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skelboro Posted on 6/12 23:51
upset frontliners

Cmon who is it?

Link: frontline

YodaTheCoder Posted on 6/12 23:53
re: upset frontliners

Bunch of cluts!

GibbosEmpire Posted on 6/12 23:55
re: upset frontliners

Whats this new cult thats suppost to be better then all this 'frontline' lark? Gay Prides already taken.

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BoobaciousBoroBabe Posted on 6/12 23:55
re: upset frontliners

Send CAPSLOCK over there to see if they like his songs

Revol_Tees Posted on 6/12 23:55
re: upset frontliners

Claret everywhere

skelboro Posted on 6/12 23:56
re: upset frontliners

Adamholgate must be someone off here?got me ideas

GibbosEmpire Posted on 6/12 23:57
re: upset frontliners

Liddle is mentioned on there.

YodaTheCoder Posted on 6/12 23:59
re: upset frontliners

That site is cack, I've been looking for 10 minutes now and I haven't found any fonts?

Downilson Posted on 7/12 0:03
re: upset frontliners

There are real frontlines in the world. Football matchdays aren't any of them.

Downilson Posted on 7/12 0:18
re: upset frontliners

Come on then, own up, who's claret_everywhere?

onthemap Posted on 7/12 0:20
re: upset frontliners

its an an inadequate puff thing- but ok if you like that.

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 7/12 0:21
re: upset frontliners

BoobaciousBoroBabe's solution seems perfect to me. Although they may not understand all the WORDS

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 0:23
re: upset frontliners


Mr_Incident Posted on 7/12 0:26
re: upset frontliners

Some good tales on there from the good ol' days. There's a poster called vintage*boro* who seems to write all his accounts in the style of a rap:

"darlo rustered up a big firm that day...
it was only afterwards that boro were told ov this..
this is by no means a get out clause.only fact from the time..?
if anyone can shed light on this its.. BTOB..
top credit is due to darlo...for a turn out...
even firms like leeds/and co never made such an effort..
the funny thing about it tho/ at the return fixture at boro...
darlo givn all effort.never showed..
recall 50 boro on that rainy morning - looking for it..8am. "

I was bubble scratchin' all the way through that.

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 7/12 9:13
re: upset frontliners

"I couldnt care less what the benders on there say the majority are left wing tree huggers who havnt a clue about Boro. They get there kicks sitting on that site 24 / 7 slaging anyone and everyone from the safety of there homes and snapping one off over it..."

At least they got something right!!!!!

the_broken_fridge Posted on 7/12 9:26
re: upset frontliners

claret everywhere

skelboro Posted on 7/12 9:35
re: upset frontliners

When is the next meeting should be interesting?

stump_hole_lover Posted on 7/12 9:42
re: upset frontliners

Why does'nt someone from the 12th man go on there and challenge them to a footy match? You could impress them with a card display and put flowers in their hair and at the next match we could all be sat together in our still atmosphereless stadium.( apologise in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors)

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 10:03
re: upset frontliners

Well that "does'nt" is a disgrace fro starters.

SuperBokSupper Posted on 7/12 10:04
re: upset frontliners

trodbitch, its 'for' not 'fro'

speckyget Posted on 7/12 10:10
re: upset frontliners

It's "it's" not "its".

YodaTheCoder Posted on 7/12 10:10
re: upset frontliners

*apologies* :)

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 10:25
re: upset frontliners

XboroX Posted on 7/12 10:31
re: upset frontliners

you should encourage them to make a "frontline" banner and hang it at the back of the north.

Long_Live_Zombies Posted on 7/12 10:47
re: upset frontliners

Had a look on there last night from a link from one of the threads. PMSL - do these people still reminisce of the 'Good Old Days'. All that seemed to matter was what trainers you had on etc and how shitt scared you were before going to the 'match' before getting 'mullered' or 'getting a result'.

No nominations for literary awards either

stump_hole_lover Posted on 7/12 12:04
re: upset frontliners

I think some of the prominent posters on here would get twitchy Ar5es if they saw a frontline banner in the north stand

skelboro Posted on 7/12 12:05
re: upset frontliners

probably and some of them would wipe there ar5e on it

YodaTheCoder Posted on 7/12 12:06
re: upset frontliners

Some of their spelling is terrifying.

T4Tomo Posted on 7/12 12:07
re: upset frontliners

Don't all the frontliners sit in the west upper with thermos flasks of coffee and blankets over their knees?

stump_hole_lover Posted on 7/12 12:09
re: upset frontliners

No keyboard and computer screen to hide behind in public though.
Perhaps they would defend themselves with glib remarks and point out spelling errors on their message board

Turner_86 Posted on 7/12 12:12
re: upset frontliners

That is the biggest pile of uneducated hypocrytical shhitte I have ever read in my life.

You've gotta laugh though.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 7/12 12:12
re: upset frontliners

getting personal now I see.

But it's OK, as they are always there to protect boro fans from other other hoolies and wouldn't dream of turning on their own.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 7/12 12:20
re: upset frontliners


the_broken_fridge Posted on 7/12 12:20
re: upset frontliners

Laught of the day that eddie!

stump_hole_lover Posted on 7/12 12:21
re: upset frontliners

Turner_86:- WTF?
Fridge:- for something to get personal a comment has to be directed to an individual which i have not done.

speckyget Posted on 7/12 12:22
re: upset frontliners

Tick vg

the_broken_fridge Posted on 7/12 12:23
re: upset frontliners

stump - that comment wasn't directed at you. It was a reference to a post on the frontline site. Apologies, that was not made clear.

Long_Live_Zombies Posted on 7/12 12:26
re: upset frontliners

Eddie_C Quality!

Capybara Posted on 7/12 12:27
re: upset frontliners

Turner_86 Posted on 7/12 12:27
re: upset frontliners

'I couldnt care less what the benders on there say the majority are left wing tree huggers who havnt a clue about Boro. They get there kicks sitting on that site 24 / 7 slaging anyone and everyone from the safety of there homes and snapping one off over it...'

1) benders? WTF!
2) havent a clue about boro? Yea of course we don't
3) sitting on that site 24/7 slagging anyone off ... yes, cos you would never do that would you!

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 7/12 12:28
re: upset frontliners


you owe me a keyboard

stump_hole_lover Posted on 7/12 12:32
re: upset frontliners

Fridge:- fair enough, apoligy accepted

the_broken_fridge Posted on 7/12 12:34
re: upset frontliners

no worries.

Arthur_horsfield Posted on 7/12 12:49
re: upset frontliners

"...sitting on that site 24/7 slagging anyone off"

Note that a Mr Pongo Banks is "sitting on that site 24/7 slagging anyone off" at 1231am.

You're a disgrace to your unit Banks!

rararasputin3 Posted on 7/12 12:53
re: upset frontliners

"nerdy FMTTM fookwits" Ill fooking have him, stealing my line, the slag!
There'll be fooking claret everywhere.

red_rebel2 Posted on 7/12 12:57
re: upset frontliners

If they came on our manor taking liberties I reckon we could have 'em.

holgate_rochey Posted on 7/12 12:57
re: upset frontliners

Theyre spot on on that site.

Who they talking about here, come on own up...

"There was also an annoying skinny ginger lad wannabe middle class u know the type, talked sh_ite looks like a strong wind would blow him away, he kept everything a secret the sad fu_cker, who the fu_ck appointed that daft kid as spokesman for us fans?"

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 7/12 13:09
re: upset frontliners

rochey, it sounds like one of the surfer monitors, who sits in block 19.

Wally_Batty Posted on 7/12 13:28
re: upset frontliners

"if we go down and stuggle then we will be there, those daft nobeds will start following fu_cking chelsea."

Come on own up, who from this board doesn't

Link: have their own bed?

skelboro Posted on 7/12 13:35
re: upset frontliners

Adam couldnt be boateng7 could it?

borobuddah Posted on 7/12 14:45
re: upset frontliners

"Frontline, Frontline giz a song, Frontline, giz a song

Boro here, Boro there, claret everyferkinwhere"

glippy Posted on 7/12 15:13
re: upset frontliners

Quote "Theyre basically the outcasts and dregs of society"

A little self-knowledge wouldn't go amiss here.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 7/12 16:22
re: upset frontliners

Bet theres a few on here who used to have their dinner money
taken off them regulary at school classic

Same blokes are now running round with foam hands

There just like me and you but were brought up different

Some are career criminals but there certainly not murderers or p@eodo,s

Even though some that ran with the mob in the the 70,s and 80,s

are doing serious Bird

Whats a bit of spilt Claret anyway ?
most of the firms top lads now drink together instead of trying

to rearange each others faces

skelboro Posted on 7/12 16:25
re: upset frontliners

and he knows

longster Posted on 7/12 16:32
re: upset frontliners


doggylad Posted on 7/12 16:40
re: upset frontliners

stump_hole_lover, lets get this football match on use pack of irratating fuuuckwits

little_towers you seem to be not well liked

whose the "yoda" i wind up. . .will you identify yourself please i forgot your log in name

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trodbitch Posted on 7/12 16:42
re: upset frontliners

doggylad, do you come with subtitles?

YodaTheCoder Posted on 7/12 16:44
re: upset frontliners


the_broken_fridge Posted on 7/12 16:44
re: upset frontliners

is doggylad one of us or one of them.

I am confused. Being a FMTTM Rara, I'd better have a peppermint tea and a rice cake.

doggylad Posted on 7/12 16:45
re: upset frontliners

trodbitch EH?

yoda never mind just a craic i have with someone

holgateoldskool Posted on 7/12 16:48
re: upset frontliners

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a few days ago Liddle told me to move on when I dared to call him the fountain of knowledge for Frontline ? Me thinks it's you Mr Towers who needs to in your words forget it !!!!!!

stump_hole_lover Posted on 7/12 17:19
re: upset frontliners

Doggylad:- i would be on your side mate.Theres a few shins of people on this board i'd like to clatter in a dean glover sort of way.You know me anyway kid, you saw me on saturday afternoon.

das_elton Posted on 7/12 17:40
re: upset frontliners

Think I know you, used to work with ya
Does your first name begin with G ?

MsCurly Posted on 7/12 18:22
re: upset frontliners

I love Eddie.

hughiep Posted on 7/12 18:26
re: upset frontliners

dont agree with adam ther lyk i support standing up, tht andy nicholls is a ryt c**k lyk lol talks load of s**t thinks hes summit special

This one seems well educated !!!


das_elton Posted on 7/12 18:35
re: upset frontliners

Yer wona woch tht adam holgate he sownds as ard as fook him duz.
sum of is postes are reely shoking

They dont like liddle_towers much do they ?

GibbosEmpire Posted on 7/12 18:40
re: upset frontliners

I dont really have an opinion on them really because I wasnt old enough.So Il let you all tell your storys.

This worried me though.

'The are undoubtedly the biggest pack of nerdy w-nkers associated with ANY football club ANYWHERE in the world. Theyre basically the outcasts and dregs of society. The kids who were bullied at school and isoaltaed from the other kids. The ones who were picked last for knocky outy and had their lunch money taken off them. Nerds of the highest order cracking one off at their computer at the merest thought of an official flag day or free foam hands. They are truly laughable and everything that is wrong about the game today.'

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skeelo Posted on 7/12 18:42
re: upset frontliners

Ton ?

skeelo Posted on 7/12 18:43
re: upset frontliners

or Tonne ?

das_elton Posted on 7/12 18:44
re: upset frontliners


bubblesmfc Posted on 7/12 18:44
re: upset frontliners

A century?

Jimfeath Posted on 7/12 18:56
re: upset frontliners

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onthemap Posted on 7/12 19:06
re: upset frontliners

Me and Monty will be at the next 12th man meeting to eject any frontline chavs.

BoroandProud Posted on 7/12 19:09
re: upset frontliners

I thought it was chavs who don replica football strips?

Smifter Posted on 7/12 19:14
re: upset frontliners

"Clarinets everywhere"

skelboro Posted on 7/12 19:15
re: upset frontliners

what have i started i thinks theres gefo claret at the next 12th man meeting!!!!!!!!!

doggylad Posted on 7/12 19:27
re: upset frontliners

stump_hole_lover are you yoda? haha good day on saturday i ended up foooked in gilz dancin like an idiot.

and daz_eldon no begins with A

--- Post edited by doggylad on 7/12 19:46 ---

Sez_Les_Boro Posted on 7/12 19:50
re: upset frontliners

One time, the Boro Boots boys crossed the road to take it to the Superdrug boys on their own manor. The Superdrug boys, not being able to go toe to toe, took shelter behind the display of breath fresheners. Boots Boys laid into them.

Clorets everywhere......

doggylad Posted on 7/12 20:02
re: upset frontliners

go to sleep you

uncle_harry Posted on 7/12 20:02
re: upset frontliners

next one down

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uncle_harry Posted on 7/12 20:03
re: upset frontliners

My firm went up sunderland the other day, decided to kick off in this pet shop

parrots everywhere

chboro Posted on 7/12 20:41
re: upset frontliners

FFS is he is gonna make sh­it up about me he can at least get my username right

uncle_harry Posted on 7/12 20:52
re: upset frontliners

then we went to Darlo to the fruit and veg section, it all kicked off big style....

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 21:00
re: upset frontliners


(cheers for the tap-in, h)

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 21:01
re: upset frontliners

Then we took a brief tour around a local beauty spot only to find it had been redeveloped for low-cost housing.....

uncle_harry Posted on 7/12 21:05
re: upset frontliners

Barrats everywhere,- what a team!

like john Hickton and david mills

so then we thought we'd go down to London and kick off in a west end posh department store...

janplanner Posted on 7/12 21:13
re: upset frontliners

harrods everywhere!?!

Stepper_T Posted on 7/12 21:15
re: upset frontliners


borobuddah Posted on 7/12 22:07
re: upset frontliners

"Battered and bloody,
I was sick down my shirt
we were no match for their untamed wit,
but some of the lads said they'd be back next week"

The Eton Rifles, indeed.

uncle_harry Posted on 7/12 22:09
re: upset frontliners

so we all piled into this time machine right and went back to the 60 right? we go into the roundhouse and see the original line up of pink flloyd and beat the shyte out of the lead singer....

borobuddah Posted on 7/12 22:17
re: upset frontliners

Are you on drugs Uncle H?

uncle_harry Posted on 7/12 22:44
re: upset frontliners


red_rebel2 Posted on 7/12 23:13
re: upset frontliners

Barrett's everywhere.

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 23:19
re: upset frontliners

Superb apostrophage there. (I'm allowed to invent new words so nah nah)

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 7/12 23:32
re: upset frontliners


the_broken_fridge Posted on 8/12 9:20
re: upset frontliners

That Pesky lad with the hair like a cockatiel, that flipper* travels everywhere so he thinks he qualifies as a superman, I hope hes at the next 12 homo sex ual men meeting, I will smash him too.
I heard he was causing bova in Zurich mind, he was gassed so maybe hes not that bad.

*edited for bad language. but not poor language.

captain5 Posted on 8/12 9:27
re: upset frontliners

Middlesbrough Frontline
This forum has been set up to discuss what has happened and not what is going to happen. It is not intended to promote violence and has nothing to do with Middlesbrough Football Club.

KENDAL Posted on 8/12 9:27
re: upset frontliners

We chased their firm into Boots The Chemist and cornered them by the cough medicines, it kicked off big time - Clorets everywhere.

BoroMutt Posted on 8/12 9:32
re: upset frontliners

The uvver week it all kicked off in the market near the vegetable stalls, some boxes of caulis got knocked over...

skelboro Posted on 8/12 10:27
re: upset frontliners

Had too sorry

red_rebel2 Posted on 8/12 10:27
re: upset frontliners

florets everywhere.

Max_Headroom Posted on 8/12 10:44
re: upset frontliners

So me an' are crew of about 20 hard knocks were mucking around the early 20th century, chests out, when all these bints, hundreds of 'em, came round the corner. These were hard as, and had got respect from jumping in front of horses and crapping in post boxes an' that. Even the Liberal crew with Davey LG were bricking it wiv em.

Anyway, we went toe to toe in the high street giving as good as we got giving em a sound thrashing and running em off. You should have seen the sight as we looked back up the high street before the beak showed up........

Sufragettes everyhere.

piggy_nichol Posted on 8/12 10:45
re: upset frontliners






SuperBokSupper Posted on 8/12 10:45
re: upset frontliners

"heyre spot on on that site.

Who they talking about here, come on own up...

"There was also an annoying skinny ginger lad wannabe middle class u know the type, talked sh_ite looks like a strong wind would blow him away, he kept everything a secret the sad fu_cker, who the fu_ck appointed that daft kid as spokesman for us fans?"

I think everyone knows who hes on about.

Out of order, seemed like a nice lad when I was playing footy with him the other day.

Why the need for infighting between frontline and FMTTM?

Dont get it and its obvious some posters flit between the two sites.

RedWurzel Posted on 8/12 11:07
re: upset frontliners

The frontliners etc got up to some unsavoury stuff (which I am not defending), but many of them have given great vocal backing to the Boro. What people complain is missing today.

I believe most of the Boro support no longer comes from the council estates of East Middlesbrough and it is missed. Football crowds (particularly at the Boro) have been too sanistised imo. In the early and mid 80s, the whole game was threatened by crowd violence, but we have moved well away from those days. Nowadays if you swear or shout aggressively or try to smoke or drink (more than a few pints)you are banned.

The border lines between some of the hooligans and supporters were sometimes blurred in the past. Not everyone is either a Rara or Frontline.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 8/12 11:10
re: upset frontliners

some right high and mighty people on here judging people

Link: Lighten up a bit lads

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 8/12 11:43
re: upset frontliners

Superbok, so who is that description of?
The one about Esky is uncanny.

captain5 Posted on 8/12 11:44
re: upset frontliners

*75 sitting there, notebook and pen in hand*

SuperBokSupper Posted on 8/12 11:47
re: upset frontliners

dunno if he'll want me to say mate.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 8/12 11:50
re: upset frontliners

I was just wondering, it was of the lad who folds/unfolds the surfer in the North Stand.
captain, you know much more about people than I would ever wish to, you creepy little deviant.

captain5 Posted on 8/12 11:51
re: upset frontliners

SuperBokSupper Posted on 8/12 11:53
re: upset frontliners

dunno if he unfurls the banner, west stand volovaunt man meself!

stump_hole_lover Posted on 8/12 12:15
re: upset frontliners

Good post red_wurzel. Your right, I also thought the 12th man thing was suposed to be trying to unify our dwindling support but some of the childish posts on here are divisive and can only lead to illfeeling among fellow boro fans

captain5 Posted on 8/12 12:16
re: upset frontliners

The Twe12th Man gets more stick on here than anywhere else so I wouldn't worry about it.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 8/12 12:18
re: upset frontliners

captain, your patronising comments doesn't exactly help their cause.

captain5 Posted on 8/12 12:19
re: upset frontliners

Sorry, I'll defer to your expertise on patronising comments.

holgate_rochey Posted on 8/12 13:19
re: upset frontliners

SuperBokSupper - so who is it then? the ginger?

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 8/12 13:22
re: upset frontliners

Did he once have a ridiculous ginger bumfluff goatee?

Cross_Of_St_George Posted on 8/12 13:33
re: upset frontliners

The vocal support at matches today and the 12th man movement should take notice of these so called "knuckle draggers". They knew exactly how to create an atmosphere without the need for accompanying music or foam hands. They have a lot to contribute to making the Riverside a more atmospheric stadium. Only a self righteous buffoon would reject their opinions.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 8/12 13:34
re: upset frontliners

Isn't being self-righteous a pre-requisite to join the '12tn man'?

stump_hole_lover Posted on 8/12 14:35
re: upset frontliners

Spot on mate but i fear it is too late. There have been too many people from all areas of society that have been alienated over the last 10 years or so. Getting them back will be difficult without a concerted effort from the club and possible changes with TV etc.

doggylad Posted on 8/12 16:36
re: upset frontliners

go on stumphole

borobuddah Posted on 9/12 0:19
re: upset frontliners

Reputations, reminicence, and cyber threats.

Eton Rifles vs Green Berets.

borobuddah Posted on 9/12 0:21
re: upset frontliners

Eton rifles vs Green Berets

robert_hoffman Posted on 9/12 8:59
re: upset frontliners

soccer yobbo,s are something from the 70,s early 80,s, when they all use to wear parker jackets, and look like shaggy from scooby doo....

if were going back to the 80,s lets all follow SHAKIN stevens...

greennnnnnnnnnn dooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

borobuddah Posted on 9/12 9:14
re: upset frontliners

You sound like you're really "In the know" Mr Hoffman.

doggylad Posted on 9/12 13:24
re: upset frontliners

tell us something we dont know you puppet

skelboro Posted on 9/12 17:19
re: upset frontliners

Anyone cop for it?

borobuddah Posted on 12/12 17:08
re: upset frontliners

Cop for it?

mozza_1 Posted on 12/12 17:34
re: upset frontliners

ah but will they turn up thursday night at the meeting?

seriously we should all united behind the boro no matter what our other beliefs or motivations are

BoroandProud Posted on 12/12 17:44
re: upset frontliners

Aww look, they want us back now....