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Kilburn Posted on 26/8 19:05
Boro bid for Lennon

Is what the headlines should say tomorrow.

Southgate should stick a 5M bid in for young Aaron, and then the club should get contacts in the media to spread it around that the lad is homesick for the north, and wants out of London.

Fight fire with fire.

Celestron Posted on 26/8 19:16
re: Boro bid for Lennon

5m is far too much 100,000 should do it..our under 19s haven't gotten off to a good start this season so Lennon should be a good signing for them.

Durham_Red Posted on 26/8 19:18
re: Boro bid for Lennon

On his way up North to meet Keith in the Tontine as we speak..

number_10 Posted on 26/8 19:19
re: Boro bid for Lennon

If they want to take the pish, we should too.

2 million, not a penny more.

Cheeky, arrogant, southern wnkers.

The_DiasBoro Posted on 26/8 23:33
re: Boro bid for Lennon

Great minds think alike, Kilburn!