bad to worse and then really bad. James has an encounter with a bollard, Richard gets kidnapped and the TG dog chucks up in the van. Oh, and then Jeremy decides to cook...

Star in a reasonably priced car...
This week's star in a reasonably priced car is Hollywood actor Brian Cox - think Troy, Bourne Identity and the original Hannibal Lector).

The Stig stays indoors...
The British International Motor Show starts next week at the ExCel exhibition centre (we'll be there - find out who else is in our preview), but before they started to jam it full of shiny cars it was a big empty space crying out for a TG experiment. Cue the Stig in a F1 car (and the Lacetti for practice)

Top Gear is back this Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC2 - the perfect excuse not to do the dishes "

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 21:47
re: Top Gear

Sounds very good.

It is nice to see it returning; though how coincidental I was just wondering only 3 minutes ago. Didn't have to wait long for an answer, seems like you read my mind jax

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 21:49
re: Top Gear

the three of them make me laugh so much

i like the way james has the silliest ideas but always ends up winning!

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 21:52
re: Top Gear

Ah yes I have a habit of doing that at least once a year BF1986 ( reading minds that is ) Glad I provided you with the answer though.

Yes Parmo, it's really very funny at times, I don't know what to make of James, he's a bit weird but can be funny at times too.
How are you today?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 22:00
re: Top Gear

i like them all for differing reasons - my fav is Richard tho - he just always makes me howl - i think he is an ace presenter

The episode with the homemade boats was hilarious

I'm good Jax - How's you??

Fielded a lot of comments when I was that 12th Man meeting - just laughed them off - was talkin to Chboro - he doesnt seem your biggest fan

you going to goto a meeting anytime?

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:02
re: Top Gear

I agree with that homemade boats episode that was hilarious.

I like the comments and quirky things Clarkson comes out with; some of them are hilarious. The tone he uses as well amuses me.

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:06
re: Top Gear

Yes the boat one was really funny [;D] Tomorrows one with the caravan should be hilarious. Think Richard is also returning in Brainiacs tomorrow as well, which is another great prog.
Glad you are ok, just as well you can take the banter but as far as Chboro goes, he wants people to think that things happened the way he says. Not true of course but it sort of proves my point when he takes an opportunity to have a dig. If he was really the nice sort of guy he makes himself out to be, he just wouldn't say anything would he?
You not doing much this weekend?

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:10
re: Top Gear

Yes indeed BF1986, he has a cracking turn of phrase does Jeremy .
Not sure how many progs we have left in this series or whether they'll count it as being a new series considering that it's had a 5 week break.

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:20
re: Top Gear

I think they are just continuing it as being the same series, following on from where we left off. Though not sure of the number remaining, no doubt there will be plenty of laughs in store

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 22:21
re: Top Gear

Ive seen the caravan episode - very very funny!

only seen brainiac once - but also found that very entertaining

I didnt listen to his story - didnt want too - i always like to form my own opinions about people

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:24
re: Top Gear

Where did James come from? I'd never heard of him before he turned up on T.G. Sort of reminds me of that guy from Tales of River Cottage? was it.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 22:26
re: Top Gear

true - never heard of him either

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:27
re: Top Gear

Hmm yea I have often wondered that - From my quick research I believe he was a journalist in AutoCar magazine in the early nineties.

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:31
re: Top Gear

You've seen the caravan episode already Parmo That's not fair

Glad I'm not the only one that was puzzled about where James came from. I thought it might just have been me, given that generally T.G. is a guys sort of prog. See I'd never have bought Autocar magazine for a start - Take A Break and That's Life for me

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:33
re: Top Gear

Well I was only 4 when he was writing for it , so I can be excused for not knowing about that.

I like the way he refers to himself as 'The other bloke on Top Gear'

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 22:34
re: Top Gear

i never get autotrader either so dont worry jax

ive seen an episode recently with caravans - so forgive me if i'm mistaken

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:35
re: Top Gear

LOL yeah well he is though really isn't he.
What are Tiff and Quentin doing these days?

Yeah you can be excused from reading the mag too

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:36
re: Top Gear

Well what happened in that one Parmo?

It could be the same one, I'm just going by the run down for tomorrows prog.

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:38
re: Top Gear

I will have to remember to use that excuse - in theory I am only 4 and a half now one for being excused i feel

I imagine that the caravan section will be a highlight tomorrow.

Isn't Tiff doing 5th Gear now? And im sure I have seen Quentin in things, though can't put my finger on it quite at the moment. He was in some gardening advert as well wasn't he?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 22:39
re: Top Gear

i'm sure they had to fire them into a mountain or fire things into them - something like that

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:42
re: Top Gear

Yeah you could be right with Tiff.
The last thing I remember seeing Quentin doing was the thing where they had to drive in France? Does that ring any bells?

Fire them into a mountain Parmo?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 22:44
re: Top Gear

i'm prob wrong

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:44
re: Top Gear

Something sonewhere in the recesses of my mind there is a little bell tinkling, though only quietly

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:49
re: Top Gear

LOL not even sure off hand who it was that had to drive, Quentin was in the passenger seat though. I remember they had to try and go round the Arc de Triomph and it was a bit scary to be honest, takes me all my time to have a go at Newport Roundabout.

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 22:51
re: Top Gear

Yes the penny has finally dropped. He was doing Britain's worst driver or something like that. I remember him saying "I honestly thought I was going to die" - or something to that effect

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 22:54
re: Top Gear

Maybe he gave up driving after that

Have you read the bit about the caravan thing tomorrow Parmo, does that sound like what you watched?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 23:03
re: Top Gear

i aint read the papers Jax - so not too sure

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 23:12
re: Top Gear

It's in my first post of the thread Parmo

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 23:14
re: Top Gear

The little synopsis suggests that it is a disaster waiting to happen, a journey filled with typical Top Gear funnies

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 23:18
re: Top Gear

Yes it does BF1986, it mentions about the dog throwing up for a start

borofan1986 Posted on 15/7 23:26
re: Top Gear

Be careful not to be eating your supper jax!

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 23:28
re: Top Gear

LOl yeah, you too

I saw jeremys book on offer the other day, I was nearly tempted, I think it would be a good laugh, but I have loads of unread books as it is.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 23:29
re: Top Gear

that doesnt sound good

sorry for delay - been gettin the rocky and a-team tunes for my phone

jax_1 Posted on 15/7 23:31
re: Top Gear

LOL Parmo, are they ok? I have the simpsons on mine, noit a scooby how i ended up with that though

ParmoMan17 Posted on 15/7 23:38
re: Top Gear

Yeah there cool!

I love the A-team - well - Mr T really!

Went out on a fancy dress party as him - went nightclubbing - was great - Phats and Small were talkin to me - was ace!!!

i could have pulled so many times that night - people kept pushing past my girlfriend at the time to get to me.

Nothing wrong with Simpsons either Jax! D'oh!

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jax_1 Posted on 16/7 0:05
re: Top Gear

I'm not that keen on them to be honest, hence not a scooby how i ended up with them for a ringtone
LOL sounds like you had fun that night then eh?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 16/7 0:18
re: Top Gear

was a good night yeah

if u ever meet me you will see how ironic it is for me to be Mr T

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 0:20
re: Top Gear

LOL It's fun to get dressed up now and again though, what else have you been dressed as at parties?

MrEko Posted on 16/7 0:21
re: Top Gear

But Braniac is on at 8 on sky one.

Hammond clash

ParmoMan17 Posted on 16/7 0:22
re: Top Gear


mainly women!!

but once as Fr Jack from Fr Ted

and of course 'Where's Wally' - As this is my main nickname!

What about you?

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jax_1 Posted on 16/7 0:24
re: Top Gear

Ah right, lol well at least you join in with things, which is good. Mr T being your fave though?

ParmoMan17 Posted on 16/7 0:25
re: Top Gear

yeah - he is

i'm always up for a laugh like

TeessideCleveland Posted on 16/7 0:26
re: Top Gear

I believe there is a feature on the Trabant in the first episode

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 0:35
re: Top Gear

Oh not your Trabants again T.C.

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 22:53
re: Top Gear

So what did I miss?
Was it good?
When will it be repeated?

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 16/7 22:55
re: Top Gear

Was brilliant, funny as

They went caravaning and it turned into a farce.

I'm not sure when it's repeated. Didn't it used to be 7.00 on a Monday?

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 23:00
re: Top Gear

Hi Lincs thanks It did sound good but I lost all track of time and missed it. I hope it's on tomorrow, I'll check the listings.
I thought the caravan bit sounded like it would end in mayhem.

Gem of a prgoramme, even if you don't know much about cars I think.

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 16/7 23:50
re: Top Gear

It is like.

It did end in chaos, it's probably staged but I don't care, still makes me laugh

I don't know owt about cars but it's still the best thing on tele.

How are you tonight anyway Jax?

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 23:55
re: Top Gear

I'm fine thanks Lincs, you? Hope all is well down your way and that work hasn't been too bad lately.

Yeah I love that prog, I dunno about the staging, I'd like to believe that it's all off the cuff but there could be a bit of that I suppose. I don't think it was as funny as it is now with Tiff and Quentin but they seem to have the mix right now. hammond is very funny as is jeremy and james sort of adds to it in his own funny way.

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 17/7 0:02
re: Top Gear

I'm good cheers. All is good, i'm having the day off college tomorrow due to it being hot and i'm not in the mood for walking around in a suit all day

James is a legend! Jeremy is as well. I think Hammond is only appreciated by females?

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 0:05
re: Top Gear

Had you heard of James before he appeared on T.G. I mentioned last night that I hadn't heard of him before and thanks to BF1986 for finding out what he did before.

Not sure about Hammond only being liked by the females but he is very cute

swordtrombonefish Posted on 17/7 0:07
re: Top Gear

As in t'other thread Jax - a top, top show.

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 17/7 0:08
re: Top Gear

Nah, never heard of him before. What did he do before top gear?

An old lady invited Hammond into her caravan earlier on for a cup of tea

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 0:12
re: Top Gear

Other thread STF? I'll have a look. Knew it would be a good one though

Apparently he was a journo for AutoCar magazine in the early nineties. ( thanks to BF1986 for finding that out ) Did they say what's going to be in next weeks prog?

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 0:16
re: Top Gear

I've found one thread STF but it doesn't go into a lot of detail, is there another one as well as that?

coheadboro Posted on 17/7 0:37
re: Top Gear

I missed topgear tonight. When is it repeated?

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 0:39
re: Top Gear

Not sure Co, tomorrow evening has been suggested but I haven't checked yet. How's you today?

coheadboro Posted on 17/7 0:40
re: Top Gear

Hi Jax, I'm allright but got a bit of a stomach bug and feeling a bit dodgy the last couple of days but I'll live. How are you?

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 0:46
re: Top Gear

Sorry to hear that, fingers crossed it'll soon be better. Have you managed to eat anything?

I'm fine thanks

Just checked, the repeat is on at 7pm on Tuesday, BBC 2

coheadboro Posted on 17/7 0:51
re: Top Gear

I had a bit at a BBQ today but not a lot. Then I made the stupid decision of playing football this evening which made it much worse.

Glad you're ok though and thanks for looking for the topgear time. Saved me trawling through google

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 0:58
re: Top Gear

No trouble, I wanted to know myself cos I missed it tonight too

Not a good idea to play footy in this heat when you aren't feeling very well. Hope that you are ok tomorrow though.

The_Procrastinator Posted on 17/7 1:07
re: Top Gear

James May used to be a presenter for the show "Driven" on Channel 4 from 1998 to 2002

Link: driven

coheadboro Posted on 17/7 1:09
re: Top Gear

I don't like James May very much but it wouldn't be the same without him.

I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow Jax and I haven't been sick yet so it can't be too bad (cue throwing up in about 10 seconds now)

jax_1 Posted on 17/7 1:33
re: Top Gear

Fingers crossed that you aren't sick then Co, will you be ok for work tomorrow do you think?

He's a stragne guy to say the least but he does add to the programme.

Well found Procrastinator, it doesn't give a lot of info so it doesn't ring any bells with me, did you see it at all?
I didn't recognise any of the other names either to be honest.

coheadboro Posted on 17/7 2:05
re: Top Gear

I don't have work tomorrow so should be ok by the time I am back. It's more of a problem getting to sleep in this heat.

captain5 Posted on 17/7 8:51
re: Top Gear

James May's big break was for Car Magazine when he started doing features and then his own monthly column, which is distributed by EMAP, who also gave Clarkson his break via Performance Car, with his Chattels column.

Hammond's background is more broadcast rather than journalistic, doing local radio, cable TV etc.