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Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 14:34
Southgate Can't Motivate....

or attract quality players.

Nedkat Posted on 11/12 14:39
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Who's he trying to attract ? The transfer window doesn't open until January, how can he be failing in his attractability ?

As for motivation, I'm not in on the daily running of the club, but he seems to get the emotions out when he's in the technical area.

captain5 Posted on 11/12 14:39
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

On what basis do you think that, Pixiu??

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 14:40
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

I think he's already been proven to be a better motivator than Maclaren was.

He must have given a damn good team talk at half time on Saturday.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 11/12 14:41
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

we need Mr he available?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 14:41
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Who have we signed or been linked with so far? Jason Euell, Keith Gillespie, Aladiere? Hardly inspiring. Huth was a good capture but was already lined up and Woodgate is on loan.

In games against lesser opposition we have been dismal.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 11/12 14:43
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

he can woo potential signings with his stamp collection...philately gets you everywhere.

he can them employ Mr Motivator to take training for an hour each day.

ps. because we've always done well against poor teams in the past under previous managers?!?!?!?

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Link: Mr Motivator

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 14:43
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

The Keith Gillespie rumour is bullshat.

We have tried to sign Lennon and Barton, hardly rubbish players.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 11/12 14:44
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

The way he potters arounds his technical area with his hands on his hips, and occasionally limply clapping, must really spur the players on.

bandito Posted on 11/12 14:45
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

a very naive statement LL. You should know better but I get the impression you want to see him fail

SouthernSmogette Posted on 11/12 14:46
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Motivation comes from a belief - it would appear as soon as one enters the Teesside region a cloud of doubt, despair and gloom engulfs all individuals.......Is anyone immune?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 14:47
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

"We have tried to sign Lennon and Barton, hardly rubbish players."

Eh? Tried? Not good enough and you have proved my point.

Bandy, naive in what respect?

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 14:47
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Vinny, I'd rather have Southgate, who looks as though he is thinking and taking the game in, the best word is probably learning, than Maclaren, who lost the plot time and time again and threw his arms in the air followed by bottles of water, clearly that had no effect at all.

rararasputin3 Posted on 11/12 14:51
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Southgate should get some of those little half glasses that Wenger or O'Neill have then he will look has if hes thinking about the game more intelligently.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 14:54
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

It's strange the way you get some people like Scoea who are quite content with a 1-1 draw against a bottom half side like Wigan. Bandito throws accusations of people wanting Southgate to fail because they question the fact that he's been crap so far.

These are the facts I'm afraid, like it or not.

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Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 14:55
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

I don't think most people were content with the draw, more content and pleased with the performance.

Also, as most have agreed on here, Southgate isn't necessarily crap, the squad he has to work with is, Southgate is unproven.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:00
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

So far he has manged to ruin the squad we had.

We lost Frank and Jimmy, he tinkered with the side so much we lost against the likes of Watford and Sheffield United and so far we've looked gutless. He just doesn't exude any confidence at all and nobody wants to come here.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:03
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

LL, Southgate is 17 games into management ffs! It's going to take a lot longer for him to stamp his authority and carve out his own ways of playing. He is going about his business very professionally in my opinion and is gradually putting things right. We started out wioth a pap defence, now we have a good one. First box ticked, next is the midfield problem and he's doing his best with what we have, soon that box will be ticked hopefully. You're flapping man, Chill out

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:07
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

I agree there Bandito, our defence looks solid but we don't look confident.

When was the last time we attacked a team from the off and went out with a winning mentality? It just doesn't happen. There's no confidence or leadership there as far as I can see. When was the last time we won away from home? How many times have we scored more than 1 goal this season?

I'm not flapping, I'm looking at the evidence so far and it doesn't look good. Southgate has been poor so far.

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:08
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

'When was the last time we attacked a team from the off and went out with a winning mentality?'


Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:09
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

And did we achieve anything? Was it a confident display or did we conced and then rely on our keeper to keep us in the game? We are mentally weak and that stems from the manager.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 11/12 15:10
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Lisbon, his apologists keep saying 'Give him time'.We are nearing half-term, and the report isn't looking good.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:12
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Exactly Vinny, our season is all but over yet some people are happy to crawl along being sh_ite. I just don't understand it.

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:13
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

We are in a relegation battle, the season won't be over til we are safe. The fact we're in a relegation battle isn't down to Southgate, it's down to a poor team.

I'm not happy about it, but I have to accept it because that is the way it is, and Southgate can't turn it around overnight.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:13
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

maybe if you were there on saturday LL you would have seen all the things you are crying out for.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:14
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Pathetic that Turner, absolving the manager of any blame whatsoever. Well done.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:15
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

A 1-1 draw with Wigan Bandy? So when we're playing aswell as you say we are we still can't win? Doesn't hold much hope, especially on top of all the other crap performances and giveaways you failed to mention.

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:15
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

It's true though. The current England manager only got this team up to 14th, how do you expect a new inexperienced manager to do?

Chappy_112 Posted on 11/12 15:17
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

You talk some garbage you Lisbon.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:18
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

LL, remeber their goal came from a penalty. We gave them a goal. They never scored from open play. We should have had 4 or 5 on saturday but we didnt and that is down to bad finishin, nowt to do with how we played overall. You are looking at the result and thinking, oh thats crap. We will play a lot worse than that and win and we did so against Everton, Newcastle and West ham.

You must be having a bad day or are on a wind up cos i cant belive you're being so panicky

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:18
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

But then you should really take into account the number of games we played and the fact we reached a European final and an FA cup semi final. Southgate got us knocked out of the Carling cup by Notts County, inspirational. Crowds down to 23,000, and you are satisfied by this?

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:20
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Not satisfied, I am accepting it, because only time will put it right.

The UEFA cup just gave Maclaren a good excuse, we were still shitte in the league, no denying it. He left at a good time, when the squad was made up of young players who aren't quite ready and a load of useless dead wood.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:20
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Good input that chappy.

Bandy, not panicky but honest. We have got the players to win games yet we haven't, it's not good enough for me. Obviously you think it is. By all accounts we did play much better but still didn't win. We don't have that edge that the manager should instill int his players.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:22
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

yep, he and the team got us knocked out by little old Notts County. Sh it happens, deal with it. We also beat Chelsea, not many others have managed that so the form guide lies somewhere in the middle. I'm not happy at the moment but I can see daylight. Maybe I'm more optimistic than you. Maybe you should spend some time on my Teessiders are moaners thread, it'l do you the world of good.

Chappy_112 Posted on 11/12 15:22
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Well its silly to blame things on Southgate. Were not mentally weak because of Southgate were mentally weak because we always have been. We went out to win on Saturday and we were very unlucky to only get a draw. Southgate couldn't go out and sign 6 quality players in the summer he was obviously only going to get a few and he did the right thing in building from the back.

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:25
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

To put it simply, it's Maclarens squad (with the exception of a few), the same coaching staff, the team playing pretty much the same shitt way. So the positives come from the fact that slowly but surely, we are starting to play a bit differently, and better. Which means Southgate is doing his very difficult job correctly.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:29
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Bandy, if Notts Couty was an isolated incident then fair enough but it's not. We've also lost to Watford, Sheffield United, Reading, Portsmouth, Blackburn and Man City. Gutless, insepid displays. To write them off because we tried hard in a 1-1 draw against Wigan would be folly.

I am a naturally optimistic person but there's something not right about Southgate, he just doesn't do it for me. He doesn't stimulate me, too many excuses, poor decisions, etc. I look for steel in a manager, intent, direction, leadership, confidence. Where is it all?

Chappy, we signed Jason Euell and Julio Arca FFS. Who next, Gillespie, Nugent, Aladiere? The list of crap signings appears endless.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:32
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

it's clear your glass is half empty. Them reuslts were part of a learning curve. How many times have you stalled on a driving lesson? It's a similar situation. He's found out that players arent upto the job and he has rightly dropped them. He now knows that Euell was a mistake, Rocky has run out of time and Mendieta is no longer upto it. His defensive signings have been astute and the jury is still out of Arca. He also seems to be getting more from Morisson than mcClaren did and Stuey is finding his form again. Relax. Come back to me in 20 games time and we'l have the same conversation and we'll both agree that I was right.

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:32
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Arca has looked impressive for me.

One crap signing in Euell, who basically was a short term signing, cost us next to nothing at the last minute, to give us a bit of depth. It hardly means that the rest of our signings will be like him.

Good signings- Huth, Woody, Arca

Poor signings- Euell an average player to do a job short term, just like sibierski for Newcastle.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:33
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....


Won 4
Drawn 5
Lost 9
For 14
Against 23

4 wins in 18 games. That is a very poor record.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 11/12 15:34
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

'Learning Curve'- a footballing cliche always used as an excuse for ineptitude.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:37
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

How can we agree that you were right? I'm basing my opinion on the fact that Southgate has attracted no decent players and we've so far been rubbish. What are you trying to tell me, that we have been good?

Arca has looked impressive!!! Are you blind? He's been dogturd so far, with the exception of Saturday which I can't comment on.

Huth was McClarens buy, Woodgate was a good loan signing made by Gibbo.

bevo2005 Posted on 11/12 15:37
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

If we get a complete overhaul of the coaching set-up, thats when we will see the mentality of the team change imo. Signing 3 shiny new midfielders in january will help us pull away from the threat of relegation

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:41
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

The chances of us signing 3 quality midfielders in January are non-existent. I can't even see us getting one as we're already rolling out the excuses.

Turner_86 Posted on 11/12 15:42
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

But your argument is that Southgate can't attract good players. Why would Huth and Woodgate come here knowing Southgate was the manager?

You are simply blaming everything on Southgate, when there are many reasons why things have gone wrong. The one thing that shouldn't be changed is the manager, as he needs time to do his job.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:43
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Isn't that obvious? It's Woodgates home town team and Huth had already agreed a deal to come here for first team football before Southgate had ruined things.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:47
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

yep,poor record lisbon, but I look at the last game we played and take it from there. I'd be foolish to suggest it's all a bed of roses. We need 2 or 3 quick wins and we are capable of that. If I didnt think we were then I'd be sh itting my pants like you.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:49
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

As well you know Bandy, I do not sh_it my pants. I say it as I see it and we've been crap. You can only make excuses for so long before you have to take a stand and say "well actually, we're crap to be honest aren't we".

We have a couple of decent strikers, a decent defence, good wide players yet we still can't win. Syas it all really.

bandito Posted on 11/12 15:55
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

we're playing no different to how we played under McClaren so how come you never had a bad word to say about him? It seems you have it in for Southgate. Maybe you dont like his dress sense or his woodpecker nose?

Of course it been CRAP. Thats why were 15th. We're not a million miles off md table which is where we will always belong. Why should now be any different.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 15:59
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Of course I had bad words to say about McClaren but I simply felt the criticism he received when we were still in two cup competitions was unjust so defended him. I never said he was perfect and I wasn't in the least bit bothered when he left, I just hoped we'd sign an able replacement and not someone who is out of his depth.

So you are saying you are quite content with being mid table fodder whereas I don't accept it. If you aim low that's where you will always be. We could and should at least be in the top half.

bandito Posted on 11/12 16:03
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

mid table, top half, whatever, it's only a matter of a win or two which seperates the positions. I'm happy to see us try to make progress and thats what I believe Southgate will do and in time I reckon he'll be a good manager for us.

Instead of moaning about the situation tell me what you'd do tomorrow morning if you were chairman

Jack_Bauer24 Posted on 11/12 16:03
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

The reasons given on here as to why we should give Southgate a chance is because he's learning so of course he'll make mistakes, Bandy you made a reference to him being like a learner driver stalling, well in that case why didn't we get a full driving licence holder who would only have the occasional "stall"? The team and manager are both equally to blame. But the sole responsibility lies with Steve Gibson for allowing McClaren to build a squad full of shiote and then promising a "top drawer" manager and getting Southgate.

bandito Posted on 11/12 16:06
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Jack: You'll have to ask Gibbo that one mate. He went for O Neil and he didnt match our day to day working requirements, ie a full time boss. What else could we do?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 16:07
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

If I was chairman the first thing I would do is kick Southgate up the arse. The second would be to get Southgates list of players off him, If I thought they were crap then I'd sack him. If I was happy with his list of players then I'd get out there and get them signed asap in January.

What would you do?

bandito Posted on 11/12 16:13
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

What would I do?

I's say "look Gareth, we've got some very winnable games coming up. The fans are getting impatient, I'm losing money through the turnstiles, I appreciate your hands are tied but just make sure we get a few wins in amongst these forthcoming fixtures. I'm not asking the earth but just make steady progress. Your job is fine. Just dont come back from Fulham with a defeat."

As far as signing players, I'd be on the phone to Fulham asking about Bouba Diop and I'd be sending someone to the bank to draw out the cash for freddie Eastwood. Lets say a cool mill into the southend coffers.

I'd have to see the scots report for a right sided player.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 16:18
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Provided that hasn't already been said, and if we lose to Fulham?

bandito Posted on 11/12 16:20
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

If we lose to Fulham then there is added pressure for the Charlton game. Simple.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 16:24
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

You're a rubbish chairman, no wonder we're sturggling.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 16:24
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

You're a rubbish chairman, no wonder we're strugling.

bandito Posted on 11/12 16:28
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....


My cut off point would be...if we havent got 26 points by Valentines day then its curtains, so if were not on course by then I'd be making provisions for a new boss.

However, it's all irrelevant cos we'll be fine

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 16:30
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

At least give the new boss a chance to turn things around.

Eddyspants Posted on 11/12 16:41
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

I'm with you on this one LL. However, I can't blame GS for taking the job he was offered. I also don't think the squad he inherited was as bad as a lot say - it seems to be a common theme to blame the squad the previous regime left. I'm afraid a large part of the responsibility for where we are now must rest with the board/SG. The last three managerial appointments have been rookies. I really thought we needed some experience this time.

bandito Posted on 11/12 17:08
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

LL: I was being sarcastic. I'd give him aslong as he needs

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/12 17:12
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

I don't understand how you can't be concerned with the current situation. Not panicking but concerned. We shouldn't be a training ground for managers, January is his chance to put things right. If he doesn't sign the players we need then I'm afraid it's curtains.

mad_frankie Posted on 11/12 17:13
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Personally,i think that southgate has showed flashes that he could be good,and also some very worrying tendencies.

Good points - loves the club,knows the set up inside out,will be one up on a new manager when it comes to forward planning in relation to what we have in the youths and reserves,brave enough to call ronaldo a cheat in public.

Good decisions - tactical genius with the formation v chelsea,pulling the plug on rank transfer targets left over by mcclaren(douala,onweyu,both pants),being brave enough to effectively banish turd like mendieta,parlour,maccarone,ehiogu and rochemback from the club in order to move them on.

Bad decisions - arca,euell,too many formation changes,keeping the backroom staff,Round especially,making boateng captain,the guy is easily the worst captain of the riverside era.

Worying points - admitting he was scared to chase ferguson out of his technical area - this was niaeve in the extreme,and set the most alarm bells ringing in my head than anything else.That little insight instantly put doubts in me that he will never be tough enough to handle a premier league club.Imagine someone like pearce,coleman,warnock etc admitting that in public at a time when their sides were in trouble!!! Its ok fronting up in your own club by being tough with the players,but you have to front it up with an entire gang of top level managers as well,they are your biggest challenge week in week out!

In a nutshell,enough to be encouraged,still plenty to do,i would only consider getting jumpy about it if we are still around the bottom after feb is out.

The future - for me,the answer would be another venables style appointment,a fresh pair of eyes is desperately needed,more in a tecnical director role to help out till the end of the season,and he can go it alone better prepared from there.The candidates - Curbishley would be superb,Alex McCleish could do the job short term too.

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bandito Posted on 22/1 8:23
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....

Is Roberth HOOF fit yet?

sad_man Posted on 22/1 8:28
re: Southgate Can't Motivate....