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jax_1 Posted on 16/7 5:56
Good Morning!

Lovely day out there

Good morning Mappy

onthemap Posted on 16/7 5:58
re: Good Morning!

Morning mrs. Up early arent you?

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 5:58
re: Good Morning!

Something like that Mapster

onthemap Posted on 16/7 5:59
re: Good Morning!

Get off my fookin laptop

jax_1 Posted on 16/7 6:00
re: Good Morning!

Only if you get out of my RAM

onthemap Posted on 16/7 6:01
re: Good Morning!

Make me food woman

MIRO Posted on 16/7 8:44
re: Good Morning!

Hi jax! It seems like temperature went back to very hot unfortunately. But sunny day is much better than rainy one of course.

big_galoot Posted on 16/7 8:52
re: Good Morning!

Morning Jaxy,u been 2 bed yet?

newholgate Posted on 16/7 9:36
re: Good Morning!

Morning jax! That has to be the longest sleep in I've had in ages!

Francky4France Posted on 16/7 9:49
re: Good Morning!

Morning, very hungover, wasn't supposed to go out but eventually got persuaded