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Buddy Posted on 5/12 9:56
Nicky Campbell - broadcasting legend

Five Live this morning.

Campbell: "and we're just receiving reports that a man armed with an atomic weapon has attacked the US embassy in Yemen, more on that as we get it".

*trail for banal late night phone-in or some such*

Campbell: "errrrrr, just to confirm, the man at the US embassy in Yemen was armed with an AUTOMATIC weapon, apologies for a very bad mis-reading"

Downilson Posted on 5/12 10:41
re: Nicky Campbell - broadcasting legend

Classic. Almost as good as his celebrated Kent Hunt routine.

borowally Posted on 5/12 10:44
re: Nicky Campbell - broadcasting legend

I once heard Edith Bowman announce that she had an e-mail
from, Mike Hunt !