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jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 19:36
relegation looms

A big shadow hanging around methinks.

No-one wanted the managers job, except for one of the players.
No-one wants to sign for us (some would rather not play a year than play), except for Mackems (and who can blame them)

our only hope is that Reading, Sheff Utd and Watford are as bad as the pundits expect

****Have just read report from Rotterdam thread and am more worried****

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Boro_Owl Posted on 6/8 19:37
re: relegation looms

We are that much better than Portsmouth, Sheff Utd, Watford, Reading and Villa to stay up.

Edit: Taken away Fulham because they have made some good signings this pre-season.

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fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 19:39
re: relegation looms


god this board is unbelieavable at times, there is not a cat in hells chance of us going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all this on the basis of meaningless friendly games!

sasboro Posted on 6/8 19:39
re: relegation looms

didnt fulham finish above us and only 3 ponta ahead of villa

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jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 19:40
re: relegation looms

Pompey will buy their way out of trouble.
Villa will have the O' Neill factor (and considering most on here wanted him at Boro it would be difficult to say he wont do to villa what he was gonna do to Boro "allegedly")- add a consortium with money to spend and they will be ok.

As I said the 3 promoted teams are cannon fodder, but us and Fulham may well be too.

Might be a very interesting last game at the Riverside in May 07

RaveMaster Posted on 6/8 19:41
re: relegation looms

We arent better than Villa, Fulham or Portsmouth.

ccole Posted on 6/8 19:42
re: relegation looms

If your that confident, you Can get at least 5-1 on us going down which are massive odds if you really think we are going donw.

How much have you put on us?


Another gobshight.

I think we will struggle, but we wont go down, and I will offer more that fives.

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jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 19:42
re: relegation looms

Nowt to do with friendlies FatHarry

Nobody wanted the job. Nobody wants to play for us!

Squad considerably worse at present than last season.

Panic buys pending?

Boro_Owl Posted on 6/8 19:43
re: relegation looms

Considerably worse? We have lost 3 34+ players and replaced Frank before he even left.

Boro85 Posted on 6/8 19:43
re: relegation looms

Im sure theres plenty on the board willing to bet cold hard cash with you that we wont get relegated.

Boro_Owl Posted on 6/8 19:45
re: relegation looms

I'll happily bet, what are the odds we dont get relegated, according to the MrEko's of the board?

number_10 Posted on 6/8 19:46
re: relegation looms

I don't think we'll go down, but we are dire straights right enough. 15th at best.

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 19:46
re: relegation looms

i can see the suicide rates going up this week if anybody takes any remote notice on this.

fact is portsmouth, everton, villa, charlton, fulham et al are no better than us.

our squad is as good, or if you prefer theirs are as bad as ours, as anyones outside of the top 6 if fans bothered to take their browned stained boro glasses off and opened their eyes at other clubs they'd realise that.

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 19:46
re: relegation looms

Yeah they may have been old, but who is gona score the goals we lost with Jimmy? By all accounts we not looking at strikers

We lost Southgate- according to some of the press Ugo (another 30+ player) is a shoo in at the back this season.

We cant attract quality players any more. Arca's only here cos the mackems went down. And Franck Q a better player than him, whether he was replaced before he left or not.

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 19:47
re: relegation looms

i'll bet anyone a grand we stay up without any problems

neiltrodden Posted on 6/8 19:48
re: relegation looms

Why does it always have to be extremes? Either we storm up the league of limp to relegation. I'm thinking something somewhere between the two.

ccole Posted on 6/8 19:48
re: relegation looms

"Nobody wanted the job. Nobody wants to play for us!"

Well tell me why ONiel and El Tel came for interviews?

Both were never offered the job, becuase the bloke who brought us from teh thrid division, to Euro finals didnt think there were the type of manager we were looking for.

That good enough for me

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 6/8 19:49
re: relegation looms

Of course we are better than Villa, Fulham and Pompey.


Unbelievable. If you think we're going down, and are going to moan even before the season has started then don't bother going to matches at the start of next season.

Surely if we're certain to go down you won't be missing anything. Infact, seen as we've lost a few pensioners from our team, it's hardly worth the team turning up, we may aswell just give ourselves a bye to the Championship.

Stop being so pessimistic for no reason!

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 19:50
re: relegation looms

squad considerably worse? in the words of jim royle - my a_rse!!!

doriva - no big loss
frank - according to the frank lovers he didnt play at all last season cos of pog - if so how can he be a loss?
gate - i'll give you that
jimmy - was crap up until january and only scored 7 or 8 in the league?

ccole Posted on 6/8 19:53
re: relegation looms

I agree with you neil.

Fat Harry, dont expect lots of post taking up your offer. lots of gobshytes on here

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 6/8 19:53
re: relegation looms

"Pompey will buy their way out of trouble"

Oh yeah, by buying the likes of Nicholas Anelka, Bumsong and Sol Campbell, just the sort of steady nerves, robustness, confidence and sheer quality you need when you're in a relegation battle like Pompey.

ccole Posted on 6/8 19:55
re: relegation looms

Fat boy,
I wish I had a pound for everytime I heard JFH was a "fat lazy barsteward" before xmas last year.

If I did, unlike the gobshytes on here here, I would take you up on your grand bet.

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fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 19:57
re: relegation looms

after january jimmy was a class act but totally agree that before xmas he was a huge target for the boo boys who were slagging him off big time

RaveMaster Posted on 6/8 20:00
re: relegation looms

Jimmy only scored 8 goals in the league, how many did christie get? how many did maccarone get?

Not 8

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 20:03
re: relegation looms

take a look at massimo's record for the 2 seasons when he played a lot of games in the PL

correct me if i'm wrong but he scored 8 in his first season and about 6 or 7 in the second season.

not great but the same as JFH (and massimo is considered a crap striker isnt he?)

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 20:03
re: relegation looms

ccole- You really believe we turned O'Neill and El Tel down?

Why get them here then?

Gibbo knew what El Tel could offer, yet still spoke to him.

Everybody has tried to get O'Neill. He has always had his own agenda. Why he chose Villa I cant fathom a response for, but dont kid yourself we turned him down in favour of Southgate

ccole Posted on 6/8 20:04
re: relegation looms

please answer these questions

How many league games did Christie and Massimo play?

Who would you drop for JFH?

Can we afford a sub on 50k per week?

Why was only one other premiership manager interested in him?

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boro_in_lincoln Posted on 6/8 20:04
re: relegation looms


I'd give up if I was you.

Everyone seem to want to make a huge drama out of everything when it comes to Boro. The prospect of a reasonable, trouble-free season scares them and they have to create 'problems' to make it more interesting for themselves.

I swear some people on here would rather we were in a relegation battle..

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 20:06
re: relegation looms

I wouldnt, am just voicing my concerns.

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 20:08
re: relegation looms

ps - just checked and massimo got 9 league goals in his first two seasons..

BroughtonLad Posted on 6/8 20:08
re: relegation looms

Given a fair crack of the whip both Christie and Macca will score more than 8 league goals.
Miserable Barstewards.
Some people are writing us off before we kick off.
Talk about 12th Man.
Cheer up you miserable gets

ccole Posted on 6/8 20:08
re: relegation looms

we didnt turn them down, we didnt offer the the job. Gibson spoke to them, but didnt take it further.

What make you think he would lie to us?

sasboro Posted on 6/8 20:11
re: relegation looms

the fickleness on this website is brilliant at times. last season jfh was claimed to be top draw now he's left it is claimed he isnt that good really. Ditto frank queudrue and that fulham midfielder were were after who turned us down this summer. and oh MON isnt that good a manager either. and depsite many claiming southgate was good enough to carry on next season now he is manager he was crap last season and our worst centre back. oops forgot to mention us turning down MON and venables when really they turned us down as we couldnt meet their conditions and demands. I mean you dont approach or head hunt top managers just to turn them down

as for the club telling lies.. remember the fiasco about telling us smac his contract when he hadnt?

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boro_in_lincoln Posted on 6/8 20:13
re: relegation looms

Some people aren't looking at the positives.

For example:

No UEFA Cup to concentrate on, therefore 15 less games.

We have only lost Jimmy, Southgate and Franck who are really of note. Jimmy is getting on a bit, Southgate had lost his pace and Franck had completely lost the plot. IMO Arca will be much better than Franck was last season. We have also signed Goulon, who will be more use than Doriva.

We have plenty of capable kids coming through. The likes of Johnson, Hines and Bates have all looked good in pre-season and will easily do a job in the Prem.

We are not going down. We only finished 14th last year due to playing our reserves for the last 8ish games of the season. If we hadn't, we would have finished around 10th. We haven't improved, but I don't think we've got worse either.

Therefore I feel a finish of around 10th is likely

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 20:13
re: relegation looms

ccole-Do you honestly think Gibbo has got to where he is by never telling lies from time to time.

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 20:16
re: relegation looms

sas - there is no denying jimmy was class after january but you must admit before xmas he was garbage?

9 league goals is the same as massimo got in his first two seasons yet i dont see anyone calling him a class act?

borofan30 Posted on 6/8 20:17
re: relegation looms

our reserves in last few games......these are players who we could be relying on this season the kids so reserves last season first teamers this season i hope we dont have to rely on em all this season especially if we are struggling there still inexperienced to cope with a relegation fight!!!

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 6/8 20:20
re: relegation looms

Yes, our reserves and kids who beat West Ham 2-0 at the Riverside, and came very close to getting draws away at Pompey and Fulham.

dooderooni Posted on 6/8 20:21
re: relegation looms

Well, I'm looking forward to this season anyway.

Doubt we'll get into europe but we won't go down either.

sasboro Posted on 6/8 20:28
re: relegation looms

he got 17 goals from 32 starts last season

in the league he got 10 goals from 12 starts and 10 as sub..still not bad 1 goal every 2 games including sub apperances

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 20:37
re: relegation looms

And who is gonna replace him?

Massimo? Christie? Hong Kong Phooey????

We cannot afford to not replace him

chorleyphil Posted on 6/8 20:44
re: relegation looms

Stop the whinging. Give the local kids coming through a chance, instead of the 'couldnt give a fook' brigade!

We've done it before, we'll do it again. OK we'll never challenge the top four, but now is the time to have some identity, some back bone. Managed right, this town will have a team to be proud of for years.

SuperLeeCatermole Posted on 6/8 20:51
re: relegation looms

Some People are unbelievable on here, last season we where in the UEFA cup final and only 2 or 3 1st team/bench players have left sooo... And if worse comes to worse we have an excellent youth accedemy to rely on. GET BEHIND THE TEAM FFS!!!

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jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 20:53
re: relegation looms

You're right of course SLC,some people are unbelievable

2 yrs ago CCup winners
1 yr ago 7th
last yr 14th but in UEFA final.

This year 17th will do!

I mean that is what your saying isnt it?

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 6/8 20:56
re: relegation looms

No-one is saying 17th will do.

I don't know many people who think we will come 17th.

Red_Slim Posted on 6/8 20:57
re: relegation looms

Some fans only come across as pessimistic because they care, not because they prefer it or even have a choice to feel that way.

My season ticket is bought and I'm looking forward to the first game as always but I'm not currently optimistic of our chances of a top 10 spot.

A doom and gloom merchant never sees the bright side. There's a big difference between that and identifying weaknesses or expressing opinion regarding something you feel a part of. You can still enjoy the match, the match-day, and being a day-to-day fan whilst expressing concern over your club when you can identify the potential problems.

Our centre back situation a genuine concern; lets hope the club's plans prove fruitful.

chorleyphil Posted on 6/8 20:59
re: relegation looms

scraped the CC cup. But fine we won.
finished 7th. Well we cou;d really have made top four.
last season was terrible. But the UEFA Cup was magical.

We'll do alright this season I reckon with the right attitude.
Watching Boro in the league under Mclaren was, on the whole, pitiful!

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 21:11
re: relegation looms

I couldnt agree more, but the squad that was pitiful to watch last season is weaker now!!!!

rozi Posted on 6/8 21:12
re: relegation looms

jimmyrav, looking back you have said the self same thing before the start of the last 3 or 4 seasons, we've had arguments over it, I've got upset about it, but at the end of the day we've had more excitement over the last few seasons than ever before as Boro fans. Just get behind the lads for goodness sake and look on the bright side, you said you wouldn't renew your season ticket if McClaren was still manager - well he's gone and I for one have faith in Gareth.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 6/8 21:33
re: relegation looms

You going for your first ton Jimmyrav?

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 21:49
re: relegation looms

Just thought a bit of controversy would liven Sunday night up a bit!!!!

I will ignore your emotive plea rozi

Coulth Posted on 6/8 21:54
re: relegation looms


"ccole- You really believe we turned O'Neill and El Tel down?

Why get them here then?

Gibbo knew what El Tel could offer, yet still spoke to him.

Everybody has tried to get O'Neill. He has always had his own agenda. Why he chose Villa I cant fathom a response for, but dont kid yourself we turned him down in favour of Southgate"

It's possible that Venables and O'neill were never offered the job after discussions. The reason being that Gibbo wants to keep the same coaching staff in place. Now, any experienced manager would never work under those conditions, they'd want to bring in their own staff (ie O'Neill has brought in Robertson at Villa).

Soooo even if they were offered the job they were highly unlikely to accept under the restrictions in place.

It's the conditions/restrictions that Gibbo has applied (good or bad, time will tell) and not the nature/overall setup of the club that has not appealed to O'Neill. I reckon if he'd been allowed to bring his own staff in he'd have been here. It's a club that has just been to a european final (granted we're not in europe next year), has some very good kids coming through, has a great training ground setup etc....

You need to seperate the conditions that come with the job at the moment from the overall appeal of the club. Thats why Southgate was appointed and not O'Neill, I'm not kidding myself.

rozi Posted on 6/8 21:58
re: relegation looms

don't encourage him Mr. Catflap!!

jimmyrav Posted on 6/8 22:01
re: relegation looms

You're probably right Coulth.

Jobs for the boys at the Boro!!!!

As you say time will tell whether it is right or not.I obviously want us to do well, but I am concerned.

ml79 Posted on 6/8 22:11
re: relegation looms

I woludn't be concerned yet in all the years of watching boro i've seen pre seasons where we won all the games and had a terrible season and pre seasons we've lost all the games and went on to have good season, so just lets see how we start before panicking too much. i am corncerned about the defence though.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 6/8 23:15
re: relegation looms

I think i read in the report today that when Mendieta came on and we went 4-5-1/4-3-3, Mendieta went out wide and Morrison was in the midfield 3... This worries me immensely! It should have been the other way round. I may have got this wrong, but i really hope GS doesnt continue to use Mendieta right wing. I'd much rather we played the 4-3-3 but used either Maccarone or Morrison there and Mendieta through the middle.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 6/8 23:28
re: relegation looms

Did you relent in the end Jimmyrav and pick your form up?

Coulth Posted on 7/8 0:02
re: relegation looms

"You're probably right Coulth.

Jobs for the boys at the Boro!!!!

As you say time will tell whether it is right or not.I obviously want us to do well, but I am concerned."

I'm concerned about the lack of signings as, despite our good youngsters, we are short in a few key positions.

As for the manager, yeah, time will tell. It's an interesting debate to be had about the merits of keeping the current coaching staff and thus an inexperienced manager rather than bringing in an experienced manager and having the backroom staff swept clean as would have happened.

tinlip Posted on 7/8 8:42
re: relegation looms


rozi Posted on 7/8 9:41
re: relegation looms

No he didn't pick his form up Eddie, but he did have a cunning plan - he went over and renewed without it .

jimmyace Posted on 7/8 10:25
re: relegation looms


Link: read this

jimmyrav Posted on 7/8 16:23
re: relegation looms

As cunning as a fox who has just been made professor of cunning at the University of cunning!!!!

Cheers Mother- And you say I'm not self sufficient!!!!

rozi Posted on 7/8 19:28
re: relegation looms

You been watching the Adder again son?

Stepper_T Posted on 7/8 19:29
re: relegation looms

I heard you were more like Mad Jack McMad

jimmyrav Posted on 7/8 21:28
re: relegation looms

Nah, Mad Jack McMad went over the top!

I think Ive made some valid points!!!!

jimmyrav Posted on 10/8 18:33
re: relegation looms

4-0 against Heerenveen has inspired me to hoof this back to the top.

Is gonna be a long season!!!

Rio_Verde Posted on 10/8 19:07
re: relegation looms

I can't see us going down either, although impending injury crisis will see us flirt with relegation that's for sure. New kids will add grit and determination, but skill level has not been analysed, so I'm not too sure what they really have as far as class.

jimmyrav Posted on 10/8 21:43
re: relegation looms

The kids will learn the hard way- In a long hard season in a struggling team.

We need 4 quality players quick!

redz69 Posted on 10/8 22:30
re: relegation looms

there used to be a cartoon character called Peanuts who walked around with a black cloud above his head...that's you that is.

fatharrywhite Posted on 10/8 22:33
re: relegation looms

how exactly does our reserves (down to ten men as well) have any bearing whatsoever on next season??

jimmyrav Posted on 10/8 22:45
re: relegation looms

Oh it was our reserves was it?

Ah well when they are not match fit at the start of the season we will have our excuse ready made

jimmyrav Posted on 20/8 18:37
re: relegation looms

Have got to say, I posted this expecting us to beat Reading!

It would appear the 4-0 v Heerenveen may well have been a clear message about our defensive frailties.

If Chelsea fire even on half the cylinders they were on today, they will get a hatful. Unless of course Boro perform for the big stage, as was the case last year!

Technicolor_Beer Posted on 20/8 18:47
re: relegation looms

The team v Heerenveen will never play a meaningful match in the Premiership unless every other play is injured, especially the defence.

wardybremner Posted on 21/8 10:51
re: relegation looms

It seems that the team that played at Reading collapse just as easily as the team at Heerneveen.

i think we may struggle if we dont sign some knew playrs.

and we should not be thrwing leads like that away as esily as we did

jimmyrav Posted on 1/10 12:06
re: relegation looms

Anyone agree with me yet?

ThePrisoner Posted on 1/10 12:46
re: relegation looms

It was plain as a pikestaff that we were going to struggle to stay up this season. Unfortunately some people are still in denial, including Steve Gibson (at least in public).

wardybremner Posted on 3/10 20:27
re: relegation looms

What the hell is a pikestaff?

ThePrisoner Posted on 3/10 20:34
re: relegation looms

This is a

Link: Pikestaff

jimmyrav Posted on 3/10 20:36
re: relegation looms

what does a walking stick have to do with our impending relegation?

sasboro Posted on 4/10 8:38
re: relegation looms

witha top draw manager, england class defender, 2 top class international strikers, england best left winger and other experienced players and we still struggle. cant see southgate quiting so perhaps what is needed is a shake up in the coaching staff. seems to me there are far too many ont he coaching staff and perhaps they arnt as good as we all think they are. bring some new coaches in the bring in ideas which will freshen things up a little.

toxic_bob Posted on 4/10 9:00
re: relegation looms

I agree. Get rid of the dead wood on the coaching staff. It was a mistake to insist on 'continuity' - I think we all realise that now. These numpties have never got the best out of a bunch of players, who are, on paper, good enough for a top half finish. Get rid!

parmos_r_us Posted on 4/10 9:41
re: relegation looms

Bring in the experienced Bryan Robson to be Gareths Mentor.

Ex Boro legend too.

jimmyrav Posted on 4/10 9:55
re: relegation looms

Parmo- I hope you are joking!!!!!

privs Posted on 4/10 10:37
re: relegation looms

'better than Pompey'

Munkytopia Posted on 4/10 10:42
re: relegation looms

SkySports predicted us to finish 12th, hilarious! Why? We were crap last season and the squad is worse this time round AND we have an inexperienced manager. LMAO! Relegation does loom. But at least it will mean we can get rid of some of the crap in our team ie. Viduka, Mendieta, possibly Yakubu and Parlour. Actually, Parlour's on a such a good contract he might stay. :(

privs Posted on 4/10 10:48
re: relegation looms

Am I right in thinking Yakubu has done his 'I'm giving up on my employers in public' act about 4 months earlier into the season than he did for us?

Hate to say it, but the bulgy-headed one is proving yet again to be a greedy mercenary ain't he?

jimmyrav Posted on 4/10 16:20
re: relegation looms

I dont think its fair to hammer the Yak yet claiming he has given up on us.

He is clearly lacking in form and your suggestion may prove to be true, however, he is being played in the most part up front on his own, and he has lost JFH who he tended to play better alongside last season.

jimmyrav Posted on 5/11 9:48
re: relegation looms

I must admit, when I wrote this even I didnt think we would get beat by all the promoted teams.

Is certainly going to be a hard slog now!

jimmyrav Posted on 6/12 19:33
re: relegation looms

is that coffee brewing?

stipey Posted on 6/12 20:18
re: relegation looms

what an a***hole you are. keep quiet for weeks then rear your pathetic head when we are struggling.

f*** off and support the jawdees

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 10:20
re: relegation looms

I havent been quiet, i have been contributing on other threads.

As for an a***hole,well at times probably yeah,

on this board tho, I dont really stand out do I!!

Steaknife Posted on 7/12 11:03
re: relegation looms

Its good to see that notions of mutual respect, accommodation of divergent opinions and good old fashioned tolerance are alive and well on this board. I agree with you jimmyrav but even if I did'nt, so fck. If people come on and say we'll be fine and there's nothing to worry about then thats smashing as well. I hope they are right. Its their opinon and they are welcome to it. But until this becomes the fmttm totalitarian message board you should be able to post what you like without being dissed for it.

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 12:42
re: relegation looms

the point for some of these clowns Steakknife is they cant accept that I was right. I posted this in August and was hammered for it.

Me, an a***hole who knows nowt about football, apparently!

BossHogg Posted on 7/12 13:00
re: relegation looms

Looking back, it certainly makes for some interesting and humourous reading. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but some of the statements made early doors about Villa and Portsmouth are way off the mark!

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 13:50
re: relegation looms

Yeah thats right, it basically shows that we can all have opinions that are totally wrong at times.

only time will tell what happens this season, but the writing was on the wall in August.

If we do go down part of the reason will be that we ignored how poor we could be by believeing we were better than we are. McClaren would have to take a lot of the blame for that.
But that goes for supporters as well

BossHogg Posted on 7/12 13:56
re: relegation looms

Personally I'm more upset that we missed an opportunity to move to the next level.

In May we proudly played in a European final and our manager went to manage the national side, so our profile had never been higher. So, what did we go and do, appoint a player as manager who has no managerial experience or pulling power in the transfer market..

Nothing against Gareth, I like the fella, but......... now we find ourselves in a relegation fight, which as you say, was quite obvious from the start!


jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 14:05
re: relegation looms

Could not agree more. I cant believe that people will accept this as a season of transition.

it was our best opportunity to move on, we have now gone backwards and it will takje us years to recover.

I personally dont blame GS.

I blame McClaren (for looking after his mates),Gibbo(sorry to those who wont have a bad word said)and Lamb (for letting him
look after his mates), and his mates the coaching staff (for being largely inneffective)

Somebody posted our position over last 10 years and only twice have we finished in top 10.

But to be in UEFA final in May and be struggling against relegation this season with a rookie manager is ridiculous

Sceptic_Frank Posted on 7/12 14:31
re: relegation looms

How are you right? How is relegation looming? It's not even Christmas.

Plenty could change between now and May: Reading could slump as could Fulham or Wigan. Charlton and West Ham could string a run together... and guess what, so could Boro.

We've generally been poor, I wouldn't deny that, but I think if Viduka can return for a consistent period and maybe we snap up a midfielder in January then we will start picking up points.

Fair too early to be getting smug.

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 14:38
re: relegation looms

Yeah that is a possibility Frank.

But I look at some of the other teams around the bottom, scrapping for their lives, and I watch us, soft underbelly, few players ready to die for the cause, and I think relegation is a real possibility.

I originally posted this in August, and was hammered for daring to suggest we would struggle, when to me it was obvious the writing was on the wall.

So, though it gives me no satisfaction, in my opinion, as I suggested we would struggle, and we are struggling, i think was right.

"Plenty could change between now and May: Reading could slump as could Fulham or Wigan. Charlton and West Ham could string a run together... and guess what, so could Boro."

that is fair point, but do you really see us being the ones who put that run together.

We have been consistently poor all season

andrewmitchell17 Posted on 7/12 15:49
re: relegation looms

dont give jimmy rav a ton!

damn! there you go matey!

Steaknife Posted on 7/12 16:13
re: relegation looms

I can't be bothered ploughing through threads from August but at the time I stated it was the most depressed I'd felt pre-season. Not because of the results but because we got a rookie manager I thought we were short in the centre of midfield, did'nt have an outlet on the right wing, did'nt have enough strikers who could deliver the goods (especially given that Viduka traditionally misses half of it whether he's on the pitch or not) and nobody wanted to sign for us. Only the last one was (partially) addressed. It gives me no satisfaction for these factors to have come to pass in bringing about our lowly position and the current feeling of dispodency that punctuates my day is testimony to that. At the end of the season I will gladly have people saying I'm a moaning bastd and there was nothing to worry about. But for the moment, whether we like it or not we've got plenty to worry about. How we respond as fans and as a club is now the main issue surely?

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 16:30
re: relegation looms

Nah I think we will be ok.

Xmas is just around the corner.

We always do well at Xmas!!!

Oh Sh11t!

We are in deep doo-doo

holgateoldskool Posted on 7/12 16:41
re: relegation looms

Jimmy, I find myself in agreement with most of your postings on this subject. At times you almost feel the need to apologise for your realism. There are so many ostritches on here that are clinging to blind faith only.

Why won't those with an alternative view debate it properly ? Reason / they would struggle to justify how at present we can avoid going into the bottom three and staying there.

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 16:57
re: relegation looms

Thanks Holgate- appreciate your comments.

There are only a few people on this board who can debate/argue objectively

most just turn to verbal abuse when you dont cave into their approach.

I have been accused of actually being glad we are struggling- this is not the case-

however I do take a certain amount of satisfaction in hoofing this post purely for the grief I got when I initially posted it.

that wasnt only on this thread but on others where I dared to suggest a season of toil and struggle.

People are quite happy to accept the tedium of watching Boro at the Riverside, as its what everyone is watching

that is not the case- Some teams are playing open attacking football with no fear and proving the doubters wrong

Reading or Wigan

others are fighting all the way

Sheff Utd and even Watford

Us on the other hand are the team everyone wants to play. We are a soft touch, teams no we play to avoid defeat rather than win.

There have been 2 semi-decent games at the Riverside this season

Everton and Man Utd.

The others have all been sit back and watch Boro try to grab something, though a draw will do!

But of course if youre unhappy, "you know what to do!!!!!"

"Boro dont need your support!!!"

27000 average attendance. next 2 games Wigan and Charlton.

Kids for a quid to get the crowd up!

looks like the club are struggling in more ways than one if you ask me!

But of course, i know nothing!

holgateoldskool Posted on 7/12 17:15
re: relegation looms

The problem is Jimmy, it is the fans who know nothing are vociferorous in their condemnation against anybody with a view that questions or critisises the Boro, their operation, staff or players.

Sadly, the writing was on the wall about how it would unfold with fundamental errors pre - season. But again what do I know ? I'm just a whinger !!!!

rozi Posted on 7/12 18:54
re: relegation looms

Well Jim, even the old cock-eyed optimist is starting to worry now, although I'm not quite as bad as you. To the rest of you who are giving him grief all I can say is that if you knew how passionate Jimmy has been about Boro for the last 26 years you would maybe understand how he is feeling right now and how much he is hurting, as are most of us on here. Just remember it ain't over til the fat lady sings - and Michele MacManus hasn't been around in ages . Well done on your ton son.

jimmyrav Posted on 7/12 18:59
re: relegation looms

Welcome to reality corner-

Theres no dress code- but rose tinted spectacles are not allowed!

jimmyrav Posted on 8/12 10:56
re: relegation looms

Obvioulsy this is a controversial subject- but who cares it got me my first ton

Happy xmas!

--- Post edited by jimmyrav on 8/12 10:57 ---

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 19:20
re: relegation looms

While we continue to play like that its a given!

thescruffyboy Posted on 9/12 19:47
re: relegation looms

Come on now Jim.

Now while i don't for one second disagree that come the end of the season we'll be in the mire, i think there are still some positives to come from todays game.

Although i think that was two points thrown away, we at least had some good passing moves that lead up to scoring opportunities (a rarety of late)and our midfield seemed to look like getting forward which has been a major downfall so far this season.

I don't think that was a relegation performance. Parts of the first half were, but on the whole if we play like that every game, we'll ship a few goals, but we'll create a few as well, and by and large i'd be confident of us hitting forty points.

I'd have to agree with your relegation concerns, but after the last few weeks i thought todays performance, on the whole, was ok.

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 19:53
re: relegation looms

First of all, this was originally posted in August. I had the slight concerns then but hoped to be proved wrong

17 games, 17 points

10 home games, 1 goal in the first half.

We are in serious trouble, and I think if it had been September, a point at home to Wigan though disappointing, may have been acceptable

In our current position, unable to buy an away win, our home form has to be spot on. Our approach to games needs to change,

we go out to not lose, but its not doing us much good, unless you accept draws,

we need to start going for teams. At 0-1 today from 46-68 minutes we absolutely battered Wigan, played some good stuff, then equalised.

After that the game was dead. We lost our momentum and allowed Wigan off the hook

Had we gone at them from the start we would probably have won. I accept its risky, but would we have been any worse off at half time than we already were?

thescruffyboy Posted on 9/12 20:00
re: relegation looms

I'm not disagreeing with your forecast of a relegation dogfight, and your forecast has been proved wrong, as we find ourselves at the ar se of the table with our favorite time of year for points approaching.

I just thought today had glimpses of potential.

I don't accept a draw, and we did only play for half an hour. but in the first half we still created chances while looking poor, and thats something we havent really done for a while.

Its just that somewhere deep within there's a tiny shroud of optimism that rarely surfaces, and after so many dissappointing home matches i got a little lift from todays game. Which i guess in itself is fairly damning of the season so far.

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 20:04
re: relegation looms

"I'm not disagreeing with your forecast of a relegation dogfight, and your forecast has been proved wrong"

you think so?

thescruffyboy Posted on 9/12 20:07
re: relegation looms

sorry, total dyslexia there, i definitely didnt mean that!

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 20:18
re: relegation looms

0 goals in first half from open play in 10 games.

Only strike a Yakubu penalty v Everton

Need to buck ideas up quick!

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 20:40
re: relegation looms

just for you scoea :o)

boro74 Posted on 9/12 20:41
re: relegation looms

Don't panic, don't panic!

I predict we will win the F.A. Cup and I will hoof this post when we reach thwe final.

scoea Posted on 9/12 20:45
re: relegation looms

You are positively gleeful whenever there is a bad result. I bet you'll be cracking the champagne open if we do go down.

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 20:52
re: relegation looms

Im not positively gleeful at all, and will be happy for people to ram the words down my throat

Problem is with hoofing it every time theres a bad result, is that its getting hoofed every week.

And dont tell me todays was a good result.

scoea Posted on 9/12 20:55
re: relegation looms

No, it was a bad result. Difference is I can see that it was a good performance. You can't see past the result.

Oh, and I don't believe you. If you were not trying to prove a point, point scoring then let the thread drop off the board. You never will though.

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 20:57
re: relegation looms

think what you like, the reason it gets rehoofed is the hammering I took when I dared to suggest we might struggle.

Wait til I start re-hoofing the FAO FAtHarry thread. Then you will see me gleeful!

--- Post edited by jimmyrav on 9/12 20:58 ---

jimmyrav Posted on 9/12 20:57
re: relegation looms

think what you like, the reason it gets rehoofed is the hammering I took when I dared to suggest we might struggle.

Wait til I start re-hoofing the FAO FAtHarry thread. Then you will see me gleeful!

hewielewie Posted on 11/12 7:44
re: relegation looms

Does this count as a ton when 65% of the posts are by the original poster. I could do a ton by replying constantly to my own threads

wardybremner Posted on 11/12 18:34
re: relegation looms

To be fair that is the case with most threads that get high numbers.

Is better than the YES or NO quick fix tons

jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 20:12
re: relegation looms

Though we havent participated yet this weekend, and though we technically participated earlier in season as we have played same numbber as most,

anyone else scared yet?

New Years Day v Sheff U at home- bottom 3?

Going down?


scoea Posted on 16/12 20:15
re: relegation looms

You're still wrong.

"Oh, and I don't believe you. If you were not trying to prove a point, point scoring then let the thread drop off the board. You never will though."

jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 20:18
re: relegation looms

Damn right I wont!

I will though, be man enough to admit I was wrong

(if I hopefully am)

Ask Fat Harry though, My moneys safe!

ThePrisoner Posted on 16/12 20:20
re: relegation looms

Anyone prepared to look at things objectively could see at the start of the season that we were in for a relegation battle. Top drawer manager? Erm no. Jason Euell? FFS. Top scoring striker let go and not replaced. Managed to get one defender in and another on loan. Now I see us as more likely to go down than stay up.

scoea Posted on 16/12 20:22
re: relegation looms

ThePrisoner agrees with you. I am even more confident about my own opinion now.

jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 20:25
re: relegation looms

"ThePrisoner agrees with you. I am even more confident about my own opinion now"

Yet you say you dont pick out individuals to slag off!

scoea Posted on 16/12 20:26
re: relegation looms

I don't. It was a little joke but I guess humour doesn't really work on a messageboard. I wrote that simply because I tend to disagree with thePrisoner on most things.

ThePrisoner Posted on 16/12 20:28
re: relegation looms

Yeah, yeah scoea. Hiding your head in the sand or up your own arse won't make this car crash of a season go away. We are sinking week by week. I don't think we'll be worse than Watford but it's still a fooking disaster

scoea Posted on 16/12 20:29
re: relegation looms


jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 20:34
re: relegation looms

So if we get beat by Fulham will you then suddenly agree?

scoea Posted on 16/12 20:35
re: relegation looms

Nope. If we beat them will you admit you are wrong?

jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 20:41
re: relegation looms

I wasnt though

17 games in,

17 points

0 away wins

0 goals from open play in first half of home games

defeats at all 3 promoted teams

I could go on, but even I am becoming bored with being right!

jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 22:10
re: relegation looms

Just for you WHM

scoea Posted on 16/12 22:53
re: relegation looms

After those 17 games are we in the relegation zone? If not then you are, in fact, wrong.

jimmyrav Posted on 16/12 23:03
re: relegation looms

Actually, if you read the post my good man, you will see I never said we would go down, but that a big shadow is hanging around, and we will be in for a long hard season.

To be fair to myself I might have a point

The shadow being the threat of relegation- you cannot argue its not a threat-

long hard season- You have said that yourself (followed by but we will stay up

I can only hope you are right!

jimmyrav Posted on 30/12 17:49
re: relegation looms

Serious thread woody, posted in August.

holgateoldskool Posted on 30/12 18:09
re: relegation looms

Jimmyrav, Jimmy, Oh Jimmy Rav, this thread keeps coming back ! Also becoming relevant to more and more..........

mishmash Posted on 30/12 18:11
re: relegation looms

Lets continue to hoof this on a weekly basis

hewielewie Posted on 30/12 18:11
re: relegation looms

Why do you keep hoofing it?
Methinks all three.

jimmyrav Posted on 30/12 18:15
re: relegation looms

Hewie- You missed right!

hewielewie Posted on 30/12 18:20
re: relegation looms

I didn't miss anything out


Unless you count the need to continously hoof your own posts in a vain attempt to get a ton.

jimmyrav Posted on 30/12 18:34
re: relegation looms

Ill add you to the list of those who can only respond with the personal insults cos they either are incapable of, or havent got, a rational point!!!

That makes about 30 in here now Hewie!

holgateoldskool Posted on 30/12 18:37
re: relegation looms

Keep her going, Jimmy !

sitheman Posted on 30/12 18:46
re: relegation looms

aint read the bulk of the posts but after reading the title and looking at the current situation. west ham manager, with enough premiership experience to get results out of a very good group of player. boost to charlton who might just pump some life into them.

3.poor poor away form so much so that i dont know when our next win will come from.

4.lack of fight. this is the biggest thing with us. we havnt got a pulse in the team, we just exist we dont play with a passion.

5.passenger george baoteng. if he is not dropped and fast we will play every game with 10 men. which gives us a disadvantage from the start.

scoea Posted on 13/1 17:41
re: relegation looms

I ws just wondering why this hadn't been hoofed up for a while

boro1179 Posted on 13/1 17:46
re: relegation looms

I dont think we've got enough humble pie in stock to satisfy demand!!

bandito Posted on 13/1 19:08
re: relegation looms

you cant beat a hasty opinion

jimmyrav Posted on 14/1 14:11
re: relegation looms

The large rotund female has not quite hit the high notes yet!

Senor_Chester Posted on 14/1 17:24
re: relegation looms

"I dont think we've got enough humble pie in stock to satisfy demand!! "

Hardly flying high though are we ffs.

Senor_Chester Posted on 14/1 17:24
re: relegation looms

"I dont think we've got enough humble pie in stock to satisfy demand!! "

Hardly flying high though are we ffs.

hewielewie Posted on 15/1 8:03
re: relegation looms


jimmyrav Posted on 15/1 8:44
re: relegation looms

Keep hoofing- Ill get the double ton

Lucky_Alf Posted on 15/1 8:47
re: relegation looms


jimmyrav Posted on 15/1 8:50
re: relegation looms

Nice one Alf- With my response thats 2 nearer- Pratt!

rozi Posted on 20/1 17:31
re: relegation looms

I would comment but I might choke on my birthday cake!

A large sumptuous serving of humble pie!!!!!!!!!!

Even I think we will be ok now!

stipey Posted on 25/2 19:23
re: relegation looms

not been hoofed for a while

norfolkred1 Posted on 25/2 19:25
re: relegation looms

A good hoof, good for a laugh a some fickle fans

YearbyRed Posted on 25/2 19:29
re: relegation looms

Sitheman - west ham manager, with enough premiership experience to get results out of a very good group of player.

Ah, that old Curbishley magic is working a treat.

stipey Posted on 3/3 17:55
re: relegation looms


jimmyrav Posted on 18/3 17:41
re: relegation looms

What the hell- Always good for stirring it up!

trodbitch Posted on 18/3 17:44
re: relegation looms

Just shows how desperate you are to be right, jimmy. Relegation or no relegation, who cares as long as you can be right?

In fact, next year why not start a thread about how we will be relegated and then start another about how we will be fine, that way you can just hoof either one up depending on how we are doing and be right all along!

jimmyrav Posted on 18/3 18:35
re: relegation looms

The re-hoof was taking the p1ss.

However, read the FAO Fat HArry thread and see I was on the right lines.

scoea Posted on 18/3 20:51
re: relegation looms

I'm sorry Jimmy but you were nowhere near. You were wrong, simple as that.

OverTheTopAussie Posted on 19/3 7:49
re: relegation looms

**To be read in a panto narrator style**

Jimmyrav, that unflinching stalwart and supporter of the Boro cause, seeing that Boro look like they will escape the deadly clutches of relegation, cries out from the depths of his heart ..... "hope is not lost, we may still be relegated".

With supporters like that who needs jawdees.

--- Post edited by OverTheTopAussie on 19/3 7:50 ---

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 19/3 8:34
re: relegation looms

When Southgate was first appointed I thought we were in for a hard relegation fight - and after the first half of the season we were lucky West Ham, Watford and Charlton were so bad.

Since then results have improved and with the cup run the season is still alive - has a manager in this country ever won a major trophy in his first ever season of management?

Tonight is massive.

trodbitch Posted on 19/3 8:39
re: relegation looms

Wakey, I'm thinking Mourinho but in fairness, there aren't too many others springing to mind.

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 19/3 8:43
re: relegation looms

Didn't Mourinho have a season at a 2nd division/low first division team in Portugal before moving to Porto?

Boromart Posted on 19/3 9:00
re: relegation looms

"and after the first half of the season we were lucky West Ham, Watford and Charlton were so bad." - what a crock. Saying we are lucky there are three worse teams makes no sense. Man Utd are lucky there are 19 worse teams.

trodbitch Posted on 19/3 9:04
re: relegation looms

I was thinking along the lines of a managers debut season in this country, rather than first ever.

ThePrisoner Posted on 31/3 16:54
re: relegation looms

Six points off relegation. It's still looming!

boro_boy1984 Posted on 31/3 16:56
re: relegation looms

nah were safe,

br14 Posted on 31/3 16:57
re: relegation looms

As long as it just looms we'll be ok.

Islandstone Posted on 31/3 17:13
re: relegation looms


bear66 Posted on 31/3 17:13
re: relegation looms

Wrong message for Man C - we could be 12 points clear + in a cup semi if we'd given the message that every game is important and gone to Man U with confidence.

ravsplumber Posted on 31/3 17:30
re: relegation looms

Warnock and Curbishley will take the deserved drop. Too bad about Boothroyd, he's an okay guy!

jimmyrav Posted on 31/3 17:48
re: relegation looms

Nowt to do with me this time!!!!

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 8/4 13:29
re: relegation looms

39pts 6 games left

bear66 Posted on 8/4 18:41
re: relegation looms

More than 3 pts to play for in the Man U game!

Not sure I want Chelsea to win the league again though . . .

ThePrisoner Posted on 28/4 18:46
re: relegation looms


rozi Posted on 28/4 19:44
re: relegation looms

Hoof from me as well, I might be biased (as Jimmyrav's mother) but we always pay our debts and never renege on a promise, so come on Fat Harry White - where are you, you owe 50 to Finley Cooper Fund!! Why don't you just pay up and be glad Jimmy didn't take you up on the grand you bet in the first place.

forevertoon Posted on 28/4 19:53
re: relegation looms

the title of this thread is a genuine reality for you boys next season, better get used to it

scoea Posted on 28/4 19:57
re: relegation looms

I'm sorry but we have not at any point this season been anywhere near "relegation looming".

forevertoon Posted on 28/4 20:00
re: relegation looms

open your eyes, youv'e been on the fringes all season long, still not 100% safe even at this stage

scoea Posted on 28/4 20:04
re: relegation looms

My eyes are wide open and that is simply untrue. We have equally been on the fringes of a top ten finish, it doesn't mean it was ever looming.

We're going to finish exactly where we were always going to finish and we have never been in any danger of going down.

rozi Posted on 28/4 20:06
re: relegation looms

We are still not safe Scoea, even Gareth said as much after the game, Wigan and West Ham are only 5 points behind us, we play Wigan next week. The way we have played recently I wouldn't be too confident about that statement, we have taken 4 points from our last 7 games, four of which were at home. The teams below us are scrapping for their premier league lives, we should be as well.

--- Post edited by rozi on 28/4 20:13 ---

forevertoon Posted on 28/4 20:08
re: relegation looms

your'e still in danger of going down at this late stage, you do not have enough points to be 100 % sure of staying up

ThePrisoner Posted on 28/4 20:11
re: relegation looms

"I'm sorry but we have not at any point this season been anywhere near "relegation looming".

Oh, so we'll discount the time we were in 18th place then!

trodbitch Posted on 28/4 20:13
re: relegation looms

Blindly saying "we'll never go down" while we flirted with relegation isn't the same as being nowhere near relegation!!!!

scoea Posted on 28/4 20:24
re: relegation looms

Being in 18th place does not mean we were ever in any danger of going down. I recall being second or third in the Premiership after a good few games, it didn't mean we were ever going to get in the Chumps League/

I have never blindly said we'll never go down. What I have said is that we have never looked likely to go down and I stand by that. We have shown on countless occasions that when it has really mattered we have won the games we needed to.

Don't get me wrong, it's been a poor season but to argue that we were ever realistically likely to go down is a nonsense.

BTW Mr Toon - we're 2 points behind you!!

millsandboom Posted on 28/4 22:21
re: relegation looms

Only way we can go down now is if we lose both games and West Ham, Wigam and Sheff Utd win all their games and only if Wigan beat Sheff Utd on the last day.

CzechBoro Posted on 29/4 9:35
re: relegation looms

If Sheffield United dont beat Villa at Villa Park next Saturday we are safe no matter how the other results go - fact!

Steaknife Posted on 29/4 11:04
re: relegation looms

That is quite plainly untrue as Sheff Utd are 2 points behind us and can go above us if they beat Aston Villa away.

Wigan go above us if they beat us and Sheff Utd away.

West Ham go above us if they beat Bolton home and Man Utd away.

Possibly the tallest order is Fulham. 1 win and 2 draws against Arsenal away, Liverpool home and us away would also do it for them. By that I mean I can't see them getting 3 points from their encounters against Arsenal and Liverpool. First one up, Arsenal today.

I remain hopeful we will be OK by this time next week. But I don't think it will be from our endeavours but the failure of those below.

--- Post edited by Steaknife on 29/4 11:06 ---

scoea Posted on 29/4 11:08
re: relegation looms

I think it is true because if Sheff Utd only got a point at Villa then they are one behind us. In order for them to overtake us it would mean Wigan failing to win their remaining two games and as they are 5 points behind we would be above them.

scoea Posted on 6/5 20:25
re: relegation looms

I'm hoofing this to acknowledge that I was wrong. Well, partly anyway.

Jimmyrav - I have never felt we were in any danger of relegation and have maintained that we would finish 12th - 14th. Ultimately I will be proven right on that but I feel I was wrong on this thread.

I looked at the table yesterday after our win and was pleased but the reality is that had we been beaten yesterday we would be in dire trouble next week. I said on a post above that we have tended to get results when we have needed them, which is true, but let's face it defeat yesterday could have signalled doom. It didn't but it shows just how close we were and for that I apologise to jimmyrav because I must admit it was closer than I ever thought it would be.

ThePrisoner Posted on 6/5 20:32
re: relegation looms

Relegation loomed until yesterday.

Then again next season will be looming soon enough.

rozi Posted on 6/5 20:49
re: relegation looms

Just for you son, your first 200 thread . Well done Scoea, it takes a big man to do that. Now all we need is for fatharrywhite to cough up his dosh so that the Finley Cooper Fund can be 100 better off.

zaphod Posted on 7/5 3:57
re: relegation looms

Even if we'd lost at Wigan, the Sheff U defeat made us safe from relegation. As they play each other, they couldn't both overtake us.

Theozone Posted on 7/5 4:19
re: relegation looms

Yesssssss we're finally safe, lets all do the conga, eio, eio, eio.

zaphod Posted on 7/5 4:28
re: relegation looms

We've been safe since we beat Watford in reality, even if not mathematically. Only the swathes of Boro fans with a tendency to panic thought otherwise.

OverTheTopAussie Posted on 7/5 4:42
re: relegation looms

If relegation is looming until you are mathematically safe then does that mean that with half the season gone Chelsea had relegation looming? On that basis half the league have relegation looming until just a handful of games from the end of the season.

Islandstone Posted on 18/5 18:48
re: relegation looms

All this talk about relegation has been unneccesary, if you ask me.

We have never been in a relegation battle this season, we haven`t even been in a relegation position this season!( I think 17th was the worst..)

Even though, so many Boro fans have panicked like wild hens this season, fearing we`ll go down. Yes, we weren`t mathematically safe before the 37th league round, but, personally, I NEVER thought we`re going down. I`m a little surprised to see that I was maybe the only one with such confidence in the team. We WOULDN`T go down, and we DIDN`T. Stop panicking next time.

holgateoldskool Posted on 18/5 18:51
re: relegation looms

Islandstone - should tell all those fans running around like wild hens to Cluck Off !!!!

Islandstone Posted on 18/5 19:02
re: relegation looms

Indeed, holgateoldskool. BTW, do you have MSN?

Perry_Combover Posted on 18/5 19:19
re: relegation looms

this illustrates what a clown the_prisoner is.

first prediction for next season: the_prisoner predicts we'll get relegated prior to the season starting. just like he probably has done for the previous 10 seasons boro have been in the PL!

Islandstone Posted on 18/5 19:28
re: relegation looms

here`s my address;

Brick_Tamland Posted on 2/7 11:35
re: relegation looms

ThePrisoner Posted on 11/8 19:04
re: relegation looms

Just thought I'd save time. Why re-invent the wheel?

ThePrisoner Posted on 11/8 19:04
re: relegation looms

Just thought I'd save time. Why re-invent the wheel?