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Buddy Posted on 23/11 13:16
Nick Clarke (Radio 4) - deceased

Bit of a shame, I used to enjoy Round Britain Quiz.

Is it Humphrey Lyttleton's turn next?

Link: Deceased

beeline Posted on 23/11 17:27
re: Nick Clarke (Radio 4) - deceased

He's the reason I've been having a late lunch for years, 2pm over here.

Far more incisive than all of the more 'famous' interviewers of TV and radio. The only surprise to me is the extremely high regard in which he was held by politicians and fellow journalists.

Huan_Kerr Posted on 23/11 18:34
re: Nick Clarke (Radio 4) - deceased

Massive intellect and a unique interviewing style.

Proved that you don't have to be rude and aggresive to get the politicians squirming.

Will be missed quietly by many.

Mr_Incident Posted on 23/11 18:35
re: Nick Clarke (Radio 4) - deceased

It's a great shame. His voice was one of the most recognisable going - when you heard it you thought 'Radio 4'. And a fine journalist by all accounts.

Binhead Posted on 23/11 19:04
re: Nick Clarke (Radio 4) - deceased

I wonder what he thought of assholes like John Humphreys who even interrupts his own interruptions. Nick Clarke was a gentleman, who demonstrated you could get more out of an interview by letting the interviewee answer the questions. They'll probably replace him with Jan Leeming when she gets back from the jungle