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Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 8:55
Lynx Shower Gel

Just suppose you were responsible for selling Lynx shower gel and had sales of 10m a year. If you increased the size of the squirty gel hole by half a mm would you increase your sales due to people wasting more shower gel?

onetoomany Posted on 7/12 8:58
re: Lynx Shower Gel

Don't know, why?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 8:59
re: Lynx Shower Gel

Just wondered....

GtBB Posted on 7/12 9:09
re: Lynx Shower Gel

Your devious sounding plan may work once, but then the consumer would just modify squeeze pressure accordingly. No increased sales, I'm afraid.

"Nivea for Men. Look better than you feel."

Oh, I forgot. FKN PONCES!

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borowally Posted on 7/12 9:11
re: Lynx Shower Gel

It's an interesting question, that needs to be addressed, by assuming people using it, may wonder why, they were having to buy the product more often. And maybe switching to different brand possibly with a denser viscosity that dribbled, rather than pissed out !

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 9:22
re: Lynx Shower Gel

If they bought 1 every 5 weeks and all of a sudden were buying one every 4 weeks would they notice?

Would they realise the hole was bigger and squeeze with less pressure, as a result using the same amount of shower gel?

T4Tomo Posted on 7/12 9:31
re: Lynx Shower Gel

the relatively new upside down squeezy ketchup bottles comes out a lot quicker than the old squeezy bottles (although it seems like they have narrowed the hole but it comes out at higher pressure).

I thinks it just to get kids to waste more of it.

I don't recommend it as a shower gel though.

onetoomany Posted on 7/12 9:35
re: Lynx Shower Gel

What do you recommend Tomo for the 21st century male??

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Elron_Hubbard Posted on 7/12 9:46
re: Lynx Shower Gel

It's similar to the strategy used by shampoo manufacturers - rinse and repeat. You do not need to repeat, but it means you use twice as much.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 10:13
re: Lynx Shower Gel

It doesn't ell you how much to use when you use and repeat though....

janplanner Posted on 7/12 10:59
re: Lynx Shower Gel

waitrose shower creme is nice. avocado and jojoba i think.

Fatsuma Posted on 7/12 11:03
re: Lynx Shower Gel

We southern based folk prefer Molton Brown's GinSeng Yin Yang, as recommended in the Times lifestyle supplement that I was reading on the tube after getting away from White Hart Lane early!

Good job too - missed that dreadful kerfuffle by the touchline.

Still, soothed away the tension with a nice shower when I got home to restore body, mind, spirit and quirky hair!

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 11:05
re: Lynx Shower Gel

Cussons Imperial Leather Foamburst gives you that all over invigorated feeling that stays with you all day.

(see also "a vvank")

Trodbitch 2006

tees_tripper Posted on 7/12 11:08
re: Lynx Shower Gel

The Radox shower gell bottle design is a bit naff. Has nothing to do with consumer squeeze pressure - after reaching a certain pressure threshold it just came out at high speed and missed my hand completely, wasting precious ceansing product. Evil capitalists!

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billybalfour Posted on 7/12 11:19
re: Lynx Shower Gel

along those lines lisbon, i think the gillette mk3 went blunt just before the new one came out

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 11:21
re: Lynx Shower Gel

The WIlkinson Sword Protector was the crappest razor ever. I got a special edition Boro one and it was pants so I went back to my Gilette.