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MsCurly Posted on 22/9 21:59
Blooming Heck.

I wish I'd gone out now, you lot are rubbish tonight.

I want volunteers please, somebody to serve drinks, somebody whose good at cuisine to provide nibbles, a musician to get the party started (any dj's or guitarists out there?), some beautiful people for me to look at, some funny looking people to tell amusing anecdotes and some fit men to remove some if not all of their clothes and writhe around in this cybercage that I've places just left of the glitterball.

Come along, roll up's Friday ffs!

northeastcorner Posted on 22/9 22:05
re: Blooming Heck.

shhh, south park is on.

chboro Posted on 22/9 22:06
re: Blooming Heck.

I'll keep my clothes on

Can I be the bouncer to kick the naughty ones out?

Pubtonic Posted on 22/9 22:07
re: Blooming Heck.

Have you got any lager?

Table_Football Posted on 22/9 22:07
re: Blooming Heck.

I feel quite ill, so is there a corner for me to go to sleep in, please?

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:07
re: Blooming Heck.


*opens bottle of babycham and sits tapping her toe to awful dance version of Country Roads by herself as the glitterball soulfully sparkles*

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:08
re: Blooming Heck.

Ooh look! You've arrived!

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:08
re: Blooming Heck.

I've just crushed some grapes, Curls.....

...and the ice is in yer champers -- mind the bubbles but..!!

Revol_Tees Posted on 22/9 22:08
re: Blooming Heck.

I'll be your DJ. The playlist is this ace compilation I've just made for my friend's housewarming party tomorrow:

Be Your Own Pet - Adventure
The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
Sigur Ros - Hippipolla
Richard Ashcroft - Break The Night With Colour
Feeder - Feeling A Moment
British Sea Power - The Scottish Wildlife Experience
Interpol - Evil
Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
Elvis Presley - His Latest Flame
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
Cast - Walkaway
Catatonia - Road Rage
Robots in Disguise - Turn It Up
Future Bible Heroes - I'm A Vampyre
The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
The Futureheads - Favours For Favours
British Sea Power - Lately

chboro Posted on 22/9 22:09
re: Blooming Heck.

Don't be getting fruity Wheelz or you're out

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:10
re: Blooming Heck. can be the bouncer if you like, but in the unlikely event of smifter turning up, I wouldn't be picking a fight with her, you'll be wearing your bowels as a bobble hat.

pubs.......there's some Carlsberg Elephant brew somewhere in the back of the fridge. I save it for when my mother comes round, the drunken, old goat.

t_f......come and rest your tired head on my lap dear.

Table_Football Posted on 22/9 22:12
re: Blooming Heck.

Thankyou. I'll give you a bit of a warning if I think I'll be sick though, so don't worry.

karembeu_ca Posted on 22/9 22:12
re: Blooming Heck.

"I wouldn't be picking a fight with her, you'll be wearing your bowels as a bobble hat" LMAO

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:12
re: Blooming Heck.

Wheelz.....I LOVE the sort of guest that provides me with Champers!!

Verve Clic at all? That's my fave, but then again anything beats this nasty old babycham.'re a star, please burn my bosh bosh version of Country Roads would you?

*hands superstar dj a pair of aviator shades to make him look even cooler*

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 22:13
re: Blooming Heck.

I'm a male stripper - do you have any baby oil??

Pubtonic Posted on 22/9 22:14
re: Blooming Heck.

Like the sound of your mother (again)

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:15
re: Blooming Heck.

Nah, but I can get some chip fat from the deep fryer, Flint?

Do you have a fireman cossie at all.....they're my fave.

northeastcorner Posted on 22/9 22:16
re: Blooming Heck.

karaoke? i do a beautiful enrique iglesisas (sp)

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:16
re: Blooming Heck.

Pubs....stop that! (again)

Revol_Tees Posted on 22/9 22:17
re: Blooming Heck.

MsCurly Yeah, okay. Thanks for the shades - I'm adding "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Heart to the playlist and dedicating to you!

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:17
re: Blooming Heck.

Do you sing 'Hero', northeast?

I've STILL not tired of that song........I love it.

karembeu_ca Posted on 22/9 22:17
re: Blooming Heck.

so what horse duvets do you have to nibble on?

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 22:18
re: Blooming Heck.

Nah - dont do chip fat itsa bugger to scrape off - virgin(like me) olive oil only and yes I do have a fireman outfit.

northeastcorner Posted on 22/9 22:19
re: Blooming Heck.

too right i do! i did it on holiday once at least.

i didnt win the prize though, some old woman got it. it was only a small sombrero, but still..

GrumpyOldGit Posted on 22/9 22:20
re: Blooming Heck.

I'll stumble in and be halfway through my first tinnie before I realise that I'm at the wrong house. Sorry about that, I should be next door. Nice to have met everyone, though.

Can I come back if the other party's no good?

redz69 Posted on 22/9 22:24
re: Blooming Heck.

Joining in late doors as Ive been stripping the walls, TOP TIP wear shoes and socks when using a steam stripper! Here is playlist that I bring to your party, and some cheap Chilean Cabernet

Trainspotting extended remix
Suspicious Minds - Fine Young Cannibals
This old Flag _ Johnny Cash
Man of constant Sorrow - From Brother were art thou

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:24
re: Blooming Heck.

Curls, nowt so common as VC -- yer Dom Perignon '22 for you my lady!! Or the Nops finest...

btw, had 3 firemen indoors tonite if I'd known about your uniform fetish.. (no emergency, I might add; just a couple o' lads doin a prevention survey for me..)

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:25
re: Blooming Heck.

Horse duvets. Don't have any up to now karembooboo, I was hoping some beautiful James Martin type man would step up and rustle (another horse related gag) us something up.

I'm too busy dancing to Revol's choons.........

*jumps up, rudely knocking table_football to the floor and bursts into a slinky moonwalk*

Grumps.........stay darling, it'll knock years off you (meaning it will significantly shorten your lifespan).

northeastcorner Posted on 22/9 22:26
re: Blooming Heck.

ok then, my musical additions..

guillemots - trains to brazil
delays - you and me
klaxons - atlantis to interzone

just the three will do, as i will be knackered from dancing like a mentalist.

BroughtonLad Posted on 22/9 22:27
re: Blooming Heck.

Do you fancy something tasty.
Special Chop Suey anyone?

Pubtonic Posted on 22/9 22:28
re: Blooming Heck.

*swipes aside whipped cream looking for lager in fridge*

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:28
re: Blooming Heck.

Do ya D'liver Broughton??

Juventus2 Posted on 22/9 22:29
re: Blooming Heck.

*Stands outside the door masturbating furiously, then bursts in, cums in someone's face and runs out*

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:29
re: Blooming Heck.

Welcome redz (posh jawdee indeed, harumph).

Good choons, did you bring your steamer too? We could use some dry ice in here (I do understand that technically it won't be dry and my hair will go even frizzier, but it's a risk I'm' willing to take).

I stand more chance of copping off if it's foggy in here.

Wheelz........cheers chucky egg. It wont spoil if I put some blackcurrant in will it?

BroughtonLad Posted on 22/9 22:30
re: Blooming Heck.

Wheelz... 5 mile radius of Broughton only

BroughtonLad Posted on 22/9 22:32
re: Blooming Heck.

Curly ...Are you in the East lower tomorrow?

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:33
re: Blooming Heck.

Nah... do ya do LiVER in the chop suey..!!

Curls, dip yer bread in if it helps, kidda!!

BroughtonLad Posted on 22/9 22:34
re: Blooming Heck.

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:35
re: Blooming Heck. you have any prawn crackers, BL? I have ketchup to dip them in and everything!

Juve, it is not that sort of party! Poor grumps took one in the eye, how on earth will he find his way back next door now?

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 22:36
re: Blooming Heck.

Sorry the traffic was murder, but I'm here now and I'm all yours.

Where do you want me?

Juventus2 Posted on 22/9 22:36
re: Blooming Heck.

It may not be that sort of party, but I'm a young scallywag and that's what young scallywags do these days

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:37
re: Blooming Heck.

They allus find you in the kitchen @ parties, fatknax

BroughtonLad Posted on 22/9 22:37
re: Blooming Heck.

Prawns Knakers?

boro_jade Posted on 22/9 22:39
re: Blooming Heck.

"I'm a young scallywag "

that made me laugh

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 22:40
re: Blooming Heck.

Is'nt that where all the action is Wheelz?

GrumpyOldGit Posted on 22/9 22:42
re: Blooming Heck.

Help me someone, I can't see!!!!!!!

Stokoe23 Posted on 22/9 22:46
re: Blooming Heck.

so here's where the party's at.

tacker Posted on 22/9 22:48
re: Blooming Heck.

Put your hands up for Detroit!!

Hi-di-hi! FINALLY got myself a new job today after a week on 'trial', gives me great pleasure in filling out my 'Signing off' form and send it back to them horrible people at Job Centre Plus. So a MUST reason to celebrate!

Any Extra Smooth going??

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:49
re: Blooming Heck.

fatknax LOL @ u. mate!

Is the kettle on, btw??

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 22:50
re: Blooming Heck.

Brewing up as we speak, fella.

Tea or coffee with a little toddy added?

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key_toenail Posted on 22/9 22:51
re: Blooming Heck.

*rolls out mat*

any ladies wanna play naked twister with toenail?

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 22:52
re: Blooming Heck.

Story of my life!

I join the party and all the ladies piss off!

BroughtonLad Posted on 22/9 22:53
re: Blooming Heck.

Curly has disappeared !!
Check the cupboard under the stairs

wheelz Posted on 22/9 22:54
re: Blooming Heck.

just a LITTLE toddy, ffs!! Get the JD bottle emptied in the BIG mug, I'm reet thoystee.

.. I think Curlys gone to put the black bag out...!!

<...don't even go there...!!!!!>

--- Post edited by wheelz on 22/9 22:56 ---

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 22:55
re: Blooming Heck.

I'll take that as a no then..So its North Ormesby over 80s club for me then - god how they love their strippers - thank god they dont have their teeth in - still at 50 a nite I cant complain

Wheres me vralgex?

kazzaxxx Posted on 22/9 22:55
re: Blooming Heck.

think mscurly gone to the pub dont blame her some bloody party this

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:55
re: Blooming Heck.

*emerges slightly disshevelled from the box bedroom and slinks back downstairs*

Welcome Knaxy baby!! I've been waiting for you. I was just erm.....'preparing' Flint our stripper with the olive oil.

Now then.....pop yourself on the kitchen counter love, while I use the last of the oil on you.

Jadey.....hello darling, I've had my heated eyelash curlers on standby just in case you turned up! Help yourself to drinks and men my dear.

Tacker, that's good news hon, well done you. Looks like we have a reason to celebrate, here's a pint of smooth.....I'm about to line up some tequilas mind, so you'd better join in when we start doing body shots.

tacker Posted on 22/9 22:57
re: Blooming Heck.

Is it me, or do you just feel like that bunch of blokes, at a party, stood in a corner sipping on their warm can of Black Label, trying to build up the courage to attack the party sausages?

Just me then. *Sigh*

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 22:58
re: Blooming Heck.'s about time you turned up!

Do you want to be our first 'body shot-ee'?

All you have to do is lay yourself on the table, we lick your neck and sprinkle a line of salt on it, and wedge some lemon in a place of your choosing (hand, cleavage, elsewhere).

We lick the salt off, down our tequila and then suck on the lemon.

Fancy being our first volunteer?

capio Posted on 22/9 22:58
re: Blooming Heck.

What up punks and biatches?

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 22:59
re: Blooming Heck.

Can I slammer as well?

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 22:59
re: Blooming Heck.

The over 80s can wait - keep putting that oil on young curly vasectomy is still a bit sore like...

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:00
re: Blooming Heck.

Hello Key_T......I nearly missed you there!

Twister.....the essential party game. Just let me have a few more tequilas first.

tacker Posted on 22/9 23:00
re: Blooming Heck.

Tequila....never again!
It's a shame Mstr Eskdale isn't around though, the sight of him vomitting tequila is quite amusing.

Anybody got any Dooley's? Now THERES a shot drink!

northeastcorner Posted on 22/9 23:00
re: Blooming Heck.

im going home, its getting late, and ive got work tomorrow..

well, maybe one more drink. have you got any fanta?

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:02
re: Blooming Heck.

Just in time to join in the heated debate about the values of taking a newspaper into the toilet, capio. Not sure why boys talk about all that stuff, but let them get on with it I say.

Care for a mini salmon brioche?

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:04
re: Blooming Heck.

What sort of a sick shot is Dooleys, ffs? How on earth can you physically 'shoot' down a drink that is viscous like manmilk?

Oh.......ok, it's probably possible after all now that I think about it.

No fanta northeast, just some cheeky for one?

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:05
re: Blooming Heck.

Gorrany sambouka, Curls.. me heads starting to spin now; don't know what fatknax put in that last coffee...

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 23:06
re: Blooming Heck.

The Dooleys - 80s band

Greatest hit - Ive Got You...........thats true.

For the retards on here --Ive Got you By The Dooleys - doh

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:07
re: Blooming Heck.

One sambuka coming right up wheelz....erm, I'll leave the coffee bean out of the glass, shall I?

Would you like it flaming? I hear knaxy has been doing some roasting upstairs.....

northeastcorner Posted on 22/9 23:08
re: Blooming Heck.

oh go on then, twisted my arm

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:10
re: Blooming Heck.

Best to, curls, cheers...

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 23:10
re: Blooming Heck.

Now Ive finished stripping can i have a drink please?
Special brew and cider...just a half as i dont want to get pssed

Stokoe23 Posted on 22/9 23:10
re: Blooming Heck.

If only I had something more potent that tango I'd be down good stylee.

But as it I'll just stand in the corner and count the minutes until it's a reasonable time to go.

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 23:11
re: Blooming Heck.

I only dropped a little of Curlys special liquid in there wheelz.

I found it in the fridge, with a label on the side.

By the way what is "last nights jizz", is it some sort of liquer?

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:12
re: Blooming Heck.

What do you mean you've finished? You told me you do the full monty?

I'm still waiting to see the snake slither out from the enchanted forest!!!!

Pshhhhhhhhwwwwww......suppose I'll have to make do with looking at fatknackerlardarse's wrinkly walnut whip again, instead!

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 23:12
re: Blooming Heck.

Bet its diluted jizz - loads of saliva in it

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:12
re: Blooming Heck.

I think its a new 'shower' gel...

boro_jade Posted on 22/9 23:13
re: Blooming Heck.

hello mscurly, sorry about that just noticed you had spoke to me

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 23:13
re: Blooming Heck.

You promised, after the last time, that you would never bring that episode up again, or the walnut!!!

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 23:14
re: Blooming Heck.

I did do the full monty - you thought you were oiling up my leg - that wasnt my leg - get it !!!

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:14
re: Blooming Heck.

Knaxy, that would be the mess I cleaned up after Juve popped round last night for a cuppa.

Such an impromptu boy that one.

Stokoe......we all know you'll be here until you drink yourself to sleep in a corner with your mouth hanging open. Don't worry, I'll tuck you in and make sure nobody pops anything unsavoury in there.

I think juventus has left now anyway......

Pubtonic Posted on 22/9 23:15
re: Blooming Heck.

Curls head is easily turned.......*head*

kazzaxxx Posted on 22/9 23:16
re: Blooming Heck.

surprised longfeeler not with you all

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:17
re: Blooming Heck.

Flint....I did wonder how a man had such great flexibility that he could make his leg point up to the ceiling. I thought you were just warming up for your dance routine.

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:17
re: Blooming Heck.

Curly, if I pass out before you get your ton, just shove us in the corner and throw the coats over me; I'll be ok til morning..

..if I start snoring, stick a plum in me gob... but not one of fatknax..!!

key_toenail Posted on 22/9 23:18
re: Blooming Heck.

which tightarse brought the Ace Lager?

Flint_Stone Posted on 22/9 23:18
re: Blooming Heck.

Aye - sorry about the mess on the ceiling. Dont worry itll solidify and you can paint over it.

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:20
re: Blooming Heck.

kazaxxx so am I! Especially after I volunteered you to do unholy things with a wedge of lemon.'s a deal! I was a bit worried about the possible pitfalls of having to get you up the stairs.

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 23:22
re: Blooming Heck.

Right Ive got Dick out, where do you want me?

I meant Richard of course!

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:24
re: Blooming Heck.

Who the hell is Richard, and is he fit?

Bandito will be gutted that he missed out on all these cyberdrinks.

Uh-oh.....who put Amarillo on?

*starts dancing about the place, swinging arms about like a tit*

shaun_84 Posted on 22/9 23:25
re: Blooming Heck.

You certainly are painting pictures for me, MsC!

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:25
re: Blooming Heck.

"get you up the stairs"

..didn't know we were gonna play 'Carrot and Donkey'

capio Posted on 22/9 23:27
re: Blooming Heck.

A friendly messageboard is a boring messageboard

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:27
re: Blooming Heck.

Hello 84.....I hope you brought your keyboard with you? It must be getting near 'that' time?! worries. The cupboard under the stairs is just a good a place to play carrot and donkey.

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:28
re: Blooming Heck.

capio......I think CH is outside looking for somebody to punch?

shaun_84 Posted on 22/9 23:30
re: Blooming Heck.

Oh, give or take an hour. Let's hope we don't wake the neighbours this time. Amps can distruptive things in drunken hands.

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:31
re: Blooming Heck.

..Or 'Hide The Sausage' p'raps...??

capio Posted on 22/9 23:31
re: Blooming Heck.

Ch drive to Nunthorpe.

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:33
re: Blooming Heck.

Time to light the candle on the cake -- 100 up.!! yaaaaahhhh

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:37
re: Blooming Heck. need to feel the love shweetheart!


fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 23:37
re: Blooming Heck.

Richard is a very likeable chap, quite handsome and also has a coq that resembles a babies arm clutching an orange.

Now wheres the booze!!!!

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 22/9 23:51
re: Blooming Heck.

"Hello is there anybody here"


"Barstards must have all sneaked upstairs for some fun, without me, the vvankers"

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:53
re: Blooming Heck.

Sorry.....had my head down the loo.

Fancy a snog? I have vomit mouth mind.......

forza_cowdenbeath Posted on 22/9 23:53
re: Blooming Heck.


wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:54
re: Blooming Heck.

< stifled shout > I'm in the understairs cupboard with me carrot waitin for the donkey...

MsCurly Posted on 22/9 23:57
re: Blooming Heck.

Oh......cowdenbeath! Nice of you to turn up! Weren't the divorcees in the Rudds putting out tonight? Hope you brought a parmo with you?

Sorry wheelz.....after my recent 'hurling' experience I think I've seen enough carrots for one night!

wheelz Posted on 22/9 23:59
re: Blooming Heck.

lol could've told me there was no light in here.....

....wake me up before youz go go..!!

Did someone say PARMO ??

--- Post edited by wheelz on 23/9 0:00 ---

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 23/9 0:01
re: Blooming Heck.

Put that way Wheelz, you will go blin........

Too late!

forza_cowdenbeath Posted on 23/9 0:02
re: Blooming Heck.

i was at the cinema tonight actually watching Bambi. All in all a poor nights work, not even a steak parmo in sight. Disgusting.

Link: Cowdenbeath Picture House

wheelz Posted on 23/9 0:05
re: Blooming Heck.

Knax, has curly got a mop; I've made a right mess in here. Hope she don't go ballistic when she sees the stain on her coat...

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 23/9 0:06
re: Blooming Heck.

Its ok wheelz, these days she tends to have more stain than coat!

wheelz Posted on 23/9 0:08
re: Blooming Heck.

<slinks out, closing door behind; makes a beeline for the kitchen>

Any more of that coffee *cough* ??

MsCurly Posted on 23/9 0:08
re: Blooming Heck.

Wheelz.......if you want a mop just tip me upside down, love.

wheelz Posted on 23/9 0:10
re: Blooming Heck.

you wouldn't be saying that if you saw the mess under the stairs!!! There's some messy burgaz in here tonight, Curly!!

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 23/9 0:14
re: Blooming Heck.

*Begins to dream about Curly being tipped upsidedown*

wheelz Posted on 23/9 0:16
re: Blooming Heck.

65, 66, 67, 68, ..........

JSawyers200 Posted on 23/9 0:17
re: Blooming Heck.

Sorry for spoiling your night MsC.

Have been sat in Walkabout since 9.20pm waiting for you to turn up.

Anyway, I am here now, who is in charge of the drinks?!?

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 23/9 0:19
re: Blooming Heck.

You are too late, you can make your own now.

I'm off to kip!

MsCurly Posted on 23/9 0:23
re: Blooming Heck.

Nice to see somebody round here is enjoying a 'real' life, JS.

How was Walkabout (apart from obviously lacking the sparkle of my presence)?

Would you like a screwdriver? Just be aware that I'm not offering you a vodka based cocktail, only my kitchen counter is a bit squewiff from when knaxy leaned on it earlier.

JSawyers200 Posted on 23/9 0:29
re: Blooming Heck.

As usual for a friday night, it was full of testiculars.

Am regretting it now as I need to be up in about 6 hours to play golf all day tomorrow and I am going to struggle.

Will make do with the 3 cans of Carlsberg I have left, play some online poker and then get my head down I think.

If you need someone to fix you kitchen worktop then I am more than willing, only trouble being my large toolbox and attention to detail.

MsCurly Posted on 23/9 0:35
re: Blooming Heck.

You should really get your head down now, JS. I'm talking about sleep by the way, not your attention to detail...hehe.

You'll have a smashing time at the golf course, but we don't want you falling asleep at the hole, do we?

Think I'll finish my can of Carlsberg and get myself away too, boo boo bee doo!

Have a smashing day tomorrow, x.

Stokoe23 Posted on 23/9 0:39
re: Blooming Heck.


Tango and tequila!

It'll do!

Stokoe23 Posted on 23/9 1:03
re: Blooming Heck.

fine, I'll 'drink' on my own, that'll be a new experience(!)

Phil_K Posted on 23/9 1:06
re: Blooming Heck.

i was until recently a dj so i'll play yuo gig Ms c

Wall to wal indie from me

MsCurly Posted on 23/9 1:07
re: Blooming Heck.

I knew you would be the last man standing, cb.

I think knaxy chased all the other guests away with that 'elephant' thing he does when he turns his pockets inside out and takes out his wanger.

Elephant must have been bathing for some time though, considering how ikkle and wrinkled his trunk was!

Well, I must retire to bed now, feel free to help yourself to whatever is in the fridge........just stay away from the jar marked 'last night's jizz'.....I'll be returning that to juventus sometime tomorrow.

Nite sweetie, x.

Phil_K Posted on 23/9 1:10
re: Blooming Heck.

time for married with children by Oasis me thinks

"yuor musci's sh it it keeps me up all night"

Arctic_Mongoose Posted on 23/9 1:12
re: Blooming Heck.

"Well, I must retire to bed now, feel free to help yourself to whatever is in the fridge........just stay away from the jar marked 'last night's jizz'.....I'll be returning that to juventus sometime tomorrow."

Where is the jar containing this nights jizz? I think we should be warned.

HalfManHalfParmo Posted on 23/9 1:14
re: Blooming Heck.

Any tidying up to do?

wheelz Posted on 23/9 11:37
re: Blooming Heck.

Hoy! Curly! You coulda give us a shout, or did you forget I was under all these coats..!!

I've got an important appointment to keep with Mr M'Guinness in the Nops shortly.......

b'bye now.. thanks for the pop..