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Stepper_T Posted on 25/9 21:13
Name A 'Dance' Classic

I'll start.

Richie Rich - Salsa House

Mattyk50 Posted on 25/9 21:14
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

dance classic.... surely a contradiction.

GillZean Posted on 25/9 21:15
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Papua New Guinea- Future Sounds of London

TeessideCleveland Posted on 25/9 21:15
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

I'm In The Mood For Dancing - The Nolans

jonny_giles Posted on 25/9 21:16
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers - In the mix.
Used to rock all over the house at those mad mixes.

relfyoftheboro Posted on 25/9 21:17
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Prodigy - Out of Space
Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs a 303
Chemical Brothers - The Private Psychedelic Reel


eugene_schlumberger Posted on 25/9 21:17
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Terry Wogan - The Floral Dance
Did he really do this or have I made some stupid leap of logic?

TeessideCleveland Posted on 25/9 21:19
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

No he did it
And it was certainly a classic

boro_bliss Posted on 25/9 21:19
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Schiller - Das Glockenspiel

Armand van Helden - You don't even know me

Slam - This world

Anybody4aBeer Posted on 25/9 21:22
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Robin S - Show me Love

River Ocean - Love and Happiness

Stepper_T Posted on 25/9 21:31
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

madlad Posted on 25/9 21:40
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Prodigy - out of space
LaTour - People are still having sex
Armand van Helden/Tori Amos - Professional Widow
The adventures of Stevie V - Dirty Cash
And my particular fave.....

Guru Josh - Infinity....(1990, time for the Guru!)

The_Nashman Posted on 25/9 21:45
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Darude - Sandstorm.

The_Nashman Posted on 25/9 21:46
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Sorry, Forgot the all time best one ever

Scatmans Dance - Scatman John

boro_bliss Posted on 25/9 21:48
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The_NashmanPosted on 25/9 21:45 Email this Message | Edit | Reply
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic
Darude - Sandstorm.

Agree with that. Brilliant song!

The_Nashman Posted on 25/9 21:48
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

2 pieces of praise in 2 days.

I'm getting nosebleeds.

ings_lane_red Posted on 25/9 21:49
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Incantation - Cacharpaya

teflondon Posted on 25/9 21:51
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

not forgotten leftfield
the phantom renegade soundwave
i like it blow out dub the landlord
everybody capella
in spirit dilemma
right before my eyes patti day
jj tribute asha
real life corperation of one
going back to my roots richie havens

tried to pick some diffrent ones for a change
off the top of my head ill pick those
why wont my brain work ikn hrs others
i will totally disagree and want to put another selection up as soon as i press post message but im going fr it

Stepper_T Posted on 25/9 21:52
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

I knew this would flush you out, teflon

teflondon Posted on 25/9 21:54
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

hahahahaha steppa
carnt help myself
music posts always draw me in

boroborn Posted on 25/9 22:06
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Underworld - 2 Months Off/Cowgirl/Born Slippy

The Prodigy - Out of Space/Posion/Voodoo People

Chemical Brothers Out of control/The Private Psychedelic Reel/Let Forever Be

Leftfield - Storm 3000

Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony/Angel

All great records, although people born before 1975 shouldnt bother ;)

God_In_Heaven Posted on 25/9 22:12
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Lord of The Dance was always a favourite up here.

A_New_Era Posted on 25/9 22:13
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Underworld - Born Slippy

Faithless - Insomnia

Robert Miles - Children

boro_newjersey Posted on 25/9 22:13
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Tango.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 25/9 22:22
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Stayin' Alive the Bee Gees

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chris_white_22 Posted on 25/9 22:23
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

SL2 - On a ragga trip
Beat International - Dub be good to me

Billy69_uk Posted on 25/9 22:25
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Man 2 Man meets Man Parish- I was a male stripper in a Go Go bar.

"strip for me, strip for you"

Table_Football Posted on 25/9 22:26
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

The Prodigy - No Good (start the dance)

red_rebel2 Posted on 25/9 22:28
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Cubic - 808 State
Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply
Prodigy - Firestarter
New Order - Blue Monday

Stepper_T Posted on 25/9 22:29
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Silver Bullet, yes. Will have to get that now.

Gaizka_Mendieta_14 Posted on 25/9 22:30
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Adeva - Musical Freedom
Crystal Waters - Gypsy woman
Inner City - Pennies from heaven
Liquid - Sweet harmony
Bbe - Seven days and one week
Underworld - Born Slippy

Big_Ted_Church Posted on 25/9 22:30
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Fat boy slim tune with the famous actor flying through the air and dancing up and down escalators. What was it called?

Robbo_89 Posted on 25/9 22:31
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

one step beyond-madness

relfyoftheboro Posted on 25/9 22:48
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Big_Ted_Church - Vid is Weapon of Choice starring Christopher Walken.


madlad Posted on 25/9 22:50
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Actually, I forgot my own real favourite ever....

2 men, a drum machine and a trumpet - tired of being pushed around.

Stepper_T Posted on 25/9 22:53
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Snappiness - BBG

kazzaxxx Posted on 25/9 22:55
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

james sit down
well i like it anyway

Big_Ted_Church Posted on 25/9 23:02
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

cheers relfy

teflondon Posted on 25/9 23:05
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

fuuck im bored
and need a break from just cause
playing that for a few hours knocks you on a right whitey
heres some more

izit stories
flute on secchi
kaos definition of love
lil louis blackout
mike dunn magic feet
reese and santonio rock to the beat
sinead rosa i dont know what it is
rhythm is rhythm strings of life the proper one
unique 3 the theme
together hardcore uproar
ultraviolet kites remix
stakka humanoid CHUMANOID

dean_glovers_studs Posted on 25/9 23:05
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

FSOL - Papua New Guinea
Ce Ce Rogers - Someday
Sterling Void - Its Alright
Lamb - Gorecki
Depeche Mode - Usesless (Kruder and Dorfmeister Mix)
Rabbit In The Moon - Out of Body Experience
Salt Tank - Eugina
River Ocean - Love and Happines
Age Of Love - Age Of Love
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Life
Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

key_toenail Posted on 25/9 23:07
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Djaimin - give you

i win

Stepper_T Posted on 25/9 23:39
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Wood Allen - Airport 89

boro_exile Posted on 26/9 0:26
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Roffos theme - for all that went to philmores around 91?

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 0:27
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

I was there, that song is a disgrace, never mention it again.

rick4974 Posted on 26/9 0:59
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

energy 52 - cafe del mar
paul van dyke - for an angel
armand van helden - my,my,my
sandy b - make the world go round
faithless - insomnia
robin s - show me love
the prodigy - everybody in the place/voodoo people/charly/
utah saints - something good
the shamen - move any mountain/ebeneezer goode

rick4974 Posted on 26/9 1:00
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

oh andi forgot
binery finery - 1999
da hool - meet her at the love parade

boroborn Posted on 26/9 8:57
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Laurent Garnier - Man With The Red Face.

I forgot Rythem is Rythem, that Hedi Kandi rip off killed it though.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 26/9 8:59
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

have we had Atmosphere by Russ Abbott yet?

Salford_Boro Posted on 26/9 9:04
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Rumba, the waltz, and numerous other ball room dance classics. Oh hang on here's one, the Charlston.

Is that what you mean?

the_broken_fridge Posted on 26/9 9:10
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

add the Lindy Hop to that list Salford.

and Morris Dancing.

bororeddaz Posted on 26/9 9:12
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Voodoo Ray - Guy called Gerald
Salsa House - Richie Rich
Dreams Of Santa Anna / The Texican - Orange Lemon
Your Love - Frankie Knuckles
Break 4 Love - Raze
Someday - CC Rogers

I could go on and on

Kilburn Posted on 26/9 9:21
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Better Days - Jimi Polo
Shine On - Degrees of Motion
Keep Warm - Jinny
Sweet Harmony - Liquid
Imagination - Frank De Wulf

Lola's Theme - Shapeshifters

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 26/9 9:27
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Tina Charles - I Love To Love

70,s Classic

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/9 9:35
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Faithless - Insomnia
The Prodigy - Voodoo People
Chemical Brothers - Out of Control
Armand Van Helden - MyMyMy
Leftfield - Africa Shox

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bendylikemendi Posted on 26/9 9:39
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

the bomb - kenny dope presents the bucketheads

OnAMission5 Posted on 26/9 11:25
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Sound Dezine - Happiness
Prodigy - Firestarter/Voodoo People/Breathe
Bizarre - Im gonna get you
Sash - Ecuador
Baby D - Let me be your fantasy
Underworld - Born Slippy/Two Months off

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estonred Posted on 26/9 13:19
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

K-Klass - Rhythmn is a mystery

stretchinnit Posted on 26/9 13:33
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

2 bad mice- bombscare
layo/bushwacka- love story
gat decor- passion
e-zee posse- everything starts with an e
audio bullys (w nancy sinatra)- shot you down
the beloved- the sun rising, hello
black science orchestra- new jersey deep
bomb the bass- beat dis
bt (brian transeau)- anything he touches!
gary clail and on-u sound system- human nature

i could go on too......

SuperLeeCatermole Posted on 26/9 13:57
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Reach up - Perfecto Allstarts

Livin Joy - Dreamer

SuperLeeCatermole Posted on 26/9 13:58
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

double post

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ings_lane_red Posted on 26/9 18:49
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

K Klass - Rhythm is a mystery
Bomb da Bass - Beat dis

Quality tunes

how about Together - Hardcore Uproar ??

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 18:52
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

K-Klass is indeed a classic.

ings_lane_red Posted on 26/9 18:58
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

MY GOD !!! how can you forget the daddy of them all ...

Bassheads - Is there anybody out there

SuperRav Posted on 26/9 19:14
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

pump up the jam

can't remember who 'sang' it though

japsterboro Posted on 26/9 19:47
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Rhythem on the Loose - Break of Dawn
Roach Motel Movin On
Underworld - Two months off
Tomcraft Loneliness
Taiko - Echo Drop
FSOL - Papua New Guinea
Fischerspooner - Emerge

ings_lane_red Posted on 26/9 20:15
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

SuperRav, it was Technotronic

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 20:27
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

I 'think' i saw them at Phillmores, though that era is a bit hazy

ings_lane_red Posted on 26/9 20:28
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

StepperT, yeah they were there when big beat era was on.

Also remember Altern_8 being there too, the lead singer hund off balcony upside down with gas mask on if i remember rightly !!??

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 20:30
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

YES! you are correct. Think Rozala was there too. Great days

ings_lane_red Posted on 26/9 20:39
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Everybodys Free ... QUALITY TUNE

Also do you remember Oakenfolds remix of D:Reams "U R the best thing" ?

Edit: Was actually Sasha remix, not Oakenfold

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Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 20:42
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Yes, quality tunes!

ings_lane_red Posted on 26/9 20:45
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me
Something Good

KLF - Last Train To Transcentral

BoroBabe27 Posted on 26/9 20:48
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Bizarre Inc 'Playing with knives'

Candi Staton 'You got the love'

Alison Limerick 'where love lives'

Jimi Polo 'Better days'

stretchinnit Posted on 26/9 20:59
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

man2man meets man parrish- great track whoever mentioned that one.

that sydney youngblood fella was ok too.

remember candy flip?

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 21:00
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

They sang Strawberry Fields, but also had another good tune, cant remember what it was though

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 21:34
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Love is life, love is life, is metal, mental, mental

wasnt that Candy Flip?

teflondon Posted on 26/9 21:51
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

replied to you on soulseek
but only just spotted your reply
yes it was candy flip did love is life
ive got thease masyers of the universe

Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk (Hyper Spaced Mix).mp3

Masters Of The Universe - Check It Out.mp3

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 21:53
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

If you can be bothered putting them on some time mate, that would be cool. No rush, just whenever.

teflondon Posted on 26/9 21:56
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

yhea no problem mate
snowed under with downloads at the moment
but ill get them in a steppa folder in soulseek in the next days or so and give you a shout on here when there in there

Stepper_T Posted on 26/9 21:59
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Superb, cheers Teflon

boro_bliss Posted on 26/9 22:11
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Most stuff of Armin van Buuren

CrazyL Posted on 26/9 22:22
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

She sells sanctuary - The Cult

kahunaburger Posted on 26/9 22:22
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Best tune for me is Candi Staton - You got the love.

Stepper_T Posted on 27/9 19:48
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Shameless hoof

bozo68 Posted on 27/9 23:14
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Dreams Of Santa Anna - Orange Lemon

Stepper_T Posted on 27/9 23:16
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Good call Bozo. Dreams Of Club Havana.

dundeejock Posted on 27/9 23:18
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Teenage Kicks by The Undertones-its the record I love to pogo to

boro_in_europa Posted on 27/9 23:26
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Orbital - Chime

wishin_well Posted on 28/9 0:02
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Orange Lemon Dreams of Santa Anna,
Jibaro Balearic Beats,
Loaded Scream team,
Flowered up Weekender.
London was where it's at height of this music:
Shoom, Land of Oz, Dance wicked, the Fridge.
Weatherall, Holloway, Roy the roach, Oakie ‘n’ Ossie et al.
Loved the Havana when I visited home (and the D J’s)
But sorry, not a patch.
Oh, and seen a certain band called Phase Two in Manchester on a wet and windy Tuesday, I think they used to call it ‘nude night’,
‘you’ve got to keep on reaching’

wishin_well Posted on 28/9 0:09
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The ability to ‘drop’ a tune like primal scream, the woodentops, the clash, with house music always amazed me, but that’s what a good D J does I suppose.
Weatherall on the cornerhouse some years back, awesome.

GripNRip Posted on 28/9 14:56
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Too many to mention...these are some off the top of my
head..before you ask yeah im a trance freak

Age of Love - Age Of Love
Art Of Trance - Madagascar
B.B.E. - Seven Days And One Week
B.B.G - Just Be Tonight
Bedrock - Heaven Scent
Binary Finary 1998
BT - Flaming June
BT - Godspeed
Blank And Jones - The Nightfly
Chicane - Offshore
Chicane - Saltwater
Cyguns X - The Orange Theme
Cygnus X - Superstring (Rank 1 Deep Dub)
Freefall ft. Jan Johnston - Skydive
Galaxia - Moonman
Gouryella - Ligaya
Gouryella - Gouryella
Hands Burn - Good Shot
Hondy - No Access
Humate - Love Stimulation
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
Madonna - Ray Of Light (Sasha's Twilo Mix)
Members Of Mayday - 10 In 1
Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes
Paul van Dyk - For An Angel
Plastic Boy - Live Another Life
Push - Strange World
Push - The Legacy
Rank 1 - Airwave
Schiller - Das Glockenspiel
Sasha - Xpander
Solar Stone - Seven Cities
Storm - Storm
Storm - Time To Burn
System F - Out Of The Blue
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
Three Drives - Greece 2000
Way Out West - The Gift
Way Out West - Ajare

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KENDAL Posted on 28/9 14:57
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Do I Love You (Deed I Do) by Frankie Wilson.

boroboy75 Posted on 28/9 15:16
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic


moneypenny Posted on 28/9 15:26
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

a diverse selection, all 'dance' classics..
windowlicker - aphex twin
blue monday -joy division
temporary secretary - paul mccartney
sweet dreams - eurythmics/andy weatherall ( i love weatherall, anything he plays is good but this is the best)
miss you - mirwais

stretchinnit Posted on 28/9 15:51
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

you weren't going through your media player library by any chance there, were you, gripnrip??? dont know what gave me that idea like..

mebbe's cos i did the very same.

zamboni80 Posted on 28/9 16:04
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

MAW - To be in love
PVD - For an angel

zamboni80 Posted on 28/9 16:09
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Nearly forgot my fave William Orbit - Barbers adagio for strings
you can give up now this is the best ever

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GripNRip Posted on 28/9 16:23
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

nah I been listening to trance since 1997 got vinyls decks etc certified trance freak :)


thats my fav release of this month...still loads of good trance being produced

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shieldsroad Posted on 28/9 16:26
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Saint Ettienne - Only Love can break your heart
Njoi - Anthem
Alison Limerick - Where love lives
shades of rhythm - Sound of eden
Congress - 40 Miles
Shannon - Let the music play
New order - Bizarre love triangle

jayno Posted on 28/9 19:37
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

flesh,by a split second.

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kahunaburger Posted on 28/9 19:54
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Nalin and Kane - Beachball

plymuff_diver Posted on 28/9 20:31
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Your Love - Frankie Knuckles
Here comes your warrior - Warrior

Lakesideboro Posted on 28/9 20:44
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

A real classic at black and blue was "Don't u want me" by Felix

plymuff_diver Posted on 28/9 20:50
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

T99 - Anastasia

plymuff_diver Posted on 28/9 20:57
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic


Marlon_D Posted on 28/9 21:07
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Paul Johnson - Down

LUCENTE Posted on 28/9 22:57
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Twice my age -Shabba Ranks
Ride on time -Black box
The source /candy staton-you got the love (91 version)
New Order- Blue Mondy

GillZean Posted on 28/9 23:02
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Two of my mates are djs and can't abide this,
But I like Lola's Theme- Shapeshifters.

Also a couple of tunes from Tyrrel Corporation. Magnificent.

That Phase 2 (was it??) Keep On Reachin did it for me at the time.

Stepper_T Posted on 28/9 23:02
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic


plymuff_diver Posted on 28/9 23:44
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Hey boy, hey girl - Chemical Brothers..

outoftowner Posted on 29/9 0:34
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

gat decor - passion
masters at work (pick one!)
soul II soul - back 2 life
apparently nothin'- young disciples?
( another pick one)the queen herself..barbara tucker

Gib_Red Posted on 29/9 9:28
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

For me;
Inner City - Big Fun
Geo Michael - Fast Love

Stepper_T Posted on 25/2 0:10
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Mark Summers - Melt Your Body

Picol Posted on 25/2 0:21
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

well hoofed step

lucid - cant help myself

downing_4_england Posted on 25/2 0:49
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

i can not believe went all the way through this thread without..

strike - u sure do

chicane - saltwater

sash - encore une fois

now they are classics

Picol Posted on 25/2 0:53
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

d4e - i was thinking of sash too, but by the time i'd finished reading all the shyte i'd forgotten about it

Gaizka_Mendieta_14 Posted on 25/2 1:06
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

For anyone who has been to ibiza over the last 10 years...

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Delerium - Silence (Tiesto Mix)
Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes
Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
Danny Tenaglia - Music Is The Answer

Beerwulf Posted on 25/2 1:16
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The blue danube waltz - Strauss ( The younger)

boro74 Posted on 25/2 1:49
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax.

Beerwulf Posted on 25/2 2:30
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The whole world africa - Black Uhuru.

bobstermarley Posted on 25/2 12:09
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Deee-lite - Groove is in the heart
Stardust - Music sounds better with you
Supermen Lovers - Starlight
William Orbit - Barbers Adagio for strings
Steps - Tragedy (well, be honest, can you think of a wedding you've been to where a mad auntie or Uncle hasn't still proved they've "got it" by dancing to a dodgy old Steps track?)

Stepper_T Posted on 29/4 0:28
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Perfect Motion - Sunscreen

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 29/4 0:44
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Glad, rozalla - everybody's free got a mention

but i wish ppl would links on these threads

Link: like this.. brother and sister together.

BoroPhil Posted on 29/4 2:11
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

stardust - music sounds better with you
nalin and kane - beachball
Darude - sandstorm

paul1986 Posted on 29/4 12:00
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Veracocha - Carte Blanche

Delerium - Silence

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar

Same link as above

smoggyramone Posted on 29/4 12:07
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster
Jack The Groove - Raze
Jack Your Body - Steve Silk Hurley

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 29/4 12:10
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Birdie Song

One Step Beyond - always get me up on the dance floor

Er, I don't think I've quite got the hang of this.

madlad Posted on 29/4 14:16
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

2 men, a drum machine and a trumpet - "Tired of being pushed around"

Guru Josh - "Infinity"

borowally Posted on 29/4 14:35
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Dream Frequency.....Take Me To The Top.

Link: Hands in the air

Stepper_T Posted on 25/5 23:32
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Just listening to Last Rhythm, it wins.

Picol Posted on 25/5 23:39
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

castles in the sky

Stepper_T Posted on 25/5 23:40
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Ive just had that on

Picol Posted on 25/5 23:41
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

haha excellent me too

teflondon Posted on 25/5 23:42
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

99% agree steppa
but ill raise you a asha jj tribute ans a dilema in spirit

Stepper_T Posted on 25/5 23:43
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Good call, it's a tie

Natarli1 Posted on 25/5 23:56
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Does nobody remember La Bouche's "Another Night Another Dream"?

Download and let me know. I think you'll instantly recognise it.

elmag Posted on 26/5 15:08
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

alison limerick - where love lives.
such a good feeling -???
punjabi - ??

cant remember artist for no.2 or track title for no 3 cos i was always off me face in Bobby' s tenerife.

ianson_smoggy Posted on 26/5 15:16
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Bobby's in Tenerife, ha, what a place, loves it.

Ruff Driverz - Dreaming
O.T Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down

elmag Posted on 26/5 15:34
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

forgot, sound of eden - shades of rhythm

and let it roll - sorry cant remember !!

teflondon Posted on 26/5 15:40
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

brothers in rhythn did such a good feeling
and doug lazy did let it roll

and is the punjabi one punjabi mc?

elmag Posted on 26/5 15:57
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

it could be, i always used to ask for it at bobbys i have it on a tape, but dont have the cd or vinyl, its pretty heavy, but excellent tune ! i have a couple of tapes from the club at that time wth loads of classic stuff but dont know the names, eg. steve austin bionic man , superb.

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Magus14 Posted on 26/5 16:14
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

"lindy hop"

elmag Posted on 26/5 18:40
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

did they do the steve austin tune ??

boroboy_uk Posted on 26/5 18:50
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

finally kings of tommorow
one more time daft punk
lucky star superfunk
thats the way love is ten city
back to love brand new heavies
MAW to be in love

Stepper_T Posted on 26/5 19:31
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

To Be Real - Ladycop?

libardi Posted on 26/5 19:38
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Rapture - Blondie

Funky town - Lipps Inc

Prix Choc - Super discount / Etienne de Crecy

elmag Posted on 26/5 19:47
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

changed my mind , have to agree with stepper t last rhythm.
absolutely superb.
its on a cd called club classics , 1 st disc by brandon block, first 3 or 4 tracks are excellent. in fact whole disc is...

Stepper_T Posted on 7/7 0:48
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Raul Orellana - Real Wild

Azedarac Posted on 7/7 10:04
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Oakenfold remix of Mansun's "Wide Open Space".

teflondon Posted on 7/7 10:44
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

thought this might get hoofed after the other chhooon thread
do you need that tune or you got it
was just about to do a attn steppa but this has saved me doing
just got this of oink this morning and im feeling generous today so letting you know about it youll either love it ot hate it

heres the nfo for it

Who knows why this was made or if it will ever be released.
Will it ever see the light of day? Doubtfully in this complete form...

Infected Mushroom presents THE DOORS REMIXED

[101] Riders On The Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix)
[102] People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom Remix)
[103] Break On Through (Infected Mushroom Swing Remix)
[104] Love Me 2 Times (Infected Mushroom Remix)
[105] L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
[106] Roadhouse Blues (Crystal Method Remix)
[107] Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Remix)
[108] Riders On The Storm (Deep Dish Remix)
[109] Break On Through (BT Remix)

[201] Light My Fire (Hot Rocks Club Remix)
[202] Strange Days (TC Remix)
[203] Riders On The Storm (Blondie Rapture Riders Remix)
[204] The End (Dave The Drummer Remix)
[205] Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Fabric Remix)
[206] Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix ft. Snoop Dogg)
[207] Break On Through (Infected Mushroom Guitar Remix)


prepman Posted on 7/7 10:46
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

the birdie song..agadoo

roarythelion Posted on 7/7 21:15
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

some great songs here

especially loving Cacharpaya though, MAW haha dickens one song.

top thread.

Stepper_T Posted on 7/7 23:10
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Sounds good that Teflon, I don't have oink but have torrent software.

borolad259 Posted on 7/7 23:18
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

4 be 2 "All of the Lads" feat. Jimmy Lydon (John's bro)

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 7/7 23:25
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

The Oakenfold Happy Mondays mixes - WFL, Hallelujah - Madchester etc.

Space_Face Posted on 20/7 21:33
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Hoof for Doriva.

All you need is here.

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 20/7 21:49
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Not Read most of it but,
watergate -heart of asia,

Ricky_Grifon Posted on 20/7 22:29
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Right In The Knight .... Mixed with Dirty Son Of A gun... ooooh yes Ecstacy classic underground sound!!! easy posseee. i feel a rushhhhhhhhhhh cumin on strong.

Ricky_Grifon Posted on 20/7 22:32
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Fall in love with music fall in love with dance .....

Ricky_Grifon Posted on 20/7 22:34
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Right in the night ........ and when you fall in love !!!!

teflondon Posted on 20/7 22:44
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

ultraviolet kites remix......classic bit of tunage
but only cos i have it on as i type
this thread get hoof up more than a prossies knickers

maidenhead_red Posted on 20/7 22:46
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

"Last night a DJ saved my life" any version - they are all classics

Stepper_T Posted on 20/7 22:51
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

Teflon, when you say Kites Remix, do you mean the ultraviolet one that starts with the piano, or a different one?

teflondon Posted on 20/7 22:54
re: Name A 'Dance' Classic

thats the one mate
the remix has the piano with the breakbeat behind it and the loverly vocal
the otiginal is more of a slow song with horns and stuff
and the same vocal but slower and more hauning
if that make sense