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Kilburn Posted on 15/9 9:50
Boateng and Euell.

Their views on the Arsenal game reproduced below courtesy of their websites. Sounds like Boateng got lucky.


"I thought my sending off against Arsenal was definitely harsh. The first yellow was very unfair. The referee told us to wait for the whistle, but then as soon as our backs were turned to set up the wall he allowed Henry to take the free-kick. So I complained to the ref that he hadn't blown the whistle and he booked me and Jason Euell.
Twenty seconds later the incident with Ljungberg happened, but you can see from the video that it wasn't even a foul, let alone a yellow card. There was hardly any contact between me and Ljungberg, I just landed wrong and that's how I hurt my knee.
Personally I feel that my sending off changed the game. We were one-nil up at the time and looking to win. It was already difficult playing against Arsenal, so we did very well to get a point with ten men. It was hard to take those decisions, and at the beginning of the season I had been saying how well I thought referees were doing!
In four years at Middlesbrough I've only been sent off once before and I don't think I deserved this one. My record is good.
What made it worse was that people thought I was faking injury to try and avoid getting sent off. But I'm not like that. The truth is I'm lucky not to be facing nine months out. I stretched my leg out to its limits and normally you tear your cruciate ligament in that situation.
My initial thought was that I was finished, that the knee was gone. It was that painful. But luckily it went straight back without tearing. The specialist told me that I'd been a very lucky boy and that an angel must be watching over me. I feel very relieved and in two weeks' time I hope to be fit to play again.
People are talking about how well Jonathan Woodgate did in his first match for us, and he certainly did. Without him we might have conceded a lot more against Arsenal. But I also thought Jason Euell put in an excellent performance. He gave us stability and maturity in midfield and showed real quality with the pass for James Morrison's goal. Because he's been playing in the Premiership for years he didn't need much time to slot in to the Middlesbrough side and he'll prove to be a very good buy."

And Euell:

"We came off the pitch at the Emirates Stadium last Saturday with a mixture of frustration and relief; frustration at the refereeing decisions that never seemed to go our way and relief that we emerged with a point, having been down to ten men for so long.

From a personal point of view, I was pleased with my overall contribution and delighted to have set up our goal. Having not played competitive football at this level for some time, I felt I settled in well and it was not until the final 15 or 20 minutes that I inevitably started to tire. At that point I started to give the ball away too often and I was pleased to hear the final whistle. I didn't feel too bad after the game but the aches have kicked in today, that's for sure!

It pleased us all to come away from Arsenal with a point, given Boro's recent record at Highbury. Granted, all Arsenal's games will be played at the Emirates Stadium from now on, but I think the new venue worked to our advantage this time. The gaffer said to us that it was as much an away fixture for Arsenal as it was to us, and that's the way we approached the game. It was like we could start again with a clean slate, we weren't overawed in any way. If anything, the lads were lifted by playing at such a place.

Much has been said about Jonathan Woodgate's impressive debut and he certainly was a rock at the back for us. When you're up against a side that attacks with pace, you need your centre-halves to be on top of their games, and Woody played as if he'd been there for ages. Rochemback too, put in a fantastic performance alongside him, but if you look throughout the side, everyone played their part

Confidence has certainly been up in training this week and now we face Bolton, who will bring us a completely different set of problems to Arsenal. We know that if we want anything from the game, we have got to match them in terms of the physical battle. But the desire is there and I'm sure we've got the type of players who can both get their foot in and win us games.

Finally, I've already moved into a property in the area, which will help me settle quicker off the pitch. It's certainly a slower pace of life compared to what I'm used to in London and driving into training is much more pleasant than having to face the North Circular Road every morning! It's only been a week or so, but I couldn't have made a better decision than moving to Middlesbrough."

the_broken_fridge Posted on 15/9 9:51
re: Boateng and Euell.

"We were one-nil up at the time and looking to win"

Is he sure about this?

the_broken_fridge Posted on 15/9 9:52
re: Boateng and Euell.

"but I couldn't have made a better decision than moving to Middlesbrough."

good. a nice bit of london slagging too! I can't see this being a story in the nationals though....

skiprat Posted on 15/9 9:54
re: Boateng and Euell.

Although a lot of footballers will just say what they think will please the fans, Euell does seem genuinely happy to be here, which is good to know.

boroboy75 Posted on 15/9 9:56
re: Boateng and Euell.

Rochemback played alongside Woodgate?

Kilburn Posted on 15/9 9:56
re: Boateng and Euell.

"We were one-nil up at the time and looking to win" - Is he sure about this?

Well, they were looking to avoid conceding a goal, which would have resulted in a win.

Give him time bb75 - you can't expect him to get all his workmates names right this soon.

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JLinardi Posted on 15/9 9:57
re: Boateng and Euell.

Its refreshing to hear euell saying things like "we" and "our" when refering to boro instead of "the team" and "this football club".

the_broken_fridge Posted on 15/9 9:57
re: Boateng and Euell.

hmm, to me, looking to win would mean going out to get another goal to have a bit of a cushion, not defending for dear life.

skiprat Posted on 15/9 10:03
re: Boateng and Euell.

If you're one nil up and trying to defend your lead, then that's looking to win.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 15/9 10:05
re: Boateng and Euell.

or, that's looking to hang on.

anyway, it's all semantics.

borodrew Posted on 15/9 10:08
re: Boateng and Euell.

hang on, and win surely?

the_broken_fridge Posted on 15/9 10:13
re: Boateng and Euell.

but 'hanging on', which we were doing can be taken to mean something different to 'looking to win'.

Looking to win implies that boro were making the effort at both end of the pitch to ensure the win.

anyway, what matters is that we didn't get gupped and both players are saying really nice things.

Lincoln_Exile Posted on 15/9 10:14
re: Boateng and Euell.

"It's only been a week or so, but I couldn't have made a better decision than moving to Middlesbrough"

Not many times you'll hear that said, anyone know where he's moved to? Is he part of the Goldsborough/Harrogate Massive or is on Teesside somewhere? I presume he's renting as he'd of only had two weeks or so to find a house and move.

Kilburn Posted on 15/9 10:38
re: Boateng and Euell.

I like Euell's attitude, there are a lot of players who wouldn't be self-critical enough to recognise he was giving the ball away too much in the last quarter of the game, and even fewer who would publicly admit it.

Mr_Incident Posted on 15/9 12:42
re: Boateng and Euell.

George is having a laugh about his red card. Admittedly when I saw the 2nd yellow on TV it wasn't quite what it looked like from the away end, but as soon as I saw him hunting Ljungberg down after just being booked I feared the worst. He was stupid, he should've thought about it and let Ljungberg go on in that postition. Especially a man of his experience, and as captain. I was livid with him at the time. Good captain's don't lose their heads and do stupid things to leave their team in trouble. The first yellow for dissent was more understandable if anything, because the ref had clearly told them to wait for his whistle. I'm just surprised Boateng hasn't said anything more along the lines of 'I was stupid in the heat of the moment', which is the truth, rather than this defensive claptrap.

I do like him though.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 15/9 13:07
re: Boateng and Euell.

Funny how I perceived it so differently. Boateng was running alongside Ljungberg and just as he was about to make a challenge, his leg/knee gave away making his other leg swing out. I don't think he lost his head at all.