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PapaJohn Posted on 6/12 13:45
Most Promising Replacement for Boat

I reckon I watch Watford about the same number of times as Boro.
The most promising player I saw last season was Ali Bangura looks to me like he has the potential to be the new Vierra.

For some reason he's not had much of a chance this season at Watford. (which is saying sommat).

He is worth a bid in my opinion, hard worker, foot in, box to box player.

Flash_Fleming Posted on 6/12 13:46
re: Most Promising Replacement for Boat

Will a player with such a ridiculous name make it at the Boro?

Within 20 minutes some tool behind you at la riv will shout
'I'll Bangura you in the jaw if you don't sort yourself out'