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capio Posted on 4/11 15:10
we will win

Have faith, we're gonna win 2-1 we're gonna win 2-1, 2-1.

stampysdog Posted on 4/11 15:19
re: we will win

No we won't. You know we won't as well.

chboro Posted on 4/11 15:20
re: we will win

I agree with stampysdog

We'll win 3-1 not 2-1

capio Posted on 4/11 15:23
re: we will win

That's the spirit ch, stop being so dour stamp, you'll be labeled the Bernie of the board.

I have new found optimism this season, I am 100% behind the manager which I haven’t been able to say for several years.

I believe that our ship is sailing in the right direction they’ll be choppy waters on the way, but we’ll get there.

mad_frankie Posted on 4/11 15:24
re: we will win

That's what the captain of the Titanic thought.

Archie_Stephens Posted on 4/11 15:25
re: we will win

Were not creating fuk all going forward according to Kamara. The same as the first half against Citeh.

danboro0902 Posted on 11/11 17:03
re: we will win


BarnesBoro Posted on 11/11 17:06
re: we will win


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