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capio Posted on 30/10 12:24
Global Warming


boksic Posted on 30/10 12:52
re: Global Warming

The conventional line on this is the effect on the UK will be to make it colder but with raised sea level. Our weather is driven by the gulf stream that keeps the UK warm and slightly damp (stop laughing at the back). As the oceans heat up the gulf stream will divert further north and west missing the UK and our weather will then be driven by cold fronts from the north (arctic).

grantus Posted on 30/10 12:57
re: Global Warming

Don't be stupid man. It's Global WARMING, not global COLDING!


littlejimmy Posted on 30/10 12:59
re: Global Warming

The correct and currently accepted term is Climate Change, since some places are getting hotter while other places are getting colder.


grantus Posted on 30/10 13:00
re: Global Warming

Shut it Mohammed!

towz Posted on 30/10 13:01
re: Global Warming

It's unseasonably warm for the end of October. I was sat outside in a T-shirt drinking a pint of Red Stripe in Leeds City Centre yesterday!

BobendBill Posted on 30/10 13:01
re: Global Warming

Grantus its a scientific fact ... the whole globe is warming daily except England - well just the north east actually between hartlepool and robin hoods bay.
Just our luck eh !

bring on the warm weather I say

Capybara Posted on 30/10 13:02
re: Global Warming

And, if it was getting colder, surely 'global cooling' would be the corect term as 'to cold' is not a verb. So wrong on all counts

grantus Posted on 30/10 13:04
re: Global Warming

You obviously dont know anything about science Capy, to the Dog House with you!

Capybara Posted on 30/10 13:04
re: Global Warming

Nah. Only a degree in Physics ...

grantus Posted on 30/10 13:05
re: Global Warming

I said DOG HOUSE Mister! Make mine a globally colded Guiness while you're at it.

BobendBill Posted on 30/10 13:07
re: Global Warming

aye the igloo effect strikes again

GibbosEmpire Posted on 30/10 13:08
re: Global Warming

One question that knowone is putting forward is, What will taxing us an absolute bomb on green taxes do to help global warming? Think about it were only a small island and even if we had no emissions what so ever India,Pakistan,China,USA would cover those emissions in weeks.But what will taxing us do?
Im all for helping the planet but I wont do it if the bigger countrys do sod all about it.

grantus Posted on 30/10 13:08
re: Global Warming

I can't work out why people still have greenhouses in their gardens. Surely someone should have banned them ages ago.

zaphod Posted on 30/10 13:12
re: Global Warming

There was a letter in a recent Economist from a Professor of Oceanography at MIT who said that all this talk of changes in the Gulf Stream was ballocks because the Gulf Stream is primarily wind driven and wouldn't be affected by the warming of the ocean.

YodaTheCoder Posted on 30/10 13:13
re: Global Warming

Obi Wan Knowone?

grantus Posted on 30/10 13:29
re: Global Warming

Seriously, I must admit that in general I dont really agree with green taxes. Or rather, the predictable way in which they will be enforced, which will simply be, driving the price of motoring up, for example.

Meaning driving a car legally will be pushed away from the poorer members of society.

Not right in my opinion.

We need more thoughtful and innovative ways of addressing this.

bandito Posted on 30/10 13:48
re: Global Warming

couldnt give a floating igloo about global warming.

capio Posted on 30/10 13:51
re: Global Warming

"As the oceans heat up the gulf stream will divert further north and west missing the UK and our weather will then be driven by cold fronts from the north"


Why would it drive north?

grantus Posted on 30/10 13:52
re: Global Warming

No, what about massive taxes to park your car, or charges to drive it down the road? Would that bother you?

MarlonD Posted on 30/10 13:54
re: Global Warming

The Communist states of the 20th Century started the global warming effects by mass producing armory and eating lots of cabbage soup.

littlejimmy Posted on 30/10 13:56
re: Global Warming

Get stuffed, Tarquin.

Saying you don't care about global warming is like saying you don't care about the future of your kids. You might as well give him a pack of Marlboro, a bottle of whisky and a Big Mac while you're at it.

bandito Posted on 30/10 13:57
re: Global Warming

a slight exaggeration oh political one. I suppose you dont use deodorant do you?

GibbosEmpire Posted on 30/10 13:58
re: Global Warming

Didnt I hear something that cows produce methane from farting?

littlejimmy Posted on 30/10 14:02
re: Global Warming

No, I like the natural smell, oh blithely ignorant (and proud of it) one.

If you had been concentrating for the last 20 years, you'd know that deodorants are now CFC-free.

grantus Posted on 30/10 14:03
re: Global Warming

That sounds like an intoxicating combination. Tabs, whisky and a Big Mac.

Count me in!

bandito Posted on 30/10 14:03
re: Global Warming

so you are telling me that Chelsea fans get their deodorant for free?

MarlonD Posted on 30/10 14:04
re: Global Warming

I bet you dont half sweat for a fat lad in that desert heat.

phill6 Posted on 30/10 14:06
re: Global Warming

havent you been wearing your winter jacket for two months capio?