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Buddy Posted on 5/2 11:48
Bombing Capita

I know outsourcing is objectionable in the extreme but I think letter bombs are probably pushing it......

Pauluka Posted on 5/2 11:50
re: Bombing Capita


Buddy Posted on 5/2 11:51
re: Bombing Capita

No, fair enough, you're right. Where's me Semtex?

Pauluka Posted on 5/2 11:52
re: Bombing Capita

I knew I could convert you

bespana Posted on 5/2 12:15
re: Bombing Capita


Pauluka Posted on 5/2 12:17
re: Bombing Capita

What is? The bombings or the comments?

holgate2north Posted on 5/2 12:43
re: Bombing Capita

Both are sick. How anyone can joke about people being injured in an attack is beyond me.

Though i suppose it will be seen as a lack of sense of humour on my behalf that people think its clever to joke about someone being injured by a bomb attack. Perhaps it's that my wife works for the same company as that which was attacked makes me understand the potential impact more.

onthemap Posted on 5/2 12:45
re: Bombing Capita

So Dads Army was offensive then?

Pauluka Posted on 5/2 12:51
re: Bombing Capita

Jesus Christ!!!!

I was hardly serious

Buddy Posted on 5/2 13:22
re: Bombing Capita

What causes of injury are acceptable to joke about, out of interest?

Pauluka Posted on 5/2 13:25
re: Bombing Capita

Are you asking me?

Buddy Posted on 5/2 13:29
re: Bombing Capita

If you fancy answering. I was actually asking holgate2north but I suppose we could do a list.

How about -

jumping off a bus while it's still moving?

captain5 Posted on 5/2 13:32
re: Bombing Capita

I think that's more down to the landing to be honest, rather than the jumping.

UndercoverElephant Posted on 5/2 13:33
re: Bombing Capita

If "You've been framed" can teach us anything, it's that all injuries a funny as hell.

zoec Posted on 5/2 13:34
re: Bombing Capita

Anything involving a ferret.

captain5 Posted on 5/2 13:35
re: Bombing Capita

I'm sure you meant that for one of Monty's threads really, zoe.

Buddy Posted on 5/2 13:35
re: Bombing Capita

Unless the injury is to the ferret, in which case strictly off limits.

zoec Posted on 5/2 13:41
re: Bombing Capita

You want to see injured ferrets, Buddy? That's just sick. How anyone can joke about injured ferrets is beyond me.

captain5 Posted on 5/2 13:42
re: Bombing Capita

'No ferrets were harmed during the hijacking of this thread. '

riverboat_captain Posted on 5/2 15:09
re: Bombing Capita

Speaking of You've Been Framed, which is funnier, the granny falling into the paddling pool, or the toddler being hit by a swing?

We all know the answer to that.

Capybara Posted on 5/2 15:17
re: Bombing Capita

Just unhijacking for a mo', Capita are best known to Londoners as the operators of the Congestion Charge scheme. That was my first thought when I heard of this an hour or so ago. The Congestion Charge zone is due to be extended a week from today.

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Buddy Posted on 5/2 15:34
re: Bombing Capita

Kensington Liberation Front?

bigdave85 Posted on 5/2 15:37
re: Bombing Capita

don't they do TV licencing aswell? i don't like Capita.