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i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 8/11 21:00
gibson banner...

is the gibson banner been released on saturday verse west ham

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tunstall Posted on 8/11 21:02
re: gibson banner...

only if doc brown turns up in his delorian(sp?)

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 8/11 21:05
re: gibson banner...

oops meant west ham

chboro Posted on 8/11 21:06
re: gibson banner...

Once I've spoken to mn4 tomorrow night I'll post an update as to what is/ isn't happening. Unless he sees this tonight and he can update us on here.

mowbrays_number_4 Posted on 8/11 23:23
re: gibson banner...

The banner will not be ready for the WHU match.The art teacher at the school painting it is off sick,hopefully he'll be back at work soon to finish it off.

It's best to have it right before we show it off to the nation,its only what Gibbo deserves.

borobuddah Posted on 9/11 0:35
re: gibson banner...

A Teacher off sick?


jam69 Posted on 9/11 0:38
re: gibson banner...

wel done,good boost for gibbo,with the(very few thank god)negative posts i have seeen on here lately

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 9/11 1:41
re: gibson banner...

This banner shouldn't see the light of day until it has been proved that Gibson's decision to appoint Southgate wasn't farcical and hasn't resulted in us taking one almighty step backwards.

OverTheTopAussie Posted on 9/11 4:35
re: gibson banner...

Right-oh, guilty till proven innocent it is then, hey Bucko.

Lets follow it up with Bukowski is a Geordie troll, until he proves he isn't.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 9/11 6:07
re: gibson banner...

I just think making a banner for the man is taking this unhealthy adulation that many have for him a little too far.

I find all this Gibbo hero worship unsavoury and verging on the homo-erotic

I think he has been a great chairman for us and long may he continue but less of the arse-kissing ey lads. It makes me cringe.

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Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 9/11 10:27
re: gibson banner...

bukowski, you won't be cringining half as much as Gibbo will , when it is unveiled.

Stonehouse88 Posted on 9/11 10:33
re: gibson banner...

I have heard about this "Gibson Banner"

But exactly where is it going?
How big is it
Have we seen the design or is a secret?

The_Commisar Posted on 9/11 10:34
re: gibson banner...

havn't you got a lathe to clean or some coolant to top up ?
Pass my regards to Deak

rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 10:44
re: gibson banner...

In the bible it says its a sin, to idolise the image of anyone who is not God.
The 12th man are all going to Hell!

gravy_boat Posted on 9/11 10:49
re: gibson banner...

Good job the Bible is just a load of fairy stories then.

Think Hell would be a bit harsh.

rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 10:52
re: gibson banner...

Its freaky beyond the age of about 14 to worship pictures of your idols.

gravy_boat Posted on 9/11 10:56
re: gibson banner...

Its standard practice amongst the fans of many European clubs.

rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 11:21
re: gibson banner...

They have different ways abroad, just because they do it, doesnt make it right for us to do it.
We should be better then that.

boroborn Posted on 9/11 11:30
re: gibson banner...

Its a shame the small minded mentality of a few of our fans, why not show Gibbo our gratitude for not only saving our club but giving us top flight and European footbal?

He's often called the best chairmen in the league by the national press and he is someone we have every right to be proud of.

Local man does good?

But the fickle and narrow minded of the Teesside area cant have that can they?
Its alway negative with them, we're a small north eastern town that made a European final last year, but thats not good enough for them because we didnt win it.

Get a fook1ng grip, support the team or fook off and support Newcaslte.

bandito Posted on 9/11 11:31
re: gibson banner...

Anyone know what the banner looks like then. All this secrecy is a bit daft

rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 11:35
re: gibson banner...

No ones saying dont be grateful to him, but a banner isnt the way to do it, its a bit odd.
If he wanted all that, we would be playing in "The Steve Gibson Arena"

XboroX Posted on 9/11 11:56
re: gibson banner...

im planning on dedicating the underpass the Henry Mowscovic underpass, after all he was as influential in saving the club, as was Graham Fordy and Colin Henderson..

Cant wait to see the new banner like.. should look awesome esspecialy if they get unveiled during the war chant with everyone twirling scarfs at the same time awesome stuff well done to all involved

Guisboro Posted on 9/11 12:08
re: gibson banner...

I think the 12th Man should be congratulated for making the efforts they are to try and improve the whole "football Match experience"

People like rararasputin3 and Bukowski_MFC really get on my tats (I'm sure you are really nice people) with their negativity - they remind me of the types who will sit there, moan about the atmosphere and lack of imitative and then when people come up with ideas, it smacks of "unhealthy adulation", "Its freaky beyond the age of about 14 to worship pictures of your idols" and "just because they do it, doesn’t make it right for us to do it. We should be better then that." How then?

We had a great adventure in Europe, people were very impressed with how our opposition fans supported their team and we began to think why couldn’t we do that?

Boroborn is spot on. Support the team and your fellow fans attempts to improve things and do things a bit different instead of always shooting the ideas down. If you think you can do better, join the 12th man meetings and get involved with your ideas.

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captain5 Posted on 9/11 12:09
re: gibson banner...

I still don't know what rara is complaining about.

It's not as though we're going into the pub he watches the home matches in and redecorating it without asking anyone.

XboroX Posted on 9/11 12:14
re: gibson banner...

more banners.. more enormous "ultras" type flags.. just anything other than morose sitting

Stonehouse88 Posted on 9/11 12:14
re: gibson banner...


What does this banner say and where is it going?

captain5 Posted on 9/11 12:15
re: gibson banner...

There'll be a load of publicity building up to when it gets unveiled and it's not quite finished yet either.

I've seen the base design and it looks good (imho).

XboroX Posted on 9/11 12:16
re: gibson banner...

does it have the 12thman logo only with gibsons face painted on the scarf holder?

captain5 Posted on 9/11 12:17
re: gibson banner...

No, but wait and see!!!

rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 12:22
re: gibson banner...

How come the 12th man is supposed to be for all supporters yet the banner is kept secret from 99.9% of supporters who dont bother with the 12th man?
Its this sort of plastic supporting and the little gimmics thats killing the atmosphere and driving old school supporters away from the ground.

captain5 Posted on 9/11 12:23
re: gibson banner...


XboroX Posted on 9/11 12:25
re: gibson banner...

to be honest i would rather it be kept shtum.. i would be like your mam and dad showing you all your christmas presents in october.

rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 12:29
re: gibson banner...

So what if its finished? inform the fans of what its going to be like unless youre lieing about the 12th man being for all the fans.

captain5 Posted on 9/11 12:32
re: gibson banner...

Anyone who wants to have a look at the basic design can pop along to the meetings and have a look at it, but it's not how it will look when it's finished.

Why don't you come along tonight??

Everyone is welcome.

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rararasputin3 Posted on 9/11 12:39
re: gibson banner...

I dont think you should be excluded from the process, if you have a life and cant attend meetings or if you can think of better ways to spend money then watching a bunch of chancers on £40k a week taking the micky out of the fans.
I had not missed a game for 16 years prior to this season and still attend Saturdays at 3pm, am I not a good enough supporter now?

captain5 Posted on 9/11 13:03
re: gibson banner...

You'll get to see it at the first 3pm Saturday match you go to after it's finished then.

Stonehouse88 Posted on 9/11 13:07
re: gibson banner...

Agree with Rararasputin abit tbh

This whole secret society and stuff puts some fans off

Its fair enough saying everyone is welcome, but not everyone can attend the meetings, people have other commitments and things

I just think more notice to people who cannot attend would help alot. It is meant to be for the fans, not just the people in the 12th man

captain5 Posted on 9/11 13:10
re: gibson banner...

More notice to what??

There is a website with the meeting details on and minutes. We spend quite a lot of time looking at emails sent in by people who can't attend meetings and feed back to them by the website.

rara is a misanthrope who puts down any idea that is positive sounding as he loves being an old school chicken runner, with conspiracy theories on everything.

chboro Posted on 9/11 15:39
re: gibson banner...

All meetings are summarised and placed onto the website for all to view - nothing is kept secret.

As for the banner design - I'll bring it up at the meeting tonight to see if we can put the image on the website too, but I believe it has changed slightly from the original design, so it may not be an exact match of the final article.

As cap says - we read emails out that are sent to the email account: so if you cannot make it and have an idea - simply email us.

It is our intention to involve as many people as possible because everyone has an opinion on stuff - positive and negative comments welcome.

Link: ........................................

borobuddah Posted on 9/11 21:50
re: gibson banner...

What's the teacher off sick with?

If its glandular fever we can all relax till next season!

Get it knitted!

GtBB Posted on 10/11 5:03
re: gibson banner...

Oh, it's 'orrible being in luv when you're eight 'n' a half,
Got your pitcher on me wall, got your name upon me scarf.
Oh, it's 'orrible being in luv
'Orrible being in luv when you're eight 'n'n a haaaaalf.


bandito Posted on 10/11 11:32
re: gibson banner...

What about fans who live out of the area and cannot attend the meetings, how are they meant to get involved and be able to see the design. I think its in the best interests to inform people instead of keeping everything a secret otherwise the unveiling could fall flat on its arse as there will be nobody in the ground

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 17:31
re: gibson banner...

so will this banner be ready tommorow, if so what will be done with it?

Smifter Posted on 10/11 17:35
re: gibson banner...

No it will not be ready for tomorrow the person who needs to finish it is off sick, there will be a lot of publicity beforehand as soon as its done. bandito I see your point but after being discussed at the meeting the people who were there felt it would be better if we waited till it was finished before showing everyone it.

Turner_86 Posted on 10/11 17:36
re: gibson banner...

Bah! Now we have nothing to look forward too at all!

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 17:43
re: gibson banner...

damn!! i was looking forward to seeing that but i suppose its best to wait till its completly finnished.

borobuddah Posted on 10/11 17:47
re: gibson banner...

Good call Bandy, all this secrecy is a joke, bunch of elitist fans wanting to start a popular movement?

Jeez, Donkeys trying to lead lions!

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 17:51
re: gibson banner...

cant a member of the 12th man put a picture or design of the "banner" on the internet for us all to see?

chboro Posted on 10/11 17:53
re: gibson banner...

From the summary:

First of all an update on the Gibson banner:

It had been hoped that the banner would have been finished and making its first appearance at the Riverside Stadium on Saturday November 11th during the West Ham game, but unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control this target is no longer possible.

Once the banner is finished, and has passed all the necessary safety checks it will make its first appearance – hopefully for the Liverpool home game on Saturday November 18th, but that target date will be confirmed once we know for definite.

It was also decided that due to the changes to the original design, it would be best if the design was not put onto the website until we have the finished article and photo’s would be released in due course.

borobuddah Posted on 10/11 17:54
re: gibson banner...

If those on this Board aren't considered part of the 12th man, I have a badge for sale.

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 17:55
re: gibson banner...

fair enough, at least its still a surprise.

Turner_86 Posted on 10/11 17:55
re: gibson banner...

Liverpool game would be better actually. Bigger crowd and a bigger better away support to show it off to.

Can't wait to see what it looks like mind. Ignore the cynical ones, I think it sounds class.

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i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 17:58
re: gibson banner...

how big is this thing?

bigger than the surfer?

chboro Posted on 10/11 17:58
re: gibson banner...

Every fan is a 12th man.

The banner has changed from the original design, and we don't have any pics of the new one (what it will look like).

I think there is a pic of it part done, I'll try to get hold of it when Mr 85 gets back from Australia tomorrow and I'll put get it put on the twe12thman site.

borobuddah Posted on 10/11 18:02
re: gibson banner...

George Orwell summed up your philosophy in Animal Farm,

"All are equal, but some are more equal than others"

Elitist garbage posing as popularism.

I might have been born yesterday, but I was up all night.

chboro Posted on 10/11 18:05
re: gibson banner...

That is your view and you are entitled to it - the reasons have been explained and if you choose not to accept the truth then so be it.

newholgate Posted on 10/11 18:06
re: gibson banner...

There is nothing secret about it.

Can people not understand that there is no picture available of it due to a design change!!!

Those of us who could be bothered to attend the meeting (and I know that not everyone can get due to distance) didn't see the design of it either.

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i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 21:36
re: gibson banner...

what size is it?

bigger than the surfer?

chboro Posted on 10/11 21:38
re: gibson banner...

Not sure on the size of it - I'll check with mn4 if I see him tomorrow to ask.

The surfer isn't out tomorrow because of the minutes silence.

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 21:41
re: gibson banner...

cheers for that, which people sortes the surfer out before matches. Anyone of here?

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chboro Posted on 10/11 21:42
re: gibson banner...

Most are from here including, borored, relfy, mn4, boro85, and me(from this season)

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 10/11 21:43
re: gibson banner...

you lot do a good job. well done.

sasboro Posted on 10/11 22:47
re: gibson banner...

why dont the 12 man gang set up a petition to get steve gibson knighted?

mowbrays_number_4 Posted on 10/11 22:55
re: gibson banner...

hey,i saw what you done there sas.

you tried humour!

sasboro Posted on 10/11 22:58
re: gibson banner...

not humour was a serious question.
why hasnt he ever been put forward for a knighthood or something similar? he has done a lot for the club and town. arnt the local mp's bothered?

mowbrays_number_4 Posted on 10/11 22:59
re: gibson banner...

i was referring to the 12 man thing.

XboroX Posted on 11/11 11:14
re: gibson banner...

He cant be knighted, least not for services to sport.. he would have to achieve something special win the world cup etc

So he could be for services to industy/business (bulkhaul) but he wont be.. No amount of petitioning will change that..

That from the mouth of a local Dame who happens to know quite a bit about "knighthoods/damehoods for sport" if you catch me..

its sad but true Stevie G will never be a Sir no matter what he achieves with the boro...

borobuddah Posted on 11/11 14:51
re: gibson banner...

Ok then, describe it

What was the old design, you have a picture of that?

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 18/11 12:45
re: gibson banner...

anyone know if its been released today or not?

Huan_Kerr Posted on 18/11 12:50
re: gibson banner...


Nominate him yourself.

If a few others do it who knows?

Link: Nominate.

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 18/11 12:54
re: gibson banner...


Mat_Evans Posted on 18/11 14:01
re: gibson banner...

More than likely not, as it's had no publicity as the twelth man said it would.

chboro Posted on 18/11 14:03
re: gibson banner...

As we put out in articles on the website, fmttm and the email contact list - it is being unveiled at the Boro V Manchester United match.

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 18/11 15:28
re: gibson banner...

thanks chboro and Mat_Evans

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borobuddah Posted on 19/11 0:45
re: gibson banner...

"Can people not understand that there is no picture available of it due to a design change!!!"

Come in Newholgate, give us a description?

borobuddah Posted on 19/11 22:02
re: gibson banner...


chboro Posted on 19/11 22:04
re: gibson banner...

I have a pic now of it part painted - I need permission to put it on here tho cos it isn't my pic. I'll see tomorrow night what the answer is.

borobuddah Posted on 19/11 23:48
re: gibson banner...

Jam tomorrow.

Tell us what it says, or give up.

It doesn't need a photo. Secrecy, secrecy.

chboro Posted on 19/11 23:54
re: gibson banner...

It is a red and white striped banner with a painting of Gibbo on it, I thought we had already said that on previous threads?

fluteloop Posted on 19/11 23:56
re: gibson banner...

The secrecy is a little ridiculous, it's a banner FFS! Some people just want to know what it looks like! I'm not ar$ed myself, I can contain my excitement until the manure match.

chboro Posted on 19/11 23:59
re: gibson banner...

There is no secrecy - its just changed from the original design and I don't have a pic of that.

borobuddah Posted on 20/11 0:15
re: gibson banner...

So, a photo of Gibbo on a Sunland background.

What do the words say? (No picture required)

borobuddah Posted on 20/11 9:28
re: gibson banner...

Sorry, I don't know the handshake and codeword.

captain5 Posted on 20/11 9:29
re: gibson banner...

I do and I've not seen the revised version either Stu.

You're not being kept in the dark yet. It's just not finished yet.

borobuddah Posted on 20/11 9:41
re: gibson banner...

Whe will I start being kept in the dark then?

Somebody knows the words.

Do I know you Cap'n?

bandito Posted on 20/11 12:29
re: gibson banner...

is the picture of Gibbo a caricature or a retro style image like you get on the t shirts?

chboro Posted on 20/11 14:39
re: gibson banner...

sorry I went to bed last night before you replied, I think the words are on the twe12thman website banner - not totally sure because that too has changed from the original design.

Bandito - not totally sure what you mean cos I haven't seen the t-shirts, but I "think" it is the retro - but I may be wrong

bandito Posted on 20/11 14:41
re: gibson banner...

chboro: like the Jimmy tshirt that was advertised on here down the side of the page

chboro Posted on 20/11 14:50
re: gibson banner...

I can't remember what that looked like to be honest, I'll check later and describe it.

borobuddah Posted on 20/11 16:55
re: gibson banner...

Not on the site that I can see

bandito Posted on 20/11 17:00
re: gibson banner...

ave a look on tshirts - there's hundreds in the same stlye. Black shadow effect

chboro Posted on 20/11 18:16
re: gibson banner...

Buddah - look at the banner for the twe12th man on the front page of the message board "one of us" - but I could be wrong as I haven't seen it.

Bandito - yes it is like them.

bandito Posted on 20/11 18:26
re: gibson banner...

if it's like them then you're onto a winner

newholgate Posted on 20/11 18:44
re: gibson banner...

borobuddah Posted on 19/11 0:45 Email this Message
re: gibson banner...

"Can people not understand that there is no picture available of it due to a design change!!!"

Come in Newholgate, give us a description?

Like I said, even those of us who attend the meetings didn't see the new design. All I know is what I, and everyone else has been told.
Big banner. I forget the size, but 30ft ish seems to ring a bell.
Pic of Gibson on it and the words mentioned on the banner at the top of the page "one of us".

Boro85 Posted on 20/11 18:46
re: gibson banner...

Sorry for the lack of updates, ive been away for 3weeks, but aside from that there hasnt been much to report. Its stuck in the painting process at the moment, but the good news is that thats the last bit to be done so, once it is done thats it ready to go.

RE the design, youll obviously see it at launch, but...
- The wording is "One Of Us"
- It features an image of Gibson, which i reckon is instantly recognisable as the man himself. The image is taken from the Carling Cup final, and is done in an arty sort of block painting style. Not quite as simple as those retro t-shirt images Bandy but that sort of style, bit more detail.
- Its also got a few more bits and bobs on it, and all in all will look brilliant when done im sure
- Dimensions i *think* are 30ft by 20ft, but im not certain on that

Last time i saw it was when they were getting Gibson onto it, and thats the most important part and looked brilliant. Once its done i hope to get some images up before the big reveal at the United game.

Does that fill in some of the blanks?

bandito Posted on 20/11 18:48
re: gibson banner...

thats the spirit Boro85. Sounds great. Does Gibbo know?

newholgate Posted on 20/11 18:50
re: gibson banner...

MN4 said the Club obviously knows (Lamb) and thinks it will have been discussed with Gibson.

Boro85 Posted on 20/11 18:51
re: gibson banner...

The club know, im not sure whether Gibbo has been informed yet. When i spoke to Dave Allan in the summer (so ages ago) we tossed about the idea of keeping it a suprise but didnt carry that any futher, so i cant say yes or no.

He'll like it though im sure, despite being such a modest chap.

chboro Posted on 20/11 18:51
re: gibson banner...

It was the club that requested publicity for it before the launch so I'm sure Gibbo will know about it.

bandito Posted on 20/11 18:53
re: gibson banner...

just wondering if it was a suprise for him thats all. Anyway, cant wait to see it and if it's unveiled for the man u game then that is fantastic timing. The whole world will see it

newholgate Posted on 20/11 18:58
re: gibson banner...

"if it's unveiled for the man u game then that is fantastic timing. The whole world will see it"

Good point that bandito!

On Sky and most of the world is a Man U fan. Couldn't be better timing really. I hope it does end up being Man U!!!

chboro Posted on 20/11 19:01
re: gibson banner...

As long as they fooking show it on tv - they'll probably zoom in on a little Cockney Devil banner so kid has round him shoulders - Sky tv are only here to watch Man U after all

newholgate Posted on 20/11 19:02
re: gibson banner...

We'll just have to make sure the atmosphere is buzzing that day so that they are more taken by the Boro fans and pay our end some attention.

bandito Posted on 20/11 19:04
re: gibson banner...

Seriously, it's maybe a good idea to contact the production crew and give the chief producer the nod to say that is what is going to happen. It'll be in their best interest aswell to film such an event.

newholgate Posted on 20/11 19:11
re: gibson banner...

Good idea bandito. You are on fire tonight

Think MN4 or thesmogster were sorting out press etc. This might be one for them.

Keep hoofed!

borobuddah Posted on 20/11 22:26
re: gibson banner...

Jeez fella's, chuffed to fook, that "ONE OF US" logo was my suggestion.

How much donation do yes want from us exiles to be in on the inner circle act?

Sorry if I offended anyone earlier like eh?

Downilson Posted on 20/11 22:47
re: gibson banner...

Looking at that honours website, the criteria for a Knighthood is:


Outstanding contribution in any field generally at national level or in a capacity which will be recognised by peer groups as inspirational and significant nationally, and which demonstrates a long-term commitment. Depending on their achievements this could include, for example, inspiration for major local initiatives which have been adopted as national benchmarks, Chairs/Chief Executives of the largest most significant companies, leading players in national working groups or industry bodies."

Surely there's a case?

Boro85 Posted on 20/11 23:11
re: gibson banner...

No donation required, no inner circle

I didnt realise it was your suggestion buddah, i just made the list out of the suggestion thread and we took it from there. Nicely done.

On a serious donation front, MN4 has some tshirts with the design printed on them coming out shortly. All money goes into the coffers for the next big gig.

borobuddah Posted on 21/11 0:26
re: gibson banner...

Count me in for a large one.

And me badge is no longer for sale.

Keep yer money, pride is at stake.

Mat_Evans Posted on 21/11 15:33
re: gibson banner...

How is it being displayed? I like the idea of it being unfurled with supporters all around the stadium twirling their scarfs. Would look pretty damn good!

Link: Scarf waving

XboroX Posted on 21/11 15:52
re: gibson banner...

its a great idea, personally i think if the scarves were twriled the banners unfolded and the war chant played we would have an awesome event on our hands.

CeithKool Posted on 21/11 16:02
re: gibson banner...

where is the banner going to be hung? I think we are really missing a trick by not having a long banner clipped to the edges of the west stand upper.

It wouldnt be on tele but who cares about tele, its the atmosphere for the fans that matters. And I think it would look well boss

XboroX Posted on 21/11 16:06
re: gibson banner...

ceith, i think the idea is for it to unfold down the crowd from behind like the sevilla banner did at the final.

chboro Posted on 21/11 16:07
re: gibson banner...

North stand - where it steps up the West is the only place big enough to hang it(apart from the away end)

As for your idea it would get on tv because they have the camera in the South stand that could zoom up to it.

borobuddah Posted on 22/11 9:41
re: gibson banner...


just looked again, my suggestion was "Deep in our hearts"

Bluddy altzheimer's!

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 26/11 21:10
re: gibson banner...

Any news on when it is been released?

Verse Man U would be class.

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 26/11 22:18
re: gibson banner...


PoetLaureate Posted on 26/11 22:21
re: gibson banner...

Doesnt look like it will be realised against man u, the teacher who is painting it has been off ill.

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 26/11 22:25
re: gibson banner...

Cheers for that.

What a shame.

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 22:56
re: gibson banner...

Still off ill?

(Reminder to take out shares in teacher supply agencies)

Get it done before we all die!

phill6 Posted on 8/12 19:27
re: gibson banner...

is this ready for tommorow?

chboro Posted on 8/12 19:33
re: gibson banner...

Its all completed but I'm not sure if it has been checked over by the safety people so I doubt it will be out tomorrow - more likely to be the Charlton game.

phill6 Posted on 8/12 19:35
re: gibson banner...

fook sake this is taking ages its a piece of cloth is it not, why does it need to undergo such a rigorous safety check

Turner_86 Posted on 8/12 19:37
re: gibson banner...

Surely it only needs a serious safety check if it's a surfer, which It's not is it?

phill6 Posted on 8/12 19:40
re: gibson banner...

exactly, and hasnt it been waiting for this saftey check for over a week, how is there such a backlog of cloth that needs checking

chboro Posted on 8/12 19:44
re: gibson banner...

Stop moaning - the safety committee don't meet every week - thats why I aint sure if it has been checked yet.

Whether it is a surfer or not it needs to pass the safety side before it can be brought out due to the size of it.

Turner_86 Posted on 8/12 19:48
re: gibson banner...

Sorry ch, not moaning, just eager to see it.

How big is it? Do you know what the ideas are for where it will go?

phill6 Posted on 8/12 19:49
re: gibson banner...

not moaning, its pestering because we are impatient moaning suggests that we/i think its a waste of time(although the safety check probably is)

any pics of it to shut me up?

chboro Posted on 8/12 19:51
re: gibson banner...

I think they have put a preview of it on the 12th man site and there is a few flying around - I saw it on a lads phone on Saturday but don't have a pic of the full thing.

If the lad is online later I'll ask if he'll link to it but I gotta shoot to fix a boiler - I'll be back in about 90mins.

borobuddah Posted on 9/12 0:07
re: gibson banner...

Pss ups and breweries.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 9/12 0:30
re: gibson banner...

Perhaps the banner can be unveiled once we've been relegated as a result of Gibbo's decision to appoint a rookie manager with no experience.

*Ducks for cover*

davo44 Posted on 9/12 2:17
re: gibson banner...

The Banner is complete.
Its really good.

However it has to pass a health and safty chek

Trust me when you see it you'll cry.

borobuddah Posted on 9/12 9:30
re: gibson banner...

A banner make me cry?

Only with the frustration of not being able to see it, even though I helped pay for it.

artofboro Posted on 9/12 11:07
re: gibson banner...

can't you all stop bleating on about getting a sneek preview of the gibson banner! we think it looks good ( at least it did in our school hall 'cos me and two others painted it!) but we are NOT going to send out any poxy photos cos we couldn't get far enough away to get a good image! wait fot the H and S chaps at MFC to pass it and see it in its intended setting, in the GROUND at a match. Why don't you go and look to see where your mam has hidden your christmas presents instead to take your mind off it!!!!!!!!

Woodymfc Posted on 9/12 11:09
re: gibson banner...

where is it going to be placed in the ground Santa ?
will it cover all the empty seats

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borobuddah Posted on 9/12 13:45
re: gibson banner...

How come a picture of it was supposed to be up on here then, wise guy?

Flint_Stone Posted on 9/12 18:19
re: gibson banner...

Mr Art - how was your head this morning? Mine was a bit heavy, mustve been the water in that makum Beer. Good Night tho

artofboro Posted on 9/12 18:27
re: gibson banner...

I'm sure that if you look hard enough you will find a picture of it buddah my friend,
it will be flying just behind santa's sleigh on christmas eve. but don't wait up too late of santa will only bring you a bag of cinders!

artofboro Posted on 9/12 18:30
re: gibson banner...

Got up at 10.30 mr stone. I haven't done that for four years! Great night (no teachers talking bollox!!).

Flint_Stone Posted on 9/12 18:32
re: gibson banner...

no teachers talking bollox!! - only you

Smoggieman00 Posted on 9/12 18:39
re: gibson banner...

So let me get this straight, The banner upon being finished will be unveiled at a home game, some time in the future?

artofboro Posted on 9/12 19:06
re: gibson banner...

The banner is finished and off my hands. The lads from 12th man collected it from school over a week ago and I believe that they were asking for volunteers this morning to put it in the ground so that the H and S from the club would see how it was going to be displayed. apart from that I have no idea when it will be seen, but i'm sure it won't be long, assuming it passes the safety tests. The committee meet about once a month I've been told, so that is the timescale. ie 1-4 weeks.