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boro1980 Posted on 5/12 22:30

ive just been into town watching the game and downing was awful. he cannot beat a player anymore, corners are never beating the first man. cannot cross while running with ball i think its time to cash in. buy the way woody for england he was pure class again

Gaizka_Mendieta_14 Posted on 5/12 22:51
re: downing

we have worse than him

Table_Football Posted on 5/12 22:56
re: downing

worst post of the night.

boro1980 Posted on 5/12 23:00
re: downing

true tho

huddboro Posted on 5/12 23:02
re: downing

Surely a wind up.....what about his cross to the useless Boateng when he could've knocked it back? Downing had a good game.

borodrew Posted on 5/12 23:03
re: downing

corner for the pog chance, for boat, for scramble that led to goal etc.

hes the least of our worries.

glippy Posted on 5/12 23:08
re: downing

Downing was our best player.

boro1980 Posted on 5/12 23:08
re: downing

gippy what game were you watching

dsp007 Posted on 5/12 23:13
re: downing

Any player should be able to put in a corner,so crossing when not under pressure doesn`t mean he had game,appeared to be hiding as he often does but he was only one of several doing that Yakubu and Viduka included,from the midfeild and forwards need intensive fitness training,either that or they are simply not putting the effort in,even the so called poorer teams below us show more stamina and create more than we do.It`s time for a change at playing and coaching levels.

tad5539 Posted on 6/12 9:47
re: downing

agreed he had a bad game but lets not beat about the bush him and morrison are two of the best naturally right/and /left footedwingers in the prem at the moment if theres no one there to pass the ball to what do you want the lads to do /mind u they could always do a ladyboy/renaldo and dive on the floor and while i,m ere who the F~~~k do,es ferguson think he is .he new ladyboy dived and he defended him and said we were hacking him all through the game some one soon will bring his cheating to a full stop nuf said

boropatch Posted on 6/12 9:53
re: downing

That first line of your last post about Morrison and Downing them being the best naturally left and right footed players in the Prem at the moment either sums up the paucity of talent in the league or you are simply deluded.Obviously in a nice way.

Boromart Posted on 6/12 9:56
re: downing

"Any player should be able to put in a corner" - what a load of tosh. If any player should be able to, then how come so many players can't?