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japsterboro Posted on 12/11 11:29
Observations and Boateng ...

... his 1st touch and distribution is still shocking. I can only assume its a mental thing, maybe something to do with his decision making or current lack of confidence.

Either way, its bloody annoying.

Again, when we kicked off, we made about two passes before kicking the ball skyward and out of touch, giving posession to WHU within 20 seconds ... WHY?!

On a positive note, the victory tasted sweet and we deserved it through a day of hard work and endevour. I hoped for 4 points from the last 3 games and we have 3 points.

As usual, you can never predict the boro's results and we struggle against the weaker teams .... but on the other side, we can pull it out of the bag against the best .... bring on Liverpool and 2-1 to the boro!!!

Mickey_2003 Posted on 12/11 11:33
re: Observations and Boateng ...

Nothing against Boateng himself, but he is showing signs of fatigue. Please, please rest him for 3 games, give him chance to get sorted out, then he can come back fighting fit, and raring to go, with something to prove. Keep him hungry.