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Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 15:42
Bank Charges

I requested my bank charges back from Yorkshire bank and they said no. Has anyone else done this with Yorkshire Bank?

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 7/12 15:43
re: Bank Charges

Did you say please?

mufflar Posted on 7/12 15:44
re: Bank Charges

what did they charge you? Two chickens and a bale of straw?


Perry_Combover Posted on 7/12 15:44
re: Bank Charges

no but i have with my sperm bank

mufflar Posted on 7/12 15:45
re: Bank Charges

Im with the River Bank...


Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 15:45
re: Bank Charges


Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 15:50
re: Bank Charges

"The relationship between you and the bank was governed by the banks standard terms and conditions."

"Please note that should you proceed straight to court action against the bank in respect of this matter, the bank reserves the right to lodge a counterclaim against you for damages suffered as a result of the breach by you of your contract with the bank."

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 7/12 15:51
re: Bank Charges

They'll make you an offer after you send them another letter.

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 15:51
re: Bank Charges

Eh? I thought this was normally straight forward as what the Banks are doing is illegal

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 15:52
re: Bank Charges

How are you breaching a contract? Did you sign something saying I can never make a claim against you? Didn't think so

chboro Posted on 7/12 15:53
re: Bank Charges

Its more about the fairness of the terms and conditions than the fact they are there.

You feel that the charges are too much and you are willing to take them to court and let the judge decide.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 15:55
re: Bank Charges

How do you know that Vinny?

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 15:55
re: Bank Charges

The Bank are wrong LL, just look on the website. Send them another letter mate, it is a FACT that they use scare tactics initally

UndercoverElephant Posted on 7/12 16:01
re: Bank Charges

At the end of your next letter, say you're charging them 30 for the privilege of receiving it.

Then they'll say, "No! That's illegal, you can't charge people for silly things like that...".

The prosecution rests.

LeBigMan Posted on 7/12 16:03
re: Bank Charges

Did you ask for a refund for all charges over a 6 year period? Somebody told me to do that when i got charged and the bank basically told me where to go, so i rang up to complain and they agreed to refund the last charge (28) as a goodwill gesture. Maybe i should have held out for more but I needed the money and couldnt be bothered with the hassle!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 16:04
re: Bank Charges

Yes, I asked for the 880 they robbed ffrom me over the last 6 years.

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 16:04
re: Bank Charges

Yep 6 years is what to claim for. Only a few people have been unsuccessful. You have to be commited to go to court if need be. However they will back out at the last minute and pay up


Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 16:08
re: Bank Charges

I admire your optimism, I'm going for it! Court all the way!!! Even if they win they're only going to win the money back which they have already taken off me....

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 16:09
re: Bank Charges

And Court Costs. But they won't win so they would be paying them. It has been on GMTV that 99% of people WILL win

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 16:10
re: Bank Charges

You said that on your last two dog races and I was the 1%....

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 16:11
re: Bank Charges

Do what you feel is right. Go for it mate, have some backbone

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 16:11
re: Bank Charges

Typing up my letter as we speak...

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 16:12
re: Bank Charges

I thought the point was that the issue had never been to court before and that the banks would rather not contest it?

Pauluka Posted on 7/12 16:13
re: Bank Charges

Some have been to court. I think these were the inital people that made claims. As it stands now they normally just pay out as they WILL lose

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 16:13
re: Bank Charges

That's what I thought....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 16:17
re: Bank Charges

Bring it on!!!

dezzaboro Posted on 7/12 16:25
re: Bank Charges

wtf? sorry can someone tell me how to get my charges back as my bank are robbin me every month with charges...thanks

wheelz Posted on 7/12 16:26
re: Bank Charges

My daughter received notice yesterday from Halifax that they have applied a 30 charge on her account -- she went 28 PENCE over her authorised overdraft limit cos her nurses salary went in a day after she expected. I rang and said I thought they were being unreasonable, but they more or less said "tough! Put a complaint in writing if she wants, but it won't do any good!"

We'll see...!

drinkingbob Posted on 7/12 20:44
re: Bank Charges

anybody wanting to claim back charges incurred over the last 6 years is entitled to their statements from their respective banks under the data protections act.go to the consumer advice groups web site,or simply write a letter to your bank along with a cheque for 10 asking for them.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 20:47
re: Bank Charges

Done that, worked out the charges, sent the letter, got rebuffed.

If at first you don't succeed....

LIVEY Posted on 7/12 23:03
re: Bank Charges

I work for a high street bank and over the last 6 - 8 months the whole charges thing has got really out of hand. All we deal with in the branch is people complaining/arguing over charges they have been given, it really gets you down. I agree with pretty much everything that previous posters have said, but when I'm faced with Joe Public in the branch I have to tow the party line and spout terms and conditions, frankly, its embarassing.

The Ombudsman's recent ruling re: credit card charges being too high , will hopefully bring the same result when bank charges are looked at later this year.

trodbitch Posted on 7/12 23:06
re: Bank Charges

Kiss goodbye to free banking as we know it. Charges for withdrawals, cheques, having an account, statements, online banking - the lot.

dsp007 Posted on 7/12 23:17
re: Bank Charges

try not going overdrawn,that way you don`t pay bank charges.

LIVEY Posted on 7/12 23:17
re: Bank Charges

Your'e right TB, was in the states last summer and only a handfull of banks offer 'free checking accounts' as they call them. Generally charge $10 - $15 a month for the privelege. But when you think about it here (in the UK), you get a free debit card (v.convenient), free cheque book, facilities for direct debit and standing orders. This is why for the majority of customers the high street banks make f**k all from them for offering these facilites, hence why the charges are so high.

deganya Posted on 8/12 9:17
re: Bank Charges

why should they charge us for using those facilities such as cheque books direct debits etc? The banks make billions of pounds profit every year, yes!!!! Billions.........they do it because we let them use our money to play with.

Get a complete list of all charges over the last six years under the Data protection act then ask for all the money back. If you have real bottle apply interest charges too. The courts will apply 8% so you do the same.

If and when banks start to charge people will move from bank to bank to get the best deals, i can see millions of people joining credit unions.

mufflar Posted on 8/12 9:41
re: Bank Charges

It doesnt bother me, I keep all of my money under my matress in cash. And I dont bother locking the door!

LOL @U Lloyds bank!

boksic Posted on 8/12 9:44
re: Bank Charges

1. UK is one of the few countries where we get "free banking"
2. The charges are unlawful to the extent they are a "penalty" not a genuine reflection fo the bank's costs as English law does not allow penalty clauses in contracts.
3. Beacuse of limitation rules the maximum you could claim back is 6 years.
4. Be prepared to lodge a county court claim if you really want the money but you must say exactly what you think you are owed.
5. To do this you might have to aske the bank for copy statements for which they may charge you.
6. MASSIVE WARNING - if you do make a claim, be prepared for hte bank to immediately call in your overdraft, close your account and tell you to go and take your business elsewhere.

johns_ar Posted on 8/12 10:02
re: Bank Charges

The wife has done this with Halifax and they ended up refunding her 800 quid over a 6 year period on her bank account and credit card.

Theres a sequence of letters on the which site that you can use to get the charges back which she used. Only found a couple of them on google but they do work.

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johns_ar Posted on 8/12 10:03
re: Bank Charges


Link: Which

mufflar Posted on 8/12 10:06
re: Bank Charges

Can someone briefly explain why the bank should refund the charges?

If they are resulting form you going over your overdraft?

deganya Posted on 8/12 10:14
re: Bank Charges

if you go 24p over your overdraft limit and they charge you 30 the penalty is disproportionate, and it is thought these penalties are illegal, the banks dont want to go to court as it would set a precedent if they lost, which they probably would. at the moment its cheaper just paying out to those that make a claim rather than everyone who was charged.

mufflar Posted on 8/12 10:44
re: Bank Charges

what if you have gone say 20 overdrawn and get charged 30?

boksic Posted on 8/12 10:56
re: Bank Charges

Mufflar - see my point 2 above, it is not to do with by how much you went overdrawn, it is to do with the fact that the charge does not represent the loss or cost to the bank in dealing with your breach, leeter printed by computer = about 40p. Therefore it can be seen as a penalty on the customer which is unlawful.

mufflar Posted on 8/12 11:04
re: Bank Charges


Lisbon - e-mail me a copy of the letter you sent to your bank please...

kermit_the_smog Posted on 8/12 11:15
re: Bank Charges

I went 1 quid over my overdraft limit the other month, they charged me 20!! But i got half of it back.

I get charged 10 a month at the moment for using my account or using my overdraft.. i forget?! and then 10 quid interest on top of that for using my overdraft

tarquin_foxglove Posted on 8/12 11:22
re: Bank Charges

I haven't had any bank charges for years and had 5 bank accounts (food, bills, beer, etc) with first direct.

All these people not managing their affairs has meant that I've had to move banks or get hit with 40 of charges every month as although I pay in more than the threshold it is only to 1 account and internal transfers don't count.

Now my credit card have reduced the charges for late payments from 30 to 12 but cut the length of interest free period and there is no period of grace, if your payment isn't there on the due day, I start paying interest on the whole amount.

I'm going to have to change that now and as it is a MFC affinity card it means boro are going to lose out as well.

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 8/12 11:23
re: Bank Charges

Will do....

mufflar Posted on 8/12 11:31
re: Bank Charges

Traquin - There, there, would you like a tissue and a nice cup of tea?

tarquin_foxglove Posted on 8/12 11:42
re: Bank Charges

Aye, that'd be nice.

BTW Recent evidence given by the banks to OFT, that removing the charges would result in the loss of free banking, kinda proves everyone's case that the charges are not a reasonable pre-estimate of the bank's loss in relation to that particular account but represent a device to recover global losses.

What a bunch of muppets.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 8/12 11:58
re: Bank Charges

As long as I get my 900 back I don't care cos I'll get pay rises to cover the rest of the charges they may feel they want to introduce. Bunch of coonts.

kahunaburger Posted on 8/12 12:08
re: Bank Charges

LL - Did you get those letters, if so are they any use.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 8/12 12:32
re: Bank Charges

I did get those letter kahuna and they are of use. Obviously I'll have to crib them and a add a few swear words but cheers matey.