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Buddy Posted on 4/12 12:26
This weekend's refereeing etc

Haven't seen any other threads so no doubt groundhoggery of the highest order but here goes:

1. Ronaldo penalty: not a penalty but why oh why does Schwarzer keep giving forwards the chance to do that? Two weeks running now. Funniest part: Rooney(?) missing the target from the loose ball then turning to the ref and pointing at the penalty spot before applauding.

2. Ronaldo dive in Boateng challenge: several yellow cards needed there, the first for Ronaldo and lots of subsequent ones for Boro players surrounding the ref.

3. Rosicky/Chimbonda incident: not a penalty but Poll was always more likely to see the left leg contact than the right leg nicking the ball - not the worst decision I've ever seen by a long way.

4. Adebayor goal: I notice Hansen stopped well short of pointing out that Jonathan Pearce was a blind useless plank when proving that Adebayor was onside.

5. van Persie penalty: penalty. No way on earth Poll could have seen that handball.

mufflar Posted on 4/12 12:27
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

the 3 arsenal goals I wasnt bothered about as I had a financial interest in over 2 goals in the game...

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 4/12 13:12
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

Point 1.

Would you rather Schwarzer just stood off them and let them have an unopposed shot at goal?

Downilson Posted on 4/12 13:32
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

Nothing controversial there, Buddy.

Ronaldo should have been sent off, agreed.
2 Arsenal penalties weren't, agreed.

The only thing I'd ask is why you think Poll got it wrong (by your own admission) twice. Not up with play? Lack of concentration? Only too happy to give the home fans of a big club two big decisions instead of getting the stick if he didn't? About time he wasn't at this level, isn't it?

Buddy Posted on 4/12 14:30
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

Vinny - I'd rather he got to the ball to be honest.

mox - for the first one quite possibly, for the second one he'd have had to be level with the play, maybe the linesman had a better chance? But anyway - the ref can only give what he sees, which certainly for the second one is exactly what he did.

bubblesmfc Posted on 4/12 14:36
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

Scholes should have been sent off.

Already on a yellow, Boro were breaking from midfield ( Cattermole i think). Scholes sees him breaking into their half and with absolutely no attempt to play the ball trips Cattermole from behind with the sole intention of stopping the breakaway. Is this not supposed to be a yellow card and subsequent sending off for a second yellow?

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Red_Clowne Posted on 4/12 14:37
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

I don't think there was anything wrong with the ref's decisions this week (controversial opinion, I know). I believe they give a honest on-the-spot decision on what THEY see, not what we see sat in the stands or see in slo-mo action replay on the concourse.

However what I'd like to see is use of video replays by the fourth official. As Alan Green said on 606 on saturday, why not make use of him/her rather than give him/her a monitor's job to keep the managers in their technical area.

The fourth official can quickly see whether or not it was a penalty or if it was a dive and pass on his view to the ref. It can't hold up play because the ref's already blown.

In the case of deliberate cheating (eg no contact whatsoever) then a straight red should be given.

The cheaters then will be punished rather than a poor ref being called a vvanker for the rest of the match. The authorities should use the technology to back up the refs. The fact that they don't brings the game into disrepute. They are allowing the refs to be conned by the cheats.

Even Wimbledon (which has as many walruses as the FA) have embraced video and electronic line technology. Perhaps this is because the yanks are heavily involved in the game of tennis. The Yanks seem to want decisions to be correct - how often do you hear "the referee's a vvanker" at American Football? You don't because they have kept their game up with the times.

Unfortunately our game is still in the 19th century.

speckyget Posted on 4/12 14:53
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

You've missed out Poll's failure to book Eboue for going from leg-gripping agonised writhing on the ground to upright indignant finger jabbing in approx. one tenth of a second.

Buddy Posted on 4/12 15:01
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

I can only give what I see Mr Get, which in this case is determined by the MOTD editors.

speckyget Posted on 4/12 15:05
re: This weekend's refereeing etc

Not surprising. The incident was also edited out of all reports on the game.