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cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:29
OiNK invites

I have some spare invites.

Post your email address if you want one.

bic_biro_eye Posted on 9/1 19:32
re: OiNK invites

whats oink?

kahunaburger Posted on 9/1 19:32
re: OiNK invites

Got a load myself as well if anyone wants some after cheesy johns have gone.

trodbitch Posted on 9/1 19:33
re: OiNK invites

Cheers (edited out to stop spam)

(got to give this a whirl, john - cheers)

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kahunaburger Posted on 9/1 19:33
re: OiNK invites

They are for a torrent site that has 99% music and has most music you can think off, with excellent download speeds too

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:34
re: OiNK invites

On it's way trod

bic_biro_eye Posted on 9/1 19:35
re: OiNK invites


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boro77 Posted on 9/1 19:36
re: OiNK invites

I'll give it a shot...

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cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:36
re: OiNK invites

let me know if/when you get it bic.

apparently hotmail sometimes swallows them.

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:38
re: OiNK invites

Would recommend using utorrent as well.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 9/1 19:38
re: OiNK invites

great site - thanks for the invite the other month john.

has had everything I want, with one exception . Our Kid Eh by the Shirehorses. Which I had to buy.

bic_biro_eye Posted on 9/1 19:39
re: OiNK invites

got it mate cheers cheese

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:39
re: OiNK invites

Have you tried putting a request in for it?

Have never used that bit myself but its there.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 9/1 19:41
re: OiNK invites

What's everyones' usernames in there? Mine is "bluetonic".

Add me to your friends if you like.

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:41
re: OiNK invites


the_broken_fridge Posted on 9/1 19:44
re: OiNK invites

didn't know about that feature. I'll take a look.

I'm a bit fo a leecher at the mo - I don't know how to increase my upload rate.

I bought the shirehorses in the end. Biggedy biggedy bong!

Gibsons_chequebook Posted on 9/1 19:44
re: OiNK invites

Could I have one please? The e mail address to send it to is xxxxxx

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cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 19:47
re: OiNK invites

On it's way.

Leave your torrent site seeding for a while is the only way to increase ratio.

I downloaded Office 2003 and left it seeding and it was caned which sorted my ratio right out.

Gibsons_chequebook Posted on 9/1 19:49
re: OiNK invites

Thanks cheese shop.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 9/1 19:51
re: OiNK invites

Nice ratio c_s_j

Piquet2 Posted on 9/1 19:53
re: OiNK invites

I have some invites if needed.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 9/1 19:56
re: OiNK invites

thanks csj - I'll try that. I don't want to be selfish!

john_b Posted on 9/1 19:56
re: OiNK invites

Could someone expain this in English please ?

bic_biro_eye Posted on 9/1 19:57
re: OiNK invites

ive downloaded songs to "my music" but they are not listenable, what do i do?

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Piquet2 Posted on 9/1 19:57
re: OiNK invites

Believe me you wouldn't understand

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 20:02
re: OiNK invites

what format are they in?

also, what are you trying to play them with?

winamp is good.

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Reizigers_Lips Posted on 9/1 20:03
re: OiNK invites

If there are still any left

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 9/1 20:05
re: OiNK invites

Datf question b_b_e, but your profile on Oink says nothing downloaded yet.

Have you actually downloaded the mp3 files, or just the torrent file??
Are you using something like uTorrent to download?

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 20:07
re: OiNK invites

bic...have you downloaded the data or just the torrent?

If it's just the torrent you need to download utorrent from the link below then click on the add torrent button on the top left and then click on where you saved the torrent file.

Does that make any sense.

It took me a while to get my head round it.

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 20:08
re: OiNK invites

link might help

Link: utorrent

john_b Posted on 9/1 20:12
re: OiNK invites

When i see "the internet" "piquet" and "seeding" involved I shudder to imagine what might be going on.

genial_Wartz Posted on 9/1 20:14
re: OiNK invites

Thats Funktastic!

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Piquet Posted on 9/1 20:14
re: OiNK invites

Has anyone invited Reizigers_Lips?

Piquet Posted on 9/1 20:16
re: OiNK invites

Soulseek would be better for you John.......I'll explain torrents to Mrs B.

Piquet Posted on 9/1 20:21
re: OiNK invites

OiNK do actually recommend that Hotmail addresses are not used, as they get lost, if you have another address it might be better, if not I will use the Hotmail, but can't guarentee you'll get it.

bic_biro_eye Posted on 9/1 20:21
re: OiNK invites

think ive got it, its downloading on utorrent now (i think)

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 9/1 20:22
re: OiNK invites

I've added you as a friend, so just shout on Oink if you get stuck.

Piquet Posted on 9/1 20:23
re: OiNK invites

Invite sent Mr Warz.

Piquet Posted on 9/1 20:24
re: OiNK invites

If you expand your invite tree, you can see who you have invited, and in turn who they have invited.

genial_Wartz Posted on 9/1 20:31
re: OiNK invites

Many thanks Piquet! I'll try to keep an eye on my ratio this time... Like a kid in a sweetshop though!

teflondon Posted on 9/1 20:32
re: OiNK invites


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Piquet Posted on 9/1 20:34
re: OiNK invites

Done Teflon.

teflondon Posted on 9/1 20:35
re: OiNK invites

cheers piquet
well appreciated
nice one

cheese_shop_john Posted on 9/1 20:46
re: OiNK invites

I sent one to R_L

bic_biro_eye Posted on 9/1 21:04
re: OiNK invites

still having trouble, im downloading 2 albums, when theyre done can i put them onto my mp3 player? Also if i download a "zip" file from oink then i cant do anything with it, it says "invalid" or "corrupt"


Piquet2 Posted on 9/1 21:09
re: OiNK invites

If you've downloaded mp3s then yes, thing with OiNK you can get a few different formats FLAC etc which will play on your PC with the right software, but not on your mp3 player.
Presumably you have Winzip or Winrar?

boro77 Posted on 9/1 21:50
re: OiNK invites


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boro77 Posted on 9/1 22:26
re: OiNK invites


Goal_Scrounger Posted on 9/1 22:46
re: OiNK invites

As they all seem to have deserted you, I'll send you one!

borofaninpompey Posted on 9/1 23:19
re: OiNK invites

if there are any spare invites going i would be very very very gratefull if i could grab one. i know all about torrents etc. and am connectable etc. my email address is:

thanks a lot.


Lockey_boro Posted on 9/1 23:21
re: OiNK invites

Much appriciated.

Piquet2 Posted on 9/1 23:21
re: OiNK invites

Give me a few minutes and I'll launch one off for you.

Piquet Posted on 9/1 23:26
re: OiNK invites

Invites sent to Lockey and Pompey

borofaninpompey Posted on 9/1 23:36
re: OiNK invites

thanks Piquet2!!!!!!!!!!

Lockey_boro Posted on 9/1 23:43
re: OiNK invites

Cheers mate.

Reizigers_Lips Posted on 10/1 0:31
re: OiNK invites

Doh too late to edit email - Cue influx of spam...

Thanks Cheesy! Much appreciated!

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cheese_shop_john Posted on 10/1 9:31
re: OiNK invites

2 left

jeff_potato Posted on 10/1 9:32
re: OiNK invites

Pretty please??

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cheese_shop_john Posted on 10/1 9:37
re: OiNK invites

on it's way jeff

jeff_potato Posted on 10/1 9:39
re: OiNK invites

Thankyou very much!

mboro19 Posted on 10/1 9:48
re: OiNK invites

thanks very much

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mboro19 Posted on 10/1 9:52
re: OiNK invites

a little dink to get it to the top.

cheese_shop_john Posted on 10/1 9:55
re: OiNK invites

On it's way mboro

That's mine gone but Piquet and Goal_Scrounger may be able to help if anyone else needs one?

Piquet2 Posted on 10/1 9:57
re: OiNK invites

I have some left, but I won't be home till this evening.

fluteloop Posted on 10/1 10:14
re: OiNK invites

Just seen this, are there any left kicking around today?

Moon_Unit Posted on 10/1 10:38
re: OiNK invites

Bit late on this one.. if there are any left I'd appreciate an invite, lots of music to seed.


littlejimmy Posted on 10/1 12:02
re: OiNK invites

Piquet - I would love to get in on this if there's a chance. Do you still have my address?

Piquet2 Posted on 10/1 12:07
re: OiNK invites

I do Jimmy, I'll send you an invite this evening when I'm home.

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 12:14
re: OiNK invites

This is popular. I think I've got 8 spare invites if you run out PK.

fluteloop Posted on 10/1 12:15
re: OiNK invites

Big_shot would it be possible to send one my way? It would be much appreciated!

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littlejimmy Posted on 10/1 12:17
re: OiNK invites

Thanks, PK.

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 12:18
re: OiNK invites

I'm in the same predicament as PK in that I can't access it at work. I've took you're email address though and will send you one tonight.

So you can edit it out now.

fluteloop Posted on 10/1 12:19
re: OiNK invites

Thanks big_shot!

boro_matt Posted on 10/1 13:12
re: OiNK invites

Any chance of one coming my way?

Let me know so I can edit, cheers!

Chutney Posted on 10/1 13:41
re: OiNK invites

Go on then - if you've any spares...

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 13:44
re: OiNK invites

got both those addresses, will email the invites tonight

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 18:26
re: OiNK invites

invites sent

boro_matt Posted on 10/1 18:30
re: OiNK invites

Thanks big_shot!

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 10/1 18:39
re: OiNK invites

Anyone else need one?

We all need to post our usernames for Oink now.

Mine is bluetonic

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 18:43
re: OiNK invites

Mine is the same as this.

I can see everyone's names. I think I was first on here to use that site and invited Piquet. So every subsequent invite from me or him is on my invite tree.

Piquet2 Posted on 10/1 18:45
re: OiNK invites

I have 5 invites left, anyone not got one from above?

rutters Posted on 10/1 18:45
re: OiNK invites


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fluteloop Posted on 10/1 18:52
re: OiNK invites

Got mine, cheers.

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 18:53
re: OiNK invites


fluteloop Posted on 10/1 19:03
re: OiNK invites

Can someone explain what a transcode is when uploading stuff? You need a degree in IT to understand their help page on it!!!

cheese_shop_john Posted on 10/1 19:09
re: OiNK invites

I got mine from Piquet a while back and have found it very useful.

Found it was worth making a donation early on as well to get access to the top 10 and other privliges.

By downloading from the top 10 you not only get to see the latest additions but also you end up seeding what is most popular at the time so it helps with your ratio.

Think I only gave about 10 euros or similar but for what you get in return it's worth doing.

The last thing you want is to be booted out for not haveing a suitable ratio.

Hezboro Posted on 10/1 19:20
re: OiNK invites

Could I have one please

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fluteloop Posted on 10/1 19:28
re: OiNK invites

Any info on transcodes not quite sure what to upload.

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 19:31
re: OiNK invites


I think a transcode is something that has been coverted into a different format or to a higher bitrate so it might appear to be something that it isn't. If your uploading stuff that you have ripped from CD you'll be fine.

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Chutney Posted on 10/1 19:31
re: OiNK invites

Nice one - cheers Big Shot, much appreciated.

Hezboro Posted on 10/1 19:32
re: OiNK invites

Cheers mate

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 10/1 19:37
re: OiNK invites

Yeah, a transcode is a file at a crappy bitrate that's been "converted" into a better bitrate (ie from 128kb to 192 kb).

Strangely, taking a poor quality source and telling it that it's actually high quality doesn't actually improve the quality! (it's like sticking a bottle of Lambrini in a Moet bottle).

As far as being confident that your mp3s aren't transcodes, the easiest method is to listen to them. 128kb files sound really "flat". If your file is supposedly 192kb or better, but sounds rubbish, it's a good bet it's a transcode.

All the versions of the new Bloc Party album knocking around out there are transcoded.

Hezboro Posted on 10/1 21:05
re: OiNK invites

I am probably being a thick knob,but i dont get it.
I've looked on the FAQ's etc and had a mess about but cant get me heed roond it.

Could somebody please explain how you use it and what I have to download to be able to use it.

The bit I espeacially didn't get was about uploading torrents.

Is it actually quite simple?
Am i really stupid?

rick4974 Posted on 10/1 21:13
re: OiNK invites

could i have a spare invite mr john cheeseshop please.

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rick4974 Posted on 10/1 21:18
re: OiNK invites

anychance of an invite, plllllllllllllllease

Piquet2 Posted on 10/1 21:20
re: OiNK invites

Done Rick.

Piquet2 Posted on 10/1 21:22
re: OiNK invites

You'll need to download a bittorent client, Utorrent, Azureus etc google for one.

rick4974 Posted on 10/1 21:22
re: OiNK invites

cheers piquet2, leg-end

rick4974 Posted on 10/1 21:24
re: OiNK invites

i already have azureus as i use araditracker to get a few films. cheers again

Piquet2 Posted on 10/1 21:26
re: OiNK invites

That was for Hezboro....

fluteloop Posted on 10/1 22:58
re: OiNK invites

A couple of quick questions. When uploading what would be the bitrate of an normal ripped CD or how do you find that out, do you normally just say it's lossless.

The other thing is i've downloaded some albums which has registered but the albums i've uploaded haven't, so I have a ratio of 0.00 and uploaded 0.00kb. Does this only change when people download my torrents??

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 10/1 23:37
re: OiNK invites

Your uploading stats only increase if you allow people to upload stuff from you. The counter will increase for ANY uploaded data, not just from torrents you personally up to the site.

Usually, when you download something, you are uploading bits at the same time.

How many albums have you uploaded?

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 10/1 23:43
re: OiNK invites

Just found your details on Oink.

Firstly, I doubt the Maximo Park album is lossless as the whole thing is only 18Mb and it wouldn't be in WMA format. Most lossless albums are HUGE FLAC files. I would delete that torrent before you get into trouble if I were you. Admin on Oink are quite anal.

If you're going to upload something I would do it as mp3 rather than WMA as more people are likely to go for it. I usually rip my CDs at 320kbs although I keep meaning to find out how to rip a lossless FLAC version as it's a bigger file, therefore it'll help my ratio out more!

Secondly, the GZA album seems to have a couple of leechers, so I'm sure you'll begin to upload some bits soon.

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Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 23:47
re: OiNK invites

If you are ripping something from CD you need to rip it at least 192 kbps. The software you use for ripping will allow you to choose what bitrate you rip it to. Then in naming it you'd put the year, format, bitrate (e.g. 2007/MP3/192)

Just had a look and you've upped a Maximo Park CD. I'd delete that if I was you as it looks wrong. Firstly its not lossless and the size of it is too small.

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Goal_Scrounger Posted on 10/1 23:48
re: OiNK invites

Beat ya to it B_S!

fluteloop Posted on 10/1 23:52
re: OiNK invites

Cheers lads i thought i had the hang of it but it's alot more complex than i thought! Anyway i've ripped nearly all my cds onto my PC and so how would i find out the rate i ripped them at??

Big_Shot Posted on 10/1 23:52
re: OiNK invites

and your's sounds better as well, damn you teachers

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 10/1 23:57
re: OiNK invites

Go into Windows Explorer and find the folder with the files in.

Go to the VIEW menu


Tick BIT RATE in the window that appears

then, if you are not already in Details viewing mode,

go back to the VIEW menu

Select DETAILS (n.b not SELECT DETAILS, it's a bit higher up the list, just below ICONS and LIST)

It should now give the bitrate next to each mp3 file in that folder.

fluteloop Posted on 11/1 0:03
re: OiNK invites

Cheers G_S, got my head around that now, but i've only been ripping my CDS at 64kbps, I never even thought about it when ripping them to put on my mp3 player. Does that mean I won't be able to upload these as torrents?

Big_Shot Posted on 11/1 8:45
re: OiNK invites

No you won't be able to. Only because they need to be 192kbps or over to be put on Oink.

fluteloop Posted on 11/1 12:45
re: OiNK invites

Thanks for the help, i'm a getting to grips with it now. If I download something in flacand then decode it in the flac frontend is this like unzipping a zip file? Will it then allow me to play it in WMP for example?

Piquet2 Posted on 11/1 12:49
re: OiNK invites

Look for VLC on Google, that will play almost any format.

Big_Shot Posted on 11/1 12:54
re: OiNK invites

As a new member you probably shouldn't have downloaded any flac files. They are far bigger in size than mp3 files and not as popular so they will really affect your ratio, as you'll struggle to upload as much as you've downloaded. They are also very strict with new members so you may get a warning soon.

Juno_Legend Posted on 11/1 12:56
re: OiNK invites

I Wouldn't mind one of these if any's going spare like ?

spoo Posted on 11/1 13:26
re: OiNK invites

can i have one as well ? if any one has any left ?

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paulwheats Posted on 11/1 13:57
re: OiNK invites

Me too if there's still any going


Big_Shot Posted on 11/1 18:11
re: OiNK invites

Invites sent to spoo and paulwheats

PARMO_EATER Posted on 11/1 18:18
re: OiNK invites

any other spares available

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Big_Shot Posted on 11/1 18:21
re: OiNK invites

I've got no more at the moment. I think Piquet still has some.

Piquet2 Posted on 11/1 18:23
re: OiNK invites

Yes, I have 3 left now after sending one to Parmo.

spoo Posted on 11/1 18:26
re: OiNK invites

thank you for that big_shot

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 11/1 19:44
re: OiNK invites

64 kbs??!!! Must be like listening to them on AM radio?!!

Juno_Legend, we'll need an e-mail address.

Datsun_Dave Posted on 11/1 20:10
re: OiNK invites

any left John ?

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 11/1 20:13
re: OiNK invites

One on it's way from me.

Datsun_Dave Posted on 11/1 20:17
re: OiNK invites

Cheers fella !

scrappy_doo Posted on 12/1 16:02
re: OiNK invites

could i please please have 1, i will be very nice!

cheese_shop_john Posted on 12/1 16:04
re: OiNK invites

One on it's way.

Pesky kids!

Big_Shot Posted on 12/1 16:09
re: OiNK invites

Word of warning to new members. You need to keep you share ratio up to a decent level or they will ban you.

BoroLad48 Posted on 19/1 19:12
re: OiNK invites if anyone has another invite please?

boroborob Posted on 19/1 19:14
re: OiNK invites

Could I have one too please?

Piquet Posted on 19/1 19:21
re: OiNK invites

Invites sent for BoroLad48 and boroborob.

BoroLad48 Posted on 19/1 19:42
re: OiNK invites


7_The_Informer Posted on 19/1 20:42
re: OiNK invites

If there are any left, can I beg one please -

Piquet Posted on 19/1 20:49
re: OiNK invites

Invite sent to 7_The_Informer.

boroborob Posted on 19/1 22:12
re: OiNK invites

Thanks matey!

7_The_Informer Posted on 19/1 22:35
re: OiNK invites

Cheers mate !! - much obliged.

coxyboro Posted on 20/1 9:58
re: OiNK invites

If anyone is wanting to upload FLAC files first you need to convert to WAV FIRST - cdex does this (free software) then to convert those WAV files into FLAC you will need flac frontend (free sortware)
Just be aware anyone inviting that if your invitees break the rules you could also get thrown off OINK.So if you are going to use this site you MUST give back at least as much as you take.
There's forums on there to ask for help about uploading etc and it is best to try to upload stuff as there's nearly always people will download it.Check out the REQUESTS section and see if theres anything you've got that quite a few people want,that's what i did and have a great ratio from it.

wendymac Posted on 20/1 10:19
re: OiNK invites

how often do these invites come around?next time there are some,. i would like you to consider me.thanks

cheese_shop_john Posted on 20/1 10:26
re: OiNK invites


Someone I invited off here has leeched over 9gb in a few days and has only uploaded about 500mb since then.

They have stopped downloading now but I would be surprised if they got too 0.2 before the grace period is up.

Will that affect me? It's the first time one of my invitees has not played the game.

Piquet2 Posted on 20/1 10:49
re: OiNK invites

Wendymac, I have one invite left, leave your email and you're welcome to it.

wendymac Posted on 20/1 10:53
re: OiNK invites

,cheers piquet.

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Goal_Scrounger Posted on 20/1 11:12
re: OiNK invites

I don't think they are too worried unless you re-invite a previously banned person C_S_J.

I've had a few invitees bumped for either low ratio or inactivity.

Piquet Posted on 20/1 11:33
re: OiNK invites

Invite sent wendy.

Piquet Posted on 20/1 11:36
re: OiNK invites

How come you have a warning G_S?

coxyboro Posted on 20/1 12:00
re: OiNK invites

cheese - bad ratio most likely wont affect you but if they upload transcodes it may.The staff are a bit funny over there to so if they're upset by an invitee it could i suppose.
Just trying to make everyone aware that it's not a hit and run site like Demonoid or Mininova where you can get away with just about anything.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 20/1 12:38
re: OiNK invites

Yeah, you can't even get away with uploading a site where a couple of the tracks are only at 172 kbs instead of 192, even if you didn't actually notice this!

I'm on a 2 week warning now, the shame of it!!

coxyboro Posted on 20/1 12:53
re: OiNK invites

If you're gonna upload it's best to rip from your own cds - I use cdex and rip at either 320k or VBR minimum 192k maximum 320k which is good.

dimeadozen is great for boots if you can get in.

Piquet2 Posted on 21/1 17:09
re: OiNK invites

As somone has taken up an invite, I have one left.

billybobo Posted on 3/2 20:27
re: OiNK invites

Hi. I'd really appreciate an invite if someone still has one going spare.
much thanks

ReidyDog Posted on 3/2 21:17
re: OiNK invites

Me too please