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Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 18:03
FAO Marlon D

Where are you, you lanky gibbon?

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 18:50
re: FAO Marlon D

I'm here you fat, sunken eyed, grassing homo.

Can't get on at work, need a new proxy.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 19:00
re: FAO Marlon D

What a toerag you are. Don't trust you eh....

southwestupper Posted on 7/12 19:04
re: FAO Marlon D

Marlon D are you the same person who rang me today for tickets

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 19:05
re: FAO Marlon D

What an odd question.

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 19:05
re: FAO Marlon D

And I've been very busy to be honest, some fuqer at work took 3 days to sort out a portacabin being installed. What a gimp he is. Next thing he'll be doing his usual trick of sending an e-mail to the gaffers who just laugh at the token mong they took on.

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 19:06
re: FAO Marlon D

SWU, would you be the human sat nav ?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 19:06
re: FAO Marlon D


southwestupper Posted on 7/12 19:08
re: FAO Marlon D

Yes mate i thought it was you, will get the blackburn tickets no probs

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 19:11
re: FAO Marlon D

Champo, like I said we'll try and catch up before or after the game on Saturday. How's the young un doing ?

southwestupper Posted on 7/12 19:14
re: FAO Marlon D

Will be having a quick pint in central then going up to Newcastle for our Xmas do with the thick barcodes. Young un doing great he is a little home sick but he is enjhoying it, he is more gutted about the Boro he has only missed Spurs away due to the Navy

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 19:19
re: FAO Marlon D

Can I have his 1/2 price kids seat now then.

I was supposed to be going to my do in Skunkville on Saturday night but can't be arsed to listen to a bunch of thick tw-ats who mix up their vowels everytime they open their mouths. Have enough during the week.

southwestupper Posted on 7/12 19:24
re: FAO Marlon D

Nice try mate but you can only get perks if you have been to Leeds ha ha ha ha. Dont want to go myself but i have to show my face as i am paying for it all. We will get Xmas out of the way then sort out our special trip to europe in March

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 19:26
re: FAO Marlon D

Can you fook you lanky git, you'll need to sit in the diabled section if you want to fit your big knees in.

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 19:26
re: FAO Marlon D

Aw go on, I'll put me best shoes on.

I'll see you on Saturday. Zoom-zoom for now.

Lisbon, how much do you get exactly on Job Seekers allowance these days ?

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/12 19:35
re: FAO Marlon D

My email has gone and been read by the MD and assistant MD, they read it 2 hours ago and I still haven't been sacked.

MarlonD Posted on 7/12 19:37
re: FAO Marlon D

Thats because they are looking for a one legged asian lesbian to take up their minority slot you bafoon.

I hear Morrisons are best for cardboard boxes.