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Buddy Posted on 12/2 10:26
Gareth v Jose?

The reporter on Five Live mentioned that the two managers had to be separated by the fourth official, but MOTD inexplicably chose to show us Chelsea scoring goals instead. Anybody see it?

bandito Posted on 12/2 10:31
re: Gareth v Jose?

Yep. Gareth was angry at a challenge on Pog and jumped up off the bench and Jose saw noithing wrong with the challenge and told him to sit down. Gareth just ignored him and told him to give his head a shake or something like that and Jose just laughed. They shook hands at the end and were both smiling

beeline Posted on 12/2 10:32
re: Gareth v Jose?

Guardian take:

>> A major talking point came 11 minutes from the break. Southgate rose to complain about a decision Chris Foy had not given. Over came Mourinho to place an arm on the manager and tell him to sit down. Southgate's umbrage at vintage Mourinho behaviour was returned with requisite interest and the former England defender reached for the industrial language. <<

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 12/2 10:33
re: Gareth v Jose?

Jose was crapping himself, Southgate looked fired up and ready to lamp him.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 12/2 10:33
re: Gareth v Jose?

There were hardly any pleasantries exchanged.
Southgate sounded quite pissed off in his after match interview when questioned about it.

Boro85 Posted on 12/2 10:34
re: Gareth v Jose?

Northern Echo:

Yet while Drogba was the catalyst for the champions' victory, a result that keeps them on the coat-tails of league leaders Manchester United, he was also the spark for the game's most memorable incident.

Midway through the first half, the African kicked Emanuel Pogatetz in the face as the pair challenged for a high ball, luring a clearly enraged Southgate to the sidelines.

Jose Mourinho responded by rushing to within a foot of the Middlesbrough manager to petulantly complain that he talked too much and, while the pair squared up to each other, Southgate's volley of Anglo-Saxon invective forced his opponent to back down.

His side might have left west London empty-handed on Saturday night, but the Premiership's most inexperienced manager had nevertheless achieved a notable scalp.

"People have a perception of what I am and what I am not," said Southgate, no doubt aware that Mourinho's frustration stemmed, at least in part, from an unease at how badly his side were performing against a patched-up Middlesbrough backline. "But I feel it's important to stand my ground when I have to.

"Apparently I'm not allowed to give my opinion. But I will always fight the corner of my team and my players, and speak my mind if I want to. It appears that Jose doesn't agree with that, but nobody tells me when to sit down.

Rain_Wooney Posted on 12/2 10:36
re: Gareth v Jose?

"Nobody tells me to sit down." Only one Gareth Southgate.

Maybe we can having standing-room back in the North Stand? Could be called the Gareth "I won't sit down" Southgate stand.

BobUpndown Posted on 12/2 10:50
re: Gareth v Jose?

when we finally get terracing back.. we have a name for it!

zaphod Posted on 12/2 10:50
re: Gareth v Jose?

I wish he'd won the real battle instead. Two free-kicks scored shows the game plan didn't work.

Boateng_7 Posted on 12/2 12:00
re: Gareth v Jose?

so basically he told him to 'fook off'.