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fastcakes Posted on 14/1 10:35
are YOU in this picture?

Just did a test upload to the Teesside Band Archive photo gallery.
I was wondering if any fmttm posters are present in the picture linked below. It's a Teessider gig around 1980-81, probably Discharge or some similar post-punk Oi band.

Do you recognise anyone?

Just a remider that the Teesside Band Archive forum is open for business at

Link: Teesside Band Archive linky

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 10:46
re: are YOU in this picture?

I do believe thats a young 16 year old Liddle on the drums

The band was The Filth

also me in tartan pants in the other with my ex mad jock girlfriend with her back to the photo

her family were the biggest loons to ever come out of thornaby

the other picture of 5 lads i dont know

borobadge Posted on 14/1 10:54
re: are YOU in this picture?

the girl in the white shirt and braces is jackie smith from marske..

the skin sat down is Jock (now in london).

the punkette at the back with the siouxaie hair cut is jill old.

the girl opposite her is pauline cowley (billigham)

young liddle in the tartan duds...

the group of'post modernists' i can recognise paul gardener and peter collins in there so it must be 'makaton chat ?'

borobadge Posted on 14/1 10:54
re: are YOU in this picture?

double poste....

its more like 1979 early 1980 ...

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LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 10:58
re: are YOU in this picture?

Seems about right badgey

thought it was skinhead jock the chelsea fan

did,nt gill have a kid to paul wanless badgey ???

remember jackie smith twatting some spurs girl on the seven sisters in 79 in our escort

think its 79 badgey

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borobadge Posted on 14/1 11:18
re: are YOU in this picture?

paul wanless..whom i met at eindhoven....hadnt seen him for 15 year, his living in london and loving it...

i was @ the spurs match with Jackie, i believe she is living in australia now...she had a sister who went to loughborough uni called mandy (dont know were whe is though)..

yes chelsea jock, i was at brighton races with him year before last he was with his little girl (age 6 ish)..he came down to back 1 horse, it won then he left...

i recognise the shkin stood up from thornaby, but cant put a name to him, he was always around , quiet lad.

got any more John ?(pete collins is second left, paul gardener is second right with thos 'things round his ankles!!')

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LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 11:22
re: are YOU in this picture?

yeah i recognise the skin from thornaby but cant put a name
to him

jackie smith in oz eh

lets hope she never bumps in to Mappy eh

what a mad coont he was

you remember him badgey, from redcar ?

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 11:34
re: are YOU in this picture?

Fantastic response!

Yes I have more pics. I would encourage anyone who has pics of the local music scene they want to share e-mail them to me at or posts them online somewhere so I can add them to the Teesside Band Archive

It is not Makaton (I was in them!), and I knew Paul and Pete were there, I have a clipping from the Gazette with the same pic that lists the full line-up - I'll have to dig it out.

Link: tba linky

borobadge Posted on 14/1 11:39
re: are YOU in this picture?

pete and paul were inaother band called 'bazuki theatre' or some such daft name /

norfolkred1 Posted on 14/1 11:41
re: are YOU in this picture?

Were these taken in the Acklam, RIP,

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 11:44
re: are YOU in this picture?

The Teessider- rip.

norfolkred1 Posted on 14/1 11:47
re: are YOU in this picture?

just got a couple of photos from the late 70's, best get in the attic and dust em off. Do you know Stevo

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 11:55
re: are YOU in this picture?

Think most boro lads know gary stevo

good mate of badgeys if im right

used to travel to all the away games years back

borobadge Posted on 14/1 11:56
re: are YOU in this picture?

he was @ charlton yesterday!!

norfolkred1 Posted on 14/1 11:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

Not seen him for about 15 years and low and behold, Watford and then yesterday at Charlton. I used to knock about with Cogga and the Sammy's from Doggy before I left the Boro in 1980

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 11:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

His ban is up now badgey

Boro through and through

norfolkred1 Posted on 14/1 11:58
re: are YOU in this picture?

Tats what he told me at Watford, 2 years

Fischer Posted on 14/1 11:59
re: are YOU in this picture?

Are you looking for Teesside band pics from all eras, Mr Cakes? I've got loads of pics of gigs from the early 90s if you're interested. Hope Springs Eternal, Spit The Pips, and some chancers called Shrug - that kind of thing.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 12:03
re: are YOU in this picture?


Yeah, Teesside bands (not national bands visiting the area)
Tesside area would include Hartlepool, Darlington, Richmond, Stokesley, Marske, Saltburn, Brotton, Staithes, et etc. down to say Whitby - I draw the line at Mackems, let them do their own archive!

Hezboro Posted on 14/1 12:03
re: are YOU in this picture?

According to my girlfriends dad who is in No Way,
the guy 2nd from left is not Pete Collins, he's called cog.

Fischer Posted on 14/1 12:05
re: are YOU in this picture?

No worries - I might have to dig some photo albums out of the loft but I'll get round to it!

borobadge Posted on 14/1 12:08
re: are YOU in this picture?

hez..then you must go out with either Matey or Callo's daughter...

that is deffo Paul gardener and Pete Collins in that pic...peter later went on to play with london based punk band The Cuddly Toys..

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 12:13
re: are YOU in this picture?

Badgeys right because cogga is paul gardiners brother

any chance of getting our double A side single badgey put on that website

was in the attic the other week looking for my copies but could not locate them

I know your the man to sort it

borobadge Posted on 14/1 12:34
re: are YOU in this picture?

Liddle..i dont go in for that nostalgua stuff !..its been and gone.

it wasnt supposed to be a 'career'

just us quirky kids off housing estates having a bit o' fun..

as soon as the hippies, muso's, posh school kids and trendy wendy's got involved, that was the became as dull as ditch water...

they didnt relate to us and we couldnt understand what the phuq they were on about.........................simple minds indeed!

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 12:55
re: are YOU in this picture?

As dull as ditch water

know where your coming from badgey

it was good when it lasted and we rebelled to the full

your right we were never understood

remember getting expelled at georges in 5th year for having
multi-coloured hair and jeans full of zips

them teachers never understood

anyway nice speaking mate and hope to see you soon ata game

when the demanding family allow

off to the boozer now to see the yids paste the geordies

only time i ever want the yids to win

Stay Gold Mate

jayno Posted on 14/1 12:55
re: are YOU in this picture?

thats not pete collins,the drummer from noway.

jayno Posted on 14/1 12:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

this is pete.

Link: no way

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 12:58
re: are YOU in this picture?


Cog is Paul Gardiners borther? Are you sure? I thought Cog came from Middlesbrough and Paul was a Stockton lad.

What's the double a-side you mention? is it the Filth/Dishcarge single? If so its one of the very few local singles I haven't got. A friend of mine has promised me a copy to upload.

borobadge Posted on 14/1 13:02
re: are YOU in this picture?

fastcakes....coggeur _le_conq is paul gardeners brother!..they are from wellesley road on the longlands in middlesbrough, same road at paul callan (bass) i lived on the same road for a few years when we were all youngsters

yes liddle is on about the filth/discharge single.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 13:11
re: are YOU in this picture?

See if you can put it on your Blog Fastcakes

Would give you one of mine but im having trouble finding the few i have left

If i find any you can have one mucka

you lose allsorts when you move house

borobadge Posted on 14/1 13:11
re: are YOU in this picture?

jayno..that is indeed pete collins...

the lad sat in front of him is Paul Gardener, he is also in the pic of 5 'unnamed band' lads.... 2nd from the right (with spats on !!).

.peoples appearances do change..

borobadge Posted on 14/1 13:12
re: are YOU in this picture?

liddle theyre worth about 30 each !!

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 13:21
re: are YOU in this picture?

Remember you telling me in alkamar mate

Thats why ive been in the attic looking for em

reckon I had about 10 left

can i fookers like find em

jayno Posted on 14/1 13:23
re: are YOU in this picture?

sorry, i was a little confused ,i thought someone said pete was in the group of 5 unnamed band members.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 13:24
re: are YOU in this picture?

To be fair, if you have a spare copy in very good condition, I will give you 20 for it, or donate it to a charity of your choice!

boros_moggy Posted on 14/1 13:26
re: are YOU in this picture?

Liddle - Mappy was back in Redcar over Xmas/New year with his son. The day before he flew back to Oz he was in West Two,both his eyes were swollen and almost shut through hard partying - looked like he'd been in the ring with Tyson.My mate Splodge's sister works for B.A and upgraded them to business class for the flight back.Can't imagine what the toffs made of them.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 13:31
re: are YOU in this picture?

Fastcakes - If i can find a copy mate, you can have it for nothing gadge, im still scouring the house and the garage

as for Mappy boro_moggy, the bloke was a complete animal in the
rock garden

he petrified a lot of lads, even in redcar

could not imagine him on first class back to oz

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 13:48
re: are YOU in this picture?

Jayno -

that was my fault. I said he was in the picture when clearly he wasn't. A clerical error.

onthemap Posted on 14/1 14:06
re: are YOU in this picture?

Why would Jackie Smith bump into me?

Boro_Calling Posted on 14/1 14:13
re: are YOU in this picture?

There was a lad who was always taking pictures of all the local bands and touring bands at the rock garden and local gigs not sure if he took them for the teesside public address rag he must have a bag full of pics.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 14:32
re: are YOU in this picture?

There's a Thornaby lad called (Mad) Mick Hall who took thousands between 1978 and the mid 80's. I have a few dozen of these, but he must have loads. He now works as a transport planning officer in local government, used to be a social worker, I'm sure someone on here will know him.
The other guy is called Robbo, I think (hazy memory) who took a similar quantity around the same time.

Boro_Calling Posted on 14/1 15:26
re: are YOU in this picture?

someone should knock up a site and get all these pics put on including all the rock garden pics.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 15:45
re: are YOU in this picture?

Boro Calling:

Thats EXACTLY what the Teesside Band Archive is there for!

It will act as a "meeting point" to link together all the disparate galleries, blogs and websites dedicated to the Teesside band scene, past and present.

It is currently under construction - please let me have any pictures so we can make it work.

Link: tba linky

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 16:09
re: are YOU in this picture?

I used to go boozing in Redcar with Mappy and he was a right lunatic.

I can vouch that the picture of the Mew Romatic types is Kabuki Theatre. I only saw them play once at Mandy's.

It's not Pete Collins on the left but Nigel Trenchard from Ormesby (his brother Kev always wore a leather bikers jacket with G.B.H. painted on the back at the Rock Garden and he had spikey peroxcide hair.

Next to him is Mike Curtis (known as Cog then, and not me). Badge, you must remember Mike (as in Mick and Audrey) from the basement flat on Montpelier Road in Brighton when Nick Oberon was living upstairs with that lass who gave my 69 Telecaster away to the smack head. The last I heard (20 years ago) he was living in Redcar.

2nd right is indeed our Paul (Gardner), looking like a right tvvat after being influenced by too much John Foxx and Japan.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 17:08
re: are YOU in this picture?


Thanks for that. I have the info somewhere under a pile of papers.

Kabuki Theatre!

I thought that you might be the Cog that I knew in the picture - I played 2 or 3 gigs with him in early Basczax before Alan Cornforth replaced him.
Nigel Trenchard - I replaced him on keyboards in Basczax, don't think he ever forgave me, he "borrowed" a Vox Continental organ from our rehearsal space - I never saw it again. (it was the model with the "black" keys, exactly the same as wot John Lennon used at Shea, they're worth a fortune now. Sob.

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Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 17:34
re: are YOU in this picture?

Dave Robbo took pictures from a much later period.

Pauline Cowley's best mate back then was little Gill Hawes from Rievaulx Avenue in Billy and I know she had a sheet load of photies.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 17:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

S'funny, I have vivid memories of Dave Robbo taking pics of us at The Coatham Bowl (Blitzkrieg Bop) supporting The Adverts in 1978 - maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

Boro_Calling Posted on 14/1 18:24
re: are YOU in this picture?

Looks like it's up to the people on this board to track them down and get the pics posted onto the site, haven't seen robbo for ages but next time i see him i'll ask.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 18:28
re: are YOU in this picture?

I remember mick hall taking loads of pics of the thornaby lads

Lot of people thought he was a strange one because thornaby
people never experienced someone in the late 70,s wanting to
photo everyone
I knew the lad quite well and he was very genuine
I reckon he has hundreds of photos of lads and lasses in the
punk scene in the 70,s and 80,s

never seen the lad for years but i know i have a few photos
i might be able to dig out

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 18:54
re: are YOU in this picture?

I also believe but not 100 % that the pic of me on the drums
is when we supported a local band De-Jevu in the commercial
in thornaby one friday night

The commercial was just up the road from the Teessider

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 18:57
re: are YOU in this picture?


I hate to break it to you but that is not you on the drums! (I assume you are referring to the picture showing the drummer close up with his face looking slightly away from the camera)

It is (and I will bet you on this) Dave Palfreeman, ex 040, Deja Vu, latter-day Basczax, Jank Mamba, and The Cocteau Twins.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 19:14
re: are YOU in this picture?


I've only got 4 photos from that period and I've uploaded them here.

Link: Blonds have more fun

erimus11 Posted on 14/1 19:37
re: are YOU in this picture?

Borobadge - without turning this thread into a version of "friends reunited" is the Paul Callan you refer to the same one who's parents had Paddys Fish shop on Parly Rd? If it is then there was a picture of Paul in the gazette last night showing him with his family when he renewed his wedding vows 25 years on. If it isn't him then this a load of useless info and I'm sorry to waste yer time like!
As a matter of interest,me and Stevo went to the European Cup Final at Wembley when Liverpool beat Bruges 1-0. We were accompanied by certain infamous celebrity former referee who'd got the tickets for us

Huan_Kerr Posted on 14/1 19:42
re: are YOU in this picture?

"I hate to break it to you but that is not you on the drums!"

borobadge Posted on 14/1 21:43
re: are YOU in this picture?

erimus..that is the very same paul callan..

his dads chips were v. nice as well..

his sister julia was in my class @ st joe's..

Dave ' i hate civil servants' Robbo, did take photos, but they were all the property of his sister, she took them if she was around, if not the camera was given to Dave and as appropriate he took 'em, then the camera and film were handed back over to his sister

borobadge Posted on 14/1 21:46
re: are YOU in this picture?

Coggsville, of course i remember Mike..isnt he living in Saltburn ?

like those pics Cog, thats some phuqing blond rockabily cut yer have there, along with the black 'muscles' vest.....

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 21:51
re: are YOU in this picture?

You are probably right Fastcakes but it does look like me

and we played the commercial and the Teessider a few times

I have a near exact photo that was taken at the rock garden on the drums with ste dolan in the background

will try and get it put up on here with a few others

I am deffo in that other pic though with the white tartan
trousers on

Some great times and great memories mate

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 21:57
re: are YOU in this picture?



Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 21:59
re: are YOU in this picture?


Link: Remember this gaff Badge?

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 14/1 22:06
re: are YOU in this picture?

Thats a corker that coga

especially the barnet mate

whats them pints of coffee

is that a reefer too

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 22:09
re: are YOU in this picture?

Pints of tea.

We had a perpetually boiling pan on the stove and drank tea non stop.

Amphetamine enduced gobshyting going on.

fastcakes Posted on 14/1 22:33
re: are YOU in this picture?

Quiz time!

I have uploaded 9 more of Mad Mick Halls pix at the link below.

Some bands I know, some I don't...I won't let on who's who just yet...any ideas?

Link: mad mick band pix linky poo

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 23:02
re: are YOU in this picture?


Here's a pic of the Sammys from Doggy with Graham (Josie) Wales about 1980 time taken in my bedroom at my parents house on Wellesley.

Do the youth of today have cultural factions like we had or are they all chavs?

There was an arrow on the ceiling pointing towards Ayresome with the word Mecca written on it.

You can see from the Swastikas that my politics was dodgy back then.

Link: link

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/1 23:05
re: are YOU in this picture?

The Dead Certs were the Hurricanes. The guy on the right was a decent R'n'b guitarist and I think they called him Chris Wier.

I haven't got a scooby's about the others but I'm reminded of just how many reluctant hippies were drafted in to play in these makeshift 'punk' bands.

9 times out of ten it was their either their PA system or they had a van

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onthemap Posted on 14/1 23:42
re: are YOU in this picture?

Mappy here
Dont you diss me.

boro_newjersey Posted on 15/1 3:59
re: are YOU in this picture?

I love the sense of disdain in Badge's description of "the group of 'post modernists' "

You have mail, by the way, Mr. Badge!

norfolkred1 Posted on 15/1 9:33
re: are YOU in this picture?

Cheers Cogga did young Sammy ever get served with them looks. Met up with Jossie Wales in Dover, of all places, before the ferry for Eindhoven.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 15/1 14:46
re: are YOU in this picture?

He went grey just after that photo.

Hasn't anyone got anymore photos of that era?

BoroBlade Posted on 15/1 15:15
re: are YOU in this picture?


the 3 piece band in your photos are "The Sines" Doug Palfreeman and Paul Burns on geetar and Bass respectively

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SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 15:21
re: are YOU in this picture?

bloody hell...memories or what

is that scrubber in that earlier pic on the chair

juninho9999 Posted on 15/1 15:34
re: are YOU in this picture?

Wow this thread brings back memories.

Love that link with all the old Teesside punk bands, Ive been after a copy of 'breaking point' by 'No Way' for god knows how long.

I was only 15 in 1979 when I first frequented the Rock Garden,
I was Caz's(she looked like siouxsie at the time) younger brother from Billingham, we used to all congregate in the Billingham corner, those I remember from that crowd were...

Gary Bath (Bathy)
Dave Robbo (the photographer)
Lorraine Love
Martin Love
Mick Wicks
Little Gill (mentioned earlier by someone else on this thread) Little Pauline
Tony Lythe

Must be lots of others that I'll remember if I think about it for long enough.

Great Times

jayno Posted on 15/1 15:39
re: are YOU in this picture?

does anyone know the real names and nicks of the lads in the filth.someone just told me jock(the skin in the first picture)is back in stockton.

jayno Posted on 15/1 15:40
re: are YOU in this picture?

does anyone know the real names and nicks, of the lads in the filth.someone just told me jock(the skin in the first picture)is back in stockton.

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 15:42
re: are YOU in this picture?

lead singer was called endo I think

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 15:43
re: are YOU in this picture?

started going to the rocky in 79 myself..first band i saw was the skids, but used to watch the local bands a lot. Noway, discgarge, the filth, soacefrogs...great days

DrBuck Posted on 15/1 16:12
re: are YOU in this picture?

'Jock' in the 1st pic is Paul Cullers (McCullers?) from Roseworth, living in Stockton still. The guy next to him was nicknamed 'Diddy' I think. I believe he used to hang around with JAYNO at one time?

jayno Posted on 15/1 16:45
re: are YOU in this picture?

is the person behind jock male or female?it looks like stisha from stockton.

borobadge Posted on 15/1 17:05
re: are YOU in this picture?

Coggs...were did you pull that pic from !, i take it Jonah took the, you and simon jones, basement on waterloo st!!!..

i saw young simon last week over in hove..his bands doing well.

juno9999 sure that list of folks were all compatriots of mine...
i recall your sister, joined at the hip with Lorraine..

Boro_Calling Posted on 15/1 17:11
re: are YOU in this picture?

Liddle i remember playing a gig at the rock garden for a lads 18th birthday party called dolan i think he was from the stockton area possibly the same lad you mentioned earlier.

fastcakes Posted on 15/1 17:13
re: are YOU in this picture?


Give that lad a pogo stick, it is indeed The Sines in two of the pics, rehearsing at some youth club or school room. Their performances at The Teessider were always a joy to behold, they were the local version of The Jam via The Who - the guitarist had the Townshend windmill down to a tee. In the early 80's they actually had a track on a flexi-disc stuck to the cover of the Melody Maker called "Jonothans Insane", I have a video of them playing that from the telly. Doug also went on to front a band that signed for Rod Stewarts label, Riva, in the mid-80's.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 15/1 17:14

Members of THE FILTH

Kevin (ENDO) Henderson- VOCALS
Michael (MITCH) Passman- BASS GUITAR
Mark (ACKA) Atkinson- DRUMS

joseph99 Posted on 15/1 17:14
re: are YOU in this picture?

Did Gill Old own (or work in) the bizarre "hairdressers" on Grange Rd? Kappers I think?

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 15/1 17:21
re: are YOU in this picture?


Ste Dolan was from thornaby but your right mate we did play
a gig at the garden on his birthday

He got me off a charge of criminal damage and carrying an
offensive weapon at man united a few weeks earlier after
manchester c.i.d. tried to stitch me up

he was my witness and got me off

john cullen and downey were also stitched up too but they got off with the dodgy charge

seems like the manchester old bill did not take too kindly
to boro punks from the rock garden

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 17:31
re: are YOU in this picture?

names from the past here all right...jonah...john cullen etc etc

borobadge Posted on 15/1 17:33
re: are YOU in .....


but it was at its best (punk/new wave days) when it was next door to Alan Fearnleys on linny road......

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 17:48
re: are YOU in .....

boro badge, think I've figured out who you are

borobadge Posted on 15/1 18:01
re: are YOU in .....

ive figured out who i am as well !...and you are ?

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:03
re: are YOU in .....

maybe i am wrong, are you GH, went to live in brighton

borobadge Posted on 15/1 18:05
re: are YOU in .....


borobadge Posted on 15/1 18:06
re: are YOU in .....

yep...its no great secret !....

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:06
re: are YOU in .....

thought so, i used to drink in the linny with mad dave, NC, GBrown etc in the back bar

borobadge Posted on 15/1 18:36
re: are YOU in .....

so did i........

pete whelan, modge, paul mcgrath, dickie, j.h..,furness brothers, hobbo, etc etc etc..

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:40
re: are YOU in .....

yeah was good days, I left the Boro about 19 or 20 years ago now....had a bit of row with a copper ouside the pig and whistle, along with big dunc, guz and p dreher....lucky not to go down for it...anyway decided to leave after that

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:43
re: are YOU in .....

yep know them all...hobbo great laugh

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:44
re: are YOU in .....

in fact I think me and you had a daft drunk ruck once at a party ..ended up in the bath

borobadge Posted on 15/1 18:46
re: are YOU in .....

o.k mate..did you ever go to the rocky ?..big dunc did !

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:47
re: are YOU in .....

yeah loads of the discharge many times

borobadge Posted on 15/1 18:53
re: are YOU in .....

in the bath!....theres no answer to that...

come and speak up when you next see me at an away game down here....

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 18:56
re: are YOU in .....

I will do that

TeessideCleveland Posted on 15/1 18:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

I'm not

fastcakes Posted on 15/1 19:39
re: are YOU in this picture?

My first 100 thread post!

(sorry couldn't resist - since I was thinking of changing my nic to "threadkiller" seeing as that's what my posts usually do - just watch, I bet THIS will be the last post on this thread)

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 15/1 19:52
re: are YOU in this picture?


Big Dunc the punk, best mates with John Cullen

He is a steward at the boro ground now

Have a few drinks with mr cullen in the town some fridays

He was bouncing on the doors a few years back but he was
taking too much punishment so jacked it in

he still follows the punk bands about

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SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 19:56
re: are YOU in this picture?

yeah John was always a good lad...was a year or two older than me at st micks

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 20:11
re: are YOU in this picture?

Liddle aka MA...yeah know you were a year or two older than me...went to franies and then micks for a while, watch the filth a few times, trimdon youth club on one occasion i think, and also over at redcar

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 15/1 20:19
re: are YOU in this picture?

thats right mate

there were some right whinney banks ruffians at the Frannies

The Smiths,the Barnseys,The Rileys

Good job my mate Brendan Kellaher was well in with em

They used to scare me to death when i was a young un

SmogontheThames Posted on 15/1 20:23
re: are YOU in this picture?

too right mate

I knew Kella...he was a goodn

The rileys!!! yeah used to hang around with Sean at timees

I think we used to knock about in a group for a whilst, joe butler, saf and others

DrBuck Posted on 16/1 9:33
re: are YOU in this picture?


The Sines were -

Doug Palfreman, Guitar, vox - Went to live in London, don't know where he is now.

Rob Fawcett, Bass - Now living in Vienna I think

Dave George, Drums - Well-respected photographer, living in London last I heard.

Boro_Calling Posted on 16/1 17:10
re: are YOU in this picture?

Fastcakes you should drop rob nichols a line about the teesside archive i'm sure he'll give it a few lines in the whats on section in the gazette.

fastcakes Posted on 16/1 17:45
re: are YOU in this picture?


thanks, Rob and I have already discussed this one. I am waiting until there is some more content on the site, which at the moment is little more than an "under construction" sign - I need the assistance of my son, who at the moment is knee deep in work in his 2nd year at Uni. I will e-mail Rob as soon as I feel I have some worthwhile content uploaded.

fastcakes Posted on 16/1 18:00
re: are YOU in this picture?

Dr Buck:

well done! You win the internet.

It is indeed The Sines, and thanks for the extra info on their activities now - this is the kind of interaction that I hope to develop at the Teesside Band Archive forum (link below) which at them moment has one registered poster (me) and a selection of posts by one person (err, me again)

Early days yet, but the forum is ready to expand as and when required.

Link: TBA linky

norfolkred1 Posted on 16/1 19:49
re: are YOU in this picture?

Liddle, this Man U arrest thing was that about 1980/81?

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 17/1 7:54
re: are YOU in this picture?

1979-80 season

me, john cullen and downey thrown and kicked to fook in the back of a police van for supposed criminal damage

nice bobbies even showed us our train leaving,saying you wont be catching that, while they were laughing

they were not laughing about 6 months later though i can tell yer

their faces were a picture in court when they spilled out lie
after lie and managed to trip themselves up

the judge was not best pleased at all, and my solicitor told me later, a lot had been repremanded

probably got a tap on the wrist

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norfolkred1 Posted on 17/1 10:22
re: are YOU in this picture?

Thought it might have been when a load of us were arrested in Deansgate about the same time. Still got the charge sheet somewhere. Coppers kept telling us the score through the hatch, think it was 2-1 to the Mancs. All in all it was a about 20:00 fine for obstruction, I kept bail for someone but cant think who it was, happy days.

Yaks6pack Posted on 17/1 10:36
re: are YOU in this picture?

memories ! just enjoyed 10 mins of reading this thread, takes me back to the Teessider, Rock Garden, Welly, Fiesta, etc

I was in a band called If the Face Fits then changed name to Phase 4. Stockton band played teessider, fiesta didn't make it to the Rock Garden ! .. "Stisha from Stockton" by the way was in my class at school !

norfolkred1 Posted on 17/1 10:42
re: are YOU in this picture?

Must be getting old, I just think there was less trouble on the streets then, except Saturdays obviously, as we had places to go like the Garden to vent our anger on music. I was at a Jam tribute band last week, funny watching 40 year old + gadgies on the floor and the bouncers trying to get some kind of order without success. Was never a Jam fan mind, just any gig will to revoke the memories.

norfolkred1 Posted on 17/1 18:17
re: are YOU in this picture?

Worth a hoooofff

spiderbaby Posted on 17/1 19:50
re: are YOU in this picture?

no but I bloody well wish I was for all the exposure the picture has got on here!

Boro_Calling Posted on 19/1 22:05
re: are YOU in this picture?

Never Mind the Bo**ocks
Here's the Hoof!

glippy Posted on 19/1 22:33
re: are YOU in this picture?

Someone told me that Dave Palfreeman became a chef and is a friend of Hugh Faernley - Whatsit.
He used to support Deja Vu as a solo singer songwriter before he joined up with Rob and Dave. Mad as a hatter.

glippy Posted on 19/1 22:46
re: are YOU in this picture?

Fastcakes, just realised there's a photo of Dimmer Blackwells band (after the photos of the Sines). Girl bass player was Dee who was Marty Alderdice's (Deja Vu) girlfriend at the time.

glippy Posted on 19/1 22:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

Carl Green and the Scene also.

fastcakes Posted on 19/1 23:48
re: are YOU in this picture?


You win the internet!

It is Dimmer's band, and it is Dee. Can't remember what Dimmer had as a band name on this one, I think it was The Commerical Acrobats - I can confirm this by looking in my diaries (I've kept one from 1972 to the present day) but I haven't the time at the mo.
Carl Green indeed. I remember the guitarist turning up as a solo act at The Centenary about 10 years ago - and last season he sat about 4 rows below me at the Riverside.

That still leaves a couple of bands to identify - come on guys!

borobadge Posted on 20/1 10:54
re: are YOU in this picture?

got any pics or music from hartlepools finest..

'Shoot The Lights Out'..?..

the coolest 2 piece to come out of Teesside

fastcakes Posted on 20/1 17:46
re: are YOU in this picture?


Yes indeedy.

STLO will be up tonight.


fastcakes Posted on 20/1 20:07
re: are YOU in this picture?



The STLO pics are currently on display at the PUNK76 exhibition at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle, and silly me hasn't scanned them yet. I get them back when the exhibition concludes at the end of January.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 30/6 15:41
re: are YOU in this picture?


I've just found a long article about Kabuki Theatre (using that very picture on your first link on this post) from the Gazette in 1981 written by a Chris Elliot.

It might be worth scanning and lobbing up on your Teesside Band Archive as it's quite an insight into the musical shift that was going on post-punk.

Some of us turned into Joeys/Casuals, some turned into New Romantics etc. Me I sort of went Goth/Psych/Hippy/Alternative/Druggie type.

fastcakes Posted on 30/6 16:25
re: are YOU in this picture?


Thanks for that.

I'm 99% certain I have this clipping, and I do intend to post it to the TBA.

I have been reluctant to promote the TBA site until I get a decent amount of content uploaded.

I have been busy in recent months recording a new album, so the TBA has taken a back seat.

When I do have enough content I will let the board know.

In the meantime, if there are any local bands/artists reading this can send biographies of their band to

Include discography, notable gigs, line-ups etc. Bands past or present are welcome.

Little_Miss Posted on 30/6 16:54
re: are YOU in this picture?

Does anyone know a bloke nicknamed Dash? Wasn't in a band but a regular round the Teesside Music Scene late 70's early 80's. Had a mate called Tonto looked a bit like Paul Young.

fastcakes Posted on 30/6 18:02
re: are YOU in this picture?

Little Miss

I thought I knew everybody in the Teesside music scene from the late 70's but this one has me stumped!

Little_Miss Posted on 2/7 18:34
re: are YOU in this picture?

He will have only been in his mid to late teens at the time as he was only 22 when I was born and ruined his social life in 84. Hails from Norton, used to frequent the rock garden. He used to entertain me with tales of the Sex Pistols secret gig and seeing Sham 69.

fastcakes Posted on 2/7 19:00
re: are YOU in this picture?

Little Miss:

so that would have made him only 14-15 yr old in 77, and the Rock Garden was 18+ , was he big for his age?

Have you a pic of him from back then?

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borolad259 Posted on 2/7 19:25
re: are YOU in this picture?

Hell's teeth, what a thread....brought back loads of memories. Some great photos.
Good to know that my Filth/Discharge single is worth a few bob.

On a tangent...anyone remember Dangerbird? From Guisborough I think. Rod Liddle was the singer I think. Writes on Sport for the Sunday Times, as well as being a bit of an all round media slag....doesn't support the Boro though.

smallmindedcranks Posted on 2/7 19:33
re: are YOU in this picture?

Jock Collurs(sp?) sometimes London, lately Stockton, as nice a lad as you could ever meet.

norfolkred1 Posted on 2/7 22:33
re: are YOU in this picture?

Hoof it on fellas.

Got 999 and the Undertones coming to the UEA soon, at least I will finally get to see the tones even though it's not the full set.

borolad259 Posted on 2/7 22:37
re: are YOU in this picture?

Norfolk, I worked at Anglia for a year and have a fair few mates down there. Next time I'm in Naarrich I'll give you a shout if a pint appeals.

norfolkred1 Posted on 2/7 22:41
re: are YOU in this picture?

Borolad, which part of Anglia, the TV or the Windows. Not a lot changes anyway, I live just off the N.Walsham Road in Sprowston

borolad259 Posted on 2/7 22:44
re: are YOU in this picture?

Norfolk: Tv. I lived on Newmarket RD...Launceston Terrace I think it was called. There was a decent pub with a fair Boro contingent about 200 yards away, but I can't remember what it was called. Reknowned for its very serious quizzes, but for me it was where I watched footie on the big screen.

norfolkred1 Posted on 2/7 22:47
re: are YOU in this picture?

Finding it hard to locate Boro Fans around here, 2 in Thetford, 1 just off the Newmarket road and my good self and a gadgie just around the corner, do you have any BORO contacts down here for away games, car and round share etc

borolad259 Posted on 2/7 22:57
re: are YOU in this picture?

No contacts, I just found that I wasn't the only one watching boro games at the pub and got chatting to one or two. They were a bit younger than me.
The pub was on the corner of Trinity ST and Rupert St.

norfolkred1 Posted on 2/7 23:02
re: are YOU in this picture?

Off my patch fella. Can't think of any pubs on the Newmarket road, bit posh up that end, get out of the bath for a pish type of people. Normally hag around the Tombland area, near the Cathedrial, and the Glass house too many kids down the Prince Of Wales for my likeing

fastcakes Posted on 3/7 0:14
re: are YOU in this picture?


Rod Liddle went to College in Guisborough, he was always a London lad, but he must have stayed in Teesside for maybe 2-3 years, 76-79.

I have live tapes of Dangerbird from The Rock Garden, they supported us (Bop) 3-4 times. Played a couple of times at The Black Swan with them, one night it was packed out 'cos the Boomtown Rats had cancelled at the Coatham Bowl and someone stuck a notice about our gig on the door.

Dangerbird also played the Coatham Bowl, with songs such as "Mirabelle" and "Stupid Girl".

Allthis kind of trivia will be posted to the Teesside Band Archive as and when I get time to do it! Link below to the bare bones site, lots of content to go on it.

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Link: teesside band archive