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capio Posted on 17/10 21:19
Smith and Solskjaer

Good to see them back after such bad injuries, Smith just missed a sitter from 4 yards.

boropatch Posted on 17/10 21:21
re: Smith and Solskjaer

I'm struggling to hold back the tears,It's all too emotional especially at the "theatre of dreams".

Fully_Loaded Posted on 17/10 21:21
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Agreed, always liked Smith and it was a bad injury he got, good to see him back

ayresomeangel365 Posted on 17/10 21:23
re: Smith and Solskjaer

what an arrogant swine smith is....he's gonna get his legs broken again the way he's going on....rshole

capio Posted on 17/10 21:26
re: Smith and Solskjaer

beeline Posted on 17/10 21:34
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Downing needs a bit of what Smith has in abundance. Then he'd fly.

masseyattack Posted on 17/10 22:50
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Granted it's his first meaningful action since he broke his leg, but Smith looked pretty average (even though he has played a fair few reserve games) Solskjaer looks like he's never been away, brings back memories of him keeping Beckham out of the team on the right side.

Mart_C Posted on 18/10 9:54
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Well done Solskjaer

BoroMutt Posted on 18/10 9:58
re: Smith and Solskjaer

So excited I fell asleep. I should know better CL early stages are nearly always shight.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 18/10 10:21
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Is Smith still playing defensive midfield?

boroboy75 Posted on 18/10 10:51
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Smith is going to get an overdue crack in the mouth one of theses days. His enthusiasm masks the fact that he isn't a particularly good player, and certainly not a typical Man United player.
He's a treasonous, lip-stick wearing little qunt, too.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/10 10:52
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Should have stuck to his BMX's, as a footballer he's crap.

Boromart Posted on 18/10 11:01
re: Smith and Solskjaer

why any football fan would want to watch champs league is beyond me.

This 'competition' is the reason that all of the european national leagues are now uncompetitive. Its the same bloomin sides at the top in the premierleague, bundesliga, ligue 1, La Liga, Eridivisie, Serie A....etc. etc. and htey are all regular champs league sides. Its near impossible to break there monopoly.

Its time people opened there eyes, this competition is ruining national footabll leagues, boycott the damn thing.

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kermit_the_smog Posted on 18/10 11:03
re: Smith and Solskjaer

Chelsea vs Barcelona tonight

how exciting

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/10 11:06
re: Smith and Solskjaer

The game of the century, or at least since the "game of the century" last year, and the year before that.

Pre match coverage starts at 6:30 on Sky Sports FFS !

number_10 Posted on 18/10 11:35
re: Smith and Solskjaer

The Celtic - Benfica game was rather good

I'm still pished now I think.