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slipshod Posted on 7/9 19:43
9/11 Where were you?

They say everyone knew where they were when JFK died, that was a bit before my time, can you remember where you were when 9/11 occurred. Personally i can remember it as clear as day, i was sat in a bar in Spain watching Spanish t.v thinking what the fook is going on here. Can you remember what you were doing?

smoggie4ever Posted on 7/9 19:45
re: 9/11 Where were you?

at school...didnt no what was happening till i got home and was fookin shock!!

Table_Football Posted on 7/9 19:45
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Was sat at home watching SSN, as I didn't go back to college until the following week. Then they had a "breaking news" thing about a plane hitting the World Trade Centre. I put Sky News on just to see the 2nd plane flying into the other tower.

Was completely surreal, and I was just watching it all happen on tele.

Stepper_T Posted on 7/9 19:46
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At home, had Sky News on at the time, thought it was some sort of fiction at first. Shocking.

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 7/9 19:46
re: 9/11 Where were you?

was painting my shed, and getting ready for a detterent patrol, away from my wife for 3 months. although i knew i wouldnt be anywhere near the area no matter what i did, i couldnt assure my wife and mother that armageddon wasnt about to begin!

jonny_giles Posted on 7/9 19:46
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Driving home from work on the A66, passing Teesside airport with a plane over the top of my head.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 7/9 19:47
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Spookey Slipshod.

The Red Lion pub in Magaluf, saw it on all the screens walking to the bar, thought it was a trailer for a new film, took a while to sink in what was really going on.

markofdboro Posted on 7/9 19:47
re: 9/11 Where were you?

on the rd from guisborough to scarborough
will never foget it

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ToneLoc Posted on 7/9 19:47
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on guard duty at Dishforth airfield. I was having a nap and some one woke me up to say that it had happened. I ended up staying awake for around 48hrs

moxzin Posted on 7/9 19:48
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Missed it. Got back from school in time to see the scrolling news that the Trade Center had been "attacked". Remember someone on the panel suggesting that it may have been Communists. Only when the, by then, replayed footage of the towers collapsing did it hit me how enormous it all was - and back then of course, it was rumoured that around 50,000 had died. Just remember feeling really sad - even sadder when that Question Time was aired soon after.

smigga Posted on 7/9 19:49
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Sat at work in Leeds! We had the tv on and one of the lads commented on a plane crashing into the Trade Centre! Never thought anything of it until the next 747 went ploughing into the other one!
Needless to say we were all gobsmacked and sat watching the footage all afternoon and fook all work got done! Not that the boss age a toss cos he sat watching it with us!
I thought the end of the world was not too far away at that moment as I expected Bush to start pushing the big red button with 'Do Not Touch' above it!!

Nedkat Posted on 7/9 19:49
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Driving to Stansted airport, listening to it all unfold on the radio. I got to the aiport just as Bush the Dubya was closing the US airspace, and guess where I was going ? Airport was bedlam, and this obnoxious American twerp in front of me would not accept the fact that he wasn't going home on that day. I had to tap him on the shoulder to loudly confirm this in his ear'ole. The lady on the desk, thanked me for that. I went back to the car rentla place, and got the key to the car back. The bloke asked me when I'd have the car back, and I said "I dunno, better talk to Dubya"
Then I drove back to me Dad's house, he was very suprised to see me next day at breakfast. Took me 9 days to get out of there, and me Dad died the following Sunday ....

shaungav Posted on 7/9 19:49
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In tenerife outside a TV shop watching people jumping out of buildings and think what the fook is happening here.

Scrote Posted on 7/9 19:54
re: 9/11 Where were you?

at work in redcar - company secretary came in and said there'd been an incident and would i go online to see what had happened

went online to look and for a whilw stuff was filtering through and then all the major sites started to lurch to a halt as the networks clogged up

after that the best source of info was this board - a very strange day on here was had by all

got no work done needless to say

slipshod Posted on 7/9 20:08
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Monty i was actually in Majorca aswell but i was in the posh part

collo1875 Posted on 7/9 20:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Doing a job for a pensioner up bankfields and she shouted us into the front room to watch the news then the boss told us to go home as he wasnt sure what was going on
then watched it all unfold on sky at home
one of the weirdest feelings ive ever had

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 7/9 20:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Shagaluf is the posh bit innit ?

bevo2005 Posted on 7/9 20:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Was working on a site in London and my dad phoned me up to tell me what had happened. Rumours were flying around that planes were circling over London ready to attack, and every plane that flew over seemed too low. Never got the full story until i got home and put the news on. Horrific

corruptbiggins Posted on 7/9 20:16
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work, when I heard from my mam (who was doing a warehouse run) who had heard on the radio that a plane had collided with one of the towers. Initially we just thought that they meant some sort of light aircraft, but when I got to my parents pub after finishing up at the restaurant I was shocked to see what really had happened. Justed watched Sky News for the rest of the day near enough.

MatrixUK Posted on 7/9 20:22
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on my day off and had just got up, went downstairs, made a cup of tea, turned pc on and read on here that the 1st tower had been attacked. Turned the TV on and watched the horror unfolding.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/9 20:23
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Yep, I remember it clearly. I was at work in York, and one of the admin girls said, really matter-of-factly, "terrorists have hi-jacked airliners and flown them into the World Trade Centre". The rest of the working day was spent trying to access the web, which was totally over-loaded. When I got home to see the footage, I couldn't believe it. Like others have said, there was a real sense that the world had changed and a real, tangible fear about what was happening, especially just after the first two planes hit. No-one knew how many planes were up there and which ones were hijacked.

neiltrodden Posted on 7/9 20:23
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In a way Ned, amongst all the horror of what happened, you got to see more of your dad. I know at the time, you wouldn't have seen it that way. Glad you got that 'bonus' time though, if that doesn't seem too heartless considering the nightmare that a lot of people went through.

boro_newjersey Posted on 7/9 20:23
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Well, I was here in America.

We live on the Hudson River overlooking downtown Manhattan. My wife's family were visiting and we'd gone away to Martha's Vineyard for a week, so we weren't in town. They (my in-laws) had gone up the Towers sight-seeing on Sunday 9th.

We drove to MV on Sunday afternoon, had a lovely Monday and then the rest of the week was just filled with the SHEER DREAD of going back to New York.

The drive back on Sunday was unbelievable as the sky was still clear and blue except for a thick plume of smoke which you could see from miles and miles and miles away.

We got home and my wife and mother in law went outside to look across the river and I just couldn't. Every busstop and lamp-post in our town (Hoboken) was covered with missing persons flyers and posters. Unbelievable.

It was about four months before I could stomach going down to Ground Zero. When I got there there was a shrine made up of all the fire brigade and police badges from all over the world - people who had sent things in as a mark of respect. There was one British bobby's helmet and when I looked closely, it was a Cleveland Police helmet and I cried.

I didn't lose anybody but I know plenty who did. One of the women in my team at work is married to a guy who worked in the Towers and they went to 7 funerals one weekend...

sasboro Posted on 7/9 20:24
re: 9/11 Where were you?

i was at work and read it on this message board then went to cnn and bbc websites to see the pictures. was up the WTC only a couple of days earlier.

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badtictacs Posted on 7/9 20:30
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Picked up some clients and traveled to Anfield to do some corprate entertaining. Ended up with client driving car and me watching events unfold on laptop via a mobile phone connection.
Also had Mike Parry from Talksport on radio and his commentary was memorable to say the least.

pisces Posted on 7/9 20:32
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was a passenger in a car driving along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. My mobile rang and it was my son phoning from the UK, he was watching the footage live on tv and telling me what had happened. I remember feeling that life as we knew it had just changed forever.
Some years before, while on a stopover in Memphis from New Orleans we had about 8 hours to kill before our flight back home, we wanted to go and visit Gracelands, so we were allowed to check our luggage in and get a taxi up to Gracelands for the afternoon. It's unthinkable now.

The_Nashman Posted on 7/9 20:33
re: 9/11 Where were you?

WE had the radio on in class. I'd just got suspended that day, but I didn't care coz I knew someone on the 2nd plane.

She was a 18 year old wonderful wonderful girl, daughter of someone who my Dad stayed with on a work trip to Boston.

Wonderful girl. Would have made it big. I still have the baseball she got me. I ended up writing to her for ages after she stayed over here on the return trip.

We flew to her funeral, and it was the greatest ceremony I'll ever witness. It was a celebration, and there were no tears, only great memories.


SCHWARZERS_BABE Posted on 7/9 20:34
re: 9/11 Where were you?

i can remember getting in at 3.00 with the kids from school watched sky news and the next thing we knew it 11.30 at night we hadnt eaten been to tiolet or anything. my kids were 9 and 13 at the time and can remember telling them that they will never see anything like that agin in their lives god i hope i was right.

boro_matt Posted on 7/9 20:38
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was driving home from ASDA !!!

Panicking like fu(k since part of my family were in New York, we have a pic of them standing between the two towers THE DAY BEFORE ! ! !

(All OK though)

Revol_Tees Posted on 7/9 20:39
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I dreamt of war the night it happened. Everybody was talking about "war" and I dreamed that I and everyone else my age was conscripted and sent away to fight.

rozi Posted on 7/9 20:55
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work, my son rang me as soon as the news broke over here to tell me, then kept ringing with updates. It all seemed unbelievable until we got home and saw it on the news, worst for me was seeing those poor souls jumping to their deaths. On the night we had a match, think it was a cup game, and we were sat in the East Stand just wondering what on earth we were doing there, the whole atmosphere was so strange.

Smifter Posted on 7/9 20:57
re: 9/11 Where were you?

When it kicked off I was at St Mary's college, my friends mum picked us both up from college and we found out in the car. My friend was devastated cos her dad was in new york, and was out of her mind with worry, and her mum dropped us off at the boro ground where we had to work the night in hospitality cos we had a match that night.

number9point5 Posted on 7/9 21:03
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work when the news came thru. was about to go into a meeting with an aussie called pau ryan. I remember mentioning it to him, that many yanks had been killed, is reply was and ?I quote "how ever many it's not enough". At the time the figures people were talking about were 19k plus.

Next day I found out that my best mates niece was one of the many missing. Thankfully she turned up in hospital 3 days later. Never spoken to the Aussie since.

JonSina Posted on 7/9 21:04
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Sat in the Control Room at Kirkcaldy Sewage Treatment Plant!

borodrew Posted on 7/9 21:09
re: 9/11 Where were you?

was at st marys college too at the time.

cycled home just after it happened, and watched the news all night.

totally surreal, and a very odd feeling that night.

Smifter Posted on 7/9 21:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Who did we play that night? Or was a reserves match? I defo worked a match at the riverside that night.

PoetLaureate Posted on 7/9 21:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Sat in a law lesson at college, we got out early as the teacher wanted 2 go and watch th news. Then I got home and watched it all on sky news for rest of day

Technicolor_Beer Posted on 7/9 21:15
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Smifter - it was a league cup match, vs Northampton Town. 3-1 with Nemeth, Murphy and Wilson scoring.

bysc Posted on 7/9 21:17
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Sat on a plane at Pittsburg getting taxied out and taxied back in X 3 had no clue what was happening. After 90 mins of in and out was told the air space was closed for security reasons but if we wanted to reschedule for tomorrow then go to NW customer services and there would be no extra charge
Put my cell phone on and had 27 msg and my wife screaming at me to get off the plane as a Pittsburg flight was missing What the hell if we had taken off on time we would have been at 37000ft and she is telling me to get of the plane. A totally bad day missed my scheduled appointment but at least I was alive never knew so many people loved me listening to my msg"s Horrible to sit and watch the replays knowing that that could have been me Flew again wHen the airspace opened very very nervous but life must go on no different than Londoners on the tube.Rip to all who did not make it through Sept 11

Smifter Posted on 7/9 21:18
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Thanks for that T_B that sounds about right, cos we didnt have much hospitality on that night. I remember everyone stood around just watching the teles. Not a nice night to work.

BroughtonLad Posted on 7/9 21:20
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on a treadmill at the gym watching the tv at the same time.

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markiemark666 Posted on 7/9 23:40
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was doing my usual, trying to pretend i was doing work when realy i was just wasteing the day.
Walked passed the canteen and was talking to some of my old work mates and the program on the tv was interupted with a news flash!

What the feck i was gobsmacked, the rest of the day ended up watching the tv, with most of the people that worked there.

Not nice at all. Rip 9/11

coheadboro Posted on 7/9 23:43
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at school then walking home with my girlfriend and someone said the twin towers had been attacked. I thought they were talking about Wembley and she had no idea what they were.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 7/9 23:50
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work.

I had a BBC ticker tape thing running across the bottom of the screen which stated that a plane had crashed into part of one of the Twin Towers. Tried to get to the BBC / Sky sites which had gone to text only, and the whole catastrophic event unfolded.....snippets of home or phone movies, reports from people at ground zero.....

Bloody awful to see, transfixed me completely - work stopped and even the managers came and sat around a TV someone magically produced. I remember a couple of women / girls and one of the managers crying. We finished early and fooked off to a pub in Yarm....

A day I think is burned into my conciousness.

Lifer_Reilly Posted on 7/9 23:52
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Posting updates on here along with Piquet amongst others whilst scanning Sky,BBc etc.... under one of my former guises....

Was thinking about this tonight whilst watching another program about it, I must have either been working nights on the 10th or been on a rare day off, but remember loads about the day. I remember commenting on the lone US jet in the sky and no further mention of it. I went to get a tyre replaced about 4pm at Cannon Park and the rest of the day was just a blur looking at the replays.

7_The_Informer Posted on 7/9 23:55
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Was at work when the planes hit. For a few minutes, we didn't suspect terrorism, thought that the weather in NY must have been bad and then the news about the hijacks came through. Went to the pub to watch the news for an hour or so but apart from that, spent the time on this board, piecing together bits of news and passing on bits to my friends in NY who had e-mail contact but that was about it.

amelvg1 Posted on 7/9 23:55
re: 9/11 Where were you?

i had been to school came home and dropped into my grandads before i got home and will always remeber my grandad saying "world war three is around the corner" went home and watched sky news for the rest of the day and saw the towers collapse live later on.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 7/9 23:58
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Yep, I seem to recall posting on here as well. At first I was sure it was an accident, but then reality kicked in.

rick4974 Posted on 8/9 0:20
re: 9/11 Where were you?

i was in the clothes shop - garage. the lad in there got a phone call from the owner in NY that a bomb had just gone off in the area of the twin towers the lad in the shop did not believe him.

we(me n my gf) left the shop and proceded to walk back to the car in the cleveland center car park. we walked in by the old sports soccer and bhs, and walked towards northern electric and we looked at the tv and here was the 2nd plane smashing the tower. we just stood there in awe.

jeff_potato Posted on 8/9 0:33
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at a murder trial at Teesside Crown Court, for the sentencing.

Didn't find out until I got back to school, first thing I said to my Mam when she told me about it was "Osama bin Laden!" I remember he only had a $5m bounty on his head that morning.

sperks Posted on 8/9 2:48
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work in midtown NYC. I spent the morning trying to get in touch with my wife who works downtown about 10 blocks away. My wife got off the subway just after the first plane hit, arrived at her office just before the second plane and was back in Brooklyn (on what must have been the last subway train out of Manhattan) before the first tower fell. I stayed at the office all day until the subway came back online.

I knew that it was a terrorist attack pretty much straight away, and I was oldly calm about it all. I think that having lived in London during the Liverpool Street bombings (I felt our flat shake from the bomb at the bottom of the M1), I got this strange anti-hysteria thing going on.

I also look out on the south of Manhattan from the opposite side of Manhattan to boro_newjersey and the little wind there was that day blew freekishly large amounts of debree on the streets around our place.

Thankfully I didn't know anyone directly who died that day, but I knew 3 or 4 who were in the building, one of which was initailly above where the second plane hit.

Nothing has happened over the past 5 years to alleviate my concerns for the future.


OPEO Posted on 8/9 7:03
re: 9/11 Where were you?

It's not often I read the whole contents of a thread but this does it for me. Morbid curiosity. Glad I'm not feline.
Was at work on a building site in Leyburn but felt so isolated listening to the car radio and frequent phone calls from my wife. So glad that all my immediate family lived under one roof at home. That's not the case now with two having flown the nest. My daughter and future son-in-law travelled to their new life in Dubia on the day of the London bombings and this filled us with dread but such is the world nowadays it could be anywhere and anytime you just have to carry on.

The_Commisar Posted on 8/9 7:30
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In Rhodes, we knew nothing about it, I called my mum for some reason and she said "New Yorks on fire, thousands dead", I thought she had flipped. Walked down into the bar which had sky on.
I asked someone what had happened, they told me that a plane had flown into the twin towers
"a cessna, a light plane?"
"no a boeing and there was two of them"
Then it all started to unfold in it's horrific details.

Boro_Monkey Posted on 8/9 7:53
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on a work placement from uni at an MoD site. The 1st I heard about it waas one of the security guards in a bit of a panic saying "They've bombed the pentagon now!"

Saw it all when I got home on the telly.

zaphod Posted on 8/9 8:00
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was sitting at home watching the telly when it came on. I found the collapse of the towers more horrific than the crashes. It really upset me that the towers were too high to evacuate quickly in an emergency. I think the height contributed to the death toll, but that aspect has never been discussed.

ovy1 Posted on 8/9 8:05
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on an RAF training course at Halton. We all huddled around somebodys portable in the Block watching the horrific events unfold in disbelief!

Towell Posted on 8/9 8:06
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was walking home from School and my mate gave me false information saying the Palestinians have flew planes into the twin towers and the Americans have Nuked Palestine.

I was quite relieved when I saw what was actually happening.

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joseph99 Posted on 8/9 8:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In a teleconference sat in our UK office with my american colleagues based in Boston and Chicago. Suddenly heard a new voice (secretary) claiming that a plane had struck one of the twin-towers. We all assumed an accident and we all actually chuckled as we presumed it was some ass-hile pilot on a publicity stunt with his cessna. Later the same voice came back and said a second plane had struck the second tower and that both planes were commercial airliners. We all thought WTF is going on. Checked internet whilst still in teleconefence - was log-jammed. As soon as teleconfernce was over I called home - all confirmed. Went home to watch the Towers collapse - eerie fooking day. The next day at work was even worse.

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dgutte Posted on 8/9 8:25
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I had just picked up some friends of mine who had flown into Newcastle from Jo'burg via LHR. Being native of the area they wanted to go straight to the Riverside to the club shop.

When we came out they wanted a cig so I got in the car and put the radio on. Simon Mayo was doing his show on 5Live and I knew straight away from the tone that something serious had happened.

The first words I remember were something about the possibility of a second plane having hit the WTC. I thought that there may have been bad weather or a mid air collision.

Then we started to hear that other aircraft were "missing".

I dropped my friends off in Great Ayton and all I wanted to do was to get to a TV so I could see what was happening - what did my wife want to do? Go to the bloody RSPCA place on the road to Nunthorpe!!!

I dragged her round then got to my parents just before the first tower collapsed.

hailstorm Posted on 8/9 9:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was in Khafji on the Saudi - Kuwaiti border. I finished work and left the office at 5 o'clock (Saudi Time, about 8 hours difference if my memory is OK). I got back to my apartment and switched on CNN. At that time it was just "normal" news. I started to make a sandwich and have a coffee and something came on the box about a airplane crashing in the WTC.

Anyway, I started watching I saw everything that was shown live on the news channels. I just couldn't stop watching and I didn't go to the office the next day and nobody asked or rang me. I worked with a few Americans at the time and they got a lot of abusive comments from local Saudis. They all quit within a month.

I'm in Japan now and yesterday I was talking to a Japanese guy who is in the same office. He was actually on Brooklyn Bridge with his wife when the first plane hit. He was telling me that his wife just couldn't move and he had to drag her away to get her to get across the bridge and clear of the area because the rescue services were trying to get everybody out of the way.

That day and the fact that it was shown live on TV must have been the most shocking that I have lived through and I'm in my late fifties. The effects of 9/11 will still be around after I'm gone.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 8/9 9:17
re: 9/11 Where were you?

mine is probably the most mundane.

I was laid on the settee watching neighbours. It got a bit boring so I flicked over to the news, just in the time to see the second plane hit. crazy times.

beeline Posted on 8/9 9:24
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Like Lifer Reilly (what was your former username?) I popped on here briefly and someone had put a post up saying that something unbelievable was happening.

I'd just got Sky installed in France and dashed downstairs to catch events live - can't recall for sure as it was such a blur, but I think I saw the 2nd plane crash into the towers live.

Things that stick in my mind are the people falling from the towers live, and me trying to put myself in their place to imagine what was going through their heads.

I also distinctly recall a report that a plane had been shot down by the USAF. 5 minutes later the report was changed.

I somehow felt bad watching it all unfold, but couldn't tear myself away for several hours.

Capybara Posted on 8/9 9:27
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Sitting at my desk at work. The radio was on as usual and, as usual, the volume was low and I wasn't listening to it. I became aware that the mood had changed and that something was happening so I turned the volume up. Went to a room where there was a television and watched it unfold. No work got done that afternoon. The office is in the centre of London and flights had been diverted away from the centre. We were sent home at about 4 o'clock. I had arranged to meet a friend in a pub that evening as Hereford were playing at Dagnham and Redbridge. I had no way of contacting him and didn't know if he'd heard anything so I met him in the pub. Amazingly or, perhaps, not, a couple of blokes were laughing about it. We went to the game which Dagenham won 1-0. Didn't really know what else to do.

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Maccarone_Is_Me Posted on 8/9 9:38
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work in Leeds, Steve Wright on Radio 2 announced it, I thought it was an accident and said 'the weather must be bad' then I went round to Dixons to see it on the telly and watched the first tower collapse!

I visited the WTC in 1998 and have loads of photos from the top, when I look at them now I can't believe it's not there anymore.

towz Posted on 8/9 9:40
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was litter picking on Teesside Industrial estate in Thornaby. My then girlfriend text that someone had flew two planes into the world trade centre. I rode home on my bike and watch the news unfold.

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UgoAfro Posted on 8/9 9:42
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work in Leeds when a colleague came in and said a plane had flown into the WTC. Like some on here I just assumed that it was some nutcase in a 2 seater plane trying to buzz the towers so discovering the reality was shocking. Spent the rest of the day listening to the radio as first the second tower was hit, then the Pentagon, then the reports of missing planes. It seemed never ending and we were all just thinking what's next.

My girlfriend (now wife) was at the airport at the time but was flying to Switzerland which is probably the sort of place you want to be flying to at times like that. She did notice though that after going through heightened security you could still buy Swiss army knives from duty free.

The footage of that day is the most amazing thing I've ever seen and was still shocking watching it last night. Had been to NY a couple of years earlier at the base of the towers and decided to save our money and not to go up. If we had I think it would have been even more poignant.

piggy_nichol Posted on 8/9 9:44
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at home watching it happen live. I remember dragging myself away from the telly to collect my daughter from school and all the Mothers talking about it.

Made such a change from the usual bitching.

Later we went to the Boro match and I remember there being a bit of controversy over whether games should be cancelled or not, either out of respect or fear of another attack.

London_Boro Posted on 8/9 10:02
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was in a pub in Hammersmith haveing a nice cold dinnertime pint to celebrate my 26th birthday. Freakin' odd birthday I had that day.

stocko_mfc Posted on 8/9 10:04
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work when someone said a plane had hit the twin towers...."what both at the same time" was my reply. It was only when i got to a telly that i realised how serious it was.
Oh and i was going to Magaluf on the saturday after...Teesside Airport that day was a nightmare.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 8/9 10:07
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work. Someone said out loud that a plane had just hit one of the towers. I just assumed it was a light aircraft or something and carried on with what I was doing. What seemed like a short time later the same bloke piped up 'fook me, another one has gone into the other tower!'. A couple of us went through to the conference room next to our office and got the TV onto the large projector screens. In a short time the room was packed as we watched the footage of the planes hitting over and over again, and the towers falling. We heard that our offices in Canary Wharf were being evacuated.

I remember one bloke I worked with saying, well, the Pentagon is a legitimate target when you think about it, and another (well known for pulling flyers at any opportunity) leaving, saying he was off to fill his car up before the queues started appearing again at the petrol stations. Suffice to say he didn't come back! So he managed to turn a tragedy into a day off! A woman was crying saying there would be a war now and someone else said 'who with?'.

Drifted back to my desk and looked around for websites that worked - Slashdot held up very well and had lots of posts from people near the scene. I recall reading that Fox had an eye-witness who stated that they had seen a second small plane following the first which went into the pentagon and that it pulled up at the last second. The comment is still in the archives on there but I've ever been able to find anything else about this. I guess there were all sorts of rumours that day (vans full of explosives near bridges etc). Then there were the reports of celebrations in Egypt etc and a lot of people in the office were very angry about that.

Turner_86 Posted on 8/9 10:09
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on holiday in Brittany in France, we found out over the phone by relatives. I remember seeing it allover the newspapers but didn't see it on the tele til a week later.

Max_Headroom Posted on 8/9 10:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Absolutely buzzing about moving to Uni and was packing up when I turned on Sky News at lunch time. I didn't eat my sandwich and didn't leave the TV until after 6pm.

Spent the whole day ringing my family telling them to stop doing what they were doing and put on the telly. I don't think anyone did any work that afternoon.

I went out in Middlesbrough on the night as it was supposed to be our mates last sesh before everyone left for Uni, but everyone was a bit shocked just saying 'Ferkin' Ell' over and over again

Capybara Posted on 8/9 10:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

And when JFK died I remember being at home in Marton watching the TV when an announcement came on to say what had happened. You got absolutely no picture coverage in those days of course as satellite communication was in its infancy. I believe it was the following day before we saw any pictures. Only two channels as well and black and white only. Both channels closed down for the rest of the evening out of respect. I was very young at the time but it was clear that something very major had happened.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 8/9 10:34
re: 9/11 Where were you?

The BBC were advertising "The Path to 9/11" last night. This is being shown in the States on the 10th and 11th and is causing quite a stink as it's being reported to push most of the blame on Clinton.

Salon also has a piece on it:

Link: (warning - liberal bias)

janplanner Posted on 8/9 10:37
re: 9/11 Where were you?

was at work having some training in analytical pims. someone rang the girl that was giving us the training and told her. she went onto the bbc website and that was pretty much the end of the training session.

i'd just got back together with the boy i was seeing at the time, and we were supposed to be going out properly for the 1st time since we got back together. obviously our minds were elsewhere and the night was a total disaster too. split up again by the end of the next week.

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10hickton Posted on 8/9 10:42
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was working on the developement at James Cook Hospital when a colleague radioed me to say a plane had crashed into the WTC,then within minutes he was telling me of the second plane coming down and that by that time it had become clear it was terrorism

TimmyMallet Posted on 8/9 10:47
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work in Newcastle.

Recently found out that my bosses brother Howard Selwyn died in the attacks. Tribute to him in the Guardian about half way down.

Link: Howard Selwyn

capio Posted on 8/9 10:51
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was working and decided half way into the day to go home and take the rest of the day off, I never did that, I was have had a six sense, within 30 mins of getting home I was watching it happen on TV.

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dgutte Posted on 8/9 10:59
re: 9/11 Where were you?

A family friend was flying Amsterdam - North Carolina when they were turned round.

He took a picture of the moving map on the plane that showed them having done a huge 180.

DybuksChampion Posted on 8/9 11:05
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work watching various web sites crash as everyone logged on to find out what was happening.

My cousin worked in the Towers but she had been caught up due to a delayed tube train. She was underground half a mile from ground zero when they hit.

Ste_1986 Posted on 8/9 11:26
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I can't actually recall where I was when it happened or if i heard anything about it until after school had finished we were all gathered around and everyone was talking about it...I asked what was going on and people were saying two planes had flown into the twin towers !!! My response was some what of naivety as I at the time didn't know what the twin towers were by name, it wasn't till I got home I realised it was the two massive sky scrapers in New York. Anyway i remember getting picked up by my mum getting in the car and saying "Whatís this about 2 planes hitting some towers in New YorkĒ. I then got the tragic story of events on the way homeÖ.only to be even more shocked at what I saw on TV !!!

Since then seen all the conspiracies etc and still to this day I donít think everyone knows the real story as to what went on that day ! Iím not saying I believe the conspiracy things just somethings didnít and still don't add up !

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number_10 Posted on 8/9 11:36
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at school. I remember my form tutor at the time telling us there'd been a "terrible accident" in America, this was when the first one had hit.

Think we were kept up to date with events and saw bits of the TV, we may even have been sent home early, it's all a bit of a blur now, but I remember talking about it with friends, and being glued to the news all day when I got back in. Everyone was in a state of complete shock.

I'm pretty sure our game was the day after by the way.....would have to check.

bobstermarley Posted on 8/9 11:52
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I'd gone to Lincoln for the day with my then other half.

We went in to a bar at lunchtime for a couple of pints and as I walked up to the bar, I noticed that the TV was on and the ticker tape at the foot of the screen was saying that a plane had crashed in to the WTC.

At that stage there seemed to be a lot of confusion and I couldn't make out from the TV news (as it wasn't turned up loudly) whether it had been an accident or what the hell was going on.

And then the second plane crashed. For a brief second I tried to convince myself that maybe it was some kind of sick cosmic joke, an incredible coincidence, but it wasn't.

The second plane crashing simply emphasised how much the world had changed and signposted how much it was GOING to change.

The sad thing for me was that as someone who has spent many years studying Islam and Islamic/Religious philosophy, as someone who would consider themselves to be more aware than most of the religion, it's doctrines and practices, even I found myself over the next couple of days questioning how any right-thinking Muslim could justify these actions.

But then I had a re-affirmation, almost. Not a religious experience as such, just that I came to realise that by it's very nature, terrorism seeks to divide people, to cause confusion and distrust and that's why I will try and stand up and challenge every single ill-informed, stereotypical Islamophobic comment I hear or read.

Cart99 Posted on 8/9 12:13
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was in Florida - Sea World at the time of the attacks, got evacuated from the park and all Theme parks shut down.

Went back to the hotel in Orlando and watched all the footage on a big screen on CNN. Very scary times, god bless all those that passed away that day.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 8/9 12:25
re: 9/11 Where were you?

i've just read that truthout piece...the idea that the US actively allowed the attacks to take place is surely incredulous!??

Yes, i fully believe that the Bush administration spectacularly bungled attempts to follow up on intelligence and put in place procedures to try and prevent such an occurence happening, but to actually proactively contribute towards such an atrocity that kills 2,500 of your own civilians so as to use it as an excuse to go to war in the Middle East is fanciful!!

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EmersonsPerm Posted on 8/9 12:28
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work and just heading back into the office from the car park when our security guard told me a plane had hit the first tower. I ran back to my desk, told everyone around me what was happening and then spent the rest of the day on the net.

I had a new boss starting on that day as well, she thought we were all trying to wind her up at first.

It was such a surreal day.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 8/9 12:30
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work in Cork, reading this message board when I first heard the news. Followed the threads on here. I wonder if they're still around?

Derby_Red Posted on 8/9 12:35
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at work, we were dead busy preparing for an important meeting the next day at our customer's, bloke sat opposite mentioned that an aircraft had gone into the WTC. I was annoyed at him coz he was just surfing the net after it'd come up on his news ticker, it was obvious it was just some idiot in a 2-seat trainer had muffed it up in cloud/fog whatever but he was adamant it was a twin-engined aeroplane. "Yeah alright then, some t*at in a posh trainer, then, get on with it" I remember saying.

Then he said it had happened again, by then most people had been looking on the internet but I was still convinced it was an accident and he'd just seen the same accident twice. When he called me over (I was mumbling and grumbling coz we were nowhere near ready for this meeting) and I saw the pictures, especially the video footage of the second 767 going in, I couldn't believe it. It looked like a trailer for a daft disaster film, absolutely incredible. That was the end of the meeting prep, it was also the end of the internet that day except for this lad's PC and FMTTM, all the other news sites were grinding to a halt.

Later that night we had a power cut at home, it really felt like a war had started. I had to travel down south that night for this meeting tomorrow, the pokey hotel room had no telly or owt and I was all alone wondering what had gone on. Mrs DR was (literally) in the dark and Powergen couldn't say when power was going to be restored. I don't think I'll ever forget that day, including the incredible rumours that were flying about. I was particularly bothered about some workmates that were at a conference at Heathrow with all these "hijacked planes" circling about. They'd had no idea what was going on till they tried leaving the area, it was mobbed.

These programmes that have been on this week have really brought it all back, especially that one done by those French lads about the rookie fireman where they were attending a gas leak or summat and they looked up to see the first attack.

chorleyphil Posted on 8/9 12:36
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Sat at work at Dornier in Oberpfaffenhofen, Munich.
We had internet at work and a report came on a news website of a plane, maybe a cesna hitting WTC. People were having a bit of a laugh AND then another hit! A lot of workers then started to leave the office and factory to watch it unfold on TV.
I found it truly shocking and still get touched by thinking about it. I was stood on the South Tower roof 7 months prior.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 8/9 12:36
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I don't believe that either Stuar_Tripley. I linked to that as it went into some detail about the 'docu-drama' being shown next week.

Funnily enough this link has just appeared on - declassified papers show that in 62 the US military discussed mounting 'terrorist' operations against the US to gain support for a war against Castro and Cuba.

(edit: Should make clear that's a press release - not immediately obvious)

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Link: Yahoo

Borored Posted on 8/9 12:40
re: 9/11 Where were you?

just on my way home from St MArys College whe nme mate put the radio on in the car and it said a light aircraft had crashed into the tower. Got home to see the second jet hit on news 24 and never moved from my chair all day/night after that.

SuperLeeCatermole Posted on 8/9 13:17
re: 9/11 Where were you?

same as smogie4ever, got home and my dad had it on the tele, took me about 10 minutes to realise how bad it was. did any one see that program about it last night? i thought it was quiet informative.

RODROCKS Posted on 8/9 13:44
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Was getting ready to go to work at MFC as there was a match that night but can't remember who we played.

brotto Posted on 8/9 13:46
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on holiday at the time, when i saw the footage i was in total shock for the rest of the day, such a surreal experience, i remember watching it as the second plane went in to the tower, at first i thought it was a re-run of the first but then the scale of the tragedy began to sink in.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 8/9 14:06
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work. Remember how we heard about it. A woman who worked part-time left at 3pm and one of her friends rung her. A colleague of mine answered her phone and spoke to this total stranger who told her what had happened. My colleague puts the phone down to tell us what had happened. This would have been just gone 3pm, so that would make it a good hour after the 2nd plane had crashed.

Went on the net and saw the reports of the whole story unfolding. By then there were stories of other planes being hijacked. Can't remember if the other planes had also crashed by then, but the reports were saying that both towers were on the point of collapse. Remembered at the time that "some Sheikh" or other rich Arab was behind the 1993 attack on the WTC. I think that was Bin Liner wasn't it?

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Timboi Posted on 8/9 14:09
re: 9/11 Where were you?

We were leaving Fiji - we were on our way back from our holiday, about to board our plane and saw news clips in a duty free shop.
We drank quite alot and then boarded.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 8/9 15:06
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Tom Clancy's books seemed eerily prohphetic after the event. The trouble is, if the US Air Force shot down 3 commercial airlines on the pretence that they were going to be used to fly in to the WTC and Pentagon no-one would ever have believed them!!

It's a crazy world we live in.

Lincoln_Exile Posted on 8/9 15:12
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was in Aviano an American airbase in northern Italy, I couldn't believe it. One of the stackers came running out of the crewroom and said a plane had hit the WTC we all went in to watch CNN then the second one hit. About 15 minutes after that the base went to maximum alert and launched about 6 F-16's that flew CAP around the base and surrounding area. The next few days were mental with the security at the maingate and around the rest of the base.

brotto Posted on 8/9 16:02
re: 9/11 Where were you?

This has been a really interesting thread (makes a change from some of the crap posted on here) up to now there has been 98 posts and i have read every single one of them with intrigue, it is amazing how everyone can remember virtually every single event of such a tragic day.

peru_mfc Posted on 8/9 16:07
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at school when it happened, must of been about 12/13 at the time. I remember i got a lift home and my firends mam told me, but i didnt no really what was happening until i saw it on the t.v

Kilburn Posted on 8/9 16:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Ms Kiburn and I were in Vegas, at the MGM Grand. We went down to the hotel pool for a pre-breakfast swim, and walked past a group of people staring up at a video wall in the casino. Didn't look up to see what it was they were looking at. Had a swim, and on the way back the group had doubled in size and as we got to them some were shouting out loud and looking very agitated. Looked up to see the second plane hit the tower (not sure if it was live). Stared transfixed for a while, then decided to get somewhere less crowded, as people were getting hysterical.

We went back up to the hotel room and watched things unfold on TV for a while, then went down to check out. There was a very tense atmosphere around the place, people were talking about Vegas as a target, and as almost everyone flies into Vegas, nobody knew how or when they would be able to leave.

We had planned to drive from Vegas to San Fransisco, and had a hire car in the hotel garage. Getting out of the city seemed the best idea, so we stopped at a supermarket on the edge of town to stock up with supplies, and then headed out into the desert. It seemed very post-apocalyptic at the time.

ovy1 Posted on 8/9 16:19
re: 9/11 Where were you?

A 'Stacker' is someone who works in Supply. (just to keep them in the know with RAF terms Lincoln!)

SmogontheThames Posted on 8/9 16:24
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At work when someone got a telephone call to tell them to get to a TV screen quick, which we all did in time to see the second plane hit. Took a while to sink in what was happening but when the towers started to fall, I remember thinking it was and will always be the most shocking thing I have ever seen. Went home early and watched the news for the next 12 hours.
The shockingly sad fact is, I believe there will be more 9/11's to come

Lincoln_Exile Posted on 8/9 16:27
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Cheers mate, wouldn't want to be putting any duff gen out there

brotto Posted on 8/9 16:37
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Kilburn, a mate of mine was in the MGM Grand at the time of 9/11 (honeymoon), he was actually supposed to be flying on to NY the next day, which was obviously cancelled, anyway he had to stay in Vegas for an extra 5 days and when he enentually got back home the travel company gave him £500 in compensation.

The_DiasBoro Posted on 8/9 16:38
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In the office where I was working I saw some guys gathered around a screen excitedly. I just thought it was porn or something funny (one was grinning) and ignored them all morning. They in fact had a Reuters feed showing it live. Someone said to me "the towers just collapsed" and I thought it was just some trivial news item.
I found the reaction of foreigners curiously different. An Indian woman said "only 5 died", presumably having misunderstood a reference to the previous attack on WTC. A german girl had carried on working all day oblivious to it. And when I explained to her what had happened, she said "oh, well. nothing we can do about it", and carried on working. I still wonder if apart from Americans, it captured the imagination of Brits more than other nations.

Kilburn Posted on 8/9 16:52
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Blimey, that's quite a coincidence brotto.

I have wondered what it would've been like there if we had been staying a few more days, whether people just got on with partying and gambling and tried to pretend it hadn't happened, or whether the air of tension continued as people worried about how and when they would be able get home.

It felt wierdly isolated out there in the desert with no flights going in and out.

redbookboro Posted on 8/9 17:02
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at the riverside buying some shirts had a friend from usa over she came on the 8th we got a call back into town went nearest shop with tv in was gutted just seen plane hit the 2tower my friend went white and she was stuck in uk for an extra week was on the 4ne for like 4hrs a day makeing sure family were ok never 4get that day.

Steaknife Posted on 8/9 17:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Myself and Mrs Steaknife were at Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire blissfully unaware of events on the other side of the pond, having consumed a significant quantity of magic mushrooms. It was only when walking down Malborough High St later on that we became aware that something was'nt right. And upon entering a pub the enormity of the day became clear at once.

fishface101 Posted on 8/9 17:22
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was living in southport at the time i had just got up and turned the telly on and heard it say a plane had crashed into the world trade centre just as i got to the telly to watch the second hit none of it seemed real took a while for it to sink in couldnt get my head around someone did that deliberatly

i can remember it was very surreal

so was 7/7 only thing was with 7/7 it took about 5 mins for it to sink in and realise my wife was down there it took another 5 hours while she was being evacuated from the tube before i could find out if she was ok

god only knows what the families were thinking waiting for news on the scale of it myself waiting for 5 hours for news of my wife is nothing compared to what families were going through with 9/11

a horrible experience never ever want to go through that again so relieved to hear my wifes voice after that

newholgate Posted on 8/9 17:36
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I'd just started my current job the week before. As the first plane struck, I would have been getting my photo taken to go on the staff notice board.

At the end of the school day, I drove straight home down the A19. I put the radio on just as I was getting onto the Tees Flyover and heard it then. I put the telly on as soon as I got in and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I was given a copy of the photo to keep, but I've never put it up. It feels really strange to think that photo captured my image at the same time as one of the biggest tragedies in history was unfolding.

hendrieswondergoal Posted on 8/9 17:38
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In bed with my cousins wife !!

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sperks Posted on 8/9 18:15
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Some time in June 2001 I was in a bar on the same night the NYFD go out and drink to the memory of their fallen brothers. I spent quite some time talking with the top brass block and it turned out that the previous year was the first in a long time (possibly first year ever, but I'm not sure of the facts) where the NYFD didn't lose anyone.

A week or so later, June 17th, 2001, 3 were lost in what is known as "The Fathers Day Fire". The fire was in my neighbourhood, I was new father myself and there was a lass at our office who's husband was in the same house, so it hit me pretty hard. Whenever I think about the NYFD and the numbers lost in 9-11 I think of The Fathers Day Fire and the night I spent drinking with the firemen who were celebrating such a successful year not months previously.

BoroBabe27 Posted on 8/9 18:49
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was in Miami on September 11 2001. I was due to fly home that day and remember watching the footage live on T.V. I remember the cnn reporter thought it was a light aircraft that had hit the first tower but watching another aircraft hit the second, it soon became clear that wasn't the case. I don't think the enormity of what happened that day hit me until I finally got home a week later. For months afterwards it was so sad to still see the posters in grand central station in New York of the missing, which loved ones had put up. Occasionally I go down to the twin tower site, I hope the people who died that day get a fittting memorial, not forgetting the people who died at the Pentagon and flight 93.

Rondo_1 Posted on 8/9 22:09
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was sat in the workshop at BASF Seal Sands. Someone said put the radio on. I was glued to the airwaves until 4pm listening as reports of explosions/missiles/planes hitting the pentagon and the towers collapsing aswell as reports about another 11 planes hi-jacked.

I'll never forget it, the programs on tv over the last few nights still have me glued to the screen at the size of this disaster.

I also think that the Pittsburg plane was shot out of the sky.

Unbelievable_Jeff Posted on 8/9 22:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Stockton Sixth Form common room, should have been in lesson but you know how it is.

redz69 Posted on 8/9 22:54
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was cleaning a setee in Spennymore.

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jd1973 Posted on 8/9 23:01
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I'd just made a pitch to a company in Bristol, and after setting off back home rang the office to see how the market was doing and how busy we were.

I was told that planes had crashed into the WTC and no-one know what was happening - I spent 5 hours driving from Bristol to near Thirsk via Wakefield listening to 5 live and various radio stations trying to figure out what had happened.

The roads seemed strange that day - don't know if was just me but everyone seemed to be doing 70 mph, being courteous, letting people in etc.

I just wanted to get home and see my wife. It ws an appalling day, one I hope and pray will never be repeated.

slipshod Posted on 9/9 7:29
re: 9/11 Where were you?

crikey mick!!! i've not been on the board much the last couple of days and this thread really took off, i've read everyones accounts of the day and i find it amazing that the events are still so clear in everyones mind.

oh! and this is my first ever ton, gerrin there.

The_DiasBoro Posted on 9/9 10:37
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Congratulations. You got a ton. If I'd known that's what wanted I would've posted twice.

mozza_1 Posted on 9/9 10:58
re: 9/11 Where were you?

was going to see my grandad in hospital and it came on the car radio that a plane had hit the wtc. i remember thinking jesus what a terrible accident

got to the hospital to see the second plane hit and remember thinking that wasnt n accident

the world will never be the same

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 9/9 11:37
re: 9/11 Where were you?

By the time I heard about it about an hour after the 2nd plane hit, it was already being stated that it was Arab terrorists, and it was clear it was no accident. Unlike others who saw things live, I wasn't in the position where I didn't know what was going on, i.e. whether it was an accident, whether it was a light aircraft or what. By that time, I think most people knew what was going on and had an idea of who was behind it.

Regarding Flight 93 being shot down. Am I the only one who thinks there is nothing sinister about that? If, as likely, it was heading towards some strategic target, e.g. the Whitehouse, then surely it would be standard procedure for it to be "taken out" to avoid further casualties.

slipshod Posted on 9/9 12:00
re: 9/11 Where were you?

agree, the plane must have become a legitimate target for the USAF, the problem is in the world we live in the U.S government could never come out in public and say that they took it out. It is one of those things that you will never find out the truth, only speculation.

squarewheelbike Posted on 9/9 13:58
re: 9/11 Where were you?

This is an excellent thread in the true tradition of the FMTTM board, but if people want to speculate on conspiracy theories etc, then I think you should start a thread on that topic. Just my two penneth worth.

At the time I was working as Automation Operator on Starlight Express. I was just returning to the crew room after resetting after the skaters warm-up. As I passed wardrobe I noticed an unusually large gathering all staring at the TV. I walked in the room to be told that somebody had crashed a plane into one of the towers. I asked what sort of plane and nobody really knew. Five minutes later the second plane hit, and we then knrw this was serious. My first thought was my American girlfriend, although I knew she was safe in Texas, she had a lot of friends in the Airline industry.

Gradually the room filled up with cast and crew, but inevitably we had 3pm matinee and with 1500 people in the auditorium things had go go on as usual. I completed the opening sequence and ran back to the TV just as the first tower went down. The rest of the first half was surreal, looking out at all those people who had no idea of what had happened, but would know soon enough.

I managed to contact my girlfriend and was relieved she wasn't affected, and although I didn't know it, it would be the last time I would speak to her.

I still look back at the whole day as something that I might have dreamt, watching the world change forever in a room full of people dressed as trains!

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jd1973 Posted on 9/9 14:16
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Tell us more SqWhBi - did she dump you by text or something shortly after?

boroyanklass Posted on 9/9 17:12
re: 9/11 Where were you?

At the time, I was living in Philadelphia. I work a night shift, and I am not often up early in the morning. Nor do I watch much TV (don't own one now). However, for some reason I was up very early that morning, and had the TV on... I saw it all unfold minute by minute.

Ironically, I had already made plans to move to NYC very soon. I delayed and worried about it, but in late November some personal upheaval created the perfect impetus to finally make the switch. Since then, withs some trial and error, I've made it my home.

I've met plenty of people who have lost loved ones. The worst story I ever heard was a young man who had lost his fiance. He joined the search and rescue crews, and came upon the her hand, with the ring. I don't know if it was real, or he had purposely elaborated. But then 9/11 is the perfect example of how truth and real life is stranger and more profound than fiction.

I was never able to go down to the site. I just couldn't make myself go, even though I was only a few blocks away during the holiday season, it was a crazy time during my life for so many reasons. I never knew whether I was coming or going...

My first trip to the site was via the newly re-constructed Port Authority trains (PATH) that go from NJ to the WTC. I was in awe. There is much discussion here how sick all of the clean-up workers are becoming. Many of them are beginning so suffer from major lung scarring.

Many Americans were lulled out of the bubble of safety for the first time in their lives. They were shocked that someone had done this to "us." My response was that I surprised that something like this hadn't happened sooner.

It has changed Americans in interesting ways. The impact continues...

mozza_1 Posted on 9/9 20:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

boroyanklass would you say it was the 21st century version of pearl harbour?

americans being lulled out of the bubble of security they lived in?

EMCM Posted on 9/9 20:25
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was on holiday in alcudia, my son heard the news round the swimming pool and came up to the appartment, I turned on the telly just as the second plane hit the wtc. just sat and watched the whole thing unfold, with disbelief and a few tears

WeDontHitScarfers Posted on 9/9 20:51
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was having a tug when the 2nd plane hit. Ruined it for me a bit, but I still managed to finish off :)

boroyanklass Posted on 9/9 22:05
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Mozza_1--That comparison is often made, and yes, I've used it very often myself. Many people speculate that both W and Roosevelt both knew about the impending attacks, and that W wanted it to mobilize the country in the same way as Roosevelt did in the '30's.

In the our common US history, WWII is painted as a more black and white experience than I perceive the global reality we live in now. It seems so much more complicated. But I live in the Victor's land and I've read the history books here, and my grandfather was part of D-Day. It could be that it was just as complicated and murky then as it is now.

My Veridict is still out on what actually happened on 9-11. My main shock was, and still is, that why on earth were the people in the second tower told to simply go back to work. For the past five years I have contributed this to the American obsessive work ethic. Effectively your co-workers are in the building beside you, dying, and you simply go back to work?! There is so much that doesn't figure. Perhaps it never will.

acklam_lad Posted on 9/9 22:10
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was coming home from school (acklam grange) i got home about 4.00pm and saw a building collapsing on tv, thought it was a movie. Then realised what it was. Sad day.

shelbeam88 Posted on 9/9 22:18
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Hi All,
Saw this thread, remembered exactly where I was. Wife and I were on flight CO 27 heading for New York(Newark) from Birmingham. We were delayed about an hour setting off...supposed to be storms over NY....!No idea what was going on, announcements mentioned "problems at destination" then "air space closure" and then the chief steward said rather matter of factly " the WTC is no more! I suspect we were the last plane over, others having been turned back.We were meant to divert to Halifax..Nova Scotia... but that got full! So eventually we landed in Moncton..New Brunswick and parked up behind loads of other planes on the tarmac.By this time of course we were highly suspect(tho' we didn't know it at the time.) they let us off after 2 hours (only hand luggage) into a large hanger where they did the immigration formalities etc. they organised food/drink and two large screen tv's where we got to see what was going on. Naturally having seen that, we didn't mind the inconvenience of not being at our intended destination!
After a few hours we got bussed to the local ice rink where the City's Red cross and other voluntary organisations sorted us out, some slept there, some went to hotels, some like us ,ended up with local families.We were there for three nights before we flew out.We got to know our hosts very well and still correspond regularly.When we got to NY it was still smoking at ground zero.
Although we were due to spend a few days in NY, we didn't really feel like so we were lucky enough to get a flight on to Arizona.Even as we were getting on that flight ,it was surrounded by police cars! It was the quietest flight I've ever been on!Weve been back to the States since but I'll never forget that trip.

Boro_Owl Posted on 9/9 22:37
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Walked into my house and it was on the TV. My mum was in shock but i just went downstairs and played Xbox for a bit.

Good times

chorleyphil Posted on 10/9 1:16
re: 9/11 Where were you?

WDHS There's no place for that on this post. FFS

matt67 Posted on 10/9 1:25
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Was about to watch a movie when my brother wanted to go to the bloomberg site and check something out, saw a headline about a plane crashing into the towers, so we switched on CNN shortly after the first tower had been hit.

Watched the second tower get hit and then both towers come down.

Watching events unfold, we talked about how we would never see anything of this magnitude again.

slipshod Posted on 11/9 7:09
re: 9/11 Where were you?

A gentle hoof in the memory of the 2800 people who lost their lives in this tragic event R.I.P

newholgate Posted on 11/9 7:24
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I just got the poem below sent to me as an email in memory of those who died on 09/11. RIP.


If I knew it would be the last time
That I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly
and pray the Lord, your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time
that I see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss
and call you back for one more.

If I knew it would be the last time
I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would video tape each action and word,
so I could play them back day after day.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I could spare an extra minute
to stop and say "I love you,"
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do.

If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
Well I'm sure you'll have so many more,
so I can let just this one slip away.

For surely there's always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight,
and we always get a second chance
to make everything just right.

There will always be another day
to say "I love ! you,"
And certainly there's another chance
to say our "Anything I can do?"

But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you're waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you'll surely regret the day,

That you didn't take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today,
and whisper in their ear,
Tell them how much you love them
and that you'll always hold them dear

Take time to say "I'm sorry,"
"Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay."
And if tomorrow never comes,
you'll have no regrets about today.

KENDAL Posted on 11/9 8:52
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was walking along Oxford Street in Central London when I noticed a crowd looking in Dixons window, so I had a peep to see what was happening.

Long_Live_Zombies Posted on 11/9 9:21
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was in the Smoke Hut at work having a tab (packed that habit in nearly three years ago)and someone came in and said that planes had flown into the WTC towers. So I said 'yeah and', expecting this to be some crap joke. He said no,planes really have flown into the WTC towers - no joke - 'kin 'ell.

It wasn't until I got home and saw it all on telly that it really sank in the absolute devastation that occurred.

woodys_wood_pecker Posted on 11/9 11:11
re: 9/11 Where were you?

In school! came home and flicked on the tv and it had already happened and every channel was on about.

WeDontHitScarfers Posted on 11/9 14:52
re: 9/11 Where were you?

I was at home knocking one out when I heard about the second tower.

It was brilliant television though wasn't it, I was gripped!!

slipshod Posted on 11/9 15:07
re: 9/11 Where were you?

WDHS very subtle mate, bravo...

10hickton Posted on 11/9 15:09
re: 9/11 Where were you?

WDHS.............You want gripping where it hurts most you fookin turd !! Do one !!

Fatsuma Posted on 11/9 15:20
re: 9/11 Where were you?

Came out of a meeting with a graphic designer to discuss a Fire Service publication, got into the car, car stereo was playing CD (Ocean Rain - Echo and the Bunnymen), stopped at a Tesco and was eating a sarnie in the car in the car park when I remembered something I'd forgotten to cover with the designer. Rang her up, but she seemed distracted. She stopped me to say "Do you know what's going on? A plane has gone into one of the Twin Towers".

At that time it was thought to be a small plane. She suggested I get to a telly. Returned to the office, listening to Simon Mayo as the second plane hit. Got to the office, which has a tv, to find 20 people were crammed in. I said that I was amazed the Towers hadn't collapsed and spookily the first Tower went down as soon as the words were out of my mouth. No one looked at me or said anything but we all just waited for the 2nd to collapse.

Our IT Manager said "This is World War 3" which sounded crass at the time, but oddly prophetic now.

Later that day there was an impromptu press conference held by a top brass military official outside the Pentagon. It was shown live, and was the most impressive and also moving press conference I've ever seen. It was never shown again but has remained in my mind ever since.

To add a crass comment of my own, I suspect that the reason Hollywood recently remade King Kong was to replace the 1975(?) version again - with Twin Towers, Jessica Lange et al.

squarewheelbike Posted on 11/9 17:00
re: 9/11 Where were you?

to answer your question, she kept up her declarations of true love via e-mail, but didn't mention the fact she had got married!

slipshod Posted on 11/9 17:40
re: 9/11 Where were you?

what a harlet (sp)

brotto Posted on 11/9 18:42
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slipshod Posted on 25/9 17:22
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