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SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:19
The Board 'Players'

Who are they? Who do you suspect and why?

If I hear any nonsense from you Lisbon, there'll be bother.....

captain5 Posted on 2/11 11:20
re: The Board 'Players'

As ideas go..........

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:21
re: The Board 'Players'

It wasn't a bad one was it my sweet....

Now we just sit back and watch the egos fly x

captain5 Posted on 2/11 11:23
re: The Board 'Players'

Once grantus and Lisbon (plus his other usernames) get going this could be a biggie.

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 11:23
re: The Board 'Players'

I play Battlefield Vietnam mostly. Oh and Everquest, I'm on the Prexus server if you want to look me up.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:25
re: The Board 'Players'

A surprise post from Yoda....hmmmm what does this suggest to me?

Well, Yoda is smart..mad for computers I dare say and secretly is a bit of a hunk in his spare time?

Are you flower? Are you very easy on the eyes?

zoec Posted on 2/11 11:25
re: The Board 'Players'

Rob said the other day that there were 9,000 usernames registered. I wonder how many of them are LL?

the_broken_fridge Posted on 2/11 11:28
re: The Board 'Players'

8,900 at the last count.

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towz Posted on 2/11 11:29
re: The Board 'Players'

Thought this was gonna be about Ciggies...

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:31
re: The Board 'Players'

Are you a player towz?

MarlonD Posted on 2/11 11:32
re: The Board \'Players\'

I am frequently bored by the wannabe players on here.

If some of the posters on here have the same personality in real life I would launch them.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:33
re: The Board \'Players\'

Marlon I can categorically say with all honesty some elements of my persona on this board are apparent in 3d version. Hoping you'd not wallop me one :o(

captain5 Posted on 2/11 11:37
re: The Board \'Players\'

You definitely wouldn't want to get launched by Marlon.

bandito Posted on 2/11 11:38
re: The Board \'Players\'

Met a few board members and most of them arent anything like they are on here. People are more reserved and reluctant to dish out any lip

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:39
re: The Board \'Players\'

Once his sister pushed me over in the blue zone at college - I'm guessing Marlon wouldn't be as gentle :o(

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 11:39
re: The Board \'Players\'

battlefield vietnam was quality, played that a couple of years ago at me mates whilst drinking special brew before one of our 4 nights out a week!

ahhhhh happy days!! cant remember last time i went out midweek now, think i've became old :o(

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:40
re: The Board \'Players\'

Oh I'm a cheeky wee fecckker full stop bandito love....

MarlonD Posted on 2/11 11:42
re: The Board \\\'Players\\\'

Everybody I have met off this board I have got on fine and I would never judge someone on how much of a tw-at they are on here.

Biggest surprise to me was how much quieter Lisbon was in real life rather than his board persona, being a loud mouthed lying fuqer

captain5 Posted on 2/11 11:42
re: The Board \\\'Players\\\'

Superfluous emoticons. Interesting.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 2/11 11:44
re: The Board \'Players\'

I'll be playing out tonight Smoggy. The Gateway was good last night, too much black stuff for me though, will have to be a little quieter this evening.

towz Posted on 2/11 11:45
re: The Board \\\'Players\\\'

I play football now and again. i also enjoy playing pro-evo on my brother's paly station. I can play the guitar a bit. i've never been in a play. I don't go out to play anymore. I enjoy plays on words. Play-doh isn't very nice to eat.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:46
re: The Board \'Players\'

Corcaigh - it's still a decent pint then?

I was boozing in Langley last night - very interesting :o)

Tonight it's Wokingham.....

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 2/11 11:56
re: The Board \'Players\'

The Guinness was spot on. I've not been to Wokingham, any good?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 11:57
re: The Board \'Players\'


Not sure mate - it's the first night of my quiz over there. Should be good craic, I'll let you know.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:04
re: The Board \'Players\'

But who are the players?

Come on - give me your credentials.....

littlejimmy Posted on 2/11 12:05
re: The Board \'Players\'

Towz - that's surprising. Play-dough smells gorgeous, so I'd have thought it would taste nice, too.

Oh, and people are right about the MB persona thing. I'm actually Maggie Thatcher.

janplanner Posted on 2/11 12:07
re: The Board 'Players'

play-doh tastes loads better than plasticine, as i recall.

GtBB Posted on 2/11 12:09
re: The Board \'Players\'

GtBB - the very last of the famous international playboys. It's a dangerous game, though, most couldn't get away with it. They've shown me the knife, you see, and cannot scare me.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 2/11 12:13
re: The Board 'Players'

Define 'players'.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:16
re: The Board 'Players'

In this instance I would define a player as a chap or indeed chappess who is talented at wooing their object of desire.

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GtBB Posted on 2/11 12:19
re: The Board 'Players'

Pfff, kids game. Girls will believe anything you tell them if they want to believe it. They'll put up with anything but boredom.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:20
re: The Board 'Players'


tunstall Posted on 2/11 12:21
re: The Board 'Players'

can you be a player without knowing what one is?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 2/11 12:21
re: The Board 'Players'

I'm no player, I have a beautiful imaginery girlfriend and two lovely imaginery kids.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:22
re: The Board 'Players'

TUNSTALL - You're very smooth, I suspect you are hit with with your choice of desire.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 12:22
re: The Board 'Players'

I used to be but have been on the wane ever since KFC took me to court over the rights to use their corporate slogan.

Unfortunately I lost.

If it had been a female judge, I'd have won.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:22
re: The Board 'Players'

Well I knew we'd hear from you sooner or later.....

I hear you're quiet as a mouse in the real world.

MsCurly Posted on 2/11 12:29
re: The Board 'Players'

Allow me to assist here, I think I'm probably best qualified to do so.

Borobadge - starts by offering to show you the biggest collection of enamel Boro badges in the universe and once he's gained your confidence, he entraps you in his enormous beard and whisks you off to make wild and passionate love to you all night long.

captain5 - his speciality is stroking. Sometimes he starts on your hand, and sometimes he likes to gently stroke your outer thigh with a view to progressing to the inner thigh. Either way it always culminates in a seductive (if not rather humourous) gaze before he whisks you away to make wild and passionate love to you all night long.

Yoda - a real charmer this one. Have to be careful because once he starts talking to you in binary, all those 1's and 0's will send you into a hypnotic trance therefore allowing him to be able to whisk you off for a full evening's wild and passionate love-making.

Gillandi - one of the top players of the board. Appeals to your nicer nature, the sort of man you could take home to meet your granny. Once you're convinced of what a thoroughly nice guy he is, he'll sing you a bad salad about how his dog upped and died and before you know it you're dishing out the sympathy shag. Either way, you'll be pleased to know that you will have a whole night of wild and passionate love-making to look forward to.

chboro - he'll see to your pipes. Simple as that.

boroboy75 - what starts out as simple and playful banter such as a poll on who would is the bedroom sub out of Ken and Deidre, culminates in a re-enaction of the martial arts gym spectacular fight scene between the blonde bint and the dark haired bint in Bad Girls. Before you know it, you're rolling around on the floor, pulling each others hair and he's screaming out 'I'm gunna 'ave you, Buxton youbitch!' whilst making wild and passionate love to you.

Players a plenty on fmttm.

Wait until I tell you about that'd never believe it!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 2/11 12:30
re: The Board 'Players'

Smogette, who? Me?

captain5 Posted on 2/11 12:30
re: The Board 'Players'

Imagine if you'd paid me for the full service.

tunstall Posted on 2/11 12:32
re: The Board 'Players'

can you have female "players" n all?

and what about "dirty players"?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:45
re: The Board 'Players'

MsCurly - what a fantastic insight, I think I am in love with BB75.....That sounds like some night....

But spekyget sounds interesting....

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:46
re: The Board 'Players'

tunstall - damn right you can....females are among the best players I've witnessed. They're like secret agents...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 2/11 12:47
re: The Board 'Players'

The females on here are all nutters.....

captain5 Posted on 2/11 12:47
re: The Board 'Players'

In what way??

You can both answer that.

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MarlonD Posted on 2/11 12:50
re: The Board \'Players\'

Lisbon is right.

All I will say is MsCurly is the sanest of the female posters.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 12:50
re: The Board 'Players'

Egh - in what way are the females players? Is that your question my sweet?

Chappy_112 Posted on 2/11 12:53
re: The Board 'Players'

Some of the things you lot discuss, Lmao :D

captain5 Posted on 2/11 12:53
re: The Board 'Players'

Well, that and how they are like secret agents.

MarlonD Posted on 2/11 12:53
re: The Board \'Players\'

Why are you named after a dog food ?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 2/11 13:01
re: The Board 'Players'

Having, this very morn, been dumped by my latest, I'm not as good a player as I should be at my age. There are however, a couple of nice shoulders I can cry on this weekend.

Chappy_112 Posted on 2/11 13:02
re: The Board 'Players'

Because my name is Chapman........ plus that would be Chappie would it not?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:06
re: The Board 'Players'

Well, to be honest with you captain5, My Pat persona is a little white lie....but I'm trying to lure you all in and then when we have a Christmas booze up seduce you all with my beauty and extremely witty personality.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:09
re: The Board 'Players'

Just a promise to be filthy will do, to be fair.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:13
re: The Board 'Players'

I'm catholic captain......

Lisbonlegend Posted on 2/11 13:13
re: The Board 'Players'

Nutters I say....

toxic_bob Posted on 2/11 13:14
re: The Board 'Players'

so nailed-on filth, then, if my experiences with Richmond convent girls are anything to go by ..

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SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:15
re: The Board 'Players'

toxic - I am offended.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:16
re: The Board 'Players'

I'll have no problem in converting you from catholicism.

FFS, I've already turned a few lasses lesbian; this will be no problem.

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 2/11 13:16
re: The Board 'Players'

Not one single mention of my name in Curlys post, the bitch and to think I used to love her!


SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:18
re: The Board 'Players'

Good work captain......

I quite like the catholic tag thanks anyway.

My secret luring tactics seem to be working though.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:20
re: The Board \'Players\'

Or are you actually being lured??


MsCurly Posted on 2/11 13:20
re: The Board 'Players'

Knaxy, I was very particular about not actually including any of the posters here that I have actually HAD carnal relations with.

That's why I only mentioned 7 people.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:20
re: The Board \'Players\'

Are you grooming me captain?

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:21
re: The Board \'Players\'

No, it would have to be a full valet, inside and out, nothing less.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 2/11 13:23
re: The Board \'Players\'

U on the 'hunt' again Capt?

I'm glad not to get a mention on this post - must mean the opinion of me has changed!!

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:23
re: The Board \'Players\'

captain.....would it be safe to say you are a sexual deviant?

Sez_Les_Boro Posted on 2/11 13:24
re: The Board 'Players'

"Talented at wooing their object of desire". Pish. Why, only last evening a young lady suggested to me that I could have anything I want for eighty bucks yoo-ess. I suggested a downsizing in this proposition and promised her five whole English pounds if she could find me somewhere that sold Newbould's pork pies.

She left.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:24
re: The Board \'Players\'

You only get a mention when we get towards the ton, Mr F. The interest in you makes it sail past 100.

toxic_bob Posted on 2/11 13:25
re: The Board \'Players\'

Apologies. Smogette - I'm sure you are nothing like the filthy hussies of my imagination. Erm, I mean, experience.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:25
re: The Board \'Players\'

SLB - a fine enough request....

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:25
re: The Board \'Players\'

I would say no, SS.

However if you would like to give a second opinion. No pre-judgement though, please.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:26
re: The Board \'Players\'

toxic - you are the deviant it would appear.....

ParmoMan17 Posted on 2/11 13:26
re: The Board \'Players\'

Thanks Capt - Given me a feeling of satisfaction that has!

captain5 Posted on 2/11 13:28
re: The Board \'Players\'

You're not getting any other feelings off me.

Nedkat Posted on 2/11 13:30
re: The Board \'Players\'

*will this reach a ton, or will they all run out of innuendoes*

That is the question ..

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:30
re: The Board \'Players\' are clearly a deviant. You are offering your 'goods' to a young (ahem) lady (scoff) who masquerades as Pat Butcher on a football forum insulting everyone.

This says to me you're a little 'odd'

I like it :o)

toxic_bob Posted on 2/11 13:32
re: The Board \'Players\'

'toxic - you are the deviant it would appear.....'

It probably will appear in a minute if you keep being all strict

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:34
re: The Board 'Players'

toxic.....seriously, get a blow up doll or something

MsCurly Posted on 2/11 13:38
re: The Board \'Players\'

A blow up doll? <--------just like that?

Heaven forbid!

Surely there must be women out there who appreciate and feel happy to accomodate a man like Bob. The sort of gal who doesn't mind dressing up in a tight fitting business suit, spike heels, hair scraped back, spectacles, a clipboard, sharp tongue and a pair of crotchless panties.

I'm sure Boro is brimming over with them.

(go and have a lie down, bob).

toxic_bob Posted on 2/11 13:40
re: The Board \'Players\'

steady on Ms C

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:41
re: The Board \'Players\'

MsCurly - how the hell did you know what I was wearing for work today? Is there some sort of camera in this com-pu-ter of mine...

NB. Apart from the pants like.

bandito Posted on 2/11 13:42
re: The Board \'Players\'

whats gannin on ere then, there's testosterone everywhere. Some of you will be chucking yer muck if you dont settle down.

MsCurly Posted on 2/11 13:44
re: The Board \'Players\'

bandito, it was that Smogette wot did it, with her dominatrixy ways!


Nedkat Posted on 2/11 13:44
re: The Board \'Players\'

Yer right there, lad !!

Toxic's in a right old muddle ! I think he's already got it out for an airing.

bandito Posted on 2/11 13:45
re: The Board \'Players\'

I'm more concerned for captain and toxic with their advances.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:46
re: The Board \'Players\'

Curlytops - this thread started as an innocent enquiry, then you add to it and there's hormones aplenty.

If you want to fight about this I suggest mud wrestling with bikinis and hair pulling?



MsCurly Posted on 2/11 13:49
re: The Board \'Players\'

Ms Smogette, that's NOT what mudflaps were invented for!

Can I suggest some wibbly wobbly strawberry jelly this time? I might get peckish in between rounds.....

Nedkat Posted on 2/11 13:51
re: The Board \'Players\'

Orr Sh|t !! I was getting the mud ready as well ...

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 13:52
re: The Board 'Players'

"NB. Apart from the pants like."

Not crotchless or not present? Inquiring minds would like to know...

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:53
re: The Board \'Players\'

Curlers - I'm in.....

I love squidging around in the auld jelly with a pretty lady ;o)

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:53
re: The Board 'Players'

Yoda.....I'm pi$$ing myself laughing here fella....seriously??

rararasputin3 Posted on 2/11 13:55
re: The Board 'Players'

Internet Geeks discussing their "playing" ability.

This thread is turning into the greatest work of fiction since Lord of the Rings.

mufflar Posted on 2/11 13:55
re: The Board \'Players\'

Do you think he'll go with one up front on Saturday?

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 13:55
re: The Board 'Players'

I just need to know if it's worth adjusting the camera in your computer... :)

MsCurly Posted on 2/11 13:56
re: The Board 'Players'

Excellent, paddling pool on stand by. Right, I have an appointment with my mach 3 sensor.

Smooth and slippery is the only way to go!


ooh 'eck!

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 13:56
re: The Board 'Players'

And increasing the membership fee on

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:56
re: The Board 'Players'

I'd like to be an internet geek.

bandito Posted on 2/11 13:58
re: The Board 'Players'

Its like a very very very bad carry on film with Ms Curly as Barbara Windsor and captain as sid james. Toxic can be kenneth williams and smogette can be the fat one who always dresses as a nurse

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 13:58
re: The Board 'Players'

Can you speak Klingon?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 13:59
re: The Board 'Players'

Ooo errr MsCurly.....

We'll need to think of health and safety.

Perhaps a sign 'slippery when wet'?

toxic_bob Posted on 2/11 13:59
re: The Board 'Players'

oooh, matron

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 13:59
re: The Board 'Players'

When the 100th post on the "The Board 'Players'" thread is "Can you speak Klingon?" I think it's fair to say it's gone off at a tangent.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:01
re: The Board 'Players'

bandito - you reckon I'm a big unit then?

bandito Posted on 2/11 14:04
re: The Board 'Players'

probably not but thats the image you are conjuring in my head from the stuff you post on here. I'm thinking Rik Waller with a white wig and a fag dropping out yer mouth

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:08
re: The Board 'Players'

Spot on - will you be there for the jelly wretling to see Rik in her swimmers?

bandito Posted on 2/11 14:08
re: The Board 'Players'

doubt it, I'm staying in washing my hair

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:14
re: The Board 'Players'

It could do with it to be honest.

However, we still haven't established the 'player' of fmttm.

Come on - hands up.....

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 14:38
re: The Board 'Players'

A whole hand?!

captain5 Posted on 2/11 14:39
re: The Board 'Players'

She's just a puppet!!!

--- Post edited by captain5 on 2/11 14:39 ---

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:39
re: The Board 'Players'

Yoda that was poor, I expect better from you.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:40
re: The Board 'Players'

captain - have you not learnt your lesson?

YodaTheCoder Posted on 2/11 14:40
re: The Board 'Players'

Sorry, just wanted to hoof the thread back to the top.

capio Posted on 2/11 14:41
re: The Board 'Players'

barmyboroboy usually has 4 women on the go at any one time.

--- Post edited by capio on 2/11 14:41 ---

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:43
re: The Board 'Players'

capio - a welcome contribution.

Do you consider yourself to be a ladies man? or mans man, sorry I shouldn't assume.

capio Posted on 2/11 14:44
re: The Board 'Players'

Well my opinion is not relevant, as boroboy would say I've had my moments.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:46
re: The Board 'Players'

Why is it not relevent capio?

MsCurly Posted on 2/11 14:48
re: The Board 'Players'

Because it's always better to have a pretty lady blow your trumpet than attempting to do it yourself.

capio Posted on 2/11 14:48
re: The Board 'Players'

The Interviewers opinion is always far more important than the interviewees.

capio Posted on 2/11 14:48
re: The Board 'Players'

What she said ^^^

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 14:53
re: The Board 'Players'

Very good curly :o)

I am thoroughly enjoying this thread.....

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 15:48
re: The Board 'Players'

Where is Boroboy 75?

Where for art thou?

towz Posted on 2/11 15:57
re: The Board 'Players'

I also own a record player

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 15:57
re: The Board 'Players'

in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.

Laissez les bons temps rouler

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 15:58
re: The Board 'Players'

Who has a 'real' fire?

captain5 Posted on 2/11 16:01
re: The Board 'Players'

Lisbon probably has an imaginary one.

borowally Posted on 2/11 16:02
re: The Board 'Players'

SouthernSmogette, I've just read on an animal related thread that there is a "Mr Smogette".Is this true ?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:03
re: The Board 'Players'

You seem shocked borowally - why?

captain5 Posted on 2/11 16:05
re: The Board 'Players'

I've just read on an animal related thread that there is a "Mr Smogette".

That is a John Lillie-esque revelation.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:06
re: The Board 'Players'

captain - I'm confused.....

borowally Posted on 2/11 16:08
re: The Board 'Players'

I'm not shocked dear, but you do come across as a carefree and fun loving spirit, and I was just wondering if Mr S. is someone known to your readership.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:09
re: The Board 'Players'

I couldn't possibly comment on that Mr Wally.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 16:09
re: The Board 'Players'

Frankly I don't think that's a valid excuse.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:10
re: The Board 'Players'

Valid excuse?

capio Posted on 2/11 16:12
re: The Board 'Players'

SS it is because you tramp yourself about on the board.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:13
re: The Board 'Players'

'tramp myself about'

Dear God - this is hilarious......

I'm such a cyber hoare.

captain5 Posted on 2/11 16:14
re: The Board 'Players'

Oliver Hoare??

You shagged Priness Diana??

capio Posted on 2/11 16:15
re: The Board 'Players'

A small nibble but a nibble all the same.

Link: niceee

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:15
re: The Board 'Players'

Captain.....if it works for you and your cyber dreams - yeah. I'm Oliver Hoare and I slept with Diana.....she was wonderful.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:18
re: The Board 'Players'

capio - very good ;o)

But I am loving the tag.

If only I was proud enough to tell my 3d friends that I use a football forum to pass the hours at work, I'd love to let them know I'm a cybertramp.

borowally Posted on 2/11 16:19
re: The Board 'Players'

"No comment" ? Not surprised butI am disappointed, does Mr S. exist, or not ?

capio Posted on 2/11 16:20
re: The Board 'Players'

SouthernSmogette aka cyber tramp extraordinaire.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:20
re: The Board 'Players'

Mr Smogette does indeed exist.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:21
re: The Board 'Players'

capio - you want a piece of my cyber ass - obviously

borowally Posted on 2/11 16:27
re: The Board 'Players'

Mr Smogette is very lucky to have such an open, and broadminded partner, who takes on all comers and spits them out so dismissively.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:28
re: The Board 'Players'

I'm not sure that Mr Smogette would agree......... :o)

capio Posted on 2/11 16:30
re: The Board 'Players'

Sorry SS wally has just blown your chances with me, with the revelation that you’re a spitter.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:32
re: The Board 'Players'

Oh God capio - life is over as I know it.....

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 16:33
re: The Board 'Players'

Just have a FMTTM gang bang and get it all over with

borowally Posted on 2/11 16:35
re: The Board 'Players'

That's hard to swallow !

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:35
re: The Board 'Players'

Kermit how would a cyber gang bang take place?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 16:37
re: The Board 'Players'

Who said anything about cyber?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:38
re: The Board 'Players'

Thank God for geographical restrictions my end.....

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 16:49
The Board 'Players'

and im washing my hair

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:51
re: The Board 'Players'

The orgy is off then?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 16:52
re: The Board 'Players'

Oh i was never in, it was a suggestion for you lot.

Not that i'm a voyeur.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:55
re: The Board 'Players'

Oh no Kermit.....I'm a cyberflirt NOT an involved member...

kermit_the_smog Posted on 2/11 16:56
re: The Board 'Players'

Ohhh i see i see.

I don't know what you crazy kids get up to these days.

What with the naked FMTTM pics going around!

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 16:58
re: The Board 'Players'

Ohhh I'm the Reading branch, we can't subscribe to the nakedness.

capio Posted on 2/11 17:04
re: The Board 'Players'

I will sell a photo of SS for 20 of your English pounds.

--- Post edited by capio on 2/11 17:04 ---

SouthernSmogette Posted on 2/11 17:06
re: The Board 'Players'

I'll sell you one for fifteen

capio Posted on 2/11 17:08
re: The Board 'Players'