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Buddy Posted on 20/11 14:48
Motson and Geremi

"I've just remembered the last time I saw him score a free kick, for Cameroon against England just before the World Cup in 2002".

We're really just not on their radar, are we?

scoea Posted on 20/11 14:51
re: Motson and Geremi

Do you know I thought EXACTLY the same thing when I heard that.

We are like the black hole of football.

Ste_1986 Posted on 20/11 14:53
re: Motson and Geremi

to be fair how many free kicks did he score for is all i can remember.

Against Chelski themselves !

Capybara Posted on 20/11 14:54
re: Motson and Geremi

And one against Liverpool at their place. And my recent-term memory is hopeless.

bandito Posted on 20/11 14:54
re: Motson and Geremi

He scored a cream egg down at Anfield. An absolute pearler it was to put us 1 nil up. Seem to remember we hadnt scored an away goal for about 8 games and kept losing 1 nil. Typically Riise equalised

bendylikemendi Posted on 20/11 14:55
re: Motson and Geremi

Did anyone see Le Tissier on Soccer Saturday describe the freekick.

It went something along the lines of:

"Lampard, Drogba and Geremi are stood over the ball. It's not going to be Geremi taking it. Oh, it is Geremi. It's a goal!"

bandito Posted on 20/11 14:56
re: Motson and Geremi

made a refreshing change from lampards usual hit and hope down the middle shot that usually deflects of someones heel and goes in!

Capybara Posted on 20/11 14:58
re: Motson and Geremi

It was the same game where John Eustace made his triumphant debut.

bubblesmfc Posted on 20/11 14:58
re: Motson and Geremi

Geremi strikes a free kick better than Drogba or Lampard, he just rarely gets the chance.

He'd have scored a dozen or more like that for us if he'd stayed, instead of becoming a multi-millionaire Chelsea reserve.

The_Boro_Biffa Posted on 20/11 15:00
re: Motson and Geremi

I remember seeing us hammer LEeds at their place a while back.

Geremi was on the ball around the edge of the box and I yelled shoot. He did and scored. Then looked at me and put his thumbs up. So i've technically got an assist for the Boro.

*parts of the above story may not be true*

vanbasten8276 Posted on 20/11 15:02
re: Motson and Geremi

I heard Le Tissier, what a plank!

Like you said seems like Geremi's time at Boro never happened!

another_waster Posted on 20/11 15:03
re: Motson and Geremi

I think he will get a lot more games for Chelsea this year. With the formation mthey are playing they need a right back who can get up and down fast - he is very athletic and shouldnt have a problem with this

bevo2005 Posted on 20/11 15:04
re: Motson and Geremi

BoroBiffa, did Juninho also score a spanking goal in the same Leeds game?

Ste_1986 Posted on 20/11 15:07
re: Motson and Geremi

bevo2005 yeh juninho did score a pearler and massimo got the other from a pen !

finished 3-2 boro with viduka with both of their goals

bevo2005 Posted on 20/11 15:10
re: Motson and Geremi

I remeber that game now. Geremi scored a peach. Lobbed Robinson from outside the box if i recall. Great game

The_Boro_Biffa Posted on 20/11 15:14
re: Motson and Geremi

He certainly did Bevo. Quality match.

My sister was living in Leeds at the time too so I got to walk back with all their fans, they were gutted. Which made it even better.

bandito Posted on 20/11 15:15
re: Motson and Geremi

ah the memories. Let off loads of stink bombs in the concourse at ht if I remember.

The_Boro_Biffa Posted on 20/11 15:18
re: Motson and Geremi

That actually rings a bell Bandito. Funny the things you remember.

Buddy Posted on 20/11 15:21
re: Motson and Geremi

Ahhhh bandi. Like a 4-year-old in the body of a...errrr.....

bandito Posted on 20/11 15:40
re: Motson and Geremi

Buddy, stick to posting messages that even Einstein would struggle to comprehend

Lucky_Alf Posted on 20/11 15:43
re: Motson and Geremi

As opposed to Baby Einstein.

Buddy Posted on 20/11 15:53
re: Motson and Geremi

bandito Posted on 20/11 15:55
re: Motson and Geremi


scoea Posted on 20/11 16:10
re: Motson and Geremi

Doesn't he play for Bolt-On?