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jam69 Posted on 11/9 12:09
fickle fans?

aint seen any crowd/att threads today so i thought id post one.
16k at leeds,now if that had been us...

boropatch Posted on 11/9 12:16
re: fickle fans?

Couple of thousand Wolves there as well.
Straight after relegation their crowds halved and have shown no signs of recovery.
To be fair the prices have risen considerably and are on a par with the most expensive Prem clubs.
Once fans vote with their feet and get used to not going something bigtime has to happen to get them back.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 11/9 12:18
re: fickle fans?

I think it will be a trend outside the top 6 in the Premiership.

Wall to wall 24/7 TV football is killing it, oh and Andy Gray.

boropatch Posted on 11/9 12:20
re: fickle fans?

Notice Birmingham and WBA crowds have gone down by a good 5-6000 but then again people are being asked to pay top dollar for very average fare.

rararasputin3 Posted on 11/9 12:20
re: fickle fans?

The only way fans can complain about the way their club is being run and that the club will take any notice of is by not turning up.
And Leeds fans are perefectly justified in complaining!

jam69 Posted on 11/9 12:22
re: fickle fans?

more the state of football and prices rather than fickle fans to be fair,just feel we for some reason get stick re. crowds where other "bigger clubs" seem above critisism. worth remembering that we after relegation in 97 had 30k sell outs in the 1st div

twe12th_man Posted on 11/9 13:07
re: fickle fans?

definition of fickle:

1 likely to change your opinion or your feelings suddenly and without a good reason:
She's so fickle - she's never been interested in the same man for more than a week!
The world of popular music is notoriously fickle.

2 describes conditions that tend to change suddenly and without warning:
Fickle winds made sailing conditions difficult.

I would say that fans are not fickle, they weigh up the pros and cons about going to a game and base their decisions on such. There are plenty of reason for not going to the games anymore, so those staying away aren't fickle.

It will be nice to see all the 'real fans' at the Notts County game.

RedWurzel Posted on 11/9 19:31
re: fickle fans?

Bolton got 21k and I bet 2.5k Watford.

Bolton have been in the top 10 for the last 2 years on a consistent basis.

I think we will get over 15k for Notts C game, well up on CC crowds in recent past.