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Kilburn Posted on 22/1 9:30
Lee Dong Ping Pong

I liked this story about our new signing.

Apols if groundhog.

Link: Ping pong ace

scoea Posted on 22/1 10:40
re: Lee Dong Ping Pong

Very amusing that. It does sound like everyone has been impressed by him at the club so hopefully we have got a good player on our hands.

If nothing else we can enter some ping pong tournaments with some confidence!!

As an aside, Davies said of Viduka that "He always says he has no intention of leaving," which can only be good news.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 22/1 10:45
re: Lee Dong Ping Pong

I bet his nickname will be 'ping-pong' amongst the players now no doubt.