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Borored Posted on 27/11 19:53
Redcar Speedway 2007

Yup, I back to my desperate attempts to get more people to the Speedway

The process of building next years title winning side is under way, with both Chris Kerr and Mat Tresarrieu both confirmed in the side. Two young, exciting riders who will only get better and better next season. Also, with Havelock and Dan Giffard expected to sign very shortly its got the makings of a very good side indeed.

Plenty of names have been bandied around who will fill the remaining slots, but with Jack Hargreaves returning to Stoke, the reserve spots will be crucial.Personally would like to see Paul Cooper in there as he rode our place well last season, and take a chance on 16 year old Jack Roberts who got a 21 point maximum against us in the last Bays match.

That would leave us plenty of points to play with to get a good rider in to help Havvy out. Would love to see Magnus Karlsson or even Richard Hall in, but that would be very unlikely.

Certainly an exciting season ahead!

Once again, I will keep this hoofed and be the only person to post on it

the_broken_fridge Posted on 27/11 19:59
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

wrong! I'm going to post.

I can see Peterborough winning the title again

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:00
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

not sure, if Poole sign Jason Crump as is expected they could be very strong indeed.

key_toenail Posted on 27/11 20:02
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Mr Red are they playing at home bbtween 15th Dec and 1st Jan?

im off work then and i might come along to see what all the fuss is about

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:03
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

nope mr Nail, season dont start till March but im all excited already

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 27/11 20:06
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Pardon my ignorance Borored but where in Redcar do they race? Is the current set-up directly related to the Boro Bears from the past?

the_broken_fridge Posted on 27/11 20:08
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

borored - I have no idea really!

I just know peterborough won it (just) last season, and they were very excited about it.

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:09
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

not actually in Redcar but in South Bank, right next door to the Karting track. Only called Redcar as the land is Redcar Borough Councils land.

None of the management set up are from the Bears, but people like Tony Swales are still there most weeks.

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:09
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

not actually in Redcar but in South Bank, right next door to the Karting track. Only called Redcar as the land is Redcar Borough Councils land.

None of the management set up are from the Bears, but people like Tony Swales are still there most weeks.

Link: link

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

its the thought that counts Mr Fridge!

They did indeed, won it in the last race.

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 27/11 20:12
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Thanks Red. I thought it was shameful when the old Bears ground was closed for an extension to the College which never actually went ahead for years.

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:17
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

yeah it was a great shame. Apparently a few years ago a document was found saying that the Speedway had to remain there for a certain amount of years, but its all water under the bridge.

Great to see us back with a good young side and good crowds.

key_toenail Posted on 27/11 20:18
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

by the way

They are called 'Redcar' so they would sound more appealing

and I sanctioned the request

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:19
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Pronounced Redca though.

key_toenail Posted on 27/11 20:27
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


is that better

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Borored Posted on 27/11 20:28
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

now look what you have done

YearbyRed Posted on 27/11 20:31
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Looking forward to the new season as well.

Think the new points limit is a bit low - would have liked a couple of extra points to play with.

Not sure who we will have at reserve (Cooper would be OK, didn't see Jack Roberts). Don't really think any of the Bays are up to the task at the moment.

Last Heat leader is interesting - rumoured to be Grieves (not as bad at STMP as some are saying) but would prefer Karlsson. Can't really see Richard Hall dropping down - bit of a backward step.

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:40
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Not sure about Grieves personally but think he is very likely to end up here. As far as im aware he is a CVS asset, although I did hear he preferred a weekend track.

Reserves are going to be very important next season, probably too early for Roberts as he was a CL reserve last season, but would not mind him at the Bays.

Think midway through the season Rsuty may have made the step up, but a few injuries ruined his confidence

key_toenail Posted on 27/11 20:43
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

ha ha

i spazzed your thread

Borored Posted on 27/11 20:45
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 27/11 20:46
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

I know it was a bit fanciful including Richard Hall in there, expecting him to have a cracking year again for Peterborough this year.

He was awesome around STMP in the Silver Helmet, would have complemented Havvy brilliantly

erimus11 Posted on 27/11 22:22
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Anybody get to the presentation night on Saturday?
It was a great evening - my personal highlight being the 1981 title winning team getting back together (minus Brian Havvy and Mark Courtney)

There was a excellent turnout for the event which was mainly to raise funds for the Bays (and also for Luke Priest who had a serious accident earlier this year)

There were rumours also of Greives being our new signing - jury's out on that one for me.

I would love to see Richard Hall here next year but I think he proved just how good he's going to be when he won the Silver Helmet Trophy - I think he will concentrate on making his name in the Elite League.

Shaun71 Posted on 27/11 22:23
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Theres a trophy called The Silver Helmet?

key_toenail Posted on 27/11 22:23
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

youve just gave borored a semi-on

go on mate type away!

Borored Posted on 27/11 22:27
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

yeah, really enjoyed Saturday night.

Seeing Luke Priest was fantastic after seeing the pics of him in a hospital bed not so long back. Great to see the old lads and the young ones in the same room, had some very interesting chats especially with some of the Bays.

Fantastic to see Stevie Wilcock too, my first memories of Speedway are watching him round Cleveland Park.

Ally seemed to enjoy it anyway

Borored Posted on 27/11 22:30
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

also enjoyed Tony Couplands comment about Mark Courtney too

erimus11 Posted on 27/11 22:34
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Borored - now then fella.

Had a few pints with Ali last night - yeah, he enjoyed the presentation night. Was very impressed with the support and passion there is for speedway in this area aswell as the friendliness etc amongst the fans - mind you, hasn't Alun Armstrong changed since he scored that goal aginst Oxford in our promotion year!

Borored Posted on 27/11 22:36
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

aye, just a touch

borowally Posted on 27/11 22:38
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Was Geoff Pusey there ? I remember him having a right temper and always falling out with the management. And Mad Dog ? Seen him fall off, remount, and pass the field to win on the line. Steve Wilcock was the maximum king though.

Borored Posted on 27/11 22:40
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

aye, they were both there. Mad Dog's band were providing the entertainment!

craig_pancrack Posted on 28/11 10:07
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

BoroRee - good on yer for yer crusade. i caught half a dozen meets and the away leg cup win against the Geordies - Havelock is god.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 28/11 10:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

There's actually a meeting on the 30th December.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 28/11 11:15
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

The dog track was the biggest loss imo, I used to love a night at the dogs.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 28/11 14:57
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Borored. I think I may stick with my Peterborough prediction, seeing as they now have the backing of a multi-millionaire.

Borored Posted on 28/11 15:23
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

might not be a bad shout Fridgey.

Although money is not the be all and end all in Speedway, as each team has to be built around a points limit to make things more even.

In the Gazette today that we have been allowed permission to speak to Havvy again so he should be signed and sealed soon, and Tomas Suchanek looks like he will be on his way to Somerset after an indifferent campaign last season.

Borored Posted on 28/11 18:46
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

according to JAson Pipe on the forums, work will start in January on constructing a 1000 seater stand along the home straight, and the first match of the new season is provisionly a challenge match against Newcastle on March 22nd.

Borored Posted on 29/11 17:57
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

From the Evening Gazette :

Rider of the year Dan Giffard will be back with Redcar Bears in 2007.

The South Tees Motorsports Park fans' favourite has signed on the dotted line to rejoin the Bears on another year-long loan deal from Elite League club Eastbourne.

It means another season of eight-hour journeys from his Sussex home to every home match - but he's delighted to be back.

"I'm really looking forward to next season," said the exciting 21-year-old former Weymouth star who was a consistently impressive performer this year.

"At the start of last season every press report you read reckoned that we'd be near the bottom of the table.

"We did much better than that and got into the play-offs, so I think we can we proud of our achievements. Hopefully next season we can do even better."

Giffard - who will move into the main body of the team after racing at reserve last year - joins Bears assets Mat Tresarrieu and Chris Kerr as confirmed starters for the Bears next year, while contract talks are planned with skipper Gary Havelock tomorrow.

With his immediate future sorted, Giffard's first job will be to try and secure some sponsorship from companies in the area.

"I didn't get a single penny in sponsorship from the Teesside area last year," he revealed.

"I think companies are under the impression that it would cost thousands and thousands of pounds - that's not the case at all.

"Any sponsor who came forward would be well advertised and well looked after. I need a new engine for next year, so it could really make a difference."

Anyone who may be able to help Giffard is asked to contact Bears' director of operations Gareth Rogers on 07901 844924 or,

the_broken_fridge Posted on 30/11 9:38
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Peterborough MRI Overseas Property Panthers.

I kid ye not. Daft.

Borored Posted on 30/11 15:19
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

catchy isnt it.

Borored Posted on 30/11 23:15
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

well, hot of the press so to speak.

Agter an evening at Kevin Littles quiz night tonight, it appears the Bears reserves next season will be Rusty Hodgson and Jamie Courtney. Rusty was signing papers wih the promoter and said he was part of the Redcar setup this season as opposed to the Bays setup, and I overheard Jamie on the phone saying he would be signing. A good move in my opinion, Rusty at times looked ready to move up and if he gets his confidence up could do a good job for us, whilst Jamie has experience in Premier league racing after riding at two for Rye House this season

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 1/12 9:51
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Any relation to Mark Courtney? Is he still in jail?

Borored Posted on 1/12 10:49
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

he is Mark Courtneys son. No idea what Mark is up to these days, last i heard he was in Poland.

Borored Posted on 1/12 20:02
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 3/12 23:01
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

and again.

Would expect to gain a better idea of the remaining riders this wekk.

Borored Posted on 4/12 20:36
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Rusty Hodgson and Martin Emerson both confirmed back to ride for the Cleveland Bays next season who will be competing for a full season in the conference league.

YearbyRed Posted on 4/12 20:38
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Any more rumours on the Bears line up yet, Boz?

Borored Posted on 4/12 20:40
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

nope, all gone a bit quiet now. Would eexpect Havvy to be announced this week and still be very shocked if Jamie Courtney and Rusty are at least some part of Bears squad.

Still think it looks likely Grieves will be here but starting to warm up to that idea more

Borored Posted on 7/12 20:36
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

well, Rusty has been confirmed as part of the Bears line up for next season also, and is expected to share the number 7 jersey with another inexperienced reserve. (my guess the lad roberts from Buxton, or pie in the sky stuff Josh Auty?)

Haavy pretty much agreed to come back, whilst Tomas Suchanek has signed for Somerset.

Borored Posted on 15/12 20:30
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

nothing much to add here really, in the Speedway Satr this week CVS said he knew who the last rider in the main body of the team was and was working hard to bring a number 6 in. Still think it will be Grieves and Courtney which i would not be too displeased about really.

camperman Posted on 15/12 20:58
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

kin hell i dont check for a few days and miss all this, i bet you didnt know harlo is stepping down from the bays management did ya ?.

Borored Posted on 15/12 21:03
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

aye i did, apparently things have not been all well there for a long while!

camperman Posted on 15/12 21:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

hes been pming me for a long time about this as hes not been happy with a certain person, guess who ? and to be honest i dont blame him, ive known steve since he was knee high to a grass hopper and he didnt deserve to be treat like he was

Borored Posted on 15/12 21:12
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

totally agree with you fella, been treated appallingly but from what i have heard im not really surprised. Not too many people seem to have a good word to say about the other person.

camperman Posted on 15/12 21:14
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

hes a nasty piece of work and doesnt deserve the support hes getting

YearbyRed Posted on 15/12 21:29
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Bit ignorant about all this. Any clues on who this other person is?

camperman Posted on 15/12 21:37
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

sorry fella i cant really say if you dont know allready, but its probs best you dont know then you can suss it out for yourself

Borored Posted on 18/12 17:52
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

The Bears next signing will be unveiled tomorrow according the BSPA website.

"REDCAR co-promoter Gareth Rogers has confirmed that the club are close to completing a major new signing for the 2007 season.
Rogers has refused to comment on speculation surrounding the riders' identity at this stage, but did describe the deal as being one for "a new top-end rider."
The Bears expect to finalise matters on Monday and will announce the details on their official hotline, 09068 555 801 (calls 60p/min), at midday on Tuesday December 19."

If i was a betting man the money would be on James Grieves.

chboro Posted on 18/12 17:53
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

You are a betting man, put your money where your mouth is

Borored Posted on 18/12 17:55
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

ah, i havent had a bet in months and theres a reason for that

chboro Posted on 18/12 17:56
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Because you have watched Esky throw his money away week after week?

Borored Posted on 19/12 13:39
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

James Grieves it is then, taken from the Evening Gazette.

"Speedway: Bears' boostDec 19 2006

By Martin Neal, Evening Gazette

Former Newcastle skipper James Grieves has joined Redcar Bears.

The experienced Scot, who has spent the past two years up the A19 with the Diamonds, completes the Bears' top five for 2007.

He joins on loan from Elite League club Wolves - who are also owned by Redcar supremo Chris van Straaten - and should provide solid back-up for captain Gary Havelock, who is also expected to agree terms soon.

The 31-year-old Paisley-born racer had, by his standards, an unspectacular season in 2006 and finished with an average of 7.44.

Story continues


His 2.5% reduction for being a Brit means he arrives with a figure of 7.26 - and he's convinced he can improve on that.

"I had a good year at Newcastle in 2005," he said, "but I dipped a wee bit this year due to a lot of personal reasons.

"But now I'm looking forward to next year and I believe I'm capable of an eight or nine-point average."

Grieves scored nine and ten on his two visits to South Tees Motorsports Park last season but was forced to miss the Tyne Tees Trophy after breaking two fingers in an accident at work.

And he revealed: "I said to my mechanic after my first visit 'Give me a month on this track and I'll be on a par with Havvy'."

Grieves first linked up with van Straaten at Wolves in 1996 when he helped the Midlands side to a memorable Premier League and KO Cup double.

There is a mutual respect between the two and the Bears boss believes his latest signing can make a big impact.

"He is an important signing," he said. "He will be a powerful back-up for Gary Havelock.

"He didn't have the best of seasons last year but I am convinced I can get the best out of him.

"He has always performed well when he has been under my wing.

"If you look at it like for like, he is a replacement for Tomas Suchanek, which represents quite a bit of strengthening up."

Grieves joins confirmed starters Mat Tresarrieu, Chris Kerr and Dan Giffard in the 2007 Bears team with Havelock expected to join them.

Rusty Hodgson will share the No 7 jacket while doubling up with the Cleveland Bays, leaving his "other half" and a No 6 to complete the team."

Link: Gazette

erimus11 Posted on 19/12 21:29
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Evening Borored

So it's:

Plus Rusty sharing No7 with a.n.other and a number 6 yet to be confirmed - "if you were a betting man, and I know you're not - who would you put your dosh on?"

erimus11 Posted on 19/12 21:30
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Evening Borored

So it's:

Plus Rusty sharing No7 with a.n.other and a number 6 yet to be confirmed - "if you were a betting man, and I know you're not - who would you put your dosh on?"

camperman Posted on 19/12 21:36
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

james grief brilliant eh ? yawn, so he will get fck all away from home then likes to master home tracks though

Borored Posted on 19/12 21:41
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

i'd still fancy Jamie Courtney to be a bear, although not as sure as i was a few weeks ago. No idea who the rider to share with Rusty will be, possibily joe Haines when he turns 16?

erimus11 Posted on 19/12 21:52
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Borored - agree that Jamie is a good shout for the No 6 but I reckon Joe Haines will want to put in a full season at Scunny to ensure he gets plenty of competitive rides and experience. I think it'll be a couple of seasons before we see him in Bays or Bears colours

Wonder what Roland Tebbs is doing nowadays?

erimus11 Posted on 19/12 21:54
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Camperman - Grieves should atleast get a good score at the Jawdees home patch then!

Borored Posted on 21/12 10:09
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Taken from the Speedway Star :

Speedway Star Track Review by Keith McGhie Thursday 14th December 2006
Born through a vision, fuelled by enthusiasm and delivered in swash-buckling style, it can be argued that only all-conquering King’s Lynn will reflect on 2006 with more relish than Redcar.

It had been a decade since the much mourned Cleveland Park closed its doors to speedway and sadly succumbed to the bulldozers, so when Chris Van Straaten and Gareth Rogers declared their intentions to build a track on the other side of Middlesbrough, at the South Tees Motorsports Park, it was bound to be received with massive acclaim.

But with the winter already well set when former rider and nowadays engine tuner and occasional track builder Glyn Taylor was handed the budget, a blank sheet of paper and a bleak looking piece of boggy wasteland, even he must have had his doubts? “Not really,” he recalls. “I first saw the site in November and knew within ten minutes where the track was going to go - the state of it didn’t worry me at all. “It did once we got working and found the type of rubbish that was in the ground - that was a nightmare but not insurmountable. “It just meant we had to use a lot more heavy earth-moving equipment than was originally anticipated. “There were blocks of concrete the size of Transit vans in there and the basement of buildings that we actually broke through and had to pull machinery out of! ‘We didn’t actually get on site until February 5 and everything we found had to be dug out first.”

Understandable early caution meant it was mid-January before the new promotional team made a popular, if surprise declaration of their intent to operate in the Premier League, at which point the initial doubters, who had probably seen the dreadful state of the former quad practice track, began to air their views. While Taylor donned his wellies and ploughed on regardless of less than encouraging weather forecasts, Van Straaten was preparing to face 13 other teams who had all benefited from a considerable head start, been given the pick of the riders available and, by general consensus, already snapped up the best of them.

Some kind of magic was needed and, for his first trick, the vastly experienced West Midlands promoter pulled off probably the biggest coup in the history of the Premier League — by enticing a former World Champion into the second tier of British racing. Not only that but the man concerned was none other than local hero and former Middlesbrough product Gary Havelock. Havvy certainly brought with him hope and plenty of headlines but also a hefty 11.20 average which even the 1992 World No. I surely couldn’t sustain!

Slow away from the traps, the Bears were swiftly into the race as highly rated but largely unproved Frenchman Mathieu Tresarrieu plus Tomas Suchanek - a twice Czech Under-21 Champion who had yet to make an impact during brief spells in Britain - were added to the Teessiders’ ranks. The reserve berths were filled by Dan Giffard - Weymouth’s Rider of the Year and one of the stars of the 2005 Conference League - and 17-year old Jack Hargreaves, originally a protégé of Van Strasten’s at Monmore Green who had slipped the leash and wound up with Stoke Spitfires. If Havelock had been a gamble in terms of points-potential measured against average, the next move was equally audacious and potentially suicidal. Chris Kerr - the undoubted star of the 2005 American Dream Team tourists - was signed on a three-year deal. No-one doubted the Californian’s talent but his UK points had been scored at mostly Conference level and he arrived with a crippling 8.00 assessed average, which was a big gamble for a side with already more question than exclamation marks beside it.

Former rider and manager Brian Havelock, Gary’s father and another highly respected local figure - was put in charge of team matters but even he was admittedly rusty having been out of contact with the sport for several years. Havelock senior recalls: “I felt very privileged I sensed these were exciting times with a new venue but, apart from Gary and Kevin Little, I’d hardly heard of any of the rest of the team.”

The sceptics and many pundits dubbed it a team of has-beens and rejects and surely shoe-ins f or the wooden spoon - misguided views that would serve only to galvanise the newly formed Bears into a unit quietly determined to prove the knockers wrong.

A blow to their ambitions came before a wheel was turned in anger as Tresarrieu reported sick without even crossing the channel - out for a month with a shoulder injury sustained in his native France. The out of work and almost retired Richard Juul was called and came in as a useful, if unspectacular short-term replacement.

Opening night - Maunday Thursday - was eagerly awaited but was so nearly an unqualified disaster. Taylor explains: “Not only was it a race against time, it was a race against the weather - first, it wouldn’t stop raining and then, the Sunday before we opened, there was a foot of snow on the centre. I guess April 13th was just too early but maybe only by a day - we added a lot of lime to stabilise the track and once it went off, it was like concrete! Even though it was a cold night, it started to set and racing improved as the meeting went on.”

In hindsight, perhaps Van Straaten should have avoided the number 13 because, if it could happen, it almost certainly did on that blustery and anything but spring-like night. The fans predicted, came in their thousands, queues at the turnstiles tailing back seemingly halfway to Redcar, some five or six miles away, and causing the start to be delayed by 15 minutes.

With the track surface far from perfect, a second race crash brought another lengthy holdup as Sheffield’s Benji Compton had to be whisked away to hospital. As the crowd - originally ten or more deep around the perimeter fence - waited patiently, they were plunged into almost total darkness by a generator failure! Patrons were eventually allowed onto the ‘strictly out of bounds’ back straight access road and unconsolidated banking and, when Heat 3 of the derby against Sheffield finally got underway, the visiting Tigers showed little compassion by coming from behind to snatch the match points by 46-44 as well.

“We were fortunate that the generator failed at the same time we were waiting for the ambulance to return,” mused an exhausted, exhilarated and somewhat relieved Van Straaten after the eventful opening. Things could only get better and they rapidly did, with the most encouraging aspect being the number of people who returned to witness Redcar’s first win a week later - by a single point over Edinburgh after a Havelock and Little last heat 5-1.

The Bears didn’t lose again at home in the Premier Trophy but, while never outclassed, didn’t really threaten to pickup anything away and they finished second from bottom of the northern group. The league season began in ominous fashion, at the home of pre-season favourites and ultimately all-conquering King’s Lynn. And while a rusty Tresarrieu was finally fit enough to make his debut, the Bears immediately lost the services of Little whose form had been among the early season highlights. The Scot crashed and would miss the next four matches with a shoulder injury. Only Havelock managed to win a race at the Norfolk Arena and even he only totalled six as the Teessiders crashed 70-22 — an early record defeat that may stay in the history books for a while yet!

Borored Posted on 21/12 10:10
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

It was a blow, softened as the season progressed by virtually every side also getting steamrollered at the East Anglian venue. Brian Havelock may not have been happy with the performance but refused to be too rattled, explaining: “I wasn’t too distressed by it because we lost Kevin so early and even at that stage we knew that King’s Lynn were a very good side, especially on their own track.” The Redcar team boss had every right not to press the panic button as no-one else would even top the 60-mark against a Bears outfit that would eventually became a respected force on a wide, banked and sweeping home circuit which was developing a reputation for close racing and plenty of passing.

With a quiet air of satisfaction, Taylor was able to admire his work as the scorching summer set in. He said: ‘We were restricted with our area - I had an open plan width-wise but length-wise it would have been great to have had the straights another five or 10 metres longer. “But I’m very proud of the way it turned out and, although we are a bit short on facilities, they are improving all the time.”

Tresarrieu and Kerr offered plenty of thrills even though the untamed enthusiasm of youth often resulted in points scoring positions ending prematurely under the safety fence. Giffard and, at home, Hargreaves were more than earning their keep at reserve but it was Suchanek who was first to rival Havelock in the popularity stakes. A series of double figure home scores during June and July culminated in 14 against Stoke and finally a thrilling paid maximum in the 57-38 thumping of Mildenhall. Strangely, the likeable Czech lost his way thereafter, seemingly struggling to cope with the extra pressure incurred after moving into the top two in August, and sadly his season was cut short by a leg injury picked up in September while racing in his homeland.

Nevertheless the Bears began to snarl and growl, then were positively roaring as the midsummer heatwave set in, surprising more than a few folk but not many on Teesside. Giffard struggled with the heat and demands of commuting from his home in Eastbourne but rarely let it affect his performances and a superb paid 10 at Mildenhall, allied to similar double figure returns from Suchanek and Tresarrieu, led to the Bears gaining their first ever away point through a draw at West Row. ‘We were beginning to buzz then and really should have won at Mildenhall because Gary had an off-day and, at that stage, he was still regarded as the only real heat leader we had,” pointed out Brian Havelock.

Even better was to follow with a 64-26 home record hammering of Berwick and then, just 48 hours later the rampant Teessiders simply took Stoke apart on their own patch for a famous first away win. Surely, after three such momentous results in six days, struggling Newport would also be swept away amidst the mid-season euphoria when they arrived in the North East the following Thursday? But perhaps the unpredictability of speedway is what makes it such a compelling sport and, against all odds, the Welsh outfit unceremoniously burst the burgeoning bubble on Teesside by storming to a deserved 51-39 success. The result was the low spot of the season - not just by its unexpectedness but by the way it acted as a reality check. Away defeats at Edinburgh and Newcastle followed swiftly afterwards and the top four dream suddenly reverted to the original top eight play-off place goal for Brian Havelock’s men.

Amends were made at Newport in early August where an extraordinary turnaround, aided by opportune use of the controversial tactical ride rule, led to a 49-47 success and kept the Bears well in the play-off mix. Having trailed by 12 points after six races and still down 36-27 after ten, the visitors stormed back to gain some revenge for that earlier humbling on home soil. Although too many bonus points began to slip away, even a last home match of the season reverse against champions-elect King’s Lynn couldn’t prevent a commendable final position of sixth at the culmination of the Bears’ maiden campaign.

Havelock senior reflected: “At the inaugural public meeting, held at Middlesbrough Football Club during the winter, I remember saying we would be aiming to be in the top six and I’ll admit there were times when I thought maybe we’d bitten off more than we could chew. Tomas started missing meetings for continental commitments, then Mat was away a lot grasstracking and we didn’t always get a facility for him, and that unsettled the team.

The Newport match was simply a case of the track catching us out. It wasn’t like anything we’d experienced previously as it had been over-watered - I’m sure Glyn would be the first to admit that. I was totally gutted that night because it shouldn’t have happened but I suppose it was a reality check. Even when we were up to third in the league, I said I felt it was a false position because of the fixtures both us and other teams had left at that time. But there were numerous occasions where we lost the bonus point by just the odd point, or two points, and it only needed a couple of those to have gone the other way and we would have finished in the top four. Then we wouldn’t have been chosen by King’s Lynn in the play-offs and could perhaps have reached the semi-finals.”

Tresarrieu got better and better and more and more exciting, executing some breathtaking manoeuvres from seemingly hopeless situations as the summer wore on. The 20-year old battler from Bordeaux’s finest hour came on the last day of August when nothing in Workington’s arrnoury could derail the flying Frenchman en route to a blistering first 15-point full house. His enthralling exploits were enough to earn him the Peter Harrison Memorial Trophy for the most improved young rider and, while Giffard’s superb transition from Conference League leading light to Premier League points-piler saw him voted Bear of the Year, he would be the first to admit the whole glorious 2006 show was really built on a platform provided by the presence of Gary Havelock.

“Havvy has given me so much help this year,” was a statement made by Giffard that could equally have been echoed by almost all of his teammates. The former England captain was immense in every sense, from the regular stream of double figure scores on the track to his infectious enthusiasm and enormous influence off it.

Kerr’s season ended at a time when he was beginning to show his back wheel to an increasing number of well respected opponents with his ‘piece de resistance’ left until his very final competitive home race of the season at Redear - Heat 17 of the South Tees Silver Helmet. With skipper and part-time mentor Havelock still harbouring faint hopes of victory and certainly looking likely to claim a rostrum place, the Californian chased and harassed for over two laps before surging sensationally though on the inside to take the chequered flag. The future looks very exciting for both Kerr and his ever growing army of admirers at the South Tees Motor Park.

Little weathered a couple of knocks during his farewell season but began with gusto, when the fledgling outfit really needed some solid support for Havelock, then finished with a flurry by powering through from behind to win Heat 15 and seal a superb double over arch-rivals Newcastle in the Tyne-Tees Trophy.

Both Suchanek and Hargreaves endured a combination of highs and lows, with injuries affecting both at some stage, but each made undoubted progress and many friends on Teesside and whether or not either or both are back in 2007, it promises to be another exciting year.

Borored Posted on 21/12 10:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Just five days after a rampaging win at Stoke, the Bears sank to the first of only two home league defeats against eventual wooden spoonists Newport, who themselves had capitulated embarrassingly on their own home circuit in the KO Cup against Sheffield only four days beforehand.

What should have been a home banker turned into a hugely disappointing capitulation and, whatever excuses were made about the track, it was the same for both sides and there was only ever one in it - the one from South Wales.

There were so many … from the moment local hero Gary Havelock agreed to lead the re-born Bears into action, the blue touch paper was lit. Maybe it was Tomas Suchanek’s last race last gap surge to secure a superb first every paid 15-point maximum against Mildenhall in July or the steady but undoubted emergence of Dan Giffard as a forceful Premier League rider, in the face of unenviable travelling headaches from his Sussex home.

Prehaps it was Mat Tresarrieu’s thrilling full house against Workington ot the ever improving Chris Kerr confirming he was a class act in the making with an admirable yet audacious pass of his skipper Havelock in the South Tees Silver Helmet.

Redcar’s first away point at Mildenhall and a staggering first of two victories on the road at Stoke, where the hosts were completely brushed aside, were historic moments to savour.

All the aforementioned qualify as leading contenders for the season’s high spot but the best aspect of the whole season was the marvellous Teesside public who just kept coming and coming, win, lose or draw, to stand amid very basic facilities and cheer their favourites on each week.

Borored Posted on 21/12 19:40
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 21/12 20:48
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

get up there

erimus11 Posted on 21/12 23:26
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Cheers for that Borored, I've not been able to get hold of a copy of Speedway Star.

Borored Posted on 27/12 17:33
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Well, Havvy is now a confirmed signing for 2007 giving our top 5 a very strong look about it in my opinion.

Also we have apparently signed a number 6, although his name has not been announced yet. I still think this will be Jamie Courtney, and if so is not a bad signing.

There will also be a social evening in doctor browns on the 25th January (i think) being organised by Brian Havelock. Amongst other things there will be a race night, raffle and quiz.

Borored Posted on 27/12 19:39
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

and for anybody who may have been wishing to go to the meeting on 30th December, this has now been called off.

Borored Posted on 3/1 21:09
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Only two and a bit months to go!

Still no news on the number six and shared number seven spots, although if Jamie Courtney is not signed i will drink a pint a quicker than 30 mins!

New stand has started construction and is currently planned to hold 300 seats with 600 standing. This will be constructed on the home straight. The stand that is currently on home straight will be moved to the 1st/2nd bends, or at least that was the plan i believe.

Looking forward to it now.

Borored Posted on 5/1 13:36
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Jamie Courtney has finally signed, taken from the Gazette :

Jamie just the job for Bears

Jan 5 2007

Speedway, Martin Neal Evening Gazette

Exciting teenager Jamie Courtney is the latest rider to join Redcar Bears for 2007.

The 18-year-old Ashington-born whizz kid arrives at South Tees Motorsports Park on loan from the Bears' Premier League rivals Rye House.

He will take the No 6 jacket for the coming season, which begins in March, and is the seventh rider to be tied down for the new campaign by promoter Chris van Straaten.

Courtney's 2006 season was ended by rib and back injuries sustained in a track crash at the Isle of Wight in May but he is now fully fit and eager to continue his burgeoning career.

The son of former Boro Bears rider Mark Courtney - and nephew of Sean Courtney - he amazingly becomes the third member of the 2007 team whose father rode at Cleveland Park.

The others are his mentor, Gary Havelock, and fellow reserve Rusty Hodgson - while Cleveland Bays rider Martin Emerson can also lay claim to that distinction.

Bears promoter Chris van Straaten is delighted with his latest capture.

He said: "He has an outstanding pedigree in the sport with his family connections and he was showing huge potential last year prior to his injury.

"I'd like to thank Gary Havelock for his influence.

"He has taken Jamie under his wing over the past 18 months - he will have the mother hen approach that was so successful last season with Dan Giffard."

Courtney arrives on an average of 3.25 - but van Straaten believes he can mirror the achievements of Giffard and improve that considerably.

Giffard began the season as a graded reserve but ended it as Bears Rider of the Year after wearning a place in the top five for 2007.

"I think he can show the same improvement as Dan did last season and put a couple of points on that," said van Straaten. "It is a good move for the club."

The only gap in the Bears team now is for a rider to share the No 7 jacket with Hodgson.

FANS have their first chance to meet Courtney and fellow new signing James Grieves at the Bears' race night at Dr Brown's in Middlesbrough on Thursday, January 25 (7.30pm start).

Tickets (priced £4) are limited - call Brian Havelock on 01642 888780 to book.

Good signing in my opinion, was doing well at Rye House and improving all the time before his injury. Looking like a very exciting and young side!

Borored Posted on 5/1 13:38
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

should include link to gazette too

Link: jamie Signs!

Borored Posted on 22/1 21:33
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

from tonights Gazette :

Bears man Rusty follows family trail

By Martin Neal Evening Gazette ~ Monday 22nd January 2007

A MASSIVE season is approaching for the latest member of a famous Teesside speedway dynasty to hit the big time. And he is determined to grab the opportunity with both hands. Former road racer Rusty Hodgson, from Hutton Rudby, didn’t have an easy first full year on the shale last season - but he impressed promoter Chris van Straaten enough to be included in the Redcar Bears Premier League team for 2007. In doing so, he follows dad Russ, who rode for Teesside Tigers in the 1970s, grandad Frank, who was skipper of the Boro Bears in the post-war years, and great uncle Jack, who also starred at Cleveland Park in the 1940s.

Rusty, 25, only began racing speedway at the tail end of 2005 and last year he rode for the Cleveland Bays - the Bears’ junior team - as well as making one senior appearance in place of Mat Tresarrieu at Glasgow in August. This year he’ll share the Bears’ No 7 jacket with another, as yet unspecified rider, as well as continuing to ride for the Bays at Conference level. Rusty’s 2006 season ended with a trip to James Cook University Hospital after breaking his wrist and elbow in a crash against Buxton in October, but he said: “I’m fit and ready to go again now. I had some good meetings last year, but after the crash I didn’t know which way it would go, so I’m delighted to be given a chance in the Premier League. I’m confident I can do well, especially as I’ll be riding for the Bays as well. The mechanical problems I had at the start of last season drove me crazy and I also broke my hand and my finger so, although it was my first full season, I only really did half a season. So there is room for me to improve a lot this season - I have got a great opportunity and I intend to take it.”

Now, as Rusty gears up for the busiest and most important season of his speedway life so far, he’s hoping to attract some sponsorship to help him realise his undoubted potential. “Last year I spoke to somebody I knew from my road racing days and he said he would help me,” said Rusty, “but I haven’t heard back from him. Riding for both the Bears and the Bays means I’ll need three bikes - I could be doing three meetings quite regularly. I’ve invested a lot already but I need to invest more - you need to have the right equipment for the job.”

Rusty will join skipper Gary Havelock, new boys Jamie Courtney and James Grieves and team boss Brian Havelock at the Bears’ social night at Doctor Brown’s in Middlesbrough on Thursday. Tickets (priced £4) are available from Brian Havelock - call 01642 888780 to reserve one.

Anyone interested in sponsoring Rusty this season - which begins in March and ends in October - can contact him by e-mail at or by phone on 01642 701799.

First three fixtures for next season have also been announced, all challeneg matches. Away to Rye House on Saturday 17th March, then home and away against the Geordies on the 22nd and 25th March

Borored Posted on 22/1 22:01
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

quick nudge before Prison Break

Borored Posted on 23/1 13:31
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

from todays Gazette:

Speedway: Bears to unveil signing

Speedway, Martin Neal Evening Gazette

The final piece of the Redcar Bears jigsaw will be slotted into place this week.

For team manager Brian Havelock has revealed the final member of his 2007 team will be unveiled at Thursday evening's social event at Dr Brown's in Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.

This time last year the Bears had only three names on their team sheet ahead of their

But team-building for 2007 is at an advanced stage and the only place still to be filled is for a reserve to share the No 7 jacket with Rusty Hodgson.

Havelock was remaining tightlipped about the new rider's identity - but expects him to be warmly welcomed.

"He's a really exciting prospect," said Havelock. "He's young and British - our fans will love him."

The new arrival will join fellow winter signings Jamie Courtney in meeting Bears fans for the first time at this week's function.

Skipper Gary Havelock and his dad Brian will also be in attendance, along with director of operations Gareth Rogers who will be interviewing them.

Havvy junior has admitted he is looking forward to the season with relish and believes both he and the team can improve on last year.

"The whole team really gives me a buzz," he said.

"I haven't been this excited about speedway for a long time.

"If we steer clear of that dreaded word - injuries - then the sky's the limit."

Only Somerset's Magnus Zetterstrom finished above him in the Premier League averages last term but he believes he can improve this year.

"I've amazed myself actually," her said.

"Usually at this time of year I'm in close season mode and I don't start thinking about speedway until February or early March.

"But I'm really looking forward to the start of the season.

"We've got the basis of a really good team - it's a young team full of potential and I fully intend to improve my average this year too."

Tickets (priced £4) will be available on the door for Thursday's get-together, which takes the form of a race night with a quiz and raffle.

I may be being a bit too hopeful, but Josh Auty? I certainly hope so. Any of the guys who read this (if anyone actually does!) going on Thursday evening?

Boro4eva Posted on 23/1 13:49
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

BoroRed as I have said on speedway forum - dare we hope for Josh Auty????

Borored Posted on 23/1 15:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Going from what Brian has said there, I cant really see who else it could be? Really hope it is, would argubly be the most exciting signing of the lot.

camperman Posted on 23/1 16:16
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

ive followed the teesiders/tigers/bears all over the country for donkeys years but im damned if im paying £4 to get into dr browns for a bloody quiz

Borored Posted on 23/1 21:58
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

get up there

Borored Posted on 26/1 0:44
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

announced tonight in front of an absolutely packed Dr Browns that Josh Auty is the final piece of the Bears jigsaw to share the number seven race jacket. Absolutely fantastic signing and a very confident young man indeed. Roll on March and the Bears being Premier League champions.

Borored Posted on 31/1 13:43
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

taken from todays Evening Gazette :

Go-ahead Cleveland Bays have snapped up Adam McKinna to spearhead their first full season of Conference League racing.

McKinna had planned to ride for Scunthorpe, but joined the Bays after being given another chance to double up in the Premier League with Newcastle who, like the Scorpions, operate on a Sunday.

It was announced last week that - subject to planning consent being granted - the Bays would complete a full season in the third tier of British speedway's hierarchy.

They are lined up to stage 12 weekend meetings at South Tees Motorsports Park in 2007, with the Premier League Redcar Bears continuing to race on a Thursday evening.

McKinna, 19, who arrives as a grade four rider, forms what could be a potent blend of youth and experience at the top end of the Bays septet.

For while the teenage Scot is in the early throes of his career, the rider-coach and team captain will be 42-year-old former Middlesbrough favourite Mark 'Buzz' Burrows (grade 11).

"I have the belief Adam will be a good heat leader in the Conference League," said Bays boss Jason Pipe, who was also in charge when they entered the Conference Shield at the end of last season.

"He is used to Conference League racing and that will stand him in good stead."

McKinna, the son of former Scotland No 1 Kenny, becomes the FIFTH rider at South Tees Motorsports Park whose father was also based on Teesside during his riding days.

Burrows - who has not raced competitively since Wimbledon closed at the end of 2005 - will wear the No 1 jacket.

"He asked to ride at No 5," explained Pipe, "because he is rider-coach it means he rides with a reserve."

Assuming planning permission is granted, the Bays will enter an 11-team Conference League which will also include Boston, Scunthorpe, Stoke, Buxton, Oxford, Rye House, Sittingbourne, Weymouth, Plymouth and Newport. Promoter Chris van Straaten is looking forward to the venture and said: "The basis of it is to develop riders, particularly local riders, who can go on and ride for the Bears. We have applied to run at weekends, and I have agreed to steer clear of running against any football taking place at the Riverside Stadium.

"I feel the Conference should be a weekend league because it has lost its way in recent years. It should be for young riders who, of course, have education commitments to consider."

Cleveland Bays line-up for 2007: 1 Mark Burrows, 2 Rusty Hodgson, 3 Steve Jones, 4 Gary Beaton, 5 Adam McKinna, 6 Martin Emerson, 7 Greg Blair. Remaining squad members: Ashley Johnson, Jitendra Duffill, Paul Burnett. Stand-by reserves: Gary Irving, Kye Norton.

Borored Posted on 1/2 12:13
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Taken from Redcar forum. I know this is a stab in the dark but if anyone reading this fancies sponosoring a heat or knows someone/compnay who would, then please get in touch.

Heat sponsorship will again be available in 2007.

The price is £20 for the full season, if you are interested in helping ensure we again cover as many matches as possible please contact or

Heat 1 -
Heat 3 - TMG Racing
Heat 4 -
Heat 5 -
Heat 6 - available
Heat 7 - available
Heat 8 - available
Heat 9 -
Heat 10 - available
Heat 11 - available
Heat 12 - available
Heat 13 - available
Heat 14 - available
Heat 15 - GPS Painting and Decorating 07748408713

captain5 Posted on 1/2 12:16
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

£20 for a whole season??

rob_fmttm Posted on 1/2 12:47
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Is this sponsorship something that appears on the Bears web site?

Borored Posted on 1/2 12:48
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

think that is just the minimum price, if you wanted to pay more you could.

Borored Posted on 1/2 12:53
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Will just appear on the Live Updates section of the forum I believe, although if anyone is interested in sponsoring the bears in any way (website, riders, programme etc) then do get in touch also and Im sure it will be passed on.

Link: Forum

Borored Posted on 1/2 15:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 1/2 19:35
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 2/2 21:29
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 8/2 15:20
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Fixtures for the new season have now been released. First Premier League meeting is at home v Kings Lynn, great chance to get revenge for last season.

17 Mar 07 Rye House v Redcar Challenge
22 Mar 07 Redcar v Newcastle Challenge
25 Mar 07 Newcastle v Redcar Challenge
29 Mar 07 Redcar v Berwick Premier Trophy
30 Mar 07 Edinburgh v Redcar Premier Trophy
05 Apr 07 Redcar Little Farewell
07 Apr 07 Berwick v Redcar Premier Trophy
12 Apr 07 Redcar v Edinburgh Premier Trophy
15 Apr 07 Glasgow v Redcar Premier Trophy
19 Apr 07 Redcar v Newcastle Premier Trophy
26 Apr 07 Redcar v Glasgow Premier Trophy
29 Apr 07 Newcastle v Redcar Premier Trophy
03 May 07 Redcar v King's Lynn Premier League
06 May 07 Mildenhall v Redcar Premier League
10 May 07 Redcar v Newport Premier League
17 May 07 Sheffield v Redcar Premier League
18 May 07 Redcar v Sheffield Premier League (Friday)
19 May 07 Workington v Redcar Premier League
24 May 07 Redcar v Rye House Premier League
31 May 07 Redcar v Newcastle/King's Lynn Reserved PLKOC
03 Jun 07 Newcastle v Redcar Reserved PLKOC
06 Jun 07 King's Lynn v Redcar Reserved PLKOC
07 Jun 07 Redcar v Stoke Premier League
14 Jun 07 Redcar v Workington Premier League
21 Jun 07 Redcar v Edinburgh Premier League
22 Jun 07 Edinburgh v Redcar Premier League
28 Jun 07 Redcar v Glasgow Premier League
01 Jul 07 Rye House v Redcar Premier League
05 Jul 07 Redcar v Reserved PLKOC Semi Final
12 Jul 07 Redcar v Somerset Premier League
19 Jul 07 Redcar v Berwick Premier League
21 Jul 07 Stoke v Redcar Premier League
26 Jul 07 Redcar v Birmingham Premier League
28 Jul 07 Berwick v Redcar Premier League
02 Aug 07 Redcar Open
05 Aug 07 Glasgow v Redcar Premier League
08 Aug 07 Birmingham v Redcar Premier League
09 Aug 07 Redcar v Mildenhall Premier League
12 Aug 07 Newcastle v Redcar Premier League
16 Aug 07 Redcar v IOW Premier League
23 Aug 07 Redcar Open
30 Aug 07 Redcar No Meeting
02 Sep 07 Newport v Redcar Premier League
06 Sep 07 Redcar v Newcastle Premier League
11 Sep 07 IOW v Redcar Premier League
13 Sep 07 Redcar Open
20 Sep 07 Redcar Open
27 Sep 07 Redcar Open
04 Oct 07 Redcar Young Shield/ Res
11 Oct 07 Redcar Young Shield/ Res
18 Oct 07 Redcar Young Shield/ Res
25 Oct 07 Redcar Young Shield/ Res

Borored Posted on 12/2 21:12
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


My rather over-excited thoughts on the team this year :

Well, its less than 6 weeks till the start of the new speedway season and Im dead excited all ready. Should be a great year for the Bears this year, with a young and very exciting side. Will also be a good year for the Cleveland Bays also, in their first season in the conference league.

The Bears have put together a very good looking side once again spearheaded by Gary Havelock. The Boro lad and ex world champion led the side exceptionally well last year and would expect him to possibly do even better this year with more experience of riding Premier League tracks and new machinery this year.

Dan Giffard moves up from reserve to the main body of the team this year after a stunning year last season. Dan consistently beat heat leaders round South Tees last season, and while he may find it tougher than he did last season, he will give it 100% and is excellent to watch.

The first new signing in the team this year is James Grieves, who captained Newcastle last season. He had a poor year by his own admission last year, but comes to the Bears full of confidence and has already said in a month he will be as quick as Havvy round here.

Chris Kerr once again returns and I predict big things from the American this year. It took him a while to find his feet in Britain last year but always gave 100%, sometimes trying to hard and hitting the fence in the process. But the end of last season he showed what he was capable of, and beating Havvy in the Silver Helmet was one of the best rides of the season.

Another man destined for a big, big year is Mat Tressarieu. The Frenchman really is spectacular to watch, and rides lines and produces passes that no other riders has come close to matching.

Covering the final two reserve places are two local lads and one of British Speedways greatest hopes for glory.

Josh Auty is only 16 years old but is already been tipped for greatness by the pundits. Rides full time in the Conference league but the Bears have pipped every other club to sign him in the Premier league too. Will only ride for the Bears when his studies allow, as he is still to complete his GCSE's but will be fantastic to see him racing at South Tees.

Josh's role will be shared with local lad Rusty Hodgson. Rusty has only been riding Speedway for less than two years but impressed the Bears management enough last season in second halves and Bays meetings to give him a reserve spot this season.

The final rider is Jamie Courtney, who rode for Rye House last season. He started off well, and was averaging 5 points a meeting before a bad injury put paid to his season before it really started. Should be one of the leagues stronger reserves and looking forward to seeing him ride too!

A big year ahead for the Bears, and as you can probably tell im a touch excited :D :D

Borored Posted on 2/3 13:51
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Speedway: Bays to stage full seasonMar 2 2007

Speedway, Evening Gazette

It's all systems go for the Cleveland Bays after permission was granted to stage a full season of Conference League racing at South Tees Motorsports Park.

The Bays, launched as a stepping stone for riders to work their way into the Redcar Bears Premier League team, entered the Conference Shield at the end of last season.

But now, after Redcar and Cleveland Council approved their request to run Bays meetings at weekends, they are set for a full season of action.

They will begin with a challenge match against the touring USA Dream Team on Saturday, April 7, and will launch their league campaign with a home match against Plymouth Devils on Saturday, August 21.

Planning permission has been granted to stage up to 12 Conference level meetings at weekends between the hours of 1pm and 7pm.


7 USA DREAM TEAMH 21 PLYMOUTHH 22 SittingbourneA


5 BOSTONH 7 Rye HouseA *18 CL 4TTPlymouth 19 OXFORDH 20 BuxtonA


17 OxfordA 22 PlymouthA 23 WeymouthA


6 BostonA 7 SITTINGBOURNEH 22 CL Best PairsScunthorpe 25 StokeA 28 WEYMOUTHH


2 SCUNTHORPEH 11 BUXTON H 19 Scunthorpe A


15 CLRCRye House

* Subject to qualification. All fixtures subject to change.

To be arranged: Rye House (H) and Stoke (H).

smoggyramone Posted on 2/3 14:05
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Borored when's the practice? Have got Sky out here in Gibraltar so I can watch it IF (and that's a big IF) they show it on Tyne-Tees or BBC?

Borored Posted on 2/3 14:37
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

15th MArch is the press and practice day

captain5 Posted on 2/3 14:38
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Is it right that you reckon you'll be able to shag Matt up the bum this year??

--- Post edited by captain5 on 2/3 14:59 ---

Borored Posted on 2/3 14:48
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

--- Post edited by Borored on 2/3 15:00 ---

Borored Posted on 5/3 20:18
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


By Redcar Speedway ~ Monday 5th March 2007

The Press and Practice session for the Redcar Bear's 2007 Premier League campaign will start at mid-day on Thursday March 15th at the South Tees Motorsport Park, Dormor Way, off South Bank Road, Middlesbrough. There will be no public access during the daytime media launch for health and safety requirements.

The riders will also be available at the Legends Suite, The Riverside Stadium from 7.30pm for a fans' evening. Team members present: Gary Havelock (Captain); James Grieves; Mathieu Tressarieu; Chris Kerr; Daniel Giffard; Jamie Courtney and Rusty Hodgson plus team manager- Brian Havelock.

The Bears race their first away fixture against the Rye House Rockets at Rye House Speedway, Hoddesson, Herts on the evening of Saturday March 17th and their first home fixture at the Motorpark on Thursday March 22nd versus the Newcastle Diamonds at 7.30pm. Both are challenge matches.

Borored Posted on 6/3 15:25
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Also now up on the official website are some excellent videos showing some of the action from last season.

just click the link below then on galleries and videos

Link: Redcar Bears

Borored Posted on 6/3 19:35
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 6/3 22:12
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

huth, do take a look at the videos if you get chance

smoggyramone Posted on 6/3 22:14
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Gutted. Followed them home and away since 1980 and as soon as I move to Gibraltar they open again. Got to one match last season and ws very impressed. Only wish our mate Jakey had lived to see it.

Borored Posted on 15/3 13:33
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

well, one week tonight the home season kicks off with a challenge against them lot up the road, the Newcastle Diamonds. Before that the Bears are in action away to Rye House.

Theres a fans social tonight at the Riverside Stadium, commencing from 7:30. Admission is free and all riders will be attending.

YearbyRed Posted on 21/3 15:27
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Thought I'd do the hoofing for a change.

First home meeeting tomorrow night (weather permitting) against Newcastle at 7.30PM

Borored Posted on 21/3 19:30
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

excellent preview of the new season in tonights Evening Gazette thanks to Martin Neal :

Speedway: Ready to roar

Mar 21 2007

By Martin Neal, Evening Gazette

A new season of speedway roars into life at South Tees Motorsports Park tomorrow when Redcar Bears stage their first home meeting of the year. In an exclusive Gazette preview, speedway writer Martin Neal looks ahead to the coming campaign and takes a look at the riders who'll be lining up for the Bears as well as the teams they'll be facing.

We're raring to go - that's the message from the Redcar Bears as they prepare for their first home match of the new season tomorrow.

The re-launch of speedway on Teesside after a ten-year break was a big success in 2006, and this season team boss Brian Havelock has his sights set on doing even better.

South Tees Motorsports Park opens its doors for the first time this season tomorrow when Newcastle Diamonds visit for a challenge match.

The Bears beat their North-east rivals at home and away late last term to win the Tyne-Tees Trophy and they also went on to reach the Premier League play-offs.

This year the play-offs will be open to just the top four finishers at the end of the regular league season, but Havelock believes his side can be in there fighting for the title come October.

"I'm going to put my neck on the block and say we are going for a top three finish," said a confident Havelock. "I think we are strong enough.

"There are some good teams about - I've looked at their strength in depth and I think that, although we've got something like the second lowest combined average, the improvement we are capable of will pull us up to something like 46 or 47 points a match."

The basis of last year's team remains in place for the coming campaign, with inspirational skipper Gary Havelock, rider of the year Dan Giffard, Mat Tresarrieu and Chris Kerr all back for more while Kevin Little has retired, Jack Hargreaves has returned to Stoke and Tomas Suchanek has joined Somerset.

"I've got a buzz this time," revealed Havelock as he looked at this year's line-up. "We've got two heat leaders at long last. We were thrown together at short notice last year but this season we've had more time to put the team together and I'm quite excited.

"It looks a good team and I think we could have four heat leaders, because as well as Gary and new signing James Grieves, we've got Matty and Chris and I think they could put two or three points on their average.

"James will improve because he had a poor season last year and I think Gary can improve too.

"Away from home I only had one heat leader last season so I had nothing to work with.

"If the team was going bad I only had Gary to shove in and get some points, but having James as well gives me a lot more scope."

Kerr and Tresarrieu will both have benefited from getting their first season of British action under their belts and both were going great guns in the latter part of last season.

Last term Californian newcomer Kerr was brought in on an unrealistic eight-point assessed average and Havelock said: "That was too high, but those are the rules and that's the way it goes.

"But he's on an average of 4.6 this season and I can see him putting three points on that, easy."

It's all change at the bottom end too, with Jamie Courtney arriving on loan from Rye House to fill the No 6 berth and the other reserve position being shared by Rusty Hodgson and 16-year-old Josh Auty, whose appearances will be limited until he has completed his GCSEs in June.

"I'm quite excited about the reserves as well," said Havelock. "Rusty has been looking good in his practice session here and he's been looking good as Scunthorpe too, I understand.

"But he'll have to make his mark because Josh is waiting in the wings. We're going to take the one who's going best - whoever does that will stay in the team."

Havelock also believes that his side's home performances could be helped by the addition of a kerb which he personally worked on installing on the inside of the South Tees Motorsports Park track.

"We've got a standard inside line now," he said. "The lads complained last year that the line was varied, and it was to some extent. Sometimes it was in tight and sometimes it was out wide.

"The visiting riders rode it for what it was but our own riders had learn the different line every week, and it was throwing us a bit."

This year's Bears team has a potentially strong all-round look to it, though Captain Marvel Havvy will again undoubtedly be the main driving force.

The 1992 world champion was the star attraction wherever he went and only Somerset's Magnus Zetterstrom finished last season with a higher average - but he's determined to achieve even more this year.

"I'm really looking forward to the start of the season," said the former England skipper. "Last season I had a great season, and the team did too, but I feel there is a lot of room for improvement.

"I've spent a lot of money on new equipment for this season and I'm all ready to go.

"The one thing I probably did wrong last year was to underestimate the level of equipment I needed for the Premier League.

"At the start of the season my stuff was all right but, as the season wore on, it started to show its age, if you like.

"In a couple of meetings, like the Premier League Riders' Championship, everything went wrong and I felt I'd let myself and the fans down. So I'm fully prepared this time with new bikes and I'm raring to go!"

# See the Evening Gazette for reports and previews of all the Bears and Cleveland Bays' meetings as well as all the latest news as it happens.

Faces behind the masks of Redcar's talented team

Gary Havelock
DOB: 4.11.68
Former world champion and England skipper, Havvy proved an inspirational skipper last year and has promised there's more to come in 2007. A priceless member of the team.

Dan Giffard
DOB: 10.11.84
A revelation at reserve last year, the exciting young Bears Rider of the Year is looking to continue his progress in the main body of the team. He's set his sights on a heat leader berth.

Mat Tresarrieu
DOB: 2.3.86
Spectacular Frenchman who became firm fans' favourite as the 2006 season wore on. Will be a key member of the team.

Chris Kerr
DOB: 28.6.84
Popular Californian took time to adapt in his debut year of British racing but grew in confidence. Beating Havvy from the back in the South Tees Silver Helmet was a warning to his rivals.

James Grieves
DOB: 24.9.74
Didn't have the best of seasons at Newcastle in 2006, but Scotland's No 1 is confident of better this year. Did the league and KO Cup double at Wolves in 1996.

Jamie Courtney
DOB: 22.4.88
Teenage son of former Boro Bear Mark Courtney. Great things are expected of this young Rye House loanee who was in flying form until injury ended his 2006 season in May.

Rusty Hodgson
DOB: 29.3.81
A big year for the former road racer who will share the No 7 berth on the back of some eye-catching performances for the Cleveland Bays. Dad Russ and grandad Frank also rode.

Josh Auty
DOB: 9.9.90
One of the hottest prospects in British speedway. Won't be a regular for a while as he's sitting 11 GCSE exams in June - but is expected to continue his stunning progress.

iggy_pop_barker Posted on 21/3 19:33
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Does Borored ever post about anything apart from his beloved speedway anymore? I remember when he was something of a Renaissance man who discussed such broad issues as the best flavour of Seabrooks crisps or, er, speedway again.

YearbyRed Posted on 22/3 14:49
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Tonights meeting postponed - waterlogged track.

YearbyRed Posted on 22/3 14:49
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Double Post - only postponed once.

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Borored Posted on 22/3 15:12
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

a shame, but the only sensible thing to do really.

rob_fmttm Posted on 22/3 15:15
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Mr Borored - don't think I have your email anymore but I would really like to do more with the Speedway this season - do you think you could possibly get an interview with Gary Havelock perhaps?

boroscab Posted on 22/3 20:18
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Didnt get a chance to stuff the Diamonds tonight, but the return leg is at BROUGH park on Sunday at 6.30pm(Weather permitting), good crack, plus food and bar available. GIVE IT A GO

Borored Posted on 22/3 20:21
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

yeah, will hopefully be at Brough on Sunday. Fancy our chances of a win there to be honest, especially if Grieves pulls out a big performance.

Rob - been meaning to write something for the fanzine for ages but just havent got round to it. Will do me best this week and drop you an email. dont think it would be too difficult to get something with Havvy either, know he is a massive Boro fan.

smoggyramone Posted on 22/3 20:23
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Rob - Steve H (late of Mission Impossible) would be a good POC...Think I have his e-mail somewhere.

rob_fmttm Posted on 23/3 15:38
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Steve Harland is an old mate - he used to keep dropping by to let me know how things were developing at the Bears.

Boz - have seen Gary Havelock walking past me to the match earlier in the season. Would be great to an article from you. So many people on here are interested in (local) speedway.

Borored Posted on 4/4 19:48
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

I promise I will try to get something written up sooon!

Tomorrows meeting at Redcar looks absolutely mouthwatering. Kevin Little is staging his farewell meeting and has lined up some top top riders. The meeting will be staged as a four team tournament, with teams from Redcar, Newcastle, Workington and Edinburgh (the teams Kev has ridden for). Redcars team consists of current Bears Gary Havelock and Chris Kerr, alongside ex Cleveland Park Bear Shane Parker and one of Britains top riders, and representative in the Grand Prix series, Chris 'Bomber' Harris.

Newcastle are represented by Elite League rider and ex GP rider Kennth Bjerre, George Stancl, Stuart Robson and the winner of last years Silver Helmet in fantastic style, Richard Hall.

Edinburgh are represented by current monarchs William Lawson and Ronnie Correy, top Premier League rider Chris Neath and Elite League star Rory Schlein, who was in superb form on Sky's televised match on Monday.

Workington are represented by Kauko Niemenan, Paul Lee and elite league stars Joe Screen and Billy Janniro.

In between, there will be a pairs meeting faeturing a series of old legends donning their leathers one more time!

Middlesbrough will be represented by Martin Dixon and Premier League legend and ex GP rider Carl Stonehewer in this.

Will post some of the press releases for this below, please note that this meeting STARTS AT 7PM and not the usual time of 7:30.

Link: Kevs Farewell Meeting

Borored Posted on 4/4 19:50
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


The four teams in the main event of the Kevin Little Testimonial which takes place at Redcar Speedway on Thursday 5th April Start time 7pm SHARP! have been completed with the addition of Grand Prix star Chris Harris plus in-form Premier Leaguers Chris Neath and Paul Lee. Harris will line up for the Redcar Bears, which means that all four sides have one Elite Leaguer, the others being Rory Schlein (Edinburgh), Joe Screen (Workington) and Kenneth Bjerre (Newcastle). Kevin says “Chris Harris is Great Britain’s second representative in the GP and I think he’s there on merit, he can beat the best on his day. I’ve not ridden with him but I’m very pleased he has agreed to come.

“Neathy’s been badgering me for years about when I’m going to retire so he can ride in my meeting! The first time I really got on with him was the night at Hull when he guested for Newcastle. We were trying to win the league and he showed the same commitment as everyone else. That mightily impressed me. Paul has been a ski-ing buddy this winter and he’s been pressing me to be in the meeting. I’ve known him a long time, since he rode for Long Eaton in ’97. He was just a wee boy then. He’s not had the best of luck with injuries and I wish him an injury-free season, because he is a good wee rider, immensely quick.”


REDCAR: Gary Havelock, Shane Parker, Chris Kerr, Chris Harris.
NEWCASTLE: Kenneth Bjerre, Stuart Robson, Richard Hall, George Stancl.
EDINBURGH: Rory Schlein, William Lawson, Ronnie Correy, Chris Neath.
WORKINGTON: Joe Screen, Kauko Nieminen, James Wright, Paul Lee.

MIDDLESBROUGH: Martin “Mad Dog” Dixon and Carl Stonehewer,
EDINBURGH: Peter Carr and Kenny McKinna,
BERWICK: Scott Lamb and Sean Courtney,
NEWCASTLE: Paul “Banger” Bentley and David Blackburn.

Kevin Little Career details:
Born: 24/9/72, Edinburgh
Clubs: Glasgow Tigers (1988-9), Berwick Bandits (1989-91), Bradford Dukes (1992), Edinburgh Monarchs (1993-5), Berwick Bandits (1994-5), Belle Vue Aces (1995), Coventry Bees (1995-6), Berwick Bandits (1997), Edinburgh Monarchs (1998-2000), Newcastle Diamonds (2001-2004), Workington Comets (2005), Redcar Bears (2006).

Team and Individual Honours:
British League Gold Cup winner 1991 with Berwick
Academy League winner 1994-5 with Berwick.
Academy League Individual Champion 1994
Premier League KO Cup winner 1999 with Edinburgh (captain).
Premier League winner 2001 with Newcastle
The ONLY rider to have ridden for all Northern clubs in his career.


Borored Posted on 4/4 19:52
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

The great news for Speedway fans and for Kevin Little in particular is that THE Premier League Legend Carl Stonehewer will be riding in the Legends'heats in Kevin's Benefit at Redcar on 5th April.

"I don't think I'll sleep tonight!" said Kevin after Stoney had phoned him with the news. The former Workington hero hasn't ridden since receiving a serious arm injury in 2005 but he will be donning leathers again in two weeks time.

Kevin says "As far as the Premier League is concerned, he was always THE man to beat home and away. The number one.

"I spent most of my career trying to beat him and then in 2005 I ended up paired with him! What a privilege that was – he was great to ride with, I just had to look and he was there.

"He is a fantastic character and it is a great boost that he's prepared to come and ride in my meeting."

Stonehewer will be paired with Martin Dixon, with whom he won the 1997 Premier League Pairs in the colours of Long Eaton 10 years ago.

Borored Posted on 4/4 19:53
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

With just over a fortnight to go till the meeting, the teams for the Kevin Little Benefit are filling up.

Joe Screen will be coming to Redcar for the first time and boosting the Workington squad for the night, while last year’s Sky TV hero Richard Hall will be hoping for repetition of the form which saw him sensationally win the South Tees Silver Helmet at the track last season. He rides in the Newcastle team.

The emphasis with these inclusions in definitely on excitement. Kevin says “Joe Screen is pure entertainment, brilliant to watch, and I think that Redcar track will be just perfect for him.

“Richard was sensational winning that Trophy last year, riding out of his skin and passing within an inch of the fence. I’ve known him since he was just starting speedway and I had to have him in.”

Borored Posted on 4/4 21:30
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


Borored Posted on 5/4 10:08
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

late replacement in this, Dan Giffard comes in to replace Shane Parker in the Bears line up.

YearbyRed Posted on 12/4 12:11
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Redcar Bears V Edinburgh Monarchs tonight at 7.30 pm.

Bears in great form at the moment - unbeaten so far in the Premier Trophy.

Nice weather, only £12 for adults, £2 for kids and under 5's free.

Get yourself there.

newholgate Posted on 12/4 12:13
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Borored, I had my first speedway experience last week.

Went for Kevin Little's testimonial and I really enjoyed it.

I will certainly be going again

YearbyRed Posted on 12/4 13:17
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Fast Trap....back to the top

rob_fmttm Posted on 12/4 17:07
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Count me in as well. One of the highlights of the week without a doubt.

smoggyramone Posted on 12/4 17:08
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Will be in Blighty at the beginning of June to hopefully get an away match in. BORORED - do you remember our mate big Jakey???

YearbyRed Posted on 19/4 12:21
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Redcar v Newcastle tonight at 7.30 PM

Redcar without Havvy and Matt T due to injury (broken ribs for Havvy, broken collar bone for Matt) but Bears should still be strong enough for a win.

Get well soon Havvy and Matt

Link: Every race is like this....honest

YearbyRed Posted on 19/4 14:47
re: Redcar Speedway 2007


smoggyramone Posted on 19/4 15:17
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Every race is like this....honest 2

Link: juicy Brucey

camperman Posted on 19/4 16:03
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

now mate, the 81 world final cant beat it i was there with me old man and me cans.
old fellas ok at the mo just finished his radio therapy, just have to wait and see now fella.

Stepper_T Posted on 19/4 16:10
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

They have a rider who couldn't ride because he was doing his GCSEs.

YearbyRed Posted on 18/5 10:55
re: Redcar Speedway 2007

Friday night Speedway this week at South Tees Motorsports Park as the Bears entertain Sheffield Tigers.

Bears have to win by 12 points to claim the aggregate point after losing 52 - 41 last night.

Should be a close match again.

Get yourself there.

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YearbyRed Posted on 18/5 15:25
re: Redcar Speedway 2007