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PapaJohn Posted on 1/9 12:19
Euell - Striker or Midfielder

I have always thought of Euell as a striker and looking at his stats as a goal scorer he has been top scorer at Charlton 3 times scoring about 1 goal every 3 and a bit games.

Yesterday I noted a few comments on here about him playing in midfield.

Has Sir Gareth indicated why we bought him?

Kilburn Posted on 1/9 12:23
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

He was interviewed on 5 Live on Wednesday evening, and said that Southgate had told him he'd be playing in midfield.

siddaway2 Posted on 1/9 12:29
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

we could play 4-5-1 with him attacking right or in the centre 3 and morrison on the right then if needed push him upfront gives options.

Mattyk50 Posted on 1/9 12:33
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

can play both.

he's the new noel whelan

Big_Shot Posted on 1/9 12:35
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

Was initially a striker but was converted into a midfielder at Charlton. Both Southgate the player consider him a midfielder nowadays, but couldn't certainly be used up front if needed.

PapaJohn Posted on 1/9 12:39
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

small alarm bells ringing, i like my managers to play players in their BEST postions. Not sure its fair to bring in Euell and play him out of his best position.

WOndering if any Charlton fans could comment?

Big_Shot Posted on 1/9 12:41
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

What do you mean. He is now an attacking midfielder, scored 10 goals from midfield for Charlton 3 seasons back. Feel out of with Curbishley so spent the last 2 seasons out of favour and struggled to get a game. Was previously a decent player.

downing_4_england Posted on 1/9 12:43
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder


newholgate Posted on 1/9 12:44
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

PapaJohn, are you still at Auntie Ann's or have you left yet?

PapaJohn Posted on 1/9 12:46
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

back in the UK and working - well supposed to be!

newholgate Posted on 1/9 13:04
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

When did you get back? Your mam said your not back til Sunday.

Did you have a nice time?

corruptbiggins Posted on 1/9 13:19
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

from the man himself:

He's very energetic and perfers playing in midfield for this reason. He said: "I enjoy playing behind the strikers because it usually means I'm more involved in the game. When you're up front, you sometimes have to wait for things to happen, whereas in midfield, I can go looking for the ball and create things for my team-mates as well as myself. I like to keep busy on the pitch - I don't like standing still."

Tweek Posted on 1/9 13:20
re: Euell - Striker or Midfielder

Forget the doubters he is a great signing cheap good age and a prem veteran and can play in our troubled position of right wing or as a cover for the strikers, he ticks all the boxes.