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Buddy Posted on 15/11 16:17
FAO Gareth Southgate

There was a rumour last season that you were that interested in what the fans had to say that you occasionally read this board. I suspect that even if that was the case you have less time on your hands in your new job (although frankly if you had time to read it last year you had time to get your sodding UEFA licence ).

Anyway, I noticed last week that you pre-empted a lot of the "one up front at home? sack him now" nonsense in your post-match interview, by saying that you knew a lot of people wouldn't be impressed but you felt the midfield needed tightening up. (Fair enough, especially if you've got Supersub to bring on up front when the defence is knackered.) This further gave me the impression that you do have half an eye on what's being said on the metaphorical terraces.

So what I was wondering was, could you slip into an interview this weekend your rationale for not leaving anybody upfield when we're defending a corner? It was even more noticeable last week because I think they had one then we had one in quick succession. On theirs, we headed the ball out of the box,they put it back in and we had to deal with it again, whereas on ours they headed it out of the box, Benayoun(?) picked it up in the centre circle and they had a break on.

I know it's a common complaint so perhaps if you get asked "you must have been pleased with the defence" or something you could get it round to explaining the current policy?

Turner_86 Posted on 15/11 16:21
re: FAO Gareth Southgate

Good question. I'd like to see someone left up field, I think not only does it give us an opportunity to hit them on the break, but it probably empties our box a bit more, making it easier for our centre backs to hoof(huth) it to safety.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/11 16:21
re: FAO Gareth Southgate

Ok, I admit it. I am Gareth Southgate.

PapaJohn Posted on 15/11 16:22
re: FAO Gareth Southgate

Gareth - please answer that question re corners.

Also my son and I share your birthday of 3rd Sep. If you could put that in your diary for next year we can meet up for a drink. Note my son was also born at Watford Gen close to the site of one of our lowest moments of the season.

Onwards and upwards bindippers next.

bon chance.

Winston_Spangler Posted on 15/11 16:33
re: FAO Gareth Southgate

Gareth, see you Saturday. Be ready cos I've got some brilliant questions lined up.