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PapaJohn Posted on 19/12 12:24
451 is the only way

sod good football
sod attacking ambitions
lets get back to 451 and hard to beat.

Its the only way and we all know it.

Mattyk50 Posted on 19/12 12:26
re: 451 is the only way

i think the viduka and yakubu partnership is our best way of getting results personally

BobUpndown Posted on 19/12 12:39
re: 451 is the only way

424 get downing and Morrison pushing on.. Boat and Catt in the middle.. fullbacks pushing on..

think once we get the BIG lads back at the back too freekicks should be floated for them to attack rather than shot at goal..

I liked much of what was on offer last night.. just didn't get the breaks and not ruthless enough in front of goal..