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jax_1 Posted on 30/7 0:15
F.A.O. Parmo

Are you still around?

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/7 0:17
re: F.A.O. Parmo

Are you?

markofdboro Posted on 30/7 0:18
re: F.A.O. Parmo

try this

Link: link

jax_1 Posted on 30/7 0:25
re: F.A.O. Parmo

Hiya you guys - you ok? I'll catch him later no doubt

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/7 0:27
re: F.A.O. Parmo

Fine thanks -how are you?

jax_1 Posted on 30/7 0:33
re: F.A.O. Parmo

Glad to hear it T.C.

Me? I'm shattered, i've been at the hospital all week, this is the first night i have spent at home, i have just bedded my patient down for the night, so thought i'd have a quick look in but can hardly focus my eyes

ParmoMan17 Posted on 30/7 19:51
re: F.A.O. Parmo

Heh Jax

good to hear from you!

Hows things?