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capio Posted on 18/10 13:04
Dawn's place

is a very lovely place indeed.

MsCurly Posted on 18/10 13:11
re: Dawn's place

If I ask 'were you up at the crack of Dawn' in a sexually suggestive manner, will one of the stalwart board regs win a bit with themselves?

I miss the good old days....

captain5 Posted on 18/10 13:14
re: Dawn's place

I tried it but it wouldn't let me post it, so you can win your part of the bet.

capio Posted on 18/10 13:15
re: Dawn's place

Sadly down only does it with hubby, but she lets millions of us watch, what a gal.

MsCurly Posted on 18/10 13:18
re: Dawn's place