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Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:13
FAO Janplanner

I took your advice, thanks.

Smifter Posted on 22/12 11:13
re: FAO Janplanner

You jumped, and you can still post?

janplanner Posted on 22/12 11:13
re: FAO Janplanner

with alan? i am glad.

tunstall Posted on 22/12 11:13
re: FAO Janplanner

did it involve the word "cockend"?

MarlonD Posted on 22/12 11:14
re: FAO Janplanner

FFS don't start telling the truth.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:15
re: FAO Janplanner

Yes, with Alan. Thanks.

The chicken glass is at the ready...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:18
re: FAO Janplanner

Marlon, you chav.

Burra4dacup Posted on 22/12 11:21
re: FAO Janplanner

Legind - Is youse sum kinda momosapien or summink? lol!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:22
re: FAO Janplanner

well i kida.

MarlonD Posted on 22/12 11:23
re: FAO Janplanner

Can you see the cooling towers from your old bedroom ?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:26
re: FAO Janplanner

Yes and Roseberry topping and the transporter.

MarlonD Posted on 22/12 11:28
re: FAO Janplanner

I can see your ego from over here.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:34
re: FAO Janplanner

I'm not surprised with a neck like that.

MarlonD Posted on 22/12 11:36
re: FAO Janplanner

How long you home for chi-chi ?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:41
re: FAO Janplanner

Til the 3rd January.....

MarlonD Posted on 22/12 11:45
re: FAO Janplanner

Well have a good time and we might bump each other at some point tomorrow.

All the best, have a good one.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/12 11:48
re: FAO Janplanner

I may pop in the Central, I may not. Have you wrapped my presents yet?