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Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/12 11:54
Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

A spokesman for Sainsburys said "All those people who received vouchers by fraudulent means and attempted to redeem them are to be investigated by police and if found guilty, prosecuted"!!!!!

Oh dear, I'm glad I didn't order stuff after all!

FookFace Posted on 13/12 11:55
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

But what about the rest of you Lisbon?

the_broken_fridge Posted on 13/12 11:56
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

aer they also clamping down on those people who posted codes of football messageboards?

JBBORO Posted on 13/12 11:57
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

suspicion arose when certain customers tried buying 63.00 of pastry products from the sainsburys website

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/12 11:58
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Especially people who posted the codes on football messageboards!

JBBORO Posted on 13/12 11:59
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

wot about people who just emailed a couple a few mates?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/12 12:02
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

You'd best check the BBC news website that I read it on.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/12 15:59
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

They're preparig dawn raids apparently....

JBBORO Posted on 13/12 15:59
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

ur off ur trolley

FookFace Posted on 13/12 16:00
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Aisle be seeing him in prison then...

BroughtonLad Posted on 13/12 16:06
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Come on who shopped him?

ian1969uk Posted on 13/12 16:09
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Looks like the orders are knackered anyway, there's an announcement on the Sainsbury's website saying the vouchers won't be honoured.

ian1969uk Posted on 13/12 16:14
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Double post.

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JBBORO Posted on 13/12 16:16
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

bad as

Link: lisbon u idiot

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/12 16:18
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

What has that got to do with me? I don't work for Sainsburys.

Downilson Posted on 13/12 16:19
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Have you received E Vouchers?

Only vouchers issued to you by Sainsbury's are valid on this site. There is currently an email being circulated that includes voucher codes for Sainsbury's online. These codes do not work and any customer using these codes will not receive the discount stated in the email.

(This is referring to something else).

johns_ar Posted on 13/12 16:20
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Theres an announcement saying the vouchers that were issued dont work any more. They must be on about the ones for the 17th because they would still be valid now. The ones that were originally on here must be getting sorted because my mate ordered a load of beer with them off another forum and had his delivery this morning.

JBBORO Posted on 13/12 16:23
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

downlison, wot does it refer to? it must be this one.

Downilson Posted on 13/12 16:24
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

If, in the end, they cancel the order, not much is lost. Neither is anything lost if they end up demanding full payment, because I wanted the stuff anyway. And if all goes to plan, we save money. Its win-win, or at least not lose-win.

Official status: wait and see...

No JBBoro there are other, more vicious Sainsbury's hoaxes in circulation making yours tame in comparison.

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JBBORO Posted on 13/12 16:27
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

how do u no this... do u have the e-vouchers? can you post them on here.

Downilson Posted on 13/12 16:29
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Just do a web search for "sainsbury's vouchers" and you'll find details of the other hoaxes.

boksic Posted on 13/12 16:30
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Odd that (in a departure from all accepted theories of justice in a free society) in this case the police are going to find people guilty first and then prosecute them.

I told you the big supermarkets were getting too powerful but you woudln't listen to me.

JBBORO Posted on 13/12 16:30
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

the_broken_frige arrested in e-voucher shock. informer lisbonlegend seeks reward.

Downilson Posted on 13/12 16:31
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!


boksic Posted on 13/12 16:32
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

We aim to please.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/12 16:33
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

ian1969uk Posted on 13/12 17:16
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

That message wasn't on the Sainsbury's site yesterday. Seems a bit of a coincidence that it's appeared now if it has nothing to do with these vouchers codes we've used.

alien3 Posted on 13/12 17:25
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

I've just found this , but i don't think it's anything to do with the vouchers.

Link: vouchers

andtheyobey Posted on 13/12 17:28
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

Just found this. They thought they had closed the website loop hole back in November!

Link: Loophole

Downilson Posted on 13/12 17:31
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

What people have done is not fraud. They have been given vouchers and have used them. Its no different from that Threshers voucher that has been going around and that all and sundry in my halls have been using and abusing.

Wally_Batty Posted on 13/12 19:10
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

"What people have done is not fraud."

Tell that to the solicitors.....................

Downilson Posted on 13/12 19:13
re: Sainsburys Announcement!!!!

I will Buddy