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Kilburn Posted on 24/11 12:30
Nuclear Congo

As well as being a war-torn basket case of a country, Congo is also the proud possessor of a defunct nuclear plant where 98 bars of enriched uranium are currently being stored.

Don't worry though. Although the lack of any guards, and absence of perimeter security, means that people can just wander into the nuclear reactor facility, the room where the uranium is kept has a door with three locks on it.

Link: Scary stuff

redcar_racer Posted on 24/11 12:34
re: Nuclear Congo

I worked in Equatorial Guinea for 18 months, only internatinal airport I have seen with no fence around it.
Woman carrying bananas over the runway used to haalt the planes take off!

Africa - gotta love it

UgoAfro Posted on 24/11 12:34
re: Nuclear Congo

Is that where they make the Um Bongo?

The_Commisar Posted on 24/11 12:35
re: Nuclear Congo

on a similar vein, flew into Kinshasa, told "on no account take photos, military airport" by the steward.
I assumed the Dakota on milk crates was the military aircraft.....

billybalfour Posted on 24/11 12:36
re: Nuclear Congo

I thought they drank um bongo in the congo?