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Burra4dacup Posted on 19/2 12:02
lol @u Pauluka

Do u wotch dat Robut Wars and dat Time Teem as well?

propa idiots televishun dat liek...

Pauluka Posted on 19/2 12:03
re: lol @u Pauluka

No and No, they're both crap

Ste_1986 Posted on 19/2 12:04
re: lol @u Pauluka

d u alwys rite lik da wanka ?

Burra4dacup Posted on 19/2 12:05
re: lol @u Pauluka

I fink he duz, an he watches crap tele! lol!

Pauluka Posted on 19/2 12:06
re: lol @u Pauluka

Mufflar, speak English you tart