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PapaJohn Posted on 31/10 6:34
Health Warning - Neck Problems

I mentioned last week about Watford keeping the ball in the air for the majority of the game.

Against city our best attacks came from long punts up field.

Lets have Huth and Macca upfront.

But if you have ailments related to your neck , please remember to do a few stretches before taking your seat at Watford.

bandito Posted on 31/10 7:14
re: Health Warning - Neck Problems

Watford must be quaking in their boots after watching that shower last night

RavsDad Posted on 31/10 8:07
re: Health Warning - Neck Problems

Ah Watford. Remind me. Is this our last chance this season to gift 3 points to a team without a win?

Help of the helpless, Hope of the hopeless.