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Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 10:06
Weird Texts.....

I got 15 texts on Friday night from an unknown number saying "Where are you". The same message 15 times, from 23:17 to 01:19....

trodbitch Posted on 11/12 10:07
re: Weird Texts.....

So where are you?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 10:08
re: Weird Texts.....

I'm at work. Where are you?

onthemap Posted on 11/12 10:09
re: Weird Texts.....

It was Betty.

Lincoln_Exile Posted on 11/12 10:10
re: Weird Texts.....

I got a rambling answerphone message about 4 minutes long from an old woman who sounded about a hundred. She sounded confused and worried she thought I was 'Simon' and needed my dads number as she had the wrong one and was worried about being colleceted.

trodbitch Posted on 11/12 10:11
re: Weird Texts.....

If I had to wait 16 times for an answer, so are you FFS.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 10:11
re: Weird Texts.....

I think it was.

It filled up my inbox so I had to delete all my messages, then they started coming through again...

'Where are you'
'Where are you'
'Where are you'
'Where are you'
'Where are you'


trodbitch Posted on 11/12 10:12
re: Weird Texts.....

Lincoln, that was me too.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 10:13
re: Weird Texts.....

Trodbitch, I was in bed.

Lincoln_Exile Posted on 11/12 10:16
re: Weird Texts.....

Did you get home alright in the end?

I was going to ring back and say you had the wrong number but was worried this would confuse matters further.

trodbitch Posted on 11/12 10:20
re: Weird Texts.....

I once got a voicemail telling me I had a sheep stuck in a fence out in my south field - "the one with the shed".

Rang the bloke back and told him he had the wrong number. He told me it was all right because the sheep had worked itself free.

MsCurly Posted on 11/12 11:17
re: Weird Texts.....

I sent a long and rambling email to a friend of mine the other week, spent ages bleating on about silly bits of gossip and boys and general crap stuff.

About a week later I got a reply simply saying 'who in the name of christ are you?'

Seems I sent it to instead of

toxic_bob Posted on 11/12 11:20
re: Weird Texts.....

A number of voicemail message recently from a lady in Lincolnshire, looking for her stepdaughter (who has the same surname and initial as me). Sounded upset, distraught, downright confused by turns. Called her back eventually as I felt sorry for her and she was very apologetic. She still rings occasionally though.

janplanner Posted on 11/12 11:24
re: Weird Texts.....

i got an accidental voicemail from a postie friend of mine. about 6 minutes of tramping up and down garden paths and letterboxes clattering. she knows who she is.

T4Tomo Posted on 11/12 12:05
re: Weird Texts.....

I had a call from a friend of my next door but one neighbours what was most put out he had the wrong number because "he'd been given this number by the exchange". (we established this when he gave me the name and address of who he was trying to contact)

Seemed bizarrely surprised when I said well if you give me your name and number I'll pop round and tell them to give you a call. - Er like its 2 doors away and will take me a minute of my evening, would you rather you kept phoning numbers at random and see if you get the right house?

He was Welsh which may have accounted for some of his confusion.

jimmythewondercat Posted on 11/12 12:11
re: Weird Texts.....


You confused him by doing something decent and neighbourly! You are darn sarf remember - that doesnt happen very often!

A community award is doubtless in the offing!

jackmason Posted on 11/12 12:17
re: Weird Texts.....

I once got a text late at night saying 'was really nice to meet you tonight Dave, you seem like a really nice guy, love Emma x'

It wasn't for me, I'm not called Dave for starters.

So I replied 'I'm not really a nice guy, I just want to get in your knickers'

I never heard back from her

Mr_Incident Posted on 11/12 12:22
re: Weird Texts.....

It seems I've been subscribed to some text service that sends me occasional messages from very complimentary women.

"natasha says '*hey, you look hot this morning!*'" Stop? Send STOP to [number]."

I didn't sign up for this, and if I did, certainly didn't mean to. Although it does give a little boost for the self-esteem if I'm feeling low. But I daren't text STOP for fear it would charge me 20 or something, so I just grin and bear the compliments.

toxic_bob Posted on 11/12 12:22
re: Weird Texts.....

Once went on a date with a really fit-looking girl. Emma was her name, I believe. Magic was in the air, all was looking rosy, and we agreed to meet again for a second date.

Heard nothing for a couple of days, and then she sent me a text saying 'F##k off then you sex-crazed pervert', completely out of the blue.

What was that about?

jackmason Posted on 11/12 12:23
re: Weird Texts.....

Sorry toxic bob,

Actually, to be serious, I could have runined something beautiful

Serves him right for giving her my number though

trodbitch Posted on 11/12 12:24
re: Weird Texts.....

Incident, you are already getting charged for it.

Mr_Incident Posted on 11/12 12:28
re: Weird Texts.....

Really? Had no idea if that's the case. They seem to be from '' which I've just looked up, it's some kind of mobile 'community'. The kind of thing you get circular e-mails about from people you know, but ignore. Will have to look into it.

T4Tomo Posted on 11/12 12:55
re: Weird Texts.....

Jimmy he was probbaly brought up to think all English should have thier cottages burnt and was surprised to find a friendly one.

I've just had a text from orange to say I'm eligable for a free camera phone upgrade. texted to my Palm Treo Camera email all singing dancing phone come PDA.

[FAO the nerd whose about to add that my Treo isn't the best phone / PDA on the market and I should get a "whatever" - don't bother I'm happy with it and I've worked out how to use it.]